Morning Star: Astrology for the week of May 15 to May 21, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early this morning, there is a bit of an undertow. Riptide, if you will. However, things smooth out as the day moves forward. We wake up under a Virgo Moon just leaving the mutable t-square between Saturn (square at 6:22 AM), Jupiter (conjunct at 4:03 AM) and Neptune (opposes at 1:04 AM). Before the Sun rises, the Universe pulls our emotional body under, then up and finally plops us down on the beach to dry out. The dreamscape was likely a vivid place last night.

At 9:33 AM, the waters recede and the Earth trines begin. The Moon trines Mercury Rx at 9:33 AM. Then, she trines Pluto at 12:01 PM. Finally, the trine with Venus waxes in at 4:23 PM. However, all three bodies are locked in this Grand Earth Trine for the majority of late morning and into our early evening. Of course, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter remain within orb of a Grand Trine (between 13 and 19 degrees of Earth signs) even after the Moon moves on. With the Moon in this mix, though, our emotional bodies reap the grounding and supportive rewards of this Earth energy. The kite that involves an opposition between Neptune and Jupiter is now slowly fading as Jupiter moves forward in Virgo. The two are separated in opposition by 2 degrees and growing.

After the potential early morning storms, this day levels out quite nicely. It's a good day for taking care of practical matters. Our seed sowing energy is still in force as the Moon continues to grow. Other matters in the garden (particularly separating seedlings and pulling newly emerging weeds) also fit well under this sky. Might even be time to harvest a few early veggies like peas. If the weather is just right, I wouldn't be surprised to see folks out meticulously grooming their yards. Indoor clean up efforts are also compatible with this energy. I'd mark this day up as a good one for a yard sale or even ventures to greenhouses or flea markets.
Whatever we engage in, it is best kept at a slow and realistic pace. This is not overly ambitious. It's more of a plodding that leaves behind a solid well placed footprint. Of course, with this much Earth energy, it's good to think about keeping yourself energized with solid organic nutrient packed food, especially vegetables. Yeah, our Taurean planets (particularly Venus) may crave sweets and that's perfectly fine. But, make sure you give your body sustainable food too. Too much sugar will likely make you feel jittery causing you fall flat later. Balance it out. Sweet fruits may be your best bet rather than cake. However...fruits coated with just a little chocolate might not be such a bad thing. Plod, graze and keep things simple for the best results. Delight in the bounty offered by Mother Earth.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Virgo Moon opposed Chiron overnight (2:25 AM). Early this morning, she is in, yet another, Earth trine with the Sun in Taurus (5:22 AM). From here, she is Void until entering Libra at 1:34 PM. The morning clicks steadily by. Our emotional bodies are mostly settled and subdued. Tying up loose ends and incorporating detail work into ongoing projects works well. Our pace is best set on putter.
Once the Moon lights up in Libra, her first aspect is a sextile to Mars Rx in Sagittarius. It's a good evening to gather about friends and discuss your “glory days.” There is just enough fire and air circling around to make this a nicely gentle and social night. Good evening for grilling or just chatting around a little backyard fire pit. Sounds good to me. I know it's Monday. Where is the written rule that says we can't pretend we have a few hours of weekend at the end of it? Show me so I can rip it to shreds. Break up the monotony of the beginning of the work week with a little lightness.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The morning begins fair enough with an active Libra Moon. Her first major aspect of the day is a sextile with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. Long term plans and, perhaps, vacation plans, even, are discussed. Either way, it's quite emotionally stable. “Days and friends gone by” are still topics of conversation. It's another good evening to swap stories or visit “old haunts.” Memorial Day is coming in the US. Making plans for that long weekend fits nicely within the energy set up too. Putting the finishing touches on your high school reunion could also be a thing for some...or simply deciding if you are going to go or not. Graduation season is nigh so there may be plans finalized in regard to that as well.
Most folks are grounded and amicable today. Pleasantries are exchanged and Libra likes it when we are nice to others. I wouldn't be surprised of stories about running into former teachers or classmates.
There's also a sneaky little Yod that the Moon creates as she passes by Neptune (6:36 PM) and Mercury Rx (8:13 PM) by inconjunct. Memories float to the surface. Most are prone to share them.
At midnight, emotional matters do take a darker turn as the Moon squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. This passage by the Libra Moon is always uncomfortable for her. Libra doesn't necessarily like it when things get overly intense and ugly. That's Pluto's forte. When this happens every month, (Libra Moon square Pluto) it comes through a lot like a “mirror, mirror on the wall” scenario. There are power struggles. Jealousy. Envy. Possessiveness. Paranoia. Take your pick of the 7 deadly sins because they are all up for grabs under this aspect. It can be snaky and sneaky since Libra is not exactly direct.
The best use of this energy is to honestly and bravely investigate the bare bones of your relationships. Of course, this encompasses all relationships...even the one with yourself. Are they balanced? Fair? Abusive? Restrictive? If you are looking in the mirror asking “who is the fairest,” also ask that reflection why it feels like it needs to compete. Why it has to worry about who is better or worse? Why it is so concerned about surface appearances? Why do we have to compare? People are not comparable. It's what is under the mask that matters. Under this aspect, the mask falls off of nicey nice and lovely lovely. We are left with the raw. Are you ok with that? Are those monsters of your own creation lurking under your bed? Hidden pieces of your denied shadow? Perhaps? Are you obsessively looking for your “other half”? Because, you'll find it in that “magic mirror” over there. Go on and look at it. Ask it “where is the person who will make me feel complete?” Magically as you gaze in the mirror, the image of the missing part of you will emerge. Amazing how it looks JUST LIKE YOU! Right?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This morning the Moon is still active in Libra. Things still could feel a little dark and heavy as she wrestles away from her square with Pluto. Next, she opposes liberating Uranus at 11:24 AM. Our Libra people pleasing and accommodating tendencies break apart a little. Whatever was weighing us down under Moon/Pluto is busted up under Moon/Uranus. It may be unsettling and uncomfortable for our fair Libra Moon. But, it results in more freedom if we are cutting the right cords. We should be asking ourselves, “Am I doing this (whatever this is) in an effort to express myself authentically? Or am I doing it just because that is what is expected of me?” Worthy self-assessment right there. Feel free to do it more than once.

Between about noon and 3:30, the Moon creates a Yod with Venus in Taurus and Chiron in Pisces. Interesting. What is it that is affecting (or infecting, rather) your ability to relate? What are you trying to escape and deny? What little hollow fears and forgotten pains are keeping you from engaging fully in life and partnership? What keeps you from fearlessly being authentic? What is holding you back from being satisfied and comfortable with what you have or obtaining what you want? These are questions this Yod asks of you.
From here, the Moon is void until entering Scorpio at 2:31 AM. Ah, yes. The plot thickens.

Thursday, May 19, 2013

Emotional matters often intensify under a Scorpio Moon. This is especially true during this Moon's passage because the Moon is fat and nearly full. In other words, par for the course, Scorpio Moons are intense. A fat and nearly Full Scorpio Moon is INTENSE!!! When the Full Moon pops Friday evening we will likely feel quite a punctuated release emotionally. That emotional release can include feelings of angst and frustration due the proximity of the Moon to Mars Rx as she blossoms. But, we aren't there yet. We are in the hours of time that quickly build to that crescendo. Since this upward arc occurs in Scorpio, emotions skate on the edge of extremity. And, of course, this Moon is going to meet everything in Taurus by opposition before we burst forth under the Sagittarius Moon. This is just going to agitate the situation. Yet, it can be balanced out.

While Scorpio will prompt us to go to extremes, Taurus reminds us to par it down and keep it simple and practical. A little common sense will tell you that you could be over-blowing things...just a little. I will tell you though, this axis between Scorpio and Taurus is quite bad ass. Folks born with this polarity emphasized in their natal chart are some serious heavy lifters. The toughest of the tough and weathered and shaped to be that way. What that means in terms of what we have in the sky today is we are all introduced to this heavy trudge. Those that have lived this axis or those who have a strong natal Pluto influence will fair the best. But, a lot of it will deal with forbearance and endurance not to mention how well we stand up under intensity and pressure. We are squeezed tight like a lump of coal which means we might just emerge as diamonds one day if we can just endure this.

Scorpio is a deep sea explorer and a cave miner. We sink...sink...sink...into the depths of our soul and shadow. Then, when we leave the depths of Scorpio and emerge in the sunlight of Sagittarius we carry the gems we've discovered in the depths in the form of wisdom with us. Or, on the negative side, we bring forth cynicism, ugly sarcasm and snarky smart assery. Not to mention self-righteousness. Remember, we are aiming for truth, generosity and wisdom as the highest expression of Sagittarius. All the aforementioned is how Jupiter swings negatively. And, we will have a check in with Jupiter in Virgo on this Scorpionic journey.

For today, though, we are just beginning to sink into the rising tides. As this occurs, Venus in Taurus officially links up with Chiron in Pisces by sextile. The Libra Moon linked this up with yesterday's Yod. Today, the energy permeates the Scorpio Moon asking us to dig deep for the answers to the questions that Yod introduced yesterday. We are encouraged to appreciate what we have and assess the hollow pain that doesn't seem to have the capacity to be assuaged. Turn your face from twisted yearning and look around you for the simple, mundane daily blessings that you might take for granted.
Speaking of empty hollow yearning, the Moon trines Neptune at 2:32 AM. It's a hot emotional soup in which we are quite sensitive. We are tired. Perhaps a bit confused. Yet the power of Neptune can be soothing helping us to forget our heaviness momentarily and sink into blissful restorative sleep. It's like putting one of those “thunder shirts” on your dog to soothe her anxieties or wrapping yourself in the security of a weighted blanket. Still yet, it could be dark and quite stormy. I'm the type that is exhilarated by a good thunderstorm. If you are not, then, you might want to snuggle up with a thunder buddy. With the Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune and the Sun hanging on the edge of Taurus (29th degree), we are sensitive under seriously serious circumstances. Be gentle with yourself.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Early this morning, the Scorpio Moon finds Jupiter in Virgo by sextile (5:40 AM). The ability to dig deep and suss out core issues or investigate emotional matters is highly emphasized. Together, Scorpio and Virgo energy can pick something apart all the way down to the bone. Then, the bones are sterilized and studied. There is a bit of a studious uplifting here. We realize, knowledge is power.
However some of this “knowledge” that we glean from our early morning studies seems as if it is too simple. Things feel heavy and complicated. And, you are telling me that my life is so screwed up just because I have made bad choices? There is no curse? No witchery? It's as simple as that? Well, it can be. I mean, I don't want you to inflict self-blame. But, know a little common sense goes a very, very long way. Solutions don't have to be complicated to be effective. Plus, as Scorpio often forgets, we have more options than just extremes. There is middle ground and Taurus is usually standing on it.

Part of our Taurean pile up breaks up as the Sun shifts into mutable Gemini at 10:37 AM. We are imbibed with a little more flexibility. We lighten up a bit. However, with Gemini falling under rule of a current retrograde Mercury, we may not fully be flittery fluttery butterflies just yet. We are still carrying the heaviness of Scorpio and the a lot stubbornness with the remaining Taurean energy. However, we may notice a little more air and be prone to at least stretch our wings out so they can dry. We've barely broken the capsule of the cocoon. Be prepared though. This is not what I consider a “gentle and carefree” Gemini season this year. Between Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune mutables have been astrologically hammered. Gemini is certainly NOT exempt from that; but, does fill in the ongoing mutable square creating a full blown mutable cross eventually. So, in many ways, this fickle Gemini season will be exactly the medicine we need to balance all this out.

At 1:19 PM emotional intensity increases as the Moon sextiles Pluto. I've a feeling this will feel much like a Full Moon night. When the Full Moon pops tomorrow evening, I believe it will come as a relief. Most of the intensity from this Lunar Cycle is packed into the Scorpio Moon. It builds and roils like steam in a chamber. Then, as the Full Moon finally perfects, that steam is released in one big rush alleviating some of that pressure. But, for now, things are still fairly intense. This intensity carries us all the way through the day. Forbearance and an ability to not turn sour, greedy or paranoid is highly indicated. Instead, we should be locked in deep personal introspection. However, some folks will spin out, crumble, be crushed and succumb to the pressure. Melt downs are entirely possible here. Step lightly.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

This morning, the emotional body rests a bit as the Scorpio Moon found Void status following a watery check in with Chiron at 4:10 AM and stern opposition with Venus at 7:40 AM. The rest is brief but welcomed lasting until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:49 PM. Then, finally, the pressure is released as the Full Moon perfects at 5:15 PM.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunar event read as follows:

MOON AT 2 SAGITTARIUS: White capped waves dance rhythmically under the winds. Lax response to vital call to activity. Power to stir and impress one's own rhythm upon materials. Proud adornment.

SUN AT 2 GEMINI: Santa Claus is furtively filling Christmas stockings. The natural beneficence in any normal human heart. Alertness to the wishes of others; the often hidden pride of benefactors.

From here, both the Sun and Moon move toward contact with Mars Rx. The Moon finds him by conjunction at 6:44 PM. The Sun by opposition tomorrow at 7:17 AM. Of course, simply put we say that the Moon conjuncts Mars. But, what does that look like? Well, what essentially happens is the Moon moves between the Earth and Mars who is as close to the Earth on the elliptic as he can get right now. So, in away, the twisted angst of Mars Rx is blocked from Earth by the Moon thus saying all this is filtered through our emotional system before it comes to ground. Yeah. We may feel a little antsy but what the Sagittarius Moon reminds us is to bear in mind the long term goals not so much what we are anxiously awaiting to manifest right this moment.

You know the last days of school where everyone is more focused on summer break than whatever the teacher is saying? The teacher's efforts to instruct are in vain. We twist and wriggle in our seats as time seems to move excruciatingly slowly forward. There's that feeling of waiting for the excitement to begin. Waiting for that feeling of release and freedom. It's a lot like that.
This is the Full Moon that denotes incoming graduations be that from scholarly institutions or life lessons. Santa filling stockings is indicative of incoming celebrations, holidays and rewards for accomplishments such as a graduation. These may not be happening right now. But, we are impatiently waiting for the celebration to begin while making plans for the same. It's like the night before you leave for Disneyland and all the visions of fun you are preparing for yourself. It's so close you can almost taste it and the night has found us...awake...and restless with anticipation. It feels good but we are also done waiting and ready to be there RIGHT NOW! We are encouraged to go with the flow. Dance within the excitement and keep planning and dreaming for this wondrous incoming celebration however it finds you.

The caveat? Mercury turns direct tomorrow and we lose another retrograde planet. This is good news. And, even though we may be rather anxious to get on with the show, much of the pressure we've felt over the past few days is released which packs a nice helping of relief with it.