Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 11 to July 16, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sun in Cancer, Uranus, Chiron, and Mars. These are our major players for the week. We also have a shift occurring with Mercury and Venus landing in Leo to dry out a bit and a First Quarter Moon later tonight. Largely, what I'm seeing throughout the week is the potential to be a bit on edge. Perhaps a little nervous or frazzled. I see the potential for impulsivity, potentially coldness and heartlessness followed quickly by regret. The Uranus aspects come in first. The shortly after, a touch with Chiron. Herky jerky...then, oops! What that means is it looks like an important week to lean into the higher expressions of Uranus. Meaning, perhaps a bit of detachment, rising above being poked into immediately responding, thinking through what you are doing and working toward concepts of unity and community more so than automatically seeking to divide and separate.

This morning we wake up to the Moon active in Libra. Early, EARLY this morning, Mercury squared off with Uranus (3:29 AM). By noon, he is in trine to Chiron in Pisces (see how that works?). Also, around noon, the Moon in Libra squares off with Pluto (12:47 PM). Apologies may be offered. But, some will be resisted. Trust has been damaged in some instances and folks are inclined to be a little paranoid and skittish...unsure of what to believe. There is also a chance for emotional manipulation tactics and power struggles that waxes in under the Moon/Pluto square. Remember, integrity and the ability to face down your fears go a long way under that aspect. Some information, also, may be misunderstood or misconstrued due to either the listener or the speaker's emotionality under Mercury/Chiron. Plus, some of the information may be harsh, blurted or completely unexpected due Mercury/Uranus.

The best use of this? Digging deep and finally expressing how you honestly feel about something. Intelligently discussing problems while trying to maintain and/or rebuild trust. Sometimes, this is a scary thing as we do not know how folks will react to the honesty of ourselves. But, it feels good to finally get things off our chests and out into the open air. What is NOT good is bottling all this stuff up until there is so much pressure behind it that it just finally comes pouring out in a nonsensical erratic scream that pulls in all kinds of stuff that isn't even relevant to the issue at hand. Our words cut. People become defensive. And all chance of any worthy information being exchanged is lost and merely replaced with hurt feelings. Think about what you say. Is it relevant? Is it true? Is it an honest expression of how you feel or are you merely lashing out?

Nervousness and anxiety can be factors. People are a little jumpy these days. And, for good reason. To ease that potential, cut down on stimulants (those you ingest through your mouth or your brain). Slow down. Take the time you need to sort things out and think things through. All this may save you from having to make amends later. Words can hurt. Be responsible for yours.
The potential for hurt feelings due to someone else's brashness comes forth again under our First Quarter Moon that perfects between the signs of Libra (Moon) and Cancer (Sun) at about 20 degrees Cardinal. Libra vs Cancer. It sounds/feels like the negative end of this could be passive aggressiveness and the potential for a codependent tug of war. There is potential for, again, emotional manipulation. And, also, potential for issues of home vs friends/relationships. Mom doesn't like your new boyfriend or she thinks you are hanging out with the wrong crowd in general..type of thing. Either way, there is a call for balance. People will be assessing whether they are getting what they need from any given relationship and balancing, in general, taking care of themselves and maintaining relationships. In some instances, the situation will not be able to be balanced and some could wake up in the morning to unwittingly discovering that ties have been severed as the Moon opposes Uranus early (5:30 AM).

Venus leaves the sea of crab for Leo at 1:35 AM. It sounds a lot like “What about me and what I need?” And, you know, it's not a bad thing to remember this in your interactions. Just don't allow yourself to sound like a spoiled entitled child. To steer Venus in Leo to the highest, be generous, romantic, creative, playful and deliver onto the inner child the tender care he/she needs without just sitting down and expecting the world to give it to you.
The Moon remains active throughout the night. We may be a little restless for the majority of this week due all the Uranus interaction. Again, cutting down on stimulants and moving around (exercise) to discharge any excess physical energy will help.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This morning the Moon is just leaving her opposition with Uranus in Aries (5:30 AM). Many are up early and, again, there is the potential for nervousness and anxiety here. Breathe. Don't forget to breathe. As the Moon moves between an opposition with Uranus and a square with Mercury in Cancer (11:02 AM), she re-ignites the waning square between the two. There is more potential for emotionality to kick start us into saying something we may regret. The outlet for this Cardinal T-square falls in Capricorn. Be responsible. Speak with integrity. Engage an air of professionalism and put to use thy boundaries. Also, be careful when traveling, driving or working with machinery. This sky can be quite accident prone. Deliberately make yourself slow down. This energy will make you feel pressured as if you need to rush. It is in the “rush” that folks often misstep act erratically end up getting hurt. The key words to remember? Breathe. Slow down. Think things through.

Following the square with Mercury, the Moon is void for just a few hours before entering Scorpio at 4:53 PM.
The “what about me and what I need” phenomenon returns as the Moon in Scorpio squares off with Venus in Leo at 6:39 PM. The battle between the Lion and the Scorpion always has the potential to be quite ugly. There is potential for possessiveness, jealousy, envy, gluttony...take the pick of the seven deadly sins. They pull toward them rises strongly from us here. We may want or yearn for something very deeply. Yearning is not the problem. How you address it is. How much you allow that “want” to control you can also be a problem. There is even some potential for self-loathing here. Be easy with yourself but don't veer toward entitlement or obsession. Know that some will. We could see some narcissism on parade.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Folks are a little more relaxed this morning, perhaps even emotional and/or tired a the Moon in Scorpio waxes into trine with Neptune in Pisces at 4:47 PM. We are subdued, a bit. Perhaps emotional and sensitivities are high. Most are likely quiet as they toil with personal issues...for now. This is likely to change (the quietness) as Mercury roars into Leo at 8:47 PM.

Remember, opinions are like assholes. Just because you have one doesn't mean it is a good idea to go around town flaunting it. Yes, your personal opinion on whatever matters. But, so does that of everyone else. It's not just about you. Be generous in your speech instead of selfish. Be kind. Pay compliments. Play nice on the playground and all that. However, know that with two personal planets in Leo, now, the chances for dramatics increases. Could be entertaining. Could be annoying. However, if you are nice to yourself; then, the potential for you to be able to play well with others increases. So, why not give yourself a little break and allow for a treat or two. However, “treat” applies to you. Could be a visit to the salon for a new, fresh look. Could be a nap. Could be a new cat toy laced with catnip. Take your pick. Be nice to yourself and share generously with any excess you may have.

Underneath it all, though, there is this air of tension due to Mars perfecting again at an inconjunct with Uranus at 1:11 AM. Sleep may be hard. We are all a bit restless and on edge. Even better reason to gear thyself toward flow and self care.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

For the most part, the Moon in Scorpio hits a sweet spot today by lighting up a responsible and practical mini-trine with Pluto in Capricorn (1:20 AM) and Jupiter in Virgo (7:24 AM). Our priorities are better aligned. About the only caution I have here is to not veer toward being overly critical of self or others. Times are tenuous. Mars/Uranus still crackles in the background creating that “on edge” feel. Prioritize. Beef up boundaries. Mind your own beeswax. Get down to the nitty gritty of your own personal business for today.

At 2:46 PM, the Moon creates a soft watery trine with the Sun in Cancer. It is time to feed. Scorpio packs the appetite. Cancer packs a picnic basket full of treats. Yet, the good stuff comes through flow, not force. Yeah. Force comes in a few hours.
The Moon in Scorpio finds Mars by conjunction at 6:23 PM. She re-ignites the inconjunct with Mars/Uranus and a bit of impulsivity and impatience may wax into our spheres due this. Or, when tempered properly, we may just come up with the ingenious move we need to further move us along our path to our goals. It's a little twitchy though and riddled with the potential for knee-jerk reactions and even spiteful and dangerous activity. This is something we are going to want to “ride out” a little. The Moon finds Chiron by trine at 7:31 PM opening the door for immediate regret if we don't. Don't push too hard or too fast. Breathe through anxiety and discharge fury in a productive not destructive way.
Following the trine with Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 5:15 AM tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Today, there is a definite change in the atmosphere. Fire enters the equation...and not so much in a bad way. The Moon in Sagittarius lights up fire trines with both Mercury (11:44 AM) and Venus (1:48 PM). Folks are a little more motivated. The negative of this has us standing on a soap box preaching about our personal agenda and what we feel is important. Which is fine if you allow space for others to express themselves and are not just trying to force-feed your opinion and values to others.
Other than that, it looks like a day that could be quite entertaining., maybe even fun stuff! Comedians and playful children enter our sphere and it might be nice to laugh and let our hair down for a change. Overall, there is a potential for a light, active and jovial day. It's RECESS! Lighten up and play a little.

Overnight, the Moon does meet Saturn by conjunction (1:46 AM). There is potential for a bit of depression and maybe, even, a chance for responsibilities to weigh heavily on our shoulders. If you had a fun day and perhaps allowed some responsibilities to slip by unattended, don't beat yourself up too much for it. Life is about more than work and productivity. We can make room for romance, free time, fun and leisure. Yes we can. Don't feel guilty about it. There is plenty of time for work. And, part of your personal holistic care plan should allow for this. Quit worrying and rest for now. Any fun you managed to have was well worth the delay in productivity.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I told a client not too long ago that Uranus was throwing lightening bolts in her bathwater. And, you know, the sky this morning kind of reminds me of that concept. Which gives me a heads up to let you know to be careful in regard to electronics, electricity and water. Also, be wary for the potential of anxiety and emotional over-whelm. This morning, the Moon's first aspect is a sleepy, sloggy square with Neptune at 4:26 AM. I suggest sleeping in, if you can.

However, also know that the Sun is waxing toward a square with Uranus at 9:32 AM. Here, we have, again, the potential for anxiety and erratic behavior. Rebellion threatens the homefront as does potential acts of vigilante justice. You know. We must protect the homefront...even if, at times, we need to protect her from ourselves. At any rate, this aspect has been waxing in all week raising the potential for erratic behavior and spiteful interactions. We have likely felt rushed or pressured on and off. The answer, deliberately slow yourself down and take things in slow manageable chunks. Rise above. Detach. Insulate. Think about what is “best for all” not just what is “best for you.” Strive for unity and accepting people where they are instead of demanding they meet you at your level. And, most of all, be patient and be mindful in whatever you are doing. Be present, in other words.
But, yeah, know that some will be impulsive, erratic and may come off in unusual and unexpected ways. Side step their personal explosions and make sure you are not cooking up one of your own. Be wary of how advancements in science has caused dietary changes. Know that these changes in how food is grown and prepared absolutely CAN have an affect on your emotional and hormonal bodies. Be smart about what you eat. Think pure instead of quick. It really does make a difference. Drink more water. Consume less chemicals. Know that doing something as easy as this does have a huge impact on how you feel. Yeah, you might be surprised, even.

All this Uranus energy can be taxing on the nervous system. Anxieties run high on and off this week. As does the potential for erratic behavior. Again, deliberately slow down. Breathe. Rise above. Aim for true, honest, authentic, humble self-expression and leave room for others to do the same. Overall, though, it could be a rather unsettling day. A grit your teeth kind of thing. Moon is getting fat. Folks are on edge. Tread carefully, today.
At 6:00 PM, Mercury and Venus meet in Leo. A short time later, the Moon squares off with Jupiter. Be just, not justified. Be humble, not self-aggrandized. Be generous, not selfish. You know what you want and Moon square Jupiter says you might even feel like you deserve it. However, a sense of entitlement is not going to get you very far. Take a long view into your future and start delineating the steps to get you there instead of just reaching for a handout. You can collaborate and ask for help. Just know that folks are most likely working on their own agenda right now.

Late tonight, the Sun trines Mars (11:45 PM) and even later (1:41 AM) Chiron. Impulsiveness and insensitivity leads to the potential for instant regret. The Moon/Mars trine can be motivating but, again, not in a pushy forceful way. Flowy. Following the tides instead of trying to swim up stream is highly suggested.