Morning Star: Astrology for the week of June 6 to June 12, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

Today, looks a lot like an Astrological break. We have been dealing with a lot of storms...both metaphorically and literally. Today, though, looks as if we may have a break of sunshine and, perhaps, even a nice gentle breeze.
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. Her first aspect waxes in at 7:48 PM—a trine to Neptune. Now. Neptune has just been floating around out there lately. We've plenty of other energies to grab the Astrological presses. Sure, he is part of ongoing mutable square along with Saturn and Jupiter. But, Neptune is always underestimated. Folks typically forget about him until he starts dissolving their chart (and life) by transit across a period of several very slow, very confusing years. Yes. It happens. This week, however, it is not a good idea to underestimate Neptune nor any aspects to the God of the Seas. Why? Because he is stationing retrograde. We've had enough experience with retrogrades lately to understand that when a planet is at a station point, it becomes an issue. Therefore, expect the power of Neptune to be an issue this week. He officially turns Rx at 12 Pisces on June 13th (next Monday) at 1:28 PM. He'll likely be fogging things up for a bit until he settles into his new direction. Today, as the Moon finds him by trine, he is lingering steadfast on the exact degree/minute upon which he will officially turn Rx next week. So...he ain't moving. At all. For a bit. Expect haze and fog throughout along with potential pop-up storm systems.

This, indeed, sets a dreamy and subtle backdrop to our day overall. Emotions are flowy and we are quite sensitive. But, it's not harsh. It's gentle.
Prior to Moon/Neptune perfecting, but, affected by it's waxing (as this does affect our mood), Venus in Gemini catches up with the Sun by conjunction at 5:50 PM. This occurs at 16 degrees Gemini and, eventually, brings both the Sun (1:58 AM) and Venus (midnight) into an inconjunct with Pluto. What we have here is flowy, gentle breezes with a stir of depth underneath. On the surface, many are smiling and chatty...although not too focused on work or production. Yet, below the facade, we have true concerns stirring within our guts. Desire. Sun/Venus in Gemini is wonderful at distracting itself, though.
By 9:10 PM the Moon in Cancer is inconjunct Saturn which frames a bit of heaviness...reminding us there is still serious business to attend to as we are breezing about. This is followed by a sextile to Jupiter at 11:55 PM. This offers additional buoyancy but Jupiter in Virgo is fastidious. Here, he reminds us of daily chores and being able to find delight in the humble, simple and mundane. So, even though it is Jupiter and it is buoyant it is not this big sparkly affair. It casts more of a grounding and practical affect upon our Cancer Moon. It finds pleasure in things like line dried clothes. Hand washed dishes. Clean, fresh sheets. Simple. Clean. Supportive of fresh “feels” and littered with mundane accomplishments. Good food. Clean hands and light conversation fill the day. But...BUT...through out the surface appearance of the entire affair there is this elusive je ne sais quoi that whispers of a possibly dark and hidden desire..

“I love you as one loves certain dark things secretly. Between the shadow and the soul.” Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Right before dawn, our Cancer Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn (4:07 AM). Remember the depth stirring in our atmosphere yesterday that no one wanted to talk about? It's fresh on our minds as we wake up. A nearly magnetic need emerges. A pulling desire. A face off with the darkness. We have potential for power struggles, night mares...a heavy thickness that overlies the morning. Not a magical fog but more of a scary looming one.
The darkness of the morning could catalyze paranoia and a sense of dread. The waxing square from the Moon to Uranus perfecting at 3:21 PM doesn't help matters much. By then, we are jumpy...anticipating the other shoe to drop while we are also quite reactive within our angst.
Now, the best way to deal with all of this is to honestly face off with our shadow and our fears instead of running from them. We all have darkness. Acknowledgment of that darkness fosters an awareness. Denial of that darkness causes it to manifest without our own recognition. Be brave. Face it down.

Lunar aspects to Uranus by harsh aspect can be nerve wracking. To handle this effectively, I offer the standard advice of remaining grounded, cutting down on stimulation (too much media intake, caffeine, sugars) and definitely...definitely DO NOT forget to breathe. Whatever catalyzing or potentially emergent situation arises (if it does) your first response needs to be a small step back and a few very big, very deep breaths. In order to effectively deal with Uranus (the crackling electrical energy of the Universe) grounding and insulation is essential...just as if you were dealing with electricity in a circuit. We must absorb and consciously direct the shocks instead of allowing them to poke and prod us into merely reacting. And, you know's hard as fuck. However, aiming for grounding, breath and rising above the immediacy of the situation to get a very clear view of the situation as a whole...deliberately taking the time to slow down and think things through...helps A LOT. As my grandfather always used to tell me (with Sun/Mars conjunct Uranus all trine Saturn), “The main thing is not to get excited.” We are cool, right? Ice water for blood. Chilled. Rattle our cages all you want. We will respond when we are ready and not before.

Taking the time to ask questions, breathe and think things through instead of just allowing a knee jerk reaction to occur sincerely pays off as the Moon meets Mercury in Taurus by sextile. This aspect reminds us of what is truly important and could deliver solid and factual evidence that aids in our decision making. Plus, it's grounding. Earth contains and directs water. The information/value set we find here helps to bring a bit of ease to our still electrified Moon. Get the facts. Remember what is really important. Then, as the Moon finds Mars Rx by trine at 8:19 PM you'll know just what you need to do..or not do, most likely.
Between the sextile to Mercury and the trine to Mars, the Moon also trines Chiron at 6:11 PM. The pain we know but are unable to quite put into words becomes a factor. There is opportunity here to learn why it is we react the way we do to triggers. There is also opportunity to accept that those triggers are there and learn to cope with them more effectively. However, denial of their existence is poison. Acceptance is the only thing that can help us deal more effectively. It calls for gentleness and self-honesty plus a desire to live more whole and integrated...more self-acceptance. But, it's subtle and highly personal. Stuff no one else can really point out or address for you. You can seek support and you may just find it. But, no one is going to understand why this is such a thing as well as you do no matter how much you try to explain it.
Following the trine with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 2:49 AM. This Moon is likely going to feel much better here than while steeped in the watery moodiness we experienced in Cancer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our mood has shifted somewhat this morning with the entrance of the Moon into Leo. This is a good thing. Although, it could also herald a bit of narcissism...a tendency to get wrapped up in our own quite personal affairs and forget that there is a whole big wide world around us packed with people who have their own problems. The answer to that is to come outside of yourself a little. Be creative in your expression of emotions. Share. Help someone. Being deliberately gentle and kind to others is something that will help you realize that even though you struggle with personal demons, you are not alone in the struggle itself. We all have things to contend with. We call that life. So, don't go focusing too much on your own burdens that you forget there is more to life.

The Moon mostly fires away in Leo gently today. Her first aspect doesn't come until 1:31 AM..a grounding and settled trine with Saturn. We are grown and matured children looking at our future and determining a solid path forward. It's ok to dream positively and imbibe our work with creativity. Solid self expression that includes a deliberately fostered sense of joy can go a very long way. Be optimistic and playful. I double dog dare you.

Right before we lay our heads down for the night, Mercury does cross paths with Chiron by sextile (9:55 PM). Yep. The thing is still there...that elusive hollow pain. However, we learn a bit more about it...or have the opportunity to...and may be able to open up and talk about it a little more astutely under this aspect. It is what it is. can we deal? Sometimes the ability to communicate to others what we feel helps all by itself. Find a trusted/supportive friend (an elder or mentor figure even) and give it a shot.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

This morning we wake up to find the Moon still active in Leo. However, the aspect that is going to get the most press is Mercury in Taurus opposite Mars Rx in Scorpio at 1:01 PM. in Taurus is all common sense. It knows the middle ground and firmly stands on it. However, planets in Scorpio have trouble seeing anything but the extremes. So, of course there is a tug of war between thought and action. It seems so simple. But, we will have a tendency to make it complicated and forget that there are more possible solutions than kill or be killed. Yet, with Mars all screwy in his Rx status, there could be a feeling of impotence, as well. Inability to perform. Which leads to frustration. Which can lead to an internal tunneling of anger and self which we miss the forest for the trees. This aspect also carries a tendency to be accident prone. What we may see are car accidents, cut and/or burned hands, stubbed toes, head injuries...all stemming from either trying to get from point A to point B too quickly or mere distraction. Or, worst case scenario is we see extreme violence within the collective. Which I mainly see as a desperate act of swinging one's limp willy around for attention because it's not going to get attention any other way. Though, those limp frustrated willies can do some really crazy stuff in moments of frustration. out for that. Otherwise, keep it in your pants.

Move slowly and cautiously. Focus intently on whatever it is you are doing while handling time. This is NOT something that our current Gemini energy does naturally. So, it's likely to feel a bit tedious at times. However, clumsiness is a thing that could lead to injury today, folks. Keep swinging that limp willy around and you are going to run the risk of having it cut off. Just saying. Grounding helps, of course. But, the main thing is just slow down and pay attention to what you are doing. Look for the middle ground instead of getting lost in the extremes. Stay off the roller coaster and thrill rides today. Impish dares could become deadly. It's also not a good day for extreme sports. It IS however, a good day to safely practice and hone skills. This requires focus, of course. But, if we are practicing in a safe and sturdy environment while taking precautions then we could really sharpen our skill set just like all the great warriors do when they go for retreat. Another apt scenario, the hunter that holds himself motionless waiting for the exact, precise perfect moment. If that moment doesn't come, the hunter DOES NOT MOVE...but continues to wait with all his senses acutely awake but held steadily at bay. Slow, focused diligence Danielsan.

With a slow, diligent pace and a little common sense, the day starts to really, really take a more positive shape. At 1:42 PM the Moon in Leo plays nicely with the Gemini Sun. Childlike creativity and curiosity fill the atmosphere. This is followed by a relaxed and gentle sextile from the Moon to Venus in Gemini at 3:16 PM.
By nightfall, we are ready to fully cast our burdens aside and look optimistically toward the new days that promise to dawn in our future with a trine from the Moon to Uranus (9:35 PM). We could be a little antsy, like a child trying to sleep the night before a Disneyland trip. But, there is a difference between not being able to sleep because you are looking forward to something and not being able to sleep due know? Anticipation smacks on many lips tonight.
Odd fears and frustration do become factors as the Moon in Leo squares off with Mars at 1:39 AM. Pay attention to what fears and frustrations bubble up. But don't let them stomp your dreams. Heed the warnings; but, don't let fear stop you. This square does kick off a fixed t-square between Moon, Mercury (3:15 P) and Mars that hangs for a few hours overnight. The outlet...Aquarius...tall cool one. Chill. Do not fear change. Willingly take it on. Rise above any sense of angst and look way beyond to the big picture...intelligently respond instead of just impulsively reacting. Don't allow doubt to over-rule the optimism you so easily held earlier in the day.

Friday, June 10, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Leo is Void until entering practical and down to Earth Virgo at 9:47 AM. The fires of the last two days are merely smoking embers by now. The emotional body settles tremendously.

The Moon remains largely without major aspect throughout the day. Her first contact comes with an opposition to Neptune tomorrow morning. So, today is practical, fastidious, industrial and service oriented. We chunk through our task lists bit by bit and delve into mundane chores. Some may be prone to be grouchy and cynical under this sky. But the best use of this Moon is to keep your hands busy in simple work. We are mostly Steady Eddies prioritizing and grounding out what has seemed to be in quite a bit of flux for a few days. We deal. It's that simple. But, we deal quietly and humbly without a bunch of rush and fuss.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Well. Yesterday clicked right on by. But, this morning we meet once again with the mutable cross. This morning begins with a lunar opposition to Neptune at 8:59 AM. We are rather slow to drag ourselves out of bed. However, a sense of responsibility and duty finds us as the Moon squares Saturn at 9:54 AM...regardless of how lax we feel, we realize that someone has to take care of the daily stuff.
Once we finally get up and convince ourselves to get moving, though, we could feel a bit better. The Moon meets Jupiter in Virgo by conjunction at 2:30 PM. This carries more potential to feel better if you can pat yourself on the back for chores completed. The chance to eviscerate yourself and nit-pick others comes if you let the weight of Saturn push you around. Be satisfied with whatever you managed to accomplish instead of focusing on what still needs to be done. Every little step counts and the steps you took this morning were done while wearing concrete, progress was well earned. You deserve your own recognition.
A little bit of progress encourages us to put our head down and focus upon achieving more...clearing more off our to do list while imbibed with tenacity, endurance and forbearance delivered by a nice “get down to the nitty gritty” trine from the Virgo Moon to Pluto in Capricorn (6:22 PM). Keep going. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are doing great.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

This morning, the Virgo Moon is still active and just leaving a square with the Sun in Gemini creating the pressure that is our First Quarter Moon. The pressure, in this mixture, most likely comes from questions. Questions asked of us. Questions asked of ourselves. We've chosen a new direction so that means new territory and need to pause for a closer perspective while taking the time to prioritize. There is a lot of room for distraction. And, as the Moon also squares off with Venus at 7:27 AM, many of those distracting options seem quite enticing. How do you choose to love just one butterfly? How can you narrow things down to focus upon the flying flower you want most? Again, prioritization. List everything out in order of personal importance. And, then, take it on one step at a time. Enjoy the flush of butterflies...but choose only one to chase as your very own. Psst...”Butterflies” are used here metaphorically (might be hard to catch that under the literal Virgo Moon).

Mercury is definitely a factor today under a Mercury ruled Sun, Moon and Venus. Plus, Mercury is also due to switch constellations leaving the pastures of Taurus for his home territory of Gemini. Neptune is also a factor because...remember...he is still stationed preparing to turn retrograde tomorrow. So we are thinking and processing under a thick veil of uncertainty. Why? Because we've altered our course and our perspective. This is brand new territory. Dream up or down the potentials on the road ahead of you. But, realize when you make different decisions you get different consequences that often pack the unknown with them. That makes Virgo nervous. But, you can navigate it if you check worry at the door. Speaking of checking worry at the door, have you ever tried traveling with a Virgo? If so, then you know how the angst in my voice comes across when I type, “Yes, goddammit for the billionth time, I turned off the coffee pot, did what needed to be done to take care of the pets, checked the itinerary/reservations and packed the freaking toothbrushes already...let's just go!” Details are important but don't get lost in them and forget what it is you are trying to achieve overall. I love Virgo. But, my Pisces Moon thinks they worry about too much. I just want to get on the road and get to the beach. They are still worried about making sure everything is unplugged and all the details are lined up to perfection. Wears me out. But without them I'd likely skip over a lot of important stuff, like...locking the doors or checking the oil in the car before a long But, let's not go overboard with the OCD stuff, k?

Flexibility in the midst of conscious self direction is called for. Ask questions. Gather facts. Deliberately check for deception and potential misunderstandings and redirect yourself to your chosen “true North.” A mission statement that you can revert to in an effort to help you maintain your sense of direction is called for. Then, questions and decision making become much easier. A basis of a sturdy belief system can guide you through anything that may seem unexpected. Sometimes, the unexpected occurs with good reason. Welcome it instead of fearing it.
As the Moon waxes toward her square with Venus, Mars Rx also meets Chiron in Pisces by trine. Put your effective coping mechanisms into practice. Remember there are more options than the extremes. Move gently and follow the flow. Keep narrowing down your options and honing your skills.

By 10:48 AM the Moon is wrapped up in a sextile with Mars as she opposes Chiron (10:52 AM) driving the whole need for effective coping mechanisms home. With Moon in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio we can dig deeply into the root causes of any elusive triggers or pains. We are to treat ourselves holistically...bearing in mind there is a person involved here...not just an illness or a pain. Our care plans need to be individualized and brought to priority. And, we haven't even made it to midday yet...
Following the opposition with regret-filled Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 8:34 PM. We've plenty of time to dispassionately think things over and put them into category of importance.

In the meantime, our sparkling butterfly Venus is enlightened and enlivened by a sextile to Uranus at 11:13 AM and Mercury slips into his home territory at 7:23 PM. These movements delight our incoming Libra Moon. As a matter of fact, a nice chatty rendezvous with Mercury is the first punch on her dance card at 8:43 PM. Our Moon's ruler, Venus, is positioned nicely helping to add breeziness to our evening affairs. Things feel much lighter, for now. Enjoy that. However, though we are wearing a smiling face and we do feel a bit lighter, prepare for the veils to start dropping as Neptune officially turns retrograde tomorrow just prior to Venus squaring off with Chiron and the Moon battling it out with Uranus and Pluto. Don't worry about that so much today, though. Take things as they come and enjoy the break while it lasts. One. Day. One. Step. One little moment at a time. It feels like every step forward is a trudge. However, we only have 17 more days of Mars Rx. Keep up this swampy pace slowly and diligently. Be well positioned to shovel your way out of it in just a few weeks. Hang in there! There will be times when it feels like the end. And, it might be the end of something. But, every new beginning is something elses end. Don't. Quit. Now. Monopolize on any momentum you achieve and by all means, if you hit rock CAN quit digging.