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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 1 to August 7, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

Today, we have more Uranus. One would think that last week brought enough of that. However, the Universe says, “Not so much.” Last week, at times, was teeth gritting. Edgy. Sharp. Unpredictable. Uranus stationed retrograde as Mercury trined. And, not everyone is adept at dealing with the rush of Uranus. Admittedly, it' s not an easy thing. After all, the human body is mostly water. Water and electricity (Uranus) do not mix well. Plus, it is Leo season. Uranus kicks up the adrenaline and the easiest route of expending that energy comes by way of being overly dramatic. I found this entertaining for the most part. But, yes, it can be quite obnoxious at the same time. Yet, when you become observant of the situation rather than immersed in it, you can ease some of the crackly erratic feel. This is what I mean when I say “Rise above” in relation to Uranus transits. Meaning, observe. Be the scientist collecting data and observing cause and effect more so than you are swimming in an pool filled with the electricity of the eels. It is a type of detachment. It is a discounting of the initial urges toward re activeness. It is remaining grounded while choosing a higher perspective of the situation. But, yes, Uranus can pack a tight and nervous punch. Add to that the fact that we are (in the US) an overstimulated culture and that just makes Uranian transits harder to handle. However, deliberately cutting down on external stimuli during heightened electrified “Uranus days” does help. But, I realize folks get tired of hearing me say it. Cut down on caffeine and stimulants you ingest. Drink more water. Limit your intake of social media/news. Cut down the amount of time you spend around electronics (less time with computer, cell phone, TV etc). Get outside and put your feet on the ground. Move around to expend excess energy. Yes. Easy things like that can really help. Yes. I realize it sounds too easy. Yes. I realize the energy coming from Uranus, also, causes us to over-complicate things. So, of course, dealing with him would be a simplified thing. Matter of fact, keeping things simple and practical is also something that helps offset the lower pole of Uranus energy.

There are stones/metals that help ease some of the electrified feel of Uranus. Lapis lazuli is a favorite of mine especially for Mercury/Uranus. Turquoise is excellent. Any grounding stone such as hematite, black tourmaline or obsidian. Copper helps to conduct the electrical impulses in the body and is an excellent piece to pick up when dealing with this blue giant. I have been known to put a penny in my shoe and, you know what, it works. Wearing wooden amulets can also help ground some of the electricity. All this matters; because, it helps you feel better. That's important.
Ok. So at midnight last night, a trine from Venus in Leo to Uranus in Aries ushered in today. I don't find this energy too upsetting. It can create a desire or flair for the unusual. It can kick start break ups catalyzed by boredom or excessive restrictions within the relationship. It can be conducive of impulse shopping/spending. It can produce a desire for more freedom or independence within relationships or even financially. Actually, what I'm seeing most from this is folks getting a new style, new haircut, new look. Bringing a fresh approach to the face we present to the world. And...hey, that's not such a bad expression of this. Right? So, go for it. There' a New Moon in Leo coming tomorrow. Why not go for a fresh and/or updated look?

At 7:25 AM the Moon in Cancer sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. This is a pack your lunch and look ahead anticipating what you need to have lined up for your day/week kind of aspect. It's practical. Grounded. A humble and ready rising. I always think of fiber and grain when this mixture comes up. It definitely aims for filling but not heavy. Sustainable fuel to start your day not a sugary sweet that may leave you feeling flat in a few hours.
The inkling to “get prepared” pays off as the day moves forward. Just before noon, we receive a harsh aspect (square) from the Cancer Moon to Uranus. This is where potential nervousness and anxiety has the potential to wax in. However, if you prepared for this in the morning by eating well, remaining grounded, cutting chemical stimulants, increasing water intake and laying out preparations, then it clicks by much more easily. There could, indeed, be a few surprises in store. The more grounded and centered you are, the better you will be able to deal with that. The more off center you are the more impulsive you might be and therefore this energy can prickle you into doing something erratic which feeds into immediate feelings of regret and remorse as the Moon finds Chiron by trine just twenty minutes later. You see the options? Rise above. Be observant, well grounded and prepared and subsequently develop more effective coping mechanisms (Chiron) when things go bat shit (Uranus). Or, get all hyped up, reactive and nervous (Uranus) through this energy and end up hurting yourself (Chiron) or others physically or emotionally.
Thankfully, there is energy in place that automatically helps with Moon in harsh aspect to Uranus. The Sun in Leo is waxing into a grounded trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. The grounding, feeling of personal accountability and stability of Saturn certainly helps here. But, Saturn is Rx. So, there isn't anyone standing over your shoulder to remind you to be accountable. You have to choose that on your own. This fire trine perfects at 1:50 PM. It is nice to know that stability is on hand and accessible if you can pull yourself away from a flare for the dramatic and lean into it. This all equates to “do the right thing, the responsible thing, even when no one is watching.” Truth is elder lions are wise lions. They didn't live to the age of eldership by doing stupid and impulsive stuff. Right? Right. So, be the wise elder lion.

As the trine with Saturn and the Sun holds, the Moon waxes into trine with Mars who is at the tail end of Scorpio (29 Scorpio 44) at 8:44 PM. Desires run deep and we can intuitively assess what our next move should be. Motivation and need align through flow not force. It calls for eagle eye foresight and adherence to the direction the waters are taking you without resistance. When you fight the flow you eventually tire and drown. That's not what we want to do here. On a mundane level, it is another great night for sex or mutual feeding/exchange of energies.
Following the Mars trine, the Moon is Void for a short time until entering Leo at 9:12 PM. And, the Lion sleeps after kissing Mars in Scorpio “buh-bye”.....finally....soon....he enters Sagittarius in our early afternoon hours of tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo. There isn't a lot going on in our morning hours. The Moon is very, very dark and doesn't officially start her new phase until later this evening. So, the morning just kind of clicks by with our best focus found on final cleaning/clearing efforts...wiping the slate clean in preparation for our New Moon/New Start.

However, right after midday, something lovely happens. Mars leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Now. I've nothing against Mars in Scorpio. As a matter of fact, I kind of like it. But, I'm so ready for a change here. I'm not saying that Mars in Sagittarius is wonderful and without potential pitfall. No. I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying, it's different than Mars in Scorpio and Mars has been in Scorpio for an EXCRUCIATINGLY long time. The change will be nice in my opinion. That's all.
Ok. So what are the boons and pitfalls of Mars in Sagittarius. The main pitfall here is over-extending yourself, acting self-righteously and, also, over-estimating your abilities resulting in over-promising what you are realistically able to deliver. Ask the girl with Mars in the 9th who sets unrealistic deadlines and misses them every dang time. I'm telling you. Mars in Sagittarius' downfall is connected with “too much” and “over.” Which is the downfall of anything Jupiter influenced. The antidote? Being humble and practical. Generosity instead of self-aggrandizement. Employing and walking your personal truth. Practicing what you preach. And, as with anything in Sagittarius, we also need to prepare for the long haul. Sagittarius is a far reaching trip... like a marathon. So, when we find Mars at the beginning of the sign we need to take that into consideration. What does one do prior to a marathon? Well, hopefully, we don't just sign up for the marathon without any type of previous preparation. You know? So, we've hopefully been practicing and honing our skills with Mars in Scorpio...right? Working on our endurance. Now, though, just prior to the marathon beginning we 1) make sure we are well rested/well hydrated 2) stretch our muscles 3) visualize the end goal and set an effective and sustainable pace. Right? Right. And, thus, this is the call of Mars' entrance into the sign.

I'll remind you that Mars' trip through Sagittarius brings him into a conjunction with Saturn, square with Neptune and square with Jupiter. At the very, very end there is a wonderful forward moving push from Uranus...a second wind kind of aspect. But, it's not like there are not pitfalls on this journey, chances to run into brick walls of resistance (Saturn), to become unexpectedly fatigued or even lost (Neptune) and overwhelmed (Jupiter). All that is possible. That's why stretching, preparing and setting a realistic pace are so important at the genesis of this.
Setting an appropriate pace and holding yourself accountable is emphasized again as the Moon in Leo also finds Saturn by trine (remember the Sun was there recently and still in orb) at 2:47 PM. And then...and THEN our New Moon officially dawns at 4:45 PM with both Sun and Moon still within orb of grounding and “in it for the long haul” Saturn. Nice. Who are you? What do you want to be when you grow up? Cool. Aim for that!
Of course, there is the matter of both bodies also falling within orb of an inconjunct to Neptune and Pluto...which creates a Yod with our New Moon at the apex. Mercury and Venus have already been through this way. They've been melded and put center stage through the subtle power of this Yod. Now, all that is incorporated into both our Solar (ego systems) and Lunar (emotive/intuitive) systems. What this does is bring together all our dreams and fears, our ability to maintain compassion and expend our power in a responsible manner and wraps them up and hands them to us asking, “Ok, so whatcha gonna to do with this?” Putting the “whole” of us on center stage and saying “You are the primary one accountable for creating your future.” do you plan to go about that? Here is your chance to set that intention. It's so personal. But, I encourage you to set your goals and mark exactly what you are aiming for. The energies at hand support this, too. And, you know, it could be as simple as declaring your right to be who you are and adamantly standing up for that. Of course, also leave room for others to do the same. Whether you particularly like or agree with what they are doing doesn't really matter. You are your business. Let someone else's identity and self-expression be theirs. There is room for everyone here. Keep your roar gentle and gear your thinking toward service and practicality. Mercury is in Virgo, you know. Veer away from being self-critical or critical of others. Aim toward acceptance of self and responsible/humble self expression instead. Look to how your innate talents can help serve the situation at hand rather than look for who is to blame. Who is at fault for whatever matters little in the clean up of the aftermath, really. Sure, we may hear, “she did this or he did that.” But the bigger questions begging for our attention are, “And, what are you going to do about it? What can you offer as solution? How can you help?” LOL, yeah...all the aspects sound complicated but it really is that simple.

The New Moon perfects on the following Sabian: SUN/MOON AT 11 LEO: Children play under a huge oak, sheltered from the Sun. The sustaining and protective power of ancestral background against emotions. Appreciation of inborn cultural restraint.
This budding, bright spot, growing with promise New Moon is how we end our Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

This morning we wake up with the Moon still in Leo and the fresh start energy continues to permeate our sphere. The Sun stays within the confines of the Yod and within orb of Saturn's anchor for now.
The Moon, however, has moved on. We find her in a liberating trine with Uranus at 5:23 PM. Yes, you have the right to be exactly who you are and feel however it is you feel about it. We are encouraged to lean into a sense of independence...especially emotional independence. We are not in the mood to have someone think or feel for us. We can decide all that on our own and the Universe encourages us to do so. On a mundane level, this aspect creates a flair for change, the unusual and holds the potential to raise our emotional intelligence a notch or two. The downside is nervousness and anxiety whose potential can be offset by the tips I offered in the beginning of this week.
From here, the Moon makes a subtle inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces at 5:40 PM and then, at midnight, finds Venus by conjunction prior to reaching Void status for just a few hours. She enters Virgo at 3:34 AM. The conjunction with Venus produces comfort within one's self and makes for some satisfied gently purring lions. Get comfortable (shouldn't be too hard) and enjoy.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Early this morning (4:44 AM), our practical Moon makes an uncomfortable square with far reaching Mars in Sagittarius. The cure? Triage. Delineate your steps forward and put them in practical order. Think about maximizing the impact of your efforts instead of planning to just bolt out of the gate unprepared. Remain humble and grounded while being mindful of a realistic step by step pace. Trying to or feeling as if you have to do everything at once is going to increase the potential tax of this energy. Plan. Then move forward toward your goal one solid well thought out step at a time. Humility does help with this. It is our aggrandized selves that promises more than we can realistically deliver.
These suggestions meet with further emphasis as the Moon finds Mercury in Virgo by conjunction at 5:45 PM and, then, also squares Saturn tonight at 10:03 PM.

Today calls for a practical step by step methodical pace forward. It calls for planning and making preparation. Don't over-complicate it. Don't gut yourself for not being as far along as you think you should be. Patience, my friend. Patience and diligence.
Overnight, the Moon opposes Neptune (midnight) which can cause emotional exhaustion and even some confusion. Rest. Planning and stepping diligently forward is enough for today. Don't try to turn it into an all nighter. Get some sleep.

There is a chance, also, for reaping what you've previously sewn with the Moon hitting Mercury by conjunction in Virgo. It's a thing. Harvest time. Results come home to roost for better or worse. So, yeah, there may be some regret mixed in here. Some feelings of guilt. Again, look not for who is to blame (even if it is found to be you) and instead learn from past missteps and make better decisions as you move forward. Apologize where you see fit but also plan to change your actions in the future to back up those “I'm sorry's.” Don't just pay them lip service. Mean it and act on it.

Friday, August 5, 2016

The ability to rest overnight finds blessing this morning as the Moon finds Pluto by trine shortly after the morning begins (8:54 AM). Endurance is renewed and we are ready to get our hands dirty in the nitty gritty of the work ahead of us.
Then, at 11:27 AM Venus enters Virgo and we officially have a stellium in the sign. Three planets reside in Virgo now (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus), plus a luminary (if only temporarily). I'm one of those people that thinks Virgo is the answer to everything. Of course, I would. I have a washed up, washed out Pisces Moon square Neptune in my natal chart and Venus in Virgo in the 9th house. I was raised by a father with a Virgo Moon. Without his “practical emotional medicine” I think I would have surely gone mad. But, that energy was exactly what I needed to learn how to ground some of that Neptune in my emotional body. However, the any other...has it's downsides. In truth, Pisces holds what Virgo needs and vice versa.

Here's the tricky dicky though. In traditional Astrology, Jupiter and Venus are earmarked as “benefics.” Right? However, both are also said to be ill placed in Virgo. This is not really because it is a bad thing. It is just that Jupiter and Venus operate differently in Virgo than they may act elsewhere. Jupiter in Virgo, for example, is WORLDS different than Jupiter in Leo or Jupiter in Libra. In Virgo, Jupiter delights in detail, practicality, minutiae, humility and efforts aimed toward providing a service to others. These are not words we typically associate with Jupiter. Jupiter is BIG...but in Virgo, his best expression is small and humble.

Same is true of Venus in the sign. We typically think of Venus and associate it with leisure, pretty adornments and luxury. In Virgo, you know what she likes? Clean. Organized. Simplicity. Every day humble blessings. Being able to help someone. She likes to fix things...a DIY type thing. Venus' wardrobe in Virgo often looks like a uniform and is parred down to simplicity. Like a traditional white nurse's uniform adorned only with a watch...clean fingernails...and well managed hair that doesn't get in your face while you are trying to work or fall in someone's food. However, the uniform of a mechanic (yes, even with his greasy hands) and or that of someone in a general service field also does the trick. Personally, I have an affinity for overalls and the occasional jumpsuit as long as it has pockets. One MUST have pockets in Virgo season. Rock those cargo You know? It's not that it's bad. It's just different. Venus in Virgo enjoys practical useful gifts. I personally delight in being given rocks. Like...real rocks. That impresses me more than something flashy. Or tools, cleaning supplies, organizers, day planners and honestly, school supplies...pencils, notebooks..and would you look at that? Just in time for back to school season! For me, a Venus in Virgo native, this is the entrance to the most wonderful time of the year. As an example of gifts that pleases the Virgo? Last Christmas my Virgo Moon father gave my Virgo Sun husband and my Virgo Venus self a shop vac. It was the best thing ever. Yeah. I know, right? YAWN. But, true!

When in doubt, remember clean, useful and simple is best. And, that point is driven home all day. Shortly after Venus enters Virgo, the Moon finds Jupiter in Virgo by conjunction (11:21 PM). The big challenge will be overcoming a desire to be critical, overly picky, filled with worry and negativity. This comes by way of a waxing square from Mercury in Virgo to Saturn in Sagittarius that perfects in the morning. Don't blame. Don't worry. Look for solution and how you can help the situation and by all means...don't over-complicate. Keep it simple. Since when has wringing your hands helped anything? Never. So, don't waste your time with that. Make a plan and assess/prioritize the details simply, practically, humbly and realistically. Clean and organize your environment. As without, so within. A decluttered outside helps to line things out on the inside too. I know. I hate it when someone gives me an answer that is as simple as that too. But, for real, it works.
The Moon reaches Void status following an opposition with Chiron at 2:22 AM. She remains Void until entering Libra tomorrow afternoon. Plenty of time for toiling and contemplation in that.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

This morning the Moon is Void in Virgo as Mercury squares off with Saturn (9:18 AM). The mood is parred down and perhaps a bit grumpy. Keep your nose on your own business and you'll do fine, though. There is a possibility of being overly critical and negative. Catch yourself and redirect when/if necessary.
The Moon reactivates in Libra at 12:57 PM. Her first aspect is motivating sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. There is wonderful opportunity here to work together to achieve a common goal. Solid partnerships pay off with a chance at exchange of mutual favors. You scratch my back; I'll scratch yours type of thing. Plus, with a stellium in Virgo folks might just be inclined to want to help. Make sure the exchange is fair and without strings attached as you realize teamwork may just be a thing that helps us all along this road. The negative swing of that? Over promising yourself in an effort to please and/or accommodate others. Don't fall into that kind of trap. Because, that's only going to put you in line for the negative swing of the energy we have waxing in next through a square from Venus in Virgo to Mars in Sagittarius.

The uncomfortable square from Mars to Venus perfects at 8:20 PM. What we have is a practical Venus facing off with a potentially over-stepping Mars. Or, you reach out to help someone in an effort to please and they, in turn, pile more on your plate than you can effectively handle and you let them because you don't know how to say no or don't want to because you don't want to disappoint. Get a handle on that. Teach a man to fish while aiming to help not take the whole situation over. Plus, don't expect anyone to fix your problems for you. This is a DIY sky. Sure you can ask for and offer help. Just don't go overboard with it. It's also a “keep it simple and realistic” sky. Keep that fact strongly in your awareness. There is such a thing as offering unsolicited advice, over-helping and sticking your opinionated nose into to matters that aren't your business to begin with. All are illustrations of the downside of this Venus/Mars square.

The upside? Making sure you are personally well prepped for your journey ahead. Got your map? Got your compass? Have you turned the coffee pot off? Forwarded your mail? Have you ever traveled with a Virgo?'s a lot like that. Pack your toothbrush. It's not a flamboyant thing. It's anticipatory of what you may need on your future journeys and making sure you have made proper accommodation for the road ahead. Yeah. Prepare now. Because there is fog on the road ahead as Mercury leaves his solid square with Saturn and is now waxing into opposition with Neptune due to perfect tomorrow afternoon. Pack your umbrella too. Don't forget to check the wiper blades on the car you will be driving...and the oil...and the tire pressure...fa la la la...VIRGO. Jupiter expects you to know this by now.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

This morning starts out on nicely solid footing with the Libra Moon in sturdy supportive sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:20 AM. This aspect brings grounding and clarity..which is good. Because, we are going to need it. Mercury officially waxes into opposition with Neptune at 12:25 PM. The windows fog. The road becomes hazy and information may be misconstrued. However, leaning into partnerships that offer a perspective of truth and steadfast support certainly pays off along with whatever previous preparations we may have made earlier in the week. See, you'll be glad you took the time to dot all your I's and cross all your T's as Jupiter in Virgo has been calling us to do. Because, that's what helps when Neptune engulfs Mercury. Solid routines come in handy. If you put your keys in the same spot everyday then the chance of losing them lessens....says the Pisces Moon square Neptune who aims to be organized and scheduled as coping mechanism. Am I perfect at this? Oh, hell no. And, my Pisces helps me be more ok with imperfection. But, it does pay off when I take the time to do it. I try to keep it relaxed though so as not to delve too deeply into OCD tendencies.

What also helps here is being able to separate fact from fiction. Don't believe anything you hear today without fact checking the source and the back story. There be outright LIARS out there today. Those who misconstrue the truth and fact due their own agenda. Watch out for them. Be mindful of the inklings in your gut that tell you something is askew and take the time to check the story out for yourself before you swallow an outlandish fish tale. Also, be wary of being a distracted driver and pay attention to your surroundings while traveling. Hydroplaning can be a real issue which means your efforts yesterday to check over you vehicle (wipers and tire pressure) and prepare sincerely pay off. And, do I really have to tell you to put your phone down and not to drive while intoxicated? I'm going to pretend I don't. alert and cut down on distraction. I mean, literally, when the road ahead is foggy or wet we should what? SLOW DOWN.
The opposition with Mercury and Neptune which may work to spread mistruth and misinformation in an effort to achieve a subservient personal agenda is strongly marked by a tendency to attempt to emotionally manipulate others as the Moon squares off with Pluto at 7:39 PM. Come on now. Do the work you need to do to clear the fog and don't let someone use passive aggressive emotional manipulation to control you. And, don't you become that person either. Instead, be honest with one another even if the honesty brings about things that someone may not want to hear and dig deeply into the your roots of your psyche and be honest with yourself too. Where have you been lying to yourself? What are you avoiding? Why are you procrastinating? Why do you feel like you need to control? Emotional manipulation never pays off for anyone in the end. It's better to face your fear of loss and being out of control than to be an outright manipulative asshat. Promise. Acts of desperation are likely to happen. Let the desperate flail. Don't fall for their attempts at trickery. You don't have to let them drag you down to their level. No. Really you don't.
At 8:30 PM the Moon in Libra finds the Sun in Leo by sextile encouraging you to be true to yourself within your interactions with others. There is a balance to be struck here between self expression and trampling the toes of others. Find it and you'll be wonderfully in tune with this pretty little sextile.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 25-July 31, 2016

Monday, July 25, 2016

This morning, the Moon is in Aries leaving a solid overnight trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (1:47 AM). We likely wake up on fairly solid ground imagining a typical start to our work week. Which is possible. However, by about lunchtime, the belly is likely growling along with our emotional systems as the Moon squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. Typically a fire Moon in aspect to Pluto needs protein to sustain energy levels. That doesn't mean you can't top your healthy protein packed lunch off with something a little sweet after. The Moon in Aries also trines Venus in Leo a short time later (12:50 PM). Water-packed fruit or fresh berries lightly dusted with sugar sounds as if it fits the ticket.
Basically, there is a flurry of fire right now. Across the country temperatures are high as well as humidity...and go figure, we have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Saturn all burning in fire signs right now. Of course, we cannot forget the internal burning that comes with Mars in Scorpio. Definitely aim to stay cool and hydrated.

As night falls, the brain spins with a trine from the Aries Moon to Mercury in Leo (10:56 PM). This is followed by a lunar conjunction to Uranus overnight (2:20 AM). Sleep may be elusive for some due the after effects of over-stimulation. So, be wary of that potential during the day and move around to expend excess energy for a better chance at a good night's rest. With this much fire, folks are likely buzzing about like busy bees. Enjoy the potential uptick in energy levels. Just don't overdo it in the heat. Remember your body needs water and solid fuel.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This morning, the Moon is Void in Aries. She wakes back up, a little more settled, in Taurus at 11:38 AM. The meat of the day is fairly demure and without major aspect. Then, at 7:01 PM, our Last Quarter Moon perfects at 4 Taurus/Leo 21. This is a good time to ease up on harshly fixed behaviors and turn loose of bad habits. However, what we are likely going to see (and it might be mild under a waning Moon) is stubbornness and potentially a bit of self-centered behavior. To help the cow and the lion get along more easily, pass out hugs. Both energies love this. And, little treats. Lean into self-care and aim to soothe aching hooves and roaring throats.

I personally enjoy Last Quarter Moons because of their toned down nature. It's time to relax and release. Massages are nice. Both signs adore this as well as some gentle preening. But, yeah, I don't suggest attempting to push anyone into anything they don't particularly want to do because you are likely going to be met with heels dug in. Share your sweet treats and gently stroke the kitties; then, everyone will get along just fine.

Overnight, Mercury in Leo trines Uranus in Aries (3:45 PM). Sometimes, if the air is cool in the summer night, I like to sleep with my windows open. If you do that tonight, you are likely to hear the alley cats roaming and squealing in the night. The big cats are prowling late and the brain may be hard to settle for most of the day. However, there is also a chance to relax the body and open the mind for brilliance to wax in. Mercury and Uranus together are brilliant. However, sometimes the pace of the two in fire signs is hard to keep up with. The energy certainly has an edge. Again, veering away from over-stimulation will help with this potential. Being nice to your body also helps to ease some of the potential anxieties associated with this. However, with a fixed Sun/Moon and a lightning bolt tongue, there is potential for cutting folks wide open with our quick and sharp verbal responses. If you catch yourself on edge, know it's time for a retreat to self-care. Have I driven home how important it is to be nice to yourself today? Okie dokie, then.

The more positive end of Mercury in trine to Uranus brings collaborate discussion over social issues. With Mercury in Leo, it can be hard to remember that it is not just your voice/opinion that matters. It's important to leave the floor open for full discussion without trying to dominate or force your point of view. No one person has all the answers. However, in groups, we may just be able to brainstorm for solutions that apply on a broader level. Be open. Not pushy. And, again, allow the discussion to happen without trying to just pound a personal agenda. Be inclusive in your speech not exclusive.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We are moving a little slowly this morning with a sextile from our Taurus Moon to Neptune at 7:11 AM. Mercury waxes into an inconjunct with Chiron at 8:55 AM raising the potential for someone's words to trip a trigger or two. Mercury is still within orb of a trine to Uranus. Make sure you stop and think about what you are about to say before you let the swords come flying out your mouth. And, if your triggers are tweaked, take time to think about your response. Don't just react. Mercury/Uranus speeds things up and Moon in Taurus is not known for her speed. Even things out and lean into the relaxed cow nature of this Moon. Get well grounded and then, Mercury will act much more smoothly. Pick up pace slowly and build gentle momentum.

Cravings, temptations and depth enter our emotional sphere at 2:13 PM with a nice settling stream of Earth energy between the Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This also brings a sense of endurance and tempers the enormous amount of fire energy we have in the sky quite nicely. There is traction under our wheels and a yearning in our hearts. If you pace yourself effectively, you can make quite a bit of progress in our afternoon hours.
By 8:24 PM, our Cow Moon squares off with Venus in Leo. It's time to lay the plow down for the day and revert, again, to self-care and relaxation. A square from Moon to Venus is not really all that satisfying and it can be a little uncomfortable. So, do what you need to do help yourself feel better and relax. This will vary from individual to individual. You know what you like, though, right? You know what makes you feel better. Do that.

By midnight, our self-care efforts have paid off and emotions are gently lifted under a trine from the Moon in Taurus to Jupiter in Virgo. It's a simple and gentle feeling. Well grounded and humble. Pay homage and gratitude to the simple blessings you often overlook. If you really want the energy to pay off in an effort to get a nice restful sleep, put some clean linens on your bed or spritz your pillow with the gentle scent of lavender. Cows and Virgos delight in such.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

This morning the Moon is still in Taurus. She starts her day with a square to Mercury in Leo at 8:17 AM. By midday (11:14 AM) she is in opposition to Mars in Scorpio. Talk about heels dug in and minds set. There is a lot of fixed immobile energy under this sky. Flexibility is incoming, though. The Moon is Void following the Mars opposition (which looks a heck of a lot like a heated stand off to me) until entering Gemini at 2:17 PM.
This morning, I'd look for grumpiness. Potential differences in opinions and a bit of personal ambiguity. There could also be a lack of motivation to contend with as we attempt to muddle through the remainder of this week. With the entirety of this set up (Moon in Gemini included) we could see some severe weather. And, don't be surprised if it feels like the weather is responding to what is going on internally. Inner thunderstorms are also likely.

The outlet for the fixedness falls in Aquarius calling us to engage the higher mind, rise above and ground out the prickliness. There may be changes...curves in the road that we didn't anticipate nor would have chosen for ourselves. This makes the morning's fixed energy rather nervous. But, go with it. Ride it out. The flexibility forthcoming from the Gemini Moon will help us to better assess our options.
We find the ruler of Aquarius vibrating in station which means there could be some hiccups with technology and a nervousness underlying the emotional sphere. See, it's edgy and easily startled. Again, rise above and ride it out.

As the Moon enters Gemini, she begins to wax into sextile with the Sun in Leo (1:18 AM). A little flexibility opens room for playfulness and a lighter overall feel. Try not to take yourself so seriously this morning, and by tonight, things are likely to feel much more relaxed and enjoyable. Try to get some rest. Tomorrow has quite the “edge” in a different way...

Friday, July 29, 2016

This morning is sloggy and potentially gray. Our typical butterfly moon has gotten her wings wet, is grounded and potentially rather depressed about it as the she finds staunch Saturn in Sagittarius by opposition at 7:07 AM and then Neptune by square at 9:45 AM. We may have to reluctantly drag ourselves out of bed. The outlet for the mutable t-square created here falls in Virgo. Triage priorities. Be mindful of your health. And, keep things practical and simple. But...yeah, it's going to feel quite draggy most likely. Baby step your way through the morning.

At 1:45 PM Uranus officially turns retrograde as Mercury in Leo waxes into square with Mars in Scorpio at 4:48 PM. This morning had a sloggy, draggy edge. This afternoon, the edge becomes a bit reckless and potentially dangerous. Literal storms in our atmosphere may become quite severe. Plus, there is a high chance of (potentially deadly) vehicle accidents including motorcycles. Road rage has potential as well as injuries caused by trying to move too far too quickly. We may see power outages, as well. Headaches are possible. And, you know...we truly need to slooow down. Truly. Like. I'm not even kidding.

Uranus stations can make you antsy. That antsy feel is topped with another antsy Mars/Mercury square which is known to have a sharp edge and be accident prone. Given that the Moon squares off with Jupiter in Virgo overnight (3:07 PM), and, if you don't want to spend the night in the ER; then, I strongly suggest settling your ass down, paying very close attention to whatever activity you are engaged in and shelter and protect as best you can. Please, be careful and alert out there. Today is testy and potentially dangerous. It's not a good day to be a loose cannon or to be overly careless. The caution flag is definitely waving. Bear down and hold steady. The potential volatility of the energy brought by this day breaks up and settles by tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hopefully, most of us found ourselves safe overnight following yesterday's potential volatility. The Moon did find Venus in Leo by sextile which potentially might have brought ease. As we wake up this morning, the Gemini Moon is in sextile to Uranus newly retrograde in Aries (7:47 AM). A night of rest leads to sparkly wakefulness this morning. Things likely feel a little lighter. However, remember that Uranus is not moving quickly. He's still pretty quivery and unpredictable. Waking up frazzled and impulsive could lead to immediate feelings of regret and remorse as the Moon squares off with Chiron at 8:15 AM before reaching Void status.

As the Moon is Void, Mercury slips into Virgo at 2:19 PM. Minds settle down a bit due this. The fire dies a bit and is replaced with grounding Earth energy. Then, the Moon reactivates in Cancer at 5:09 PM. Her first aspect is a sextile with Mercury newly in Virgo at 5:30 PM. If the previous storms didn't topple your garden, you may have some fresh veggies to harvest. The rain, if not too destructive, served the ripening on the vine well. It sits nicely on your dinner table tonight.

Today seems much more settled than then end of this week. So, when the storm hits, remember that today is coming offering a bit of a reprieve especially in our later evening hours.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

This morning the energy is flowy and relaxed due a waxing trine from the Moon in Cancer to Neptune that perfects just after midday (12:51 PM). Looks like a leisurely pajama morning with cereal and cartoons to me. Take it slow and easy.

Later tonight (8:03 PM) the Moon waxes into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn which could bring the potential for emotional manipulation or power struggles. Cravings and temptations also run high. I suggest indulging in that forbidden fruit. Have some pie or delight through indulging with a partner. Yeah. It's a great night for sex. Rolling in the hay beats grappling for power any day as far as I'm concerned. So, steer the energy toward safely and sanely satisfying cravings instead of being fearful that your needs will not be met or that there won't be any cookies left for you.
Overall, it's a pretty settled day. The Moon is skinny and, for the most part, temperament is subdued. It's a great day for just chilling.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 17 to July 24, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Sagittarius creates a fire trine with Uranus at 4:58 AM. Overlaying this we have a water trine created between the Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. The Moon squares Chiron at 6:11 AM and enters Void status until entering Capricorn at 3:34 PM. Yet, the water trine hangs with us for the majority of the day.

Heal. Rest. Restore. That is the main call. Cancer Sun calls for self-nurturing. Mars in Scorpio is asking us to stop so our energetic stores can be replenished. Chiron in Pisces says you have not been resting well. So, it's time to start.
Of course this may be difficult. The Moon is getting fatter by the minute and some folks find it hard to simmer down long enough to rest when she is in this condition. However, under the VOC Moon, we may find opportunity for just that.

As the Moon enters Capricorn this evening, it's a good idea to plot out the week ahead. Meaning, prepare ahead of time as much as you can. For me, this includes buying/preparing food for the week ahead. Making sure I have clean clothes to wear to work. Penciling in reminders in my schedule. Stuff like that. It seriously comes in handy when things get chaotic within the week itself. So, tonight offers wonderful opportunity to get prepared.

Monday, July 18, 2016

I need to go to work. However, I do not want to go to work. That is the feel that I'm getting from the Moon in Capricorn at an inconjunct to both Mercury and Venus in Leo. It's fleeting. But, it's also Monday. So, partially par for the course.
By midday, the Moon in Capricorn is softened and subdued due a sextile to Neptune in Pisces (1:37 PM). By nightfall, though, we find her steeped in a conjunction with Pluto (9:26 PM). This can be a marker for paranoia, obsession, power struggles and subservient emotional control/manipulation tactics. Threats, even. Or someone so obsessed with the fume of their own power that they abuse others with it knowingly or not. The highest use is deeply rooted integrity, strong use of personal authority, fearlessness in the face of fear, staring down personal demons and resisting temptation catalyzed toward greed, power lust and a dark yearning to control others. Nightmares are also possible here. Yet, even our nightmares can tell us quite a bit about the hidden fears that linger in our psyche. Learn from them more than you fear them.

At 2:28 AM, Mercury in Leo is simmered down and gains a bit of maturity through a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. If you did have a nightmare or a stirring dream, jot it down. Record (Mercury/Saturn) for later study. Also know that this energy hangs with us through tomorrow. Be properly assertive in speaking your opinion but remain responsible for the impact of what you say. There are plenty of grown up issues to address out there so address them like a grown up instead of a screaming spoiled child.
In our early morning, the Moon meets her Earthy companion Jupiter in Virgo by trine. It's time to get down to business. Expanded Earth energy says our benefit lies in being grounded and practical. It calls for us to model emotional maturity and responsibility. It does not call for us to preach about how everybody else is doing everything wrong. It calls for personal awareness of what kind of modeling you are portraying in your own life moreso than a nitpicking or bossing around of others. Plus, there is a call to productivity here. Farmers often rise with the chickens. Many of us will be inclined to do the same tomorrow morning...if we manage to get to sleep under this heightened lunar energy to begin with. This is also where our preparations for the week made on Sunday begin to bless us. Both Jupiter and Virgo love being prepared. And, you may be glad that you are too, at this point. Remember it is a humble rising under Jupiter in Virgo, though.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ok. So, thankfully today starts off grounded. We are going to want to hold on to that. The opportunity comes through a trine early this morning with the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo as I mentioned at the end of yesterday's write up.
However, by midday, the nearly Full Moon is poked and catalyzed by a square to Uranus in Aries. Let us not forget about the potential of instant regret due to impulsive or erratic action. Know, though, that adrenaline will likely rise causing us to feel anxious or unsettled. Anxiety and nervousness and a feeling of being “on edge” are likely. Breathe through it. Rise above the chaos for a better view of the situation and think things through before you respond. And, I do mean respond instead of reacting. That is the higher pole of this square. Know that many will become reactive instead of opting to rise above because they are unaware of what is happening. You know, though. So be accountable for your own actions in the face of someone else potentially popping their cork. Self-control here is essential but teeth grittingly hard to achieve at times.

Yet, the potential remorse for not doing so comes on quickly as the Moon finds Chiron by sextile just an hour later (2:09). She also meets Mars in Scorpio by sextile at 3:13 PM. This creates a kite in the sky. A wonderful enveloping of protection nearly like a divine safety net that wraps of the gentle loving care of the water trine with Sun, Mars and Chiron and tops it with responsible leadership energy.
At 6:58 PM, our Full Moon in Capricorn POPS at 27 Cap/Cancer 40.
SUN AT 28 CANCER: Indian girl introduces college boyfriend to her tribe. The human soul as intercessor between primordial natural forces and the intellectual order. Self-integration. Linkage.
MOON AT 28 CAPRICORN: The aviary of a rural mansion filled with singing birds. Enhancement of personality by familiarity with spiritual values. Joying in the significance of things; or mental confusion.
There is a bit of a challenge to the concept of tradition here. It is quite obvious that the methods of handling stand offs in the past are not working. We have not been taught, really, how to diffuse or extinguish conflict. Peaceful conflict resolution is not a course they teach in school. But, wow...wouldn't that come in handy?

The reason I mention standoff is because we have opposition under a Full Moon. When there are oppositions in the sky, there is a literal standoff between polar opposite signs in the zodiac. The key to rectifying this is balance while aiming for the higher expression of each polarity. In this instance, what we want to do is pull out the best version of our inner parents. The high end of Sun in Cancer is sensitive, nurturing and intuitive. The low end is manipulative, moody and perhaps even codependent. The high end of Moon in Capricorn is integrity, emotional maturity and personal accountability. The low end is attempting to control the emotions of others or dictating how someone should feel and, of course, abuses of power or influence due a subservient agenda.
As this Full Moon perfects the POP will likely be palpable. As if someone hit a release valve on the emotional body. You may not realize how wound up you've been for the last few days before now. But, this orgasmic energetic pop that deflates the balloon of tension will show you exactly how wound up your emotional system has been. Breathe out and allow the deflation to occur. Release...release...release.
Following the perfection of the Full Moon, she is Void until entering Aquarius at 11:12 PM.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This morning we wake under an Aquarius Moon. Emotional detachment and an ability to bear in mind the mood of the collective is upon us. High functioning emotional intelligence is at our disposal. However, we don't want to allow that to veer toward ice cold. We still want to care; we just do not want to be overly affected with illogical emotionality. We want meaning for our feels. But, we do cool off here a bit.
Venus also gets a little settled and grown up with a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius at 9:20 AM. I love grown up love. And this trine brings maturity to matters of personal desire and accountability toward things we value. Plus, it brings a little patience and diligence to the process of getting what we want. It's stable, responsible and reliable.

That stable reliability finds our emotional bodies, too, as the Moon sextiles Saturn at 5:36 PM and subsequently opposes Venus in Leo at 6:27 PM. Aquarius and Sagittarius get along just fine for the most part. This eases the tension (along with Venus' trine to Saturn) across the polarity of the opposition. We must compare how our personal set of values compares to that of the collective. We will see how we differ but can also find commonality. We are reminded that it is not always about what is best for “me.” No person is an island and we should all recognize what role we play within the collective. This helps to balance the needs of the many against the desires of a few (or just you). Hopefully, a well balanced compromise can be reached when we all maintain a cool head and responsible heart in the negotiations.
At midnight, the Moon also opposes Mercury in Leo. Both are still within orb of Saturn which settles things to a degree that opinions and view points can be shared in a way that folks don't necessarily take it as a personal attack. Every voice matters. Collecting them and analyzing them for a common theme/solution would be the forte of the Aquarian Moon. We are socially conscious here and honestly looking for a solution that fits in regard for the betterment of society rather than just pounding away at a personal agenda.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This morning is without major aspect allowing us to study/contemplate the details of the information exchanged over night. By early evening, the Moon meets Uranus in Aries by sextile and a “EUREKA!” like solution to the problems we've been mulling over may appear.

Yet, by 9:57 PM, our Aquarian Moon squares off with powerful Mars in Scorpio. No. The answer is not to kill all who oppose us, says our logical and peace-loving Vulcan-like Moon. There is no need to go to extremes. However, planets in Scorpio often miss this. For Mars, here, the options are typically kill or be killed. Our first go to may be to fight fire with fire. But, here we are called to fight fire with ice. Remain cool and continue to disallow this from feeling personal. Folks are likely impatient and hungry for satiation under this square. Don't fall prey to that. Don't let your passion control you. You are the boss of it. There is also a chance for ambiguity and there may be trouble really “getting into” whatever task you have ahead of you. In harsh aspect, we need to pull upon the Eagle foresight of Mars in Scorpio and the predictive, analytical and heightened emotional maturity of the Moon in Aquarius to balance it out. The negative end of this has us loosing all compassion and concern for the collective as a whole and my prompt violent outbursts. I know which pole I'd rather reach for. I've seen enough violent lashing out. I'm ready to move toward conflict resolution and violence diffusion. That would be new. I'll take some of that. Who's with me?

Following the square with Mars, the Moon reaches Void status until entering Pisces at 4:37 AM tomorrow. And, by the way, this is the last official day of Cancer season. The Sun moves into Leo bright and early tomorrow (5:31 AM).

Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy birthday, Leo! Today the Sun has exited the Cardinal Waters of Cancer and entered the Fixed Fire realm of Leo. I typically delight in Leo energy. I love big cats almost as much as I love cows (Taurus). Thankfully, I'm surrounded by a lot of both since I have neither emphasized in my natal chart.
Today the atmosphere may feel a little lighter and more playful than previous days. With the Sun in Creative Leo and the Moon in Sensitive and Imaginative Pisces, it would be a great day for fantastical entertainment. Movies. Play therapy. Coloring books. Art/Music venues and the like.
Of course a mixture of Leo and Pisces can also produce a type of “whiny child” syndrome. Maybe we could all use a good nap. Either way the sky is bent toward play and leisure more than productivity today.

However, later tonight, the Pisces Moon is chastised and perhaps a little depressed under a square from Saturn in Sagittarius. Don't shame yourself over a lack of productivity. Having fun and leaning into personal care are just as much your responsibility as balancing your check book. Thankfully the Moon also meets Neptune by conjunction around midnight. We can forget about the self-chastising and sink into sleeping it off. Though, yes, things could be a little watery and emotional at this point. You need to sleep on it.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

This morning there is a good chance we wake up feeling more sturdy and perhaps a bit empowered through a sextile from the Moon in Pisces to Pluto in Capricorn at 8:09 AM. This is nice supportive energy. Just the right mixture of Earth and Water to produce tangible solid results. Working on building the products of our dreams or bringing ideals into concrete realistic form is indicated. It does have depth though. Are products are the result of some deep soul searching. Which definitely isn't a bad thing. There are gems deep within your psyche hidden more obscurely than...whatever the most powerful yet elusive Pokemon is.

By 4:26 PM the Moon meets Jupiter in Virgo by opposition. With Moon in Pisces, emotions can be chaotic. We are sensitive and at times widely susceptible to the emotional states we surround ourselves with. However, Virgo holds the medicine that Pisces needs. And, vice versa. Pisces brings compassion to Virgo's potential critical edge and Virgo brings the ability to triage and prioritize in the midst of chaos to Pisces. It's a nice mix, in my opinion. Boundaries and a bit of humility in service mixed with compassion for your fellow man is a nix concoction. The only caution? Don't allow Jupiter to blow your emotional system out of proportion. Par it down. Keep it simple. Remain practical.
By nearly midnight, the Moon sinks into a potentially remorseful conjunction with Chiron in Pisces. If we became too inflated under Moon/Jupiter we may feel the regret of that now. It's ok. There will be opportunity to learn from the experience and build better coping mechanisms for the next time a similar situation rolls around.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Early this morning (3:08 AM) the Moon entered a water trine with Mars in Scorpio just after leaving her conjunction with Chiron. This kick starts a bit of motivation. And, yes, Mars is picking up speed now. He is nearly 4 degrees away from his retrograde station! This, my friends, is progress.
The Moon is Void following this trine and our motivations simmer while we slowly wake up. Then, it returns when the Moon enters Aries at 8:34 AM.

From here, the Moon lights up beautiful fire trines with her fellow fire planets. The trine with the Leo Sun comes first at 12:18 PM. Then, there is a grounded and focused trine with Saturn that waxes in in our overnight hours. Remember, with Leo we are aiming for a warm generous glow not an overly blazing one that demands the whole stage for oneself. But, with all the fire crackling in the air it is a good day for motion and movement. It's been awhile. Expend this on work or fun. Sports (backyard croquet? Volleyball? Friendly neighborhood softball game?) are highlighted as well as jovial activity. Yeah. Get ya some of that! And, definitely share the playfulness potential of today generously.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 11 to July 16, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sun in Cancer, Uranus, Chiron, and Mars. These are our major players for the week. We also have a shift occurring with Mercury and Venus landing in Leo to dry out a bit and a First Quarter Moon later tonight. Largely, what I'm seeing throughout the week is the potential to be a bit on edge. Perhaps a little nervous or frazzled. I see the potential for impulsivity, potentially coldness and heartlessness followed quickly by regret. The Uranus aspects come in first. The shortly after, a touch with Chiron. Herky jerky...then, oops! What that means is it looks like an important week to lean into the higher expressions of Uranus. Meaning, perhaps a bit of detachment, rising above being poked into immediately responding, thinking through what you are doing and working toward concepts of unity and community more so than automatically seeking to divide and separate.

This morning we wake up to the Moon active in Libra. Early, EARLY this morning, Mercury squared off with Uranus (3:29 AM). By noon, he is in trine to Chiron in Pisces (see how that works?). Also, around noon, the Moon in Libra squares off with Pluto (12:47 PM). Apologies may be offered. But, some will be resisted. Trust has been damaged in some instances and folks are inclined to be a little paranoid and skittish...unsure of what to believe. There is also a chance for emotional manipulation tactics and power struggles that waxes in under the Moon/Pluto square. Remember, integrity and the ability to face down your fears go a long way under that aspect. Some information, also, may be misunderstood or misconstrued due to either the listener or the speaker's emotionality under Mercury/Chiron. Plus, some of the information may be harsh, blurted or completely unexpected due Mercury/Uranus.

The best use of this? Digging deep and finally expressing how you honestly feel about something. Intelligently discussing problems while trying to maintain and/or rebuild trust. Sometimes, this is a scary thing as we do not know how folks will react to the honesty of ourselves. But, it feels good to finally get things off our chests and out into the open air. What is NOT good is bottling all this stuff up until there is so much pressure behind it that it just finally comes pouring out in a nonsensical erratic scream that pulls in all kinds of stuff that isn't even relevant to the issue at hand. Our words cut. People become defensive. And all chance of any worthy information being exchanged is lost and merely replaced with hurt feelings. Think about what you say. Is it relevant? Is it true? Is it an honest expression of how you feel or are you merely lashing out?

Nervousness and anxiety can be factors. People are a little jumpy these days. And, for good reason. To ease that potential, cut down on stimulants (those you ingest through your mouth or your brain). Slow down. Take the time you need to sort things out and think things through. All this may save you from having to make amends later. Words can hurt. Be responsible for yours.
The potential for hurt feelings due to someone else's brashness comes forth again under our First Quarter Moon that perfects between the signs of Libra (Moon) and Cancer (Sun) at about 20 degrees Cardinal. Libra vs Cancer. It sounds/feels like the negative end of this could be passive aggressiveness and the potential for a codependent tug of war. There is potential for, again, emotional manipulation. And, also, potential for issues of home vs friends/relationships. Mom doesn't like your new boyfriend or she thinks you are hanging out with the wrong crowd in general..type of thing. Either way, there is a call for balance. People will be assessing whether they are getting what they need from any given relationship and balancing, in general, taking care of themselves and maintaining relationships. In some instances, the situation will not be able to be balanced and some could wake up in the morning to unwittingly discovering that ties have been severed as the Moon opposes Uranus early (5:30 AM).

Venus leaves the sea of crab for Leo at 1:35 AM. It sounds a lot like “What about me and what I need?” And, you know, it's not a bad thing to remember this in your interactions. Just don't allow yourself to sound like a spoiled entitled child. To steer Venus in Leo to the highest, be generous, romantic, creative, playful and deliver onto the inner child the tender care he/she needs without just sitting down and expecting the world to give it to you.
The Moon remains active throughout the night. We may be a little restless for the majority of this week due all the Uranus interaction. Again, cutting down on stimulants and moving around (exercise) to discharge any excess physical energy will help.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This morning the Moon is just leaving her opposition with Uranus in Aries (5:30 AM). Many are up early and, again, there is the potential for nervousness and anxiety here. Breathe. Don't forget to breathe. As the Moon moves between an opposition with Uranus and a square with Mercury in Cancer (11:02 AM), she re-ignites the waning square between the two. There is more potential for emotionality to kick start us into saying something we may regret. The outlet for this Cardinal T-square falls in Capricorn. Be responsible. Speak with integrity. Engage an air of professionalism and put to use thy boundaries. Also, be careful when traveling, driving or working with machinery. This sky can be quite accident prone. Deliberately make yourself slow down. This energy will make you feel pressured as if you need to rush. It is in the “rush” that folks often misstep act erratically end up getting hurt. The key words to remember? Breathe. Slow down. Think things through.

Following the square with Mercury, the Moon is void for just a few hours before entering Scorpio at 4:53 PM.
The “what about me and what I need” phenomenon returns as the Moon in Scorpio squares off with Venus in Leo at 6:39 PM. The battle between the Lion and the Scorpion always has the potential to be quite ugly. There is potential for possessiveness, jealousy, envy, gluttony...take the pick of the seven deadly sins. They pull toward them rises strongly from us here. We may want or yearn for something very deeply. Yearning is not the problem. How you address it is. How much you allow that “want” to control you can also be a problem. There is even some potential for self-loathing here. Be easy with yourself but don't veer toward entitlement or obsession. Know that some will. We could see some narcissism on parade.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Folks are a little more relaxed this morning, perhaps even emotional and/or tired a the Moon in Scorpio waxes into trine with Neptune in Pisces at 4:47 PM. We are subdued, a bit. Perhaps emotional and sensitivities are high. Most are likely quiet as they toil with personal issues...for now. This is likely to change (the quietness) as Mercury roars into Leo at 8:47 PM.

Remember, opinions are like assholes. Just because you have one doesn't mean it is a good idea to go around town flaunting it. Yes, your personal opinion on whatever matters. But, so does that of everyone else. It's not just about you. Be generous in your speech instead of selfish. Be kind. Pay compliments. Play nice on the playground and all that. However, know that with two personal planets in Leo, now, the chances for dramatics increases. Could be entertaining. Could be annoying. However, if you are nice to yourself; then, the potential for you to be able to play well with others increases. So, why not give yourself a little break and allow for a treat or two. However, “treat” applies to you. Could be a visit to the salon for a new, fresh look. Could be a nap. Could be a new cat toy laced with catnip. Take your pick. Be nice to yourself and share generously with any excess you may have.

Underneath it all, though, there is this air of tension due to Mars perfecting again at an inconjunct with Uranus at 1:11 AM. Sleep may be hard. We are all a bit restless and on edge. Even better reason to gear thyself toward flow and self care.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

For the most part, the Moon in Scorpio hits a sweet spot today by lighting up a responsible and practical mini-trine with Pluto in Capricorn (1:20 AM) and Jupiter in Virgo (7:24 AM). Our priorities are better aligned. About the only caution I have here is to not veer toward being overly critical of self or others. Times are tenuous. Mars/Uranus still crackles in the background creating that “on edge” feel. Prioritize. Beef up boundaries. Mind your own beeswax. Get down to the nitty gritty of your own personal business for today.

At 2:46 PM, the Moon creates a soft watery trine with the Sun in Cancer. It is time to feed. Scorpio packs the appetite. Cancer packs a picnic basket full of treats. Yet, the good stuff comes through flow, not force. Yeah. Force comes in a few hours.
The Moon in Scorpio finds Mars by conjunction at 6:23 PM. She re-ignites the inconjunct with Mars/Uranus and a bit of impulsivity and impatience may wax into our spheres due this. Or, when tempered properly, we may just come up with the ingenious move we need to further move us along our path to our goals. It's a little twitchy though and riddled with the potential for knee-jerk reactions and even spiteful and dangerous activity. This is something we are going to want to “ride out” a little. The Moon finds Chiron by trine at 7:31 PM opening the door for immediate regret if we don't. Don't push too hard or too fast. Breathe through anxiety and discharge fury in a productive not destructive way.
Following the trine with Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 5:15 AM tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Today, there is a definite change in the atmosphere. Fire enters the equation...and not so much in a bad way. The Moon in Sagittarius lights up fire trines with both Mercury (11:44 AM) and Venus (1:48 PM). Folks are a little more motivated. The negative of this has us standing on a soap box preaching about our personal agenda and what we feel is important. Which is fine if you allow space for others to express themselves and are not just trying to force-feed your opinion and values to others.
Other than that, it looks like a day that could be quite entertaining., maybe even fun stuff! Comedians and playful children enter our sphere and it might be nice to laugh and let our hair down for a change. Overall, there is a potential for a light, active and jovial day. It's RECESS! Lighten up and play a little.

Overnight, the Moon does meet Saturn by conjunction (1:46 AM). There is potential for a bit of depression and maybe, even, a chance for responsibilities to weigh heavily on our shoulders. If you had a fun day and perhaps allowed some responsibilities to slip by unattended, don't beat yourself up too much for it. Life is about more than work and productivity. We can make room for romance, free time, fun and leisure. Yes we can. Don't feel guilty about it. There is plenty of time for work. And, part of your personal holistic care plan should allow for this. Quit worrying and rest for now. Any fun you managed to have was well worth the delay in productivity.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I told a client not too long ago that Uranus was throwing lightening bolts in her bathwater. And, you know, the sky this morning kind of reminds me of that concept. Which gives me a heads up to let you know to be careful in regard to electronics, electricity and water. Also, be wary for the potential of anxiety and emotional over-whelm. This morning, the Moon's first aspect is a sleepy, sloggy square with Neptune at 4:26 AM. I suggest sleeping in, if you can.

However, also know that the Sun is waxing toward a square with Uranus at 9:32 AM. Here, we have, again, the potential for anxiety and erratic behavior. Rebellion threatens the homefront as does potential acts of vigilante justice. You know. We must protect the homefront...even if, at times, we need to protect her from ourselves. At any rate, this aspect has been waxing in all week raising the potential for erratic behavior and spiteful interactions. We have likely felt rushed or pressured on and off. The answer, deliberately slow yourself down and take things in slow manageable chunks. Rise above. Detach. Insulate. Think about what is “best for all” not just what is “best for you.” Strive for unity and accepting people where they are instead of demanding they meet you at your level. And, most of all, be patient and be mindful in whatever you are doing. Be present, in other words.
But, yeah, know that some will be impulsive, erratic and may come off in unusual and unexpected ways. Side step their personal explosions and make sure you are not cooking up one of your own. Be wary of how advancements in science has caused dietary changes. Know that these changes in how food is grown and prepared absolutely CAN have an affect on your emotional and hormonal bodies. Be smart about what you eat. Think pure instead of quick. It really does make a difference. Drink more water. Consume less chemicals. Know that doing something as easy as this does have a huge impact on how you feel. Yeah, you might be surprised, even.

All this Uranus energy can be taxing on the nervous system. Anxieties run high on and off this week. As does the potential for erratic behavior. Again, deliberately slow down. Breathe. Rise above. Aim for true, honest, authentic, humble self-expression and leave room for others to do the same. Overall, though, it could be a rather unsettling day. A grit your teeth kind of thing. Moon is getting fat. Folks are on edge. Tread carefully, today.
At 6:00 PM, Mercury and Venus meet in Leo. A short time later, the Moon squares off with Jupiter. Be just, not justified. Be humble, not self-aggrandized. Be generous, not selfish. You know what you want and Moon square Jupiter says you might even feel like you deserve it. However, a sense of entitlement is not going to get you very far. Take a long view into your future and start delineating the steps to get you there instead of just reaching for a handout. You can collaborate and ask for help. Just know that folks are most likely working on their own agenda right now.

Late tonight, the Sun trines Mars (11:45 PM) and even later (1:41 AM) Chiron. Impulsiveness and insensitivity leads to the potential for instant regret. The Moon/Mars trine can be motivating but, again, not in a pushy forceful way. Flowy. Following the tides instead of trying to swim up stream is highly suggested.