Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 20 to June 26, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! And, later this evening, Happy Birthday Cancer! Today we wake up to a blossoming Full Moon at 7:03 AM. This Full Moon calls a halt to Gemini season and ushers the Sun into Cancer at 6:35 PM. Our Sagittarius Moon is Void only briefly following the Full Moon. She enters Capricorn at 7:55 AM. Before Gemini season concludes, however, Mercury has a few final tricks up his sleeve.

At 10:56 AM he is opposing Saturn. Perhaps he is getting reprimanded. Perhaps he is giving or being given directions or orders. Either way the conversation is not playful but work oriented. By 1:12 PM, Mercury has changed his story and is veiling the truth. Perhaps it was those martinis he had a lunch that is causing his speech to slur. Either way, as the Moon opposes Venus in Cancer at 2:52 PM, it could be time for a nap. Facts are delivered in our morning but information is blurred and confusing by early afternoon. Watch for misinformation and verbal misunderstandings. Then watch for a push and pull between finishing up your work day and a desire to just go home and relax with the Moon/Venus opposition.

Our evening is likely fairly quiet. As we lay our heads down for the night, a waxing sextile from the Capricorn Moon to Neptune in Pisces cradles us in comfortable slumber. This aspect perfects in our early morning of tomorrow but helps us get some much needed rest tonight.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We awake gently and slowy this morning under the influence of Moon/Neptune. However, by midday our eyes are bright and wide. We are deeply involved with the details of our work as the Moon in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Virgo (2:00 PM). Our good night's rest has served us well.

The details of the tasks before us become intricate as the Moon meets Pluto by conjunction at 3:17 PM. This aspect can also catalyze paranoia and desire to control not to mention displays of forcefulness wrapped in potential emotional manipulation. It's dark. But, it's best used to really get down to the nitty gritty of tasks at hand. It's also great for cleaning out those gross dark corners that we have been avoiding (either literally or within our emotional body). Either way, it's a day set up for detail work and industriousness.
We may fall asleep easily. But, there is a chance that we are awakened early for one reason or another as the Moon first finds Mars by sextile at 4:04 AM followed quickly by a lunar square to Uranus at 4:58 PM. Tomorrow morning starts early and with a bang. Try to turn in early tonight in case your slumber is rudely cut short.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This morning may have been a bit unsettled. Many are grumpy gusses in the early part of the day. Jumpy. Nervous. On edge. Frazzled. Reactive. Or, just plain “over it.” Following the lunar Mars/Uranus interaction, the Moon in Capricorn finds Chiron by sextile at 7:22 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 4:08 PM.
“Give a damns” are breaking left and right but there are a few unaddressed pains hiding in our emotional sphere even if we are prone to deny or avoid them.

The Aquarius Moon lightens the mood a little. Then, Mercury tries to help with a jovial square to Jupiter at 6:59 PM. Well, I say jovial because it's Jupiter. However, Jupiter in Virgo can be a nit picky critic too...advising our student Mercury of all his wrong answers or nit-picking away at methods he used to find the right answers. Stories can be exaggerated for entertainment purposes on the positive end of this. If you swing the energy just right (not opting for the stoic criticism of Virgo) but opting for a little humility and good humor; then, laughter can become the best medicine. The night could end on a more social and light note if you can retain your ability to laugh at yourself a little. Let the potential angst of the early morning become a distant memory.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

This morning pretty much operates as per typical. Things go as planned. Routines uphold. The Moon in Aquarius is waxing toward a grounding sextile with Saturn which perfects at about 1:30 PM. The morning is fairly settled, predictable and stable. This feel carries out through the rest of the day as it is without major aspect.
Did you hear that? It's a normal humdrum day! Where the heck have those been? Let's monopolize the crap outta that!

Even though the day is largely uneventful by tonight our brains may be spinning with a lunar trine to Mercury waxing in late (1:49 AM). Maybe we are up late debating solutions to all the world's problems with a friend on the phone. Maybe we are just entertaining a lot of new ideas and potentials. Maybe the quiet of the night sets the stage to sink into our enticing new book. Either way, the brain is a busy and eager place. Good conversations have room to happen. It may, however, take a bit to get our mouths and circuitry settled enough so that we can actually get some sleep. As a Pisces Moon, I worry about the quality of sleep. If you don't, then stay up all night talking. I don't care. Just don't wake me up.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Alright, by mid-morning we may regret not getting enough sleep last night. The Aquarius Moon squares off with sluggish swampy Mars at 10:27 AM. Let me tell you something. While Mars is stationed it feels like anything physical is compounded by a feeling of wearing concrete boots or something. It's not like you can just rush out to the grocery store or whatever. It's more like you have to push your car through the mud in the swamp to get to the store. Then, get out and wade through more mud to get from your car to the store. Then, you choose a cart that weighs 50 lbs more than it should and it feels like you are pushing it through wet cement. Everything...everything...feels as if you have to push extra hard to accomplish anything even if it is something simple. This lunar square comes in and adds a bit of frustration and ambiguity to our mundane daily tasks. The slog is there regardless. The square just makes it more of an irritating issue. Our asses are draggin a bit, in other words. And, the demotivation that comes with that may just lead us to doing nothing. But, if we decide to do anything, we should a lot more time than usual and set our paces deliberately on plod. Trying to rush or being pushed to rush is just going to add angst to the mix. Take your time or take a break.

Things begin to feel a little lighter around lunchtime as the Moon finds her current ruler, Uranus by sextile at 11:49 AM. We drop the hold on some of our frustration and have a chance to air our grievances to friends and acquaintances. There is chance to commiserate or just lighten up a bit.
From here, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 10:32 PM. The angsty frustrated feel of the morning has worn us out. We likely sleep soundly tonight as the lunar element of crackling air gives way to lunar water...quenching us, relaxing us, encouraging us to just go with the flow of the energies we have at hand. This watery feel permeates our morning tomorrow with a water-colored trine from the Pisces Moon to the Cancer Sun. Saturday begins with a flowy easy more relaxed feel. We can all look forward to that.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Water, water, every where. With the exception of a square from our Pisces Moon to Saturn at 6:55 PM, today is majorly flowy. We begin with the Sun/Moon water trine I mentioned at the end of yesterday's write up. From there we move into a BEAUTIFUL water trine with Venus in Cancer at 3:56 PM. This is followed by a “lay on the beach a minute and dry out” Moon/Saturn square. Then, the Moon is fully engulfed by Neptune through conjunction at 7:47 AM.

Alright, let's take your ambitions and put them in a box in the closet for today. When you wake up, declare that you will gently follow wherever the gentle waves may take you. If you drift into a nap, lovely. If you spend the day lounging on the water, perfect. If you laze around in your PJ's eating strawberries and sipping wine while you catch up on your Netflix playlist, sweet. If you manage to make it to that new seafood restaurant you've been wanting to try, wow...what an accomplishment that you managed to get up, get dressed and get out. You deserve a medal or something.
Earmark today for rest and relaxation and gentle...doesn't take much energy and preparation...entertainment. Drink water. Play in the water. Sit next to the water. Get lost in playful creative ventures. But, most of all, relax and float.

Overnight the Moon opposes Jupiter in Virgo (3:37 AM). Dreams are rich, active and packed full of symbolism. Keep your dream diary close. Plus they pull out cues from deep within our psyche as a lunar sextile to Pluto follows the Jupiter opposition at 3:40 AM.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

This morning we wake up to a rich and Earthy trine from Jupiter in Virgo to Pluto Rx in Capricorn at 8:02 AM. You know what that means right? It's time to fertilize and feed the garden. It may be time to hoe around a bit too. LOL, I mean with a real garden remove weeds, folks. In everyday life, this equates to paying attention to what is sprouting in your life. It's been a difficult growing season this year. So, if something is sprouting, you need to pay extra special attention to it and make sure it is well fed and cared for. Sprouting was NO easy task. Therefore, pay homage to any growth you notice.
This powerful Earth trine provides integrity, endurance and an ability to assess the most minute details.
However, our pace should still bear in mind the condition of our current Mars...stalled out. It still feels as if it takes more energy to accomplish even the most simple of tasks (though the Jupiter/Pluto trine does help a little). This point is driven home when the Pisces Moon meets our debilitated Mars by trine at 3:15 PM. Keep your task list in hand but go with the flow. Don't rush. Don't push yourself. Just keep puttering away at an unpressurized flowy pace. Don't become frustrated if you don't accomplish as much as you wanted. Be pleased with yourself if you are able to make any kind of progress because that feat alone was met with trudging.

Ugh, chattery distraction finds us around 4 PM as our quiet Pisces Moon bumps into Mercury in Gemini by square. Put your earbuds in and flow your pace to music to offset the twitchiness that can come as a result of this. We could experience headaches. Bored children. That friend that wants to chat on the phone for hours distracting us from our tasks at hand. Either way, the volume may be too loud, too up tempo and too abrasive for our liking under a Pisces Moon. Thankfully, though, it is a quick moving aspect. Things quiet down...for a minute. At 6:56 PM the Moon is Void following a conjunction with Chiron. Many call a halt to the day right here. However, by 10:32 PM your phone is ringing as Mercury in Gemini finds Uranus in Aries by sextile. Chatty, chatty or the brain spins out with ADHD like symptoms spinning from one idea to the next to the next. Thoughts are clear and prominent. Write them down. But, know this may make getting a good night's sleep a little difficult. That fact is exacerbated if you dumped a lot of hyping up chemicals in your body earlier in the day. So cut the coffee, soda and sugars off early today to combat this potential. And, if you can't sleep, you might as well just get up and do something to discharge this anxious mental energy. However, if brilliance waxes in through this, write those wonderful ideas down. They might be useful one day. Those lightning flash realizations have a tendency to disappear just as quickly as they appeared.
The Moon remains Void until entering Aries at 3:08 AM tomorrow morning.