Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 13 to June 19, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

This morning, we wake up under a still active Libra Moon. The big news of the day, though, comes from other fronts. First, Venus (our Moon's current ruler) meets Mars Rx by inconjunct at 11:39 AM. This little sideways poke is a primer for Venus' square to Chiron that comes in later (5:15 PM). It allows us to see the ways in which we act that aren't truly supportive of ourselves or our ability to maintain relationships with others. Then, when Venus finds Chiron, we are given opportunity to assess how these sometimes “knee-jerk-like” reactions manifest in the first place. It is ouchy. But, a veil is dropped (Neptune stations RX at 1:28 PM) for us to gather information in this regard. I suggest you monopolize upon it. Meaning, though it is ouchy, honestly stare it down. Gather all the information you can about it and if you discover a method that isn't working...change it. I do expect this to be emotionally affective and highly personalized. We are talking Chiron here. And, the ruler of our current Moon. However, vows to change our methods (how we handle things of value not to mention our ability to be resourceful) in order to build more supportive relationships both within and without are well supported as Venus is also waxing toward a sextile with Uranus as we march through this week. So, keep that in mind.

Of course, under a Libra Moon, we may feel inclined to don the smiley mask as we deal with other people. But, under the surface we have this Venus poking going on that may make that difficult. In wordly expression, this set of aspects could deal a lot with things like climate change, recycling or upcycling, a need to be resourceful and re-use more than we purchase and pollute. PLUS, issues in regard to social justice and factors of social welfare will be quite prominent under this sky. All relationships are up for grabs here including our relationship with ourselves, our planet, others, our enemies, our money, our job...all of the roles we portray within those relationships.
Thankfully, the Moon is positioned in a waxing sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius which perfects at 9:26 PM. This is where the call for self-honesty comes in. Plus, Saturn Rx holds the Moon accountable for her own emotions. Reminding her that they are hers to deal with and not burdens to be cast upon everyone around her. It also reminds our Libra Moon of her tendency to project AND her ability to project. That's right. We'll find that some of these more negative tendencies that come from the sign of Libra have their proper time and place as Jupiter enters Libra in the fall. If you can receive projection then you can also project self more astutely and deliberately. What this means is instead of absorbing what is thrown upon you, you can push from your core and more strongly project a solid sense of self. If they project upon you saying “you are this this or that” it is possible to push right back by being yourself more “loudly.” Ultimately, this can change the situation. Get good enough at it and you can infect an entire room with your peacefulness...leading (not manipulating) the emotional atmosphere. Mirroring...reflecting how a person is presenting themselves to you or using the concept of smiling at someone and getting that smile mirrored back also has its time and place. Being aware of how you mirror (and if you do) is another thing. All this is good practice.

The Sun meets Uranus by sextile in our wee morning hours (3:54 AM). Not great for sleep. But great for a jump start into our Tuesday. Change, personal evolution/revolution, a desire to consciously become that higher more true version of ourselves without abandon finds us. It's an inspiring and innovative aspect giving firmness to elements of self that may have been squishy and uncertain as the Sun passed through the mutable cross. Here, the truth of ourselves is found and we proudly wave it. We may be too excited to sleep and more eager to rush out and just let our freak flags fly on parade. There's only one little problem with that.

The Libra Moon meets Pluto and Uranus harshly tomorrow. Meaning, some of our independent flair and our pushes for personal freedom are going to be met with resistance...some folks may want us to scoot back into the boxes they have put us in. Some may even try to forcibly push you there. You may even find yourself a bit uncomfortable in the face of someone's unusual behavior perceiving it as a threat to your relationship with them. However, the truth is the truth. When people show you who they are it's best to believe them. Just know this whole ordeal is a packaged type of thing. It comes with an ability to foster a stronger more honest sense of self when dealing with others. But, that doesn't mean that this more honest version of yourself is going to be widely accepted. Acts perceived as “out of character” makes folks nervous sometimes. That's the risk you take. You have to evaluate which is worth more to you. Being able to express yourself freely? Or being the person that everyone likes you to be? I know which way I typically fall on that dynamic. I have Sun conjunct Uranus in Libra in the 10th house. I call it my “Popeye” configuration as in, “I yam what I yam and screw you if you don't like it” But, this is a personal thing. It wafts over everyone differently and in that, you have to make those decisions on your own which boils down to priority and balance between self and the collective.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ok. Bear in mind everything I said at the end of yesterday's reading because it feeds directly into what we are dealing with today. There is STILL call toward self-honesty and pure expression of self. However, there is also a call toward balance as we realize in accepting and expressing ourselves we also 1) are NOT alone on this planet and what we do impacts others and 2) if we have license to be does everyone else. Meaning, we should allow and encourage this instead of be afraid of it when it doesn't align with who and what we find ourselves to be. People can and should be different. Still yet, honest self expression doesn't give you a license to be an asshole. So if you think your highest most honest self expression is to go out on a shooting rampage (not that you would be reading this) then, check yourself into the nearest institution; because, you've got it all fucked up, dude. So, while finding your true self and leaving room for others to do the same, also bear in mind how this expression of self truly serves a supportive collective agenda...or not. You know? Either way, the focus should be more on YOUR behavior rather than your neighbor's.
This morning the Libra Moon squares off with Pluto (6:27 AM) which could foster a deep need for control over outer circumstances (including a need to control others) and certain abuses of oppressive power.

The rest of the day the Moon waxes toward an opposition with Uranus in Aries (8:33 PM). This is where the call to balance true self against how it serves and impacts the collective is met with punctuation. It's also the part where Eris rolls her ball and the essence of the truth of a person's character emerges for better or worse. Catalyzing situations occur. Emotions are stretched and strained. Emergent situations may happen and in that split second...a glimmer of the truth of who you are peeks out.
However, shortly after, the Moon also meets the Gemini Sun by trine (9:58 PM) showing us there is a seat for everyone in the classroom...even the smelly kid. The balancing of freedom of self-expression and relationships (and how they are impacted by this) along with the honest personal assessments pay off.
At 3:01 AM we are dreaming of new ideas and of making new friends. There are likely gatherings of support sprinkled across the globe. Good conversations. Appreciation of differences and personal nuance cradle us under a lunar trine to Venus in Gemini. Following this trine, the Libra Moon is FINALLY Void. She has had a busy three days! She remains Void until entering the depths of Scorpio tomorrow at 9:19 AM.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Early this morning, the Moon is Void in Libra. She awakens in mourning in Scorpio at 9:19 AM. Today, is subdued and quite introspective in comparison to how this week started out. We are quiet and contemplative. We may also feel a bit of remorse and emotional waters may, indeed, intensify as the day moves forward.

The Sun finds Chiron by square at 5:36 PM. That's where regret/remorse comes in. It's also where we meet face to face with the ways in which we may hobble or hinder ourselves.
Adding to the emotionality factor is the Moon waxing into trine with Neptune which is due to perfect early tomorrow morning. We are sensitive and, perhaps, humbled (maybe even hobbled in the face of illness) in a way. Let me put this another way. We are MORE sensitive to our environment today than usual. That may call for a bit of withdrawal from external interaction in an effort to self-preserve and deal with ourselves. Just know this is an Universal issue. So, folks may be a little punchy...a little more reactive and may get their feelings hurt more easily than usual. You may be one of those people.
Your main focus needs to be directed at self-care. A friend of mine reminded me not too long ago that in moments like this it is quite beneficial to “feed your own moon.” That points toward individualized self-care and leaning into what you know works for you. Do it now. Don't wait. It's that important and there aren't many chances to stop and take a breath this week. Where is your Moon? What makes you feel better? What soothes you and brings you comfort? Whatever your answer lean fully into those things today.

Seeing that BOTH the Sun and the Moon are highly sensitive, on a mundane level, this could literally equate to contracting a communicable illness or even an exacerbation of allergens or allergic reactions (particularly skin/respiratory allergens like poison ivy and/or pollens)...not to mention exacerbation of mental illness and emotional difficulties. Plus, the risk for anaphylaxis is actually fairly high. So, take proper measures to boundary up and be wary of this potential. I don't think I know anyone who WANTS to be infected. Drink plenty of water. Wash your hands and if the plant is shiny and has leaves of 3...don'!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

This morning starts out watery and sluggish as the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune at 9:40 AM. In the beginning of this day we should bear in mind the need for flow and boundaries. But, searching the emotional depths is highly indicated and proves to be worthy as the day moves forward.
By 4:22 PM the Moon is in sextile to Jupiter in Virgo while also waxing into sextile with Pluto in Capricorn (7:04 PM). Yeah...on the negative end a person could seriously eviscerate themselves. However, on the high end, our self honesty breeds self acceptance and an awareness of how we can more assertively be ourselves and become supportive players in the re-build of our current social structure. We all have roles to play. It's important that you find and recognize your own even if it ends up being something really, really simple...because, it likely is.

There is a bright spot here. But, it's a humble bright spot that has the potential to show us both how we are impacted by collective energies and how we also influence and contribute to them. Sounds complicated. But, your powers of observation will be quite astute here. Put them to good use...listening more than you speak while also listening to your inner voice/guidance system at the same time.
It's also a good day to get your hands dirty and really get down to the nitty gritty in regard to assessing the details of what it is you are trying to accomplish while actually doing it. So, if you need to pull in focus upon what it is you are trying to do and suss out the details involved in getting there, today is your day. Plus, the Moon in trine to Neptune could birth some potential creative solutions to problems you have previously uncovered if you tap into that flow.

Friday, June 17, 2016

This morning, the Moon is a bit...explosive. We find her this morning in Scorpio conjunct Mars Rx (9:53 PM) and inconjunct Uranus, Eris and Ceres (9:15 AM). Now. For real, this doesn't sound like fun. However, there are ways to make the energy work more efficiently for you. First, take all violent and/or extreme options off the table. Now, realize that task before you calls for a unique approach. The same old solutions aren't going to cut it anymore. Brute force isn't exactly working right now. You are likely going to have to apply some inventive engineering. Improvise. Experiment with new methods. Do not fear a few failed attempts. Do not let frustration get the best of you. And, if this energy makes you so over stimulated that you cannot focus, then lay things down for awhile and physically move around to discharge some of it or call a time out for a nap. Find what works. There is certainly a call for resourcefulness and ingenuity here.

Lay off the stimulants (caffeine, sugar). Drink more water. This will help with the angst of Mars/Uranus. Keep your pace at steady and remain mentally engaged in whatever you are doing. Don't rush. Don't try to handle too much at once. Work smart not hard. Rushing, over multitasking, over stimulation and too many distractions is a mixture for being accident prone. So, be wary of that potential. Have you ever played the game Operation? Well, navigating this day is a lot like that game. Move very, very carefully and slowly while remaining intently focus on the task at hand.
By noon, the Moon is in a hollow trine with Chiron in Pisces and, then goes Void. A few hours later, Venus slips into Cancer. The Moon remains Void until entering Sagittarius at 9:35 PM.
Following the potentially catalyzing kick-start this morning, things settle down and we are able to mundanely address what is before us. Then, by this evening, we are ready to throw in the towel and go home to our creature comforts and the safe shelter of our home.

Meanwhile, tonight, Saturn Rx will perfect in square to Neptune Rx in Pisces at 11:31 PM. This energy has been building all week and is now coming to a crescendo. Boundaries disappear. Work vanishes. What is done becomes undone. Rules and laws are drawn from black and white and into a whole array of gray areas. Questions. There are lots and lots of questions and a bit of uncertainty. Our moral compasses go haywire...we aren't really sure what is “right” and “just” anymore. Roadways crumble. Water damage becomes apparent. Solid becomes soggy. But, at the same time, blocks on our path forward may dissipate. The shell around something may dissolve exposing its inner core. Things are so mushy and uncertain that the impossible, may indeed, come to fruition. Dreams can become reality. Creative ideas become tangible. This is an excellent set up for song writing, for example. Or, pottery making. Or, casting things in wet cement or plaster. It's also a good day to come up off your hard nosed stance on something and foster a bit of understanding/compassion/empathy for others and their situation. However, the lines on what is right and what is wrong are so blurred...what do you do when the rules and laws no longer apply? Are we headed for anarchy? Or, did you learn about and solidify in your brain what was really important under the Mercury retrograde period in Taurus. Can you refer back to then and remember what it is that you hold at personal priority? Are those things still important now? Then, act in a way that supports them and your future self. It's tricky. But, it can also be magical. It's just none of this happens through our own choice. It may feel as if it is being forced upon us because that's often how squares come forth. Bear in mind your pace...slow and steady. And, know that moral ground you stood so strongly upon in the recent past may be a bit muddy and uncertain on and off throughout this week and ESPECIALLY today. Reshape. Reform. Adapt. At the same time, with Saturn and Neptune both retrograde, harsh realities could be served up as well. That, my friends, weighs in with high potential ALL WEEK.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our Sagittarius Moon, who is becoming so full she seems as if she is ready to pop, is VERY active today. This morning, she lulls a bit. But by early afternoon, she is quizzing our Mercury in Gemini by opposition. Or, Mercury in Gemini is asking her a lot of questions that she may or may not be able to answer. Either way, the topics discussed here are full of unanswered questions. Nobody really has all the answers. However, we can theorize together. This could, however, turn into a battle of ideologies. It's best to balance out this opposition by both asking questions and then subsequently listening to the answers leaving space for everyone's point of view to be fully expressed in the VERY INTEREST of gathering information instead of aiming to draw a conclusion just yet. Realize there may not be just one right answer yet. Most situations call for a mufti-dimensional approach with varied solutions. We must collaborate for the answers rather than just simply feeling as if we have “right” all wrapped up all by ourselves. You aren't King of the World and neither am I. Therefore, we must collaborate to come up with solutions that support all of us instead of just being self-serving “in the moment.”

By 9:07 PM the seriousness of the decisions before us and the need to draw solid conclusion is felt as the Moon conjuncts Saturn. She squares Neptune at the same time. So, this pressure of “just answer the damn question” is met with uncertainty and gray areas again...this time becoming astutely emotionally affective due the Moon's direct involvement. You can't know what you don't know yet. There are no one size fits all answers.
The uncertainty wrapped up in this configuration could breed quite a bit of anxiety. I mean, makes me a little nervous too when the ground just starts shifting and disappearing under my feet as if I were standing in quicksand. However, Mars Rx in an exact inconjunct with Uranus doesn't help much. We are still in Gemini season. Mercury is in his home sign. Use it. Engage your brain. Think above and beyond and bring inventive solutions to long standing problems. Rise above being catalyzed and engage the higher mind...act wisely not quickly. How do you fight your way out of quicksand? You don't. If you are going to get out, you are going to have to play it smart. Struggling is only going to make you sink more quickly. That's not a good thing.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Overnight, our Sagittarius Moon squared off with her current ruler, Jupiter in Virgo. Humility is doled out. Organizational methods kick in. Sorting through the chaos is called for. Triage and serve. Plus, there is a chance for over criticism and a feeling of having all the answers. Trust me, you don't. No one does. Emotional matters can be blown out of proportion here and with a big bright Moon to boot, that's a quite likely feel free to scale it back a little taking a more settled and practical approach.
The rest of the day, we may feel like venturing out and away from this messy bunch of goo as the Moon trines Uranus at 8:11 PM. Folks are ready to break free of cumbersome. Shake the dust off. Do something new. Gather your friends and lean into social support networks. Don't just sit around and contemplate answers. Pitch in and help. Volunteer efforts aimed at social service are a stellar expression of this energy. Get up and out of the swamp and move around a bit.

At 10:47 PM the Moon is square Chiron and we are astutely reminded of why “this” hurts so much. It's a hollow pain. A humbling pain. One without much understanding.
Then, first thing in the morning, our second Full Moon in Sagittarius for the year pops. Occurring tomorrow at 7:03 AM at 29 Sagittarius 33. Gemini season ends with a BANG! The Moon is then Void until entering Capricorn 50 minutes later. Rest up, if you can, and prepare to rise within this climax in the morning.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon read as follows:

SUN AT 30 GEMINI: A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds. Use of individual vanity in raising racial standards. Examination of intellectual values for use in the soul life.

MOON AT 30 SAGITTARIUS: The Pope is holding audience in a hall of the Vatican. Wealth of spiritual resources which can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.

One thing. We you rise in the morning feeling as if you have just been baptized, be mindful of what you say. Know words carry weight and know the information you deliver should be wrapped in well-considered truths. Mercury stands off by opposition to Saturn followed by a square to Neptune right after the Full Moon. Your preaching of personal truths is likely to be met with a lot of questions. So, be prepared for that or keep your mouth shut and listen to the question/answer session. We are all positioned to learn a thing or two.