Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 4 to July 10, 2016

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy New Moon in Cancer! And Happy Solar Return to the USA! Looks like a soggy one from where I'm sitting. Not that I'm surprised. I kind of predicted that last week. However, within this sog lies wonderful opportunity for intention setting. It was at this time last year, I threw seeds into a mud puddle outside my house. It had been raining and raining and I was like...oh, why not. You know, those seeds grew in a way I never would have imagined. This year, the ground is more wet and more fertile which is wonderful for metaphorically planting seeds in your life. Babies are conceived here. We are a bunch of fertile Myrtles, for sure. Monopolize upon that.
The Moon doesn't stop today. She is glorified this morning due her New Moon conjunction with the Sun. But, she stays busy afterward.

Before I get into that, though, let's take a look at the aspects I've found in assessing our week to come. Just read them over (note: they are not in chronological order within this list). Venus square Uranus, Sun opposite Pluto, Venus trine Chiron, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Sun, Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury opposite Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury square Uranus, Mercury trine Chiron, New Moon in Cancer, First Quarter Moon, Moon in Leo, Moon in Virgo, Moon in Libra.
Holy Cow..or Crab, rather. Mercury is washed, pressed and hung out to dry on the clothesline this week. Venus is twitchy and irritable. The Sun excoriated by Pluto. And then, at the beginning of the next week we are kicked in the gut by our tenuous First Quarter Moon. Why tenuous? It occurs from Libra to Cancer at 20 degrees Cardinal. Mmmm...Uranus/Pluto much? Yeah. It's kind of a big deal. First Quarter Moons often present a crisis point that is meant to be addressed as the Moon waxes toward Full. A crisis point that involves Sun/Moon/Uranus/Pluto? Yeah.

Crunch...bam...boom...WAPOW! That week prior to the Full Moon? It's going to be popping loose at the seams. And, that week is fed by what occurs to our mental, solar and heart bodies THIS week.
Of course the Moon plays a part. But, she ebbs and wanes and bops along bringing help at times while also carrying the torch of catalyst. Emotions are likely ALL OVER the place for a couple of weeks. Go figure Cancer season.

Back to today, the New Moon in Cancer doorway opens wide at 7:02 AM occurring on the following Sabian: 13 CANCER: A hand with prominent thumb is held out receptively. Strong, active and self-certain will or persistent yet blind plunging ahead into reality. Freedom from soft illusions.
The Moon remains active until 2:30 AM EDT. So, if you have not set intentions yet, no worries. You have all day. And, to be honest, you can set intentions any dang time you like as long as the Moon is active. Building intentions for when the Moon is waxing (which it will be for the next two weeks) and release intentions when the Moon is waning (following the Full Moon). So, have at it. The ground is rich. Sow away.

Following the New Moon this morning, the Moon moves on to oppose Pluto at 12:48 PM. Dark, mysterious. Yearning sets in. Emotional manipulation in an effort to control is the low end of this energy. Getting your own emotional body in check and not fearing the depths to which this may take you is the high end. Paranoia could be a thing as well as greed. However, deeply inspecting the roots of these less than serving things is where the gold lies. Why are you so scared? Are you expecting consequences for something? Are you feeling guilty? Why do you feel as if you need to control? Why do you feel you will not have enough...etc, etc, etc.
This pressure does break up fairly quickly...kind of like a quickly passing but rather severe thunderstorm right in the middle of the damn day. But, then, the Sun peeks out to say hello and we might begin to feel a little better as the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 3:03 PM. This is our reminder to keep it simple and practical. A little light housekeeping or just taking the time to sort or organize something in the external world helps to plunk things back into priority in the emotional body.

At 9:10 PM the Moon is snuggled up to Venus quite comfortably. Most are home. Even if there are firework displays that manage to be set off on this muddy 4th of July, many would rather be nested in their creature comforts most of the day and especially early tonight.
At midnight, the Moon trines Mars in Scorpio and we may saunter out of bed for a sneaky little midnight snack or reach over and nudge our lover out of slumber for a different kind of midnight snack.
At 2:30 AM the Moon reaches Void status following an unsettling square with Uranus. We may hear the ruckus but likely fall quickly back to sleep, if we are lucky.
Underneath this whole affair, know that Mercury is waxing toward Neptune. This is due to perfect bright and early tomorrow morning. Information is not as it appears. Folks may be aiming to deceive or veil information. In some instances, veils may drop. We may sleep through our alarm. Water and machinery doesn't mix be wary of hydroplaning when in a car, beware of distraction during the same, watch and don't drop your phone in the toilet or dump your ice water on your computer key board. Other than that, it's a good time for fiction through entertainment. Just look out for the fish tale someone is trying to pass off as truth because we are quite gullible under this sky.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Moon is Void in Cancer as we wake up this morning. However, we are greeted by the perfection of Mercury in trine to Neptune at 8:20 AM. It's a good day to be a duck. Not such a good day to believe everything you hear.

The Moon reactivates in Leo at 12:29 PM. This should help to dry things out a little...or at the very least turn the moisture into humidity creating a steam bath type atmosphere. This permeates through the rest of the day as the Moon remains without major aspect until the morning. So, we might wake up confused and misinformed this morning; but, the rest of the day is earmarked for drying out. The waxing lunar trine with Saturn helps with this. We finally wash up on a sunny beach after days and days of water, water everywhere.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This morning is much more grounded than yesterday. We wake up under the stability of a Moon/Saturn trine at 7:43 AM. The ground emerges under our feet and we grab traction...finally...for a little bit. There is the matter of an inconjunct from the Moon to Neptune at 9:34 AM. We might backslide just a little before we achieve full forward motion.

However, by 4:17 PM Venus and Mars are locked in a water trine. Let me tell you something. Have you ever stood between a Cancer heavy person and a Scorpio heavy person? It's like standing between two magnets. You are lucky if you don't get squished. The sexual attraction found within this trine is RIDICULOUS. For real. Mouths water. Loins plump. Whatever makes you metaphorically erect and burn with desire could become a MUST HAVE IT RIGHT NOW kind of thing. Easy now. Use this as fuel and inspiration to move you forward but don't become obsessed with the thing to a point that your moral compass spins off the map. Focus on it. Take the steps toward your desire. But, don't let it own you or “inspire” you to do something under the table in an effort to get what you want. On a side note, it's great time for some early evening loving.
We are not likely going to sleep well tonight. And, even IF you are of the lucky few who manages it your brain is still likely to be spinning while you sleep with intuitive information storming the dream scape as Mercury in Cancer meets the Sun by conjunction at 11:24 PM. Have you ever had a brain freeze after eating ice cream or something cold? Yeah, it could be a lot like that. Headaches can happen here. Either way, information is being recorded in the ego system. Doesn't mean that information is fact check before you swallow. Plus, this information relates to home, home land, family history, roots, memory and maybe even diet (bellies are quite the telling place these days). It will likely be emotionally affective occurring in Cancer. Traverse these waters carefully. Sun/Mercury can also be accident prone because of all the swords flying about. More like a bunch of harpoons being shot into the ocean. So, be careful out there. Remember that intuitive hits (which are likely during Sun/Mercury in Cancer) often enter the body through the emotional system and at first feel a lot like anxiety. Before you rush to the worst conclusion first, ride out the anxiety and get to place of calm. Then, look over this information and decide what it is really trying to tell you.
But, yeah, not so conducive of sleep. It's quite manic and testy, actually.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today Frankly.

We start the day with the Moon in a dissatisfied square to Mars in Scorpio. It's as if she is saying, “What the Hell Mars? You are direct now. Why am I not making the progress I feel I should be making?” Well, Mars just looks back at her and says, “It's not all about YOU, now, is it?” We are impatient. We do want to move forward. But, Mars is STILL stuck on that 23rd degree. Sure he is direct. But his pace isn't kicking just yet. We should still be stretching and slowly reintroducing activity into our lives. Yet, Uranus keeps poking us...NOW...NOW...REVOLT! The wise ones ride out that storm and disallow themselves to be catalyzed into action before they are ready. But, it's kind of hard to do that today. We want what we want and we want right now. We are not going to get it and that's going to be unsettling to some.
When Mercury opposes Pluto at 7:53 AM we are likely verbally lashing out about it too. Accusing the Universe of some subservient plot against us. Worried about who is looking over our shoulder. Keeping secrets tight to our chests. Look. If you are inclined toward a good espionage story read a book. The Universe is not out to get you. That revolution you are rooting for? It needs to occur in your brain and NOW is the perfect time to kick start it. Face your fears. Face your paranoia. Become less of a narcissist and realize it really is NOT all about you and what you want. I know that sounds harsh. But, Pluto and Uranus are not going to wake you by tickling you with a feather. Release your attachment to material things and realize where these “things” are owning you. Develop patience within the process and don't go putting blame on everything around you for the things you have yet to accomplish.
Let your brain purge but don't use your mouth as a weapon. Discuss deeper life truths. Let skeletons fall out of your closet so they can dissipate in the thin air. Confess. Find the truth. Stand on it strongly and unafraid. It is what it is and now that you are no longer hiding it, it can stop searing your brain with fear. Letting loose of attachments to material is getting ready to receive help. So, go for it.

We wake up spry and ready for action, though. Electricity is crackling in the air under a Leo Moon trine with Uranus in Aries at 8:07 AM. We may deliberately break routine and yearn for new experiences.
By 10:25 AM, Venus has found Uranus by square and things really start to go boom. If you are too attached to something it might just blow up. Items are stripped away. And, we may not be able to make sense of that in the moment. But, there is good reason for it. However, there is also a good chance of thievery so make sure you lock your doors and don't leave you purse or wallet laying out inviting someone to dip into it.
This “under cover” type thing where folks might steal your stuff is reinforced by a greedy (I want all the cookies for myself) Sun to Pluto opposition at 6:23 PM. Yeah. Some folks didn't get yesterday's message. They still want what they want NOW and engage few to no scruples in getting it. Shady stuff. But, yet, this is another opportunity to release attachment to material and bravely face down your fears and paranoia. Just keep your radar up and watch your back because not everyone is going to take the high road here. It's a good day for stalkers to re-emerge which may prompt us to change our routine so that it is not so easy to predict where we will be. And, trust me, not everyone is in your life with your best interests in mind. Cut ties with them today. Severe negative attachments and then go about your merry way. The more you let loose the more space opens for newer stuff. Potentially better stuff if you have learned from this experience and changed your mode of operations accordingly.
There is a chance for some sneaky sneakiness to go down today within the collective. We are largely on edge and the heart is anxious. We are getting paranoid hits for good reason. So mind yourself but also mind your environment for snakes. They will surely be out slithering about and sunning themselves today. Temptations will come. I encourage you to stare the Devil down and let him know, “Nope, not today, dude. You are totally barking up the wrong tree.” He'll move on to someone else and good luck to them. No longer your problem. Cut your losses. Re-sharpen your blade and move on.

Following the Moon's dance with Uranus this morning, she is Void until entering Virgo at 6:42 PM tonight. She reactivates right after the Sun/Pluto opposition. Virgo Moon should help us settle some of this and bring it to practical ground. Eventually.

Friday, July 8, 2016

T-G-I-F, folks. For real. Yesterday was...likely eventful. Today we are wiser. For better or for worse. Mercury sextiles Jupiter at 5:06 AM. We are reminded of what is important and what is true priority. But, our hearts are also aching under a very hollow very deep Venus/Chiron trine. Mars is helping. Encouraging us still to actively walk through the stages of healing. To rebuild. To regenerate. If we can. But, it aches a dull insatiable pang that can't really fully appreciate the value of the wisdom and truth being acquired right now.

By early afternoon, the heaviness of reality and remorse lies solidified upon our shoulders. The Moon squares Saturn bringing a stark sobriety with it at 3:02 PM. By 5:11 PM we are tired of trying to hold back the dam. We are exhausted. Emotional. Sensitive and maybe even a little sick under a Moon/Neptune opposition. Resting, right here and making self-care a priority sincerely pays off later. Don't resist. Take a break from your burdens. Allow yourself time and space to heal.
A regenerative trine with Pluto at 1:28 AM helps us restore as we sleep. I'm not saying things will be better tomorrow. I'm saying that with rest and proper care, you will be more able to deal with them. Whatever it is, chances are it won't be fixed tonight. So, take this time to prepare and rest. And, plan.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

This morning we wake up feeling a little better. More well rested. Ready to get down to the nitty gritty under a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo at 5:32 AM. It's important to remember JUPITER IS IN VIRGO these days. He emphasizes things like humility instead of being grandiose. He emphasizes the small and minute. He divides and separates. Because, he is shining a spotlight on ALL of Virgo and what Virgo does. And, those are things that Virgo does. So, we are not talking about a Jupiter in Leo Lunar conjunction. Right? It's not this big WHOO HOO WORLD HERE I AM! BRING IT! Type thing. It's a humble rising. A grateful rising. A morning best met with prayer or meditation. Quietly. Humbly greeting the morn type thing.

At 10:19 we gently think things over during a Lunar sextile to Mercury at 10:19 AM. It feels like sipping your coffee/tea and reading the newspaper. Leisurely daring to face what is “news” today and rolling over recent events in your brain.
By about 4 PM, we are gently motivated to move around by a Moon/Mars sextile. Yet, as the Moon opposes Chiron at 7:02 PM we are quickly reminded not to try to take on too much, too fast, too soon. Then, by nearly midnight, we are comfortably propped in our beds and calling it another day with a nice easy sextile between the Moon and Venus. Rest now. We did better today.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Better, indeed. Overnight, the dream scape was likely rich and active. But, many feel better this morning. Humbled. Gentled. Wiser under a sextile from the Sun in Cancer to Jupiter in Virgo (1:42 AM). We see and appreciate the more simple blessings.

The Moon, having reached Void status after sextile with Venus last night, enters Libra at 4:33 AM. This could prompt us to put on our smiling face to world. It might not be ok. But, many will be inclined to pretend. Or at least, fake it til they make it. It's a Libra thing. And, sometimes it actually
Our brains are certainly busy places and we may be zipping about running errands and or seriously getting down to business in regard to loose ends on the homefront under a nice water trine between Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio (10:01 PM). This energy waxes in all day. Go with the flow and you just might be surprised how much you can accomplish.
This is a gently social type of day. You do what needs to be done and exchange niceties along the way. Thought and action flow in harmony and most really are trying to be nice. The Sun is shining. And, you are in the mood to let it shine on your face. In a warm gentle way. Remembering that being able to lift your face to the sky and feel warmth is a blessing. Cherish it.