Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 27 to July 3, 2016

Monday, June 27, 2016

This morning we wake up to an active Aries Moon. She landed here overnight (3:09 AM). Then, Chiron stationed retrograde in Pisces at 4:48 AM. Meanwhile, Venus is trining Neptune at 9:53 AM. Then...and then, Mercury squares newly retrograde Chiron at 12:25 PM followed quickly by our Last Quarter Moon (6 Aries/Cancer 30). WAKE UP! ALL THE THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

Ok, in my overview glance at the week, what I've noticed is a lot of Venus. There is also a lot of “hunger” and “desire for satiation.” Venus begins, today by trining Neptune. But, before the week is out she will have opposed Pluto and sextiled Jupiter. These are movements that the Sun will repeat. He finds Neptune by trine at the end of the week. So, know that there is an undercurrent of Venus activity running through the thread of the week as a whole. Also, pay attention to what occurs here because the themes will likely repeat in some way as the Sun (and eventually Mercury) pass this way soon.
Venus' “leading the way” action doesn't stop there either. Next week she will square Uranus and trine Mars (direct!!). Then, she lands in Leo bringing a change of energy with her on July 12th.
Oh. But the big news as far as I'm concerned is Mars finally going direct. Do I dread him making his 3rd contact to my Neptune? No. Do I dread him making 3rd contacts with other folks' natal planets. No. I've noticed that the 3rd pass of a previously retrograde planet actually brings a bit of mastery and rectification with it. This is where the use of these energies has been tried and tested TWICE. By the third time, we are skilled and better aware of the do's and don'ts and pitfalls. So, yes, I'm looking forward to this. About the only caution I have for folks is to retain what you have learned during the retrograde and remember we start off STILL under a caution flag with Mars inconjunct Uranus as he stations direct. What we need to do is start off slow during the turn around. Gently exerting ourselves and being very conscious of how we mete out this returning energy. It calls for resourcefulness. It calls for conscious engagement of activity. It does not call for trying to pick up all the things and do them all at the same time.

In a way, it is like “coming back to life” following an injury. It takes time and patience to rebuild muscle strength and endurance. So, be mindful of the process. But, continue to excavate and rebuild. With Mars' direct motion occurring as the Moon is waning, the energy is excellent for shoveling crap out of your way. Clearing out. Removing obstacles and clutter. Finally finishing something up so you can move forward with something else...just in time for the New Moon in Cancer on the 4th. Keep “fresh and clean slate” on your agenda. We are looking to work from a very clean and very new platform by the time we get to the New Moon.
Plus, with Chiron stationing retrograde this week, I'm finding it important to go full lean into the things that help us feel better. I just wrote in my private Facebook group (for my clients that follow working with the Moon—The Lunartic Fringe) “many folks have been slammed and knocked off their game.” Right? There are some areas where “life as we know it” has crumbled and fallen apart bringing change with it. While the “shock” of that is being processed, folks who are reverting to things/activities that they KNOW have always helped them feel better and cope more effectively are asking themselves, “How could I have laid this down?” For me, this was dancing. I took a mere 20 minutes the other day and turned on the radio and just danced. I couldn't believe how much better it made me feel to just move my body and express some energy that felt like it had been pent up for a long time. I asked myself, “How could I forget that this made me feel so much better?” So, yeah, leaning into those things that YOU KNOW work is a highly beneficial thing right now even if it is something simple like taking time to escape into a book, or doodle, or color, or nap or whatever it is that brings you to a place of peace and “feel better” DO IT! Venus, Mars and Chiron all want this for you.

In regard to today, though, our Aries Moon feels as if it needs to move forward. However, the condition of both Venus (swooped up in Neptune la-la land) and Mars (stalled out) may make that difficult. So, the bigger call here and what brings a bit of balance to the pushiness of the Aries Moon is to deliver onto yourself what it is you need. What your physical body needs too. Make this a very personal affair (Aries). Feed YOUR Moon. If you need rest, then championing that cause is both Aries assertive while appeasing Venus/Neptune at the same time. Think not of the journey outward. But heed the call of the journey inward and bravely give yourself whatever you need to address those things.
The final flush energy comes upon us as Mercury squares Chiron and our Last Quarter Moon perfects. This “flushing” energy hangs with us all the way until the New Moon calling for us to clear out, let go, accept, flow and focus on wiping the slate clean. So, focus the energy on such efforts. Yes, even Venus/Neptune can help with this...and Venus/Pluto too. Heed the call. Physical/mental detox efforts are met with great reward and replenishment. Also, talking about/sharing your effective coping mechanisms in a way that is stated “this is what works for me” instead of telling folks “you must do this and you must do that” is also highly beneficial right now. Share what works for you and leave space and encouragement for others to lean into what works for them...cause it might not be the same thing.
Shew. That's a lot for one day right? And on a freaking Monday, even. But, alas, we are not done yet. The Moon powers away all night long meeting Saturn by trine at 10:38 PM. What I'm noticing from Saturn is a call to re-script, re-write and consistently re-define your back story. With this comes memories and recurring themes to draw your attention to patterns that have a tendency to repeat in your life. With the memories we may come to a point of re-experience giving us an opportunity to look at that road we have already traveled and glean wisdom from it while also revisiting perhaps some remorse or regret at the same time. Learning from the experience and gathering wisdom and acknowledgment of repeating life themes really comes in handy. Because, newly armed with this wisdom when the thing comes back around again we will be wiser orchestrators of our decisions because we've got experience that tells us whether or not how we handled it the first time was effective or not. Don't beat yourself up over this stuff. It's done. Stick a fork in it and learn from it at the same time. Take a detached view of the situation and view it in the frame of wider perspective. That's why you are remembering it...not to beat yourself up over it...but to become wiser and more learned due experience. So, keep that at the forefront of your agenda. With that, you may have to deal with the PTSD-like symptoms that accompany those memories. So, doing whatever you need to do in order to cope with that effectively first is a priority.

Overnight, the Moon and Venus are at odds producing a bit of discomfort. There's a bit of tossing and turning that may occur. Maybe we ate too much of the wrong thing and our bellies ache as a result or maybe there is a just a general malaise/discomfort that prevents us from sleeping well. Again, deliver onto yourself what you need and try to rest. As the Sun crowns the morning, the Moon is square Pluto (7:15 AM) yeah, it's a dark and ominous sunrise within the emotional body. Hungry. Folks likely wake up ravenous and yearning. We are talking Mars stationing direct in, yeah...this feeling is a thing we will contend with not only under this Lunar movement. The hunger. The yearning. The desire for satiation. It's building right now.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Where's the beef? Well, our vegetarians might not be asking this. But, we meat eaters very well might be. This morning we wake up to the Moon square Pluto (7:15 AM) which could have us all ravenous. We are looking for energy sustaining fuel. Reach not for the sugary sweet. Reach for what is going to stick with you and help keep energy levels on an even keel. Mars' station is a factor today and will remain so for the next few as he settles into his new direction. He is inconjunct Uranus still. So, no need for a lot of stimulating chemicals that could add to that “anxious” feel...especially not today under an Aries Moon who will cross through this inconjunct this evening (6:27 PM). Her conjunction with Uranus occurs at 8:13 PM.

Not many are talking but rather wrestling with deep personal issues. The morning is mostly quiet due this. However, this evening the volume is likely turned up as catalytic events likely occur under Moon/Uranus. Nerves are likely on edge from early afternoon forward as the Uranian energy waxes. Again, cutting down on stimulants helps. Drinking water helps as does moving about to discharge some pent up physical energy. Don't be afraid to break routines and don't be surprised if some of those routines are broken without your consent. It's Uranus. He does stuff like that. Go with it as it is usually futile to resist in the first place.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Overnight the Moon met Mercury by sextile at 3:48 AM. Dreams were busy. Following this, the Moon met with Void status until entering Taurus at 6:05 AM. Emotional systems level out and become a little more grounded. This morning and well into the evening are aspect free and rather event-less. However, finally, after months and months of waiting Mars stations direct in Scorpio at 7:19 PM.
Remember what I said on Monday. Celebrate his turn around, yes. But, move forward under an air of caution. Stretch. Don't try to do things all at once. Keep your pace set on slow but diligent. Don't take off running just yet...slow re-introduction of activity is called for.

Shortly following Mars' official station, Mercury leaves Gemini for the nostalgic waters of Cancer. This is followed by a nice sextile between the Moon and Sun in Cancer at 8:30 PM. The aim is to fill our belies full of warm goodness and to feel nicely satiated and comfortable when we great our beds tonight. We look for comfort foods. Creature pleasures. The sanctuary and security that comes with home. If you are traveling and away from home, you may crave recreating things that create a homey atmosphere.

Tonight we are gently cradled in our slumber by a lunar sextile to Neptune (2:00 AM) followed by a lunar sextile to Venus in Cancer in the morning. It's a good night for sleep. No peas under the mattress. Fresh clean smelling sheets makes it even better and a little spritz of Taurean kryptonite (aka: lavender) on your pillows goes a loooong way in supporting a peaceful night's sleep. Getting up in the morning is something we are likely going to resist. But, resting tonight is likely not much of a struggle.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Even if we resist getting up early this morning, our solid night's rest pays off today. At 9:19 AM the Moon is in a sturdy Earth trine with Pluto. This is followed by a hearty Earth trine to Jupiter in Virgo (10:21 AM). Many are ready to kick some clean up or wrap up projects in the teeth. This is a “put your head down and plow” aspect that can be used to accomplish quite a bit.

However, by 8:20 PM the Moon squares off with our Mars newly direct in Scorpio still lingering on that 23rd degree. We could likely feel in our muscles that we plowed a little too much under the endurance filled Earth trines. We realize that we can't do it all in one day and there is a bit of a tug of war between what we feel like we need to do and what we are obligated to do. Some ambiguity there. Look, one step at a time. Celebrate the progress you made today. Realize there will be opportunity to progress more but you need to take care of your body first. That should be your first priority as your body is your number one piece of machinery. It's ok. Lay your tools down for the night. Replenish yourself with solid food and get some rest.

The element of “yearning” does permeate the day under waxing aspects from the Moon to Mars and Venus to Pluto. The opposition of Venus to Pluto perfects at 11:29 PM. Hunger. Yearning. Desire. On the ugly side? Controlling efforts. Subservient snakey behavior. Folks that go sideways to get what they want...theft, trickery, abuse, manipulation and infidelity. Temptations run VERY VERY strong under this sky. The better use of the energy is to ensure that your hunger and craving is not controlling you. Make sure you are not owned by your possessions or desires. Work to whittle away at debt. Repay outstanding favors. Donate items to charity. Pool resources with trusted contacts. Deepen existing relationships. Sex, romance, seduction, being hand fed chocolate covered strawberries? Yep, definitely fits the bill. See there is a polarity here that when balanced out isn't all bad. But, yeah, there is a chance for snakey behavior all day. Be wary of that and while you have your radar up check yourself at the same time. Paranoia and a fear of someone else gobbling up all the cookies before you get your share are also factors. Relax. We can make more cookies. I'll even let you lick the spoon from the fresh batch.
By midnight the Moon is sextile Chiron and reaches Void status until entering Gemini at 7:46 AM. The Moon is small...a mere sliver and the night is dark. Sink into the smooth velvet of that if you can. Today is earmarked for deep indulgences but it could also carry an air of danger due to someone else's out of control lust for power or what have you. Be careful and aware out there. But, indulge safely as you can. Watch out for vampires and the ghosts of your romantic past...both could be bursting forth from their graves.

Friday, July 1, 2016

This morning the Moon re-activates in Gemini. The day is much lighter than what we experienced yesterday until we reach our overnight hours and the Moon crosses through the squishy quicksand of the Saturn/Neptune square.

In the meantime, though, we are chatty and light. Venus feels a little better as she moves away from her opposition with the Dark Lord Pluto and toward a more supportive sextile with Jupiter in Virgo (3:19 PM). Little lighter. There is a nice satisfying grounding affect and we are given opportunity to put our priorities back into proper order. Plus, it's a great aspect for cleaning the heck out of your nest. The Moon is still waning and like it or not, cleaning and clearing is highly effective work under this sky. As you clear your environment you also declutter your energy field and benefit from the open airiness of that. We may, even, harvest the first few glories from our little home veggie gardens today. So, that's nice. But, nesting and cleaning something are probably the easiest uses of this energy.

The Moon passes by Saturn in opposition at 2:04 AM and squares Neptune at 3:26 AM. This is deep enough into the night that most of us may luck out and sleep through it. But, it is like a wet blanket laying over our emotional systems. It can be depressive, remorseful and all that could be wrapped in uncertainty. Don't struggle. If you need to cry; then, cry. If you need to work through grief; then work through grief. Just don't beat yourself up needlessly. Know that, yeah, the road ahead is not absolutely clear but you can handle it. You've made it this far...and you didn't make it this far by laying awake all night allowing yourself to succumb to worry. Try to get some rest. Chances are, things look much more clear in the morning. Also, it is the entrance to a holiday weekend in the US. If you are drinking, DO NOT BE DRIVING. For one thing, there is a really good chance you are going to end up with regretful consequences under this Lunar t-square. For another, it's just bad practice...dangerous, irresponsible bullshit, frankly. Call a cab.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

This morning, we may feel a little hung over due the Moon's recent contact with Neptune. We don't jolt out of bed but, rather, arise slowly. By noon, the Moon is harshly reminded by Jupiter in Virgo (square at 12:17 PM) to DO YOUR CHORES before you play. Oh. Bother.

But, by later this evening we are done with all that and ready to venture out for some fun! The Moon in Gemini meets rowdy and rambunctious Uranus in Aries at 11:44 PM. Remember that one friend that always had the most wonderful ideas about the next way you could get into trouble? Yeah, that was fun, right? Don't be afraid to let your hair down a little and relax this evening. Socialize. LAUGH. Shake some of the dust off. Most won't be calling it an early night. Enjoy the lighter air and make the most of it.
Overnight, the Moon squares Chiron and if you've celebrated a bit too much you are likely going to feel it about then (1:25 AM). However, the Moon is Void following this. She reactivates in Cancer at 9:21 AM tomorrow. Psst, the Sun is waxing toward Neptune due to perfect at 7:02 AM...folks may not be as they initially appear. Check your beer goggles.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Every year around the 4th of July in my neck of the woods, there is a thick foggy haze that settles in. There is typically humidity and rain. Plus, the air becomes smokey with all the fireworks and barbecues and what have you. I expect this year to be no different and we will likely notice it today as the Sun is in a steamy trine with Neptune as we attempt to wake this morning. It could very well be raining in quite a few areas. Either way, we are not inclined to bolt from our beds...but perhaps linger there a little longer than usual.

The Moon slowly saunters into Cancer at 9:21 AM...and that's pretty much it for the day. It's a good day to linger around in your PJ's and not do much at all. Maybe catch up on some movies or just lounge around lazily. Not very ambitious. And that's alright. I could seriously get down with some comfortable R&R on a Sunday...couldn't you? Well, here's your ticket. Get comfortable and rest up. We wake up tomorrow to a fresh New Moon. You are gonna want to be rested so you can start writing on that clean slate that you've been de-cluttering all week.