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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the Week of May 30 to June 5, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016

This morning the Moon is still active in Pisces. She is working her way toward a conjunction with Chiron which occurs around noon EDT. She reaches Void status after a trine with Mars Rx in Scorpio at 7:11 PM until entering Aries at 9:10 PM.

So, even though the Moon is quite active for the majority of the day, with only a brief VOC period, it still doesn't seem like quite a physically active day. No, not even with the trine to Mars nor with the entrance of the Moon into Aries. Mars is not the red warring planet we know right now. Therefore, aspects to him are not going to behave as they do when the planet is direct. Aside from that, the trine occurs in water. We should be inclined to “go with the flow” of the day moreso than try to conquer it.
In the U.S. Today is a holiday set aside to honor those who have fallen in battle. The conjunction of the Moon in Pisces to Chiron and following her trine to Mars fits the energy of the holiday by bringing remembrances, memorials, memories, grief and tributes. This is not a sweaty sport. But, a quiet personal event that packs emotions with it whether you are honoring Memorial Day or not. The chance for tears is high. However, the chance to deal with your emotions in a forthright manner is also present with the trine to Mars Rx. Rest and rehab may definitely be in order.

As the Moon re-activates in Aries, Mercury finds Pluto by trine for the 3rd time since entering his retrograde shadow (11:03 PM). This marks Mercury's impending exit from his shadow and takes our mental body deep into consideration in regard to what changes have occurred in our mental bodies. Thoughts deepen and become more introspective. There is chance of paranoia. However, the best use of this energy is to transform our thoughts into something more healthy and solid. Common sense is highlighted as well as an awareness of how our perspective colors our world. There is room for remorse and grieving here as well. Talks of battle scars and war stories could be told. Again, par for the course in the U.S given the holiday and what it stands for. And, again, the energy in the sky packs this theme of “remembrance” and “memorial” even without the holiday.
The energy of the waxing Mercury/Pluto trine carries over the day like a thick veil. With it's perfection coming in at the end of our day, some may experience nightmares or even an exacerbation of PTSD-like symptoms. Flashbacks and memories. That's what this little Monday is made of. There is also an air of moving forward by finally walking away...not necessarily forcefully. But, gently. Quietly. Potentially with mixed feelings...but, with finality.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This morning we awaken to an active Aries Moon. Her first aspect is a flirty sextile with Venus in Gemini at lunchtime. From here, she plays with Gemini energy a bit more with a sextile to the Sun at 3:11 PM. We end the day on a solid note with a trine from the Moon to Saturn at 7:44 PM.
This is a lighthearted, impish kind of day. Lighter conversations take over as Mercury waxes away from Pluto. We are ready to step out of sorrow and perhaps find a little enjoyment. This comes by way of socializing, getting out for a day trip or merely stretching our legs.

There is, however, a few potential storms on the horizon. The first comes overnight with the Moon's passage through the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. She squares Pluto at 1:36 AM and meets Uranus by conjunction just prior to noon tomorrow. Also, even if Gemini is a happy butterfly right now, that energy is due for a bit squishing as well. Both Venus and the Sun in Gemini are waxing into the ongoing mutable square between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. This becomes more prominent as we get closer to the New Moon in Gemini at the end of the week.
Today, though, is gently active and social.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This morning we may feel a little unsettled...especially if we didn't sleep well, which was a possibility. Today, we may feel antsy and a bit suffocated. If that is the case, it's best to treat the condition with a bit of ice water. Uranus calls for cool and calculating at it's highest vibration. But, most often, it catalyzes things like anxiety, nervousness and impulsiveness since that is his path of least resistance. In other words, his energy comes forth...READY OR NOT! And, depending on our emotional state and awareness at the time we could be reactive instead of taking the time we need to really think things through. In order to effectively prepare for this possibility, it is a good idea to cut down on things that make us additionally nervous and anxiety riddled. Cut down on caffeine and stimulants. Drink more water. Move physically to discharge any excess or pent up energy while donning the cool steady logic of Spock. He makes it look so easy. It is not easy, however, to rise above that which makes an ordinary situation emergent. However, going off half-cocked has a history of not playing out well. So, absorb the shocks and ground them out instead of allowing the situation to cause you to react less mindfully. If it is a truly emergent situation, you will have the ability to respond. Just don't let something fool you into a sense of urgency and immediacy if the circumstance is not truly emergent.

Another effective use of this energy is to do something that makes you feel more free. Break routine. Take assertive initiative. Decide to do things differently and in a way that is more supportive of a hopeful future. Turn loose of highly emotional situations and break free from having to have your next move dictated to you. If someone pokes you with a stick expecting you to react violently, give them the reaction they don't expect and completely crumble their ability to control your emotions.
Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon is Void until settling down in Taurus at 10:48 PM. Meanwhile, the Sun in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces at 10:42 PM. This is squishy. Folks may not appear as they are. Some may be hiding behind veils while others pause for a moment and question their own identity. Who am I? What do I stand for? What am I trying to achieve? Remember, if you catch yourself asking this questions, you have the creative clay in your hands to shape and mold the answers into whatever you want them to be. There is room for positive change here.

There is a chance to develop a more empathic approach to life in general. But, there is also a chance for liars and thieves to emerge...wolves in sheep's clothing. Also, many have reviewed and re-assessed the values upon which they stand during the Mercury Rx period in Taurus. This Sun/Neptune aspect allows us to incorporate the changes we discovered we needed to make gently into our ego systems. We are softened where we were critical before. We are forgiving where we were so judgmental in the past. We have the ability to become more flexible. Just be wary of the tendency for some to use smoke and mirrors. Make this more of an introverted affair than extroverted one since you really can't trust people to be as you see them right now. It's likely to feel like a hazy water-colored world out there today in which we have the chance to meet many unusual creatures.

On a side note, as we near the New Moon in Gemini, I do expect weather to be an issue in several parts of the world. Mother Nature is cleaning house indiscriminately. While I suggest that you follow her lead by clearing out things that block energy flow or have grown stagnant. Be wary that the commencement of the New Moon has us rebooting in a brand new ball game. Meaning, valuables could be washed away. Things that we project a false identity upon could disappear. Our vows to change are tested and tried. And, it's all likely to come as Earth swells during a huge cleansing effort that includes things like rain, flooding, wild winds etc. It's not the end of the world. But, for some, circumstance could cause that feel. Physically stretching your body is a good idea right now. The Universe calls for flexibility. It's not too late to start becoming more bendy. Every little bit helps. Plus, please remember playing the blame game doesn't help or fix anything. It's just a distraction that keeps you from addressing what needs to be fixed regardless of who is accountable for making it that way. Becoming sure of who is to blame matters very little if you do nothing to help the situation.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

This morning, emotional bodies are a little more settled with the Moon in Taurus. We are still a bit sloggy as the Sun moves away from Neptune. However, Neptune persists as the Moon finds him by sextile in our early evening (6:11 PM). We yearn for a soft place to land for a nap...preferably following a hearty meal.

It's not a very ambitious day. But, it is solid while maintaining flexibility and a bit of sensitivity. The best way to deal with it? Allow yourself to indulge in what makes you feel good. Simple pleasures are highlighted...nothing too complicated...all set at a slow and steady pace.
Know, though, that what we want may be elusive as Venus nears in square to Neptune (12:15 AM). We may think we want X but once we get it we find it to be oddly unsatisfying. Or, when we reach out to grab X it evaporates through our fingers. Or, we may really want X but can't find it. At times, achieving what we want may seem like a pipe dream. Very far out of reach. We could literally feel as if we are chasing a mirage in the desert.
Still yet, though, there is a wicked power of manifestation wrapped up in this day too. The ability to bring elusive dreams to ground and really stand solidly on things like wisdom and fortitude. The Moon hits a sweet spot just as Venus squares Neptune. She dances with both Jupiter (9:37 PM) and Pluto (2:12 AM) by trine. Grounding, practicality, a little common sense and bit of work ethic help us see that the impossible may, indeed, be possible. Only problem with that is what we “want” is fickle and keeps shape could feel like trying to herd cats or like pinning Jello to a tree...

Patience, my friend. Explore what it is the heart truly wants and aim for that. Let the possibilities ebb and wane until you can decide on just the right one for the right reasons. No one can tell you which one is “right” for you...that has to come from the inside. Or, at least, it should.
At 2:38 AM the Sun opposes Saturn putting the pressure of accountability on our shoulders. We are like reprimanded school children being told, “You are old enough to know better!” At the same time, we could be the one's sending out reprimands as well. Be sure to give supportive direction instead of just chastising and be sure to lead by solid example...modeling appropriate behavior more than you preach about someone elses lack thereof.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Today starts off practical enough as the Moon finds Mercury by conjunction at 6:09 AM. A steadied emotional body and a little common sense goes a long way. If it is not complicated, don't make it that way. From here, though, it looks a lot like “opposite” day. Meaning, we have several oppositions that call for us to balance them out. Prior to getting to these, the Moon in Taurus has a gut check with Chiron in Pisces by sextile which gently reminds us that sometimes folks struggle with demons we cannot see. Sometimes, we are the person struggling with those demons and that gives us this eery sense of understanding at times.
At 7:04 PM the Moon opposes Mars Rx in Sagittarius allowing us to deeply assess what it is that drives us. What is at the core of our motivations? Greed? Fear? Anger? Resentment? What motivates you? Are you OK with allowing whatever it is to control your actions? How can you be happy with what you have when you yearn for so much more? When you perceive that someone else has everything so effortlessly perfect? When you feel like you have to scrape and claw for absolutely anything but it seems like that person gets everything handed to them.

Let's not get caught in the “grass is greener over there” or comparing your path to others trap. Whether the bounty you are given seems fair in comparison to what others receive matters very little because it is what it is. You can be pissed about it all you want but that is not going to change anything. Focus inwardly and make sure your motivation for whatever is above board instead of being driven by something more slimy. If you discover a slimy driver, don't beat yourself up over it. Don that awareness and move forward more you know. However, expect that there will be some greedy and slimy creatures out there that lean fully into doing things on the shady. Don't become one of them.
Par for the course, things like greed, envy and feeling as if you are getting the Universal shaft in regard to resources often comes during lean times. Those times are now upon us a Venus opposes Saturn (8:47 PM). Resources are stretched thin and sparse. Many have been weighed, measured and found wanting. This is not a feeling that our Venus ruled Moon enjoys. However, don't skimp over paying homage to what you do have. Every blessing counts no matter how small. If you find a blessing in this day you can bank on it being a solid and supportive one. The smallest inkling of satisfaction is certainly well earned.
Following the opposition with Mars at 7:04 PM, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 11:03 PM.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Welcome to the day when hyper-criticism is quite likely. Everybody has all the answers for everyone elses problems as the Sun squares Jupiter at 6:58 PM. However, it's important to remember that your opinion is not warranted unless it is specifically asked for. Yes, you may feel like you are doing someone a great service by correcting their mistakes for them or pointing them out. But, that doesn't make you a helper. That makes you a pompous ass who likes to put their nose where it doesn't belong. So, keep your hyper-criticisms to yourself because unless you are walking in someone's shoes you have no business trying to “correct” their life...or their grammatical errors for that matter. If you really want to help, then offer help by asking, “What can I do to help” instead of pointing fingers at how a person should self-blame or whatever. True calls to assist someone don't come with an agenda and they also are not welcomed when they are packaged in “I told you so's” or issuance of blame. Check yourself in regard to what you are really trying to achieve. Are you trying to prove how right and on point you are? Or are you trying to be of service? Or, are you just trying to feel right and distract yourself from the corrections necessary in your own life?

Also know that this aspect can indeed, cause of lot of inner criticism. Some folks will divert themselves from straightening out the details of their own life by pointing out how they think you should rearrange yours. Know that you don't need that at this time. However, if someone is genuine in their offers to help, don't hesitate to take them up on it. Remember though that some folks are just trying to get you to join their misery by knocking you around with nit-picking. You don't have to fall for that or put up with it. All you have to do is learn to tell the difference between someone who is offering constructive criticism (when ASKED) and someone who is just being a pontificating know-it-all ass...while remembering not to be a hyper-critical pontificating ass to yourself or to others. Self-honesty is a bitter pill that we are force fed today. Be easy with yourself. There is always a chance to do things differently in the future. Beating yourself up for perceived missteps does nothing but make you bitter. Now you know. Now you are ready to make better choices. It is as simple as that.
Also know that there is definitely room for regret and remorse under this Moon. She meets Neptune by watery square at 6:22 PM and then sobers up really quick into the reality of the “present” that we, along with the Universe, co-created. Grieve if needed. Apologize if necessary. But, forgive yourself for past error instead of letting yourself be haunted. You are not perfect. You never will be perfect. But, you can be self-aware and honest while vowing to be better in the future. Look more at the potential for internal course corrections rather than running around with your red teacher marker correcting everyone elses mistakes.

At 8:49 PM Venus in Gemini squares off with Jupiter in Virgo allowing us an opportunity to share the wisdom we gleaned thus far in our lifetime within the close commune of our friends and peers. Now, this is not energy you want to use to judge. However, it is energy that allows you to relate to another person's struggles and advise in a way that is supportive instead of critical. It's energy that allows you to admit, “I've been where you are.. This is what helped me. However, I understand what may have worked for me may not work for you. I fully support you in finding the answers that fit for you. Just know, it is survivable as I am living proof.” Why? Because this is what FRIENDS do. They support one another and try to offer assistance when they are able. They don't step on your face when you are low already and criticize you for being human. By the end of the day, you will likely know where true support lies and where it does not. You could also make a new friend simply by happenstance...some older person you strike up a conversation with who offers a retrospective that fits the bill in regard to exactly what you are dealing with in your current life. Synchronicity happens. Even if it seems mundane in the moment...this could blossom into something else as you co-commiserate over things as foretold in the following music video...

The Moon follows Venus through her square to Jupiter, squaring him herself at 10:03 PM before finally catching up with her by conjunction at 10:10 PM. Less than an hour later, our New Moon in Gemini births an opportunity for a fresh perspective at 11:01 PM. We realize we cannot achieve new goals with an old mindset. We realize that ripples of change seep into everything we do. Therefore, we must learn to accommodate this change before we can really move forward. But, this week has been packed with “now you know's” so we are much more readily armed with things like wisdom and new knowledge. There is promise as we discover all is not lost and the impossible could be so crazy that it just might work. Opportunities present and we may want to choose them all! Just don't take on more balls than you can effectively manage.

Important Sabian Symbols for this Lunar event read as follows:

SUN AND MOON AT 15 GEMINI: Two dutch children are studying their lessons together. Conscious approach to spiritual truth and underlying meanings. Open-mindedness. Clarity of thought along traditional lines.
MERCURY AT 20 TAURUS: Wisps of clouds like wings are streaming across the sky. Exalted state of consciousness; lightness and breadth of being and understanding. Mystical and ecstatic self-expansion.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Have you ever woken up early after a strong wind/rain storm the night before? As the storm raged, it could have been scary. However, when you wake up to the pure sunrise and the smell of freshly washed Earth the feeling is rather fresh. Today, we wake up to such a feeling. The storm has subsided and, though, there is real possibility that some things may have been forever washed away, there is also a prime opportunity for a very fresh start on a very clean slate...even if we didn't choose to have our slate washed so clean. There is promise in this day as the Moon in Gemini finds Uranus by sextile at 12:49 PM. However, there is a “never forget” square to Chiron in Pisces before our now growing Moon reaches Void status. Meaning, we feel the promise and the hope but we musn't dismiss the potential for self-doubt, pain and personal limitations. Some things are incurable. That matters less than than our ability to build effective coping mechanisms around them. We work with what we are given because we have no choice. Denial of these very deep personal afflictions is not something that will support us in the future. We must face and accept them while learning to accommodate them. Trying to escape them is only going to put obstacles in our paths.

The Moon remains Void until entering her home territory of Cancer at 11:43 PM. It's a day in which we can make a fresh start while realizing that some things will never change. Then, we bring all of that home and sit with it for awhile. Contemplating our next step while seeking out what we need to feel comfortable and nurtured. Be a good self-care giver and self-parent.

Monday, May 23, 2016

June 2016 Astrological Happenings

June 1: Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces 10:42 PM (12 Gemini/Pisces 00)

June 3: Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces 00:15 AM (12 Gemini/Pisces 01)
Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 2:36 AM (13 Gemini/Sag 07)
Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 8:47 PM (13 Gemini/Sag 04)

June 4: Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo 6:58 AM (14 Gemini/Virgo 15)
Venus in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo 8:49 PM (14 Gemini/Virgo 17)
New Moon in Gemini 11:01 PM (14 Gemini 53)
SUN AND MOON AT 15 GEMINI: Two dutch children are studying their lessons together. Conscious approach to spiritual truth and underlying meanings. Open- mindedness. Clarity of thought along traditional lines.
MERCURY AT 20 TAURUS: Wisps of clouds like wings are streaming across the sky. Exalted state of consciousness; lightness and breadth o being and understanding. Mystical and ecstatic self-expansion.

June 6: Venus in Gemini conjunct Sun in Gemini 5:50 PM (16 Gemini 36)

June 9: Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars Rx in Scorpio 1:01 PM (25 Taurus/Scorpio 50)

June 12: First Quarter Moon 4:11 AM (21 Gemini/Virgo 47)
Mars Rx in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces 7:24 AM (25 Scorpio/Pisces 09)
Venus in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 11:13 AM (23 Gemini/Aries 38)
Mercury enters Gemini 7:23 PM

June 13: Neptune stations Rx at 12 Pisces 02
Venus in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces 5:15 PM (25 Pisces/Gemini 10)

June 14: Sun in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 3:54 AM (23 Gemini/Aries 41)

June 15: Sun in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces 5:36 PM (25 Gemini/Pisces 11)

June 17: Venus enters Cancer 3:39 PM
Saturn Rx in Sagittarius squares Neptune Rx in Pisces 11:31 PM (12 Sagittarius/Pisces 02)

June 20: Second Full Moon in Sagittarius 7:03 AM (29 Gemini/Sagittarius 33)
SUN AT 30 GEMINI: A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds. Use of individual vanity in raising racial standards. Examination of intellectual values for use in the soul life.
MOON AT 30 SAGITTARIUS: The Pope is holding audience in a hall of the Vatican. Wealth of spiritual resources which can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.
Mercury in Gemini opposite Saturn Rx in Sagittarius 10:56 AM (11 Gemini/Sagittarius 52)
Mercury in Gemini square Neptune Rx in Pisces 1:12 PM (12 Gemini/Pisces 02)
Sun in Cancer 6:35 PM

June 22: Mercury in Gemini square Jupiter in Virgo 6:59 PM (16 Gemini/Virgo 03)
June 26: Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn 8:02 AM (16 Virgo/Capricorn 29)
Mercury in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries 10:32 PM (24 Gemini/Aries 05)

June 27: Chiron in Pisces stations Rx 4:48 AM (25 Pisces 15)
Venus in Cancer trine Neptune Rx in Pisces 9:53 AM (11 Cancer/Pisces 59)
Mercury in Gemini square Chiron Rx in Pisces 12:25 PM (25 Gemini/Pisces 15)
Last Quarter Moon 2:20 PM (06 Cancer/Aries 30)

June 29: MARS IN SCORPIO STATIONS DIRECT!! 7:19 PM (23 Scorpio 03)
Mercury enters Cancer 7:25 PM

June 30: Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto Rx in Capricorn 11:29 PM (16 Cancer/Capricorn 22)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of May 22 to May 28, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It is official! By the time you read this, Mercury will have turned direct (9:15 AM) in Taurus. We are down to 3 retrograde planets (from the previous 5). The Sun did oppose one of our remaining retrograde planets, Mars, this morning at 7:17 AM. This week, Mars Rx will leave Sagittarius and re-enter Scorpio...our physical drive will deepen significantly and things may turn quite dark for awhile under that movement. We shall talk about that more in the days that follow.
For today, we are still sailing a bit on the high (though seemingly anti-climactic for some) of last night's First Full Moon in Sagittarius. If you could see it, you should have also been able to see Saturn and Mars very near her. You will continue to be able to see Mars close to the Moon for a couple of nights. He glows quite distinctively orange, if you are looking. For Saturn, you may need binoculars. But, he can been seen close to the Moon for the next few nights as well. You'll recognize him by his disapproving scowl...

There is wonderful opportunity for an early evening nap as the Moon passes by Neptune in square at 2:21 PM. Yes, it's a big sloggy. A bit sleepy. Potentially emotional and sensitive. Napping is about the best option. Or, meditating, praying, soaking in a hot tub or steam bath, listening to soothing music or just carving out some quiet time.

By 5:31 PM we are more awake and alert under a square from the Gemini Moon to Jupiter in Virgo. It's time to address our task list flitting from chore to chore as we prepare for the incoming week. This is a good time for looking ahead at your week and making preparations for it. My incoming week is heavily scheduled due graduations, birthdays and all sorts of other social events (ahh...Gemini season much?). So, I'll likely use this time to make sure that my laundry is caught up, gifts are wrapped and making plans for accommodating the flux in my schedule. Some folks are fine with taking stuff like this day by day. However, my fixed Mercury in a fixed house in contact with a Venus in Virgo likes to plan in advance. If this is you, this square from the Moon to Jupiter can help you get all the details in order.
The Moon bumps right into Saturn by conjunction at 6:21 PM. This is can be quite depressive and stern. But, it can also bring essential grounding and pull us even further out of the fog created earlier in the day. It prompts us to wrap up our weekend chores and finish other responsibilities. It may also be excellent for gathering wood (Saturn) or yard debris to burn in a little backyard pit after dark. Remember to be a responsible warden of your flames both literally and metaphorically.

Monday, May 23, 2016

This morning, the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. She is working her way toward a trine with Uranus at midday (11:38 AM), which may catalyze a taste for adventure, exploration of new territory or just a desire for doing something out of the ordinary.

From here, the Moon moves on to square Chiron at 3:22 PM. This is kinda “ouchy” and there is a chance that triggers could be tripped. However, following this dull gong, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 1:34 AM tonight. Due this, the emotional body becomes less reactive in our evening hours. It doesn't mean the evening is uneventful. It just means we are not as emotionally engaged. It is good for puttering....and I'm hoping it makes watching your last kid graduate from high school a little less tear jerking...since that is what my husband and I will be doing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This morning, the emotional body is settled and stern under an active Capricorn Moon. However, our hearts are all a-flutter as Venus saunters out of Taurus and flits into Gemini at 5:45 AM. I like Venus in Gemini due her lightness of being here. She is rather charming here. She can appear fickle. But, in truth, she finds delight in so many things it's hard for her to rest upon or settle on just one thing. She grows a sincere appreciation for friendship and is interested in skimming the surface of several topics...never sinking in too deeply. Though, this butterfly does risk getting her wings wet or wrinkled as she will eventually pass through the mutable t-square created by Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn in a couple of weeks. But, this is not a factor today. Today she stretches her wings and lets them dry in the Sun before flitting off to enjoy the ever changing environment.

By 10:39 PM, Venus is fired up a little due an opposition to Mars who is barely holding on to the beginning of Sagittarius. There is a bit of a polarization here that needs to be balanced out. It could cause friction between the sexes. Take that as you may...but if you balance it, it could create a spicy romantic spark...

By midnight, though, we are quite settled and ready to sleep under a sextile from the Capricorn Moon to Neptune. Snuggle up, buttercup. The Moon is waning and taking our previously heightened emotions with it. Meaning, those that had trouble sleeping under the Full Moon may finally get a good night's sleep tonight.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We likely slept under a vivid dreamscape last night as the Moon found Jupiter by trine at 3:40 AM and then found Mercury by the same at 5:35 AM. Perhaps we were so steeped in dream that we were actually talking in our sleep. Either way, if you can recall your night's adventures, there could be a message or two in there for you if the startle of the alarm clock waking you up doesn't chase them away.

Today, the Moon is still active in Capricorn and emotional states are due to grow heavy, perhaps a little suspicious and we could be prone to want to control the situation as the Moon finds Pluto by conjunction at 10:21 AM. This is quite an intense and serious feeling best used to continue dumping emotional garbage off at the curb instead of hanging on to it. For the most part, it's best to mind your own business but do be wary for emotional manipulation and potential abuses of power. We are handed the tools to blow such apart later in the day. But, the negative end of this Moon/Pluto conjunction is no light matter. On the positive end, we release demons and find the strength to break free from negative emotional attachments. But,'s pretty heavy no matter how you swing it. Responsibility weighs heavily upon our shoulders and the job ahead of us seems rather arduous.

Venus in Gemini is not going to understand this seriousness at all. And, there is a bit of a disconnect between our heart and emotions today. We have a desire to flit freely but it's hard to do under all this emotional weight. And, the emotional weight doesn't understand this desire to flit around either. So, there is a bit of angst that comes along with that. It's fairly easily resolved, though if you are ok with “Work now. Flit later.” It's not going to help that Jupiter and Saturn are inching closer and closer in square (due to perfect tomorrow)...there's just so much to do and plenty of pressure to perform! And authority figures are particularly pushy, which always makes my rebellious self just want to lay! But, my world one thing I've noted coming from this incoming square is advertisements telling my community to buckle up because there will be special task forces in place to make sure you are throughout this week and over the holiday weekend. So, yeah. Simple manifestation, but fits. The authorities are watching, taking notes and writing tickets so let's just be careful out there. Yeah, even you Venus in Gemini...I know you want to zip around in your little red sports car but remember to be careful if you are day tripping.

By 9:12 PM we have had quite enough of all this serious business and are likely to let it be known as the Moon squares off with Uranus. Enough! There is more to life than this! Eh, I don't really see a party occurring here but we may be more prone to engage in something a little bit more exciting than making sure the financial books are all in order. However, it is antsy and potentially impulsive. So, we could see a few unexpected emotional outbursts as well. Your best bet is to deliberately cast off the burdens of the day that have weighed you down and give yourself some room to breathe. It may be a bit too unsettled for a good night's sleep. But, then again, we may throw our temper tantrum and end up wearing ourselves out. Ya never know. Following a sextile with Chiron at midnight, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 10:27 AM tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

This morning, as the Moon is Void in Capricorn, Jupiter squares off with Saturn in Sagittarius. And, we are not likely to enjoy it much. Many are tired. Physically exhausted and this energy calls for us to dig deep and keep plowing at a time when we'd really just rather not. We muddle through most of the morning, cleaning up our task lists. Then, at 10:27 AM the Moon is reawakened and possibly even a bit refreshed in Aquarius.

Her first aspect is a sextile with Mars in Sagittarius at 11:04 AM. Meh, there's a little motivation there. But, if you are part of the generation with Neptune in early Sag or late Scorpio energy could be greatly diffused. Do what you can as you can while being ok with that. Yeah, your boss may be pressuring you but the Aquarius Moon doesn't really care. It's a Thursday that precedes a holiday weekend and many are ready for it. So, just smile and say “ok” and keep muddling until it gets here.
At 4:00 PM things lighten up rather nicely under a chatty and social trine from the Aquarius Moon to Venus in Gemini. Calls from friends discussing holiday plans are likely to start. It actually looks like a nice and breezy evening is in store. I'll take it! This air trine is followed by another carefree air trine between the Aquarius Moon and Gemini Sun at 10:00 PM. Can we practice celebrating the weekend now? I don't see any kind of rule against it! And, if there is, we can talk ourselves out of it. Mercury is direct. The wind is blowing. People are lightly chatty and social...enjoy!

Friday, May 27, 2016
Tis the eve of a holiday weekend. A holiday that beckons memorials. Which makes Mars finally leaving Sagittarius and diving back into Scorpio at 9:48 AM rather apropos. We are a little more focused and steady as the Aquarius Moon finds Saturn in Sagittarius by sextile at 11:33 AM.
However, there may be an unexpected twist in our schedule or a conflict of ideologies as the Moon squares off with Mercury in Taurus at 2:45 PM. Why can we not just teleport ourselves to the weekend? It seems like the final hours of Friday just drag...

Keep yourself busy. That time to quit siren will ring eventually and set us free!
I know there is a lot of “ugly” associated with Mars in Scorpio. However, I'm seriously hoping it brings a bit of restoration to physical energy...a regenerative type of thing. At any rate, I'm going to give that restorative potential a shot this weekend. Wouldn't be a bad idea for everyone. Rest. Restore. Regenerate. But, first, let's punch our time cards out and exit work week like we MEAN IT! K? Maybe, just maybe we can sweet talk our bosses into letting us do this early! We do have 2 charming Venus/Mercury contacts through Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini...worst the boss could do is say “No”...right? But, chances are the boss is just as ready as we are for a break.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ahhh, the weekend has finally found us. And this morning we wake up to a sparkling sextile between the Aquarius Moon and her modern ruler, Uranus in Aries. We are so ready to break restrictive chains. We want our schedule wide open for freedom. There is a lot of air and just enough fire to help us jump start a few fun activities in earlier morning and evening hours.

However, by 4:19 PM, we meet with ambiguity and perhaps a bit of demotivation as the Moon squares off with Mars Rx in Scorpio. Hey...remember that chance at regeneration? Don't wear yourself to a frazzle with social activities and forget about it.
Following the square with Mars the Moon is Void until dipping into Pisces at 5:06 PM. Yep, it's time to slow down and rest. Not a darn thing wrong with that. Relax. Melt. Float. Take in some hydration to offset some of the windyness we've experienced under the active Aquarius Moon.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of May 15 to May 21, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early this morning, there is a bit of an undertow. Riptide, if you will. However, things smooth out as the day moves forward. We wake up under a Virgo Moon just leaving the mutable t-square between Saturn (square at 6:22 AM), Jupiter (conjunct at 4:03 AM) and Neptune (opposes at 1:04 AM). Before the Sun rises, the Universe pulls our emotional body under, then up and finally plops us down on the beach to dry out. The dreamscape was likely a vivid place last night.

At 9:33 AM, the waters recede and the Earth trines begin. The Moon trines Mercury Rx at 9:33 AM. Then, she trines Pluto at 12:01 PM. Finally, the trine with Venus waxes in at 4:23 PM. However, all three bodies are locked in this Grand Earth Trine for the majority of late morning and into our early evening. Of course, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter remain within orb of a Grand Trine (between 13 and 19 degrees of Earth signs) even after the Moon moves on. With the Moon in this mix, though, our emotional bodies reap the grounding and supportive rewards of this Earth energy. The kite that involves an opposition between Neptune and Jupiter is now slowly fading as Jupiter moves forward in Virgo. The two are separated in opposition by 2 degrees and growing.

After the potential early morning storms, this day levels out quite nicely. It's a good day for taking care of practical matters. Our seed sowing energy is still in force as the Moon continues to grow. Other matters in the garden (particularly separating seedlings and pulling newly emerging weeds) also fit well under this sky. Might even be time to harvest a few early veggies like peas. If the weather is just right, I wouldn't be surprised to see folks out meticulously grooming their yards. Indoor clean up efforts are also compatible with this energy. I'd mark this day up as a good one for a yard sale or even ventures to greenhouses or flea markets.
Whatever we engage in, it is best kept at a slow and realistic pace. This is not overly ambitious. It's more of a plodding that leaves behind a solid well placed footprint. Of course, with this much Earth energy, it's good to think about keeping yourself energized with solid organic nutrient packed food, especially vegetables. Yeah, our Taurean planets (particularly Venus) may crave sweets and that's perfectly fine. But, make sure you give your body sustainable food too. Too much sugar will likely make you feel jittery causing you fall flat later. Balance it out. Sweet fruits may be your best bet rather than cake. However...fruits coated with just a little chocolate might not be such a bad thing. Plod, graze and keep things simple for the best results. Delight in the bounty offered by Mother Earth.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Virgo Moon opposed Chiron overnight (2:25 AM). Early this morning, she is in, yet another, Earth trine with the Sun in Taurus (5:22 AM). From here, she is Void until entering Libra at 1:34 PM. The morning clicks steadily by. Our emotional bodies are mostly settled and subdued. Tying up loose ends and incorporating detail work into ongoing projects works well. Our pace is best set on putter.
Once the Moon lights up in Libra, her first aspect is a sextile to Mars Rx in Sagittarius. It's a good evening to gather about friends and discuss your “glory days.” There is just enough fire and air circling around to make this a nicely gentle and social night. Good evening for grilling or just chatting around a little backyard fire pit. Sounds good to me. I know it's Monday. Where is the written rule that says we can't pretend we have a few hours of weekend at the end of it? Show me so I can rip it to shreds. Break up the monotony of the beginning of the work week with a little lightness.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The morning begins fair enough with an active Libra Moon. Her first major aspect of the day is a sextile with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. Long term plans and, perhaps, vacation plans, even, are discussed. Either way, it's quite emotionally stable. “Days and friends gone by” are still topics of conversation. It's another good evening to swap stories or visit “old haunts.” Memorial Day is coming in the US. Making plans for that long weekend fits nicely within the energy set up too. Putting the finishing touches on your high school reunion could also be a thing for some...or simply deciding if you are going to go or not. Graduation season is nigh so there may be plans finalized in regard to that as well.
Most folks are grounded and amicable today. Pleasantries are exchanged and Libra likes it when we are nice to others. I wouldn't be surprised of stories about running into former teachers or classmates.
There's also a sneaky little Yod that the Moon creates as she passes by Neptune (6:36 PM) and Mercury Rx (8:13 PM) by inconjunct. Memories float to the surface. Most are prone to share them.
At midnight, emotional matters do take a darker turn as the Moon squares off with Pluto in Capricorn. This passage by the Libra Moon is always uncomfortable for her. Libra doesn't necessarily like it when things get overly intense and ugly. That's Pluto's forte. When this happens every month, (Libra Moon square Pluto) it comes through a lot like a “mirror, mirror on the wall” scenario. There are power struggles. Jealousy. Envy. Possessiveness. Paranoia. Take your pick of the 7 deadly sins because they are all up for grabs under this aspect. It can be snaky and sneaky since Libra is not exactly direct.
The best use of this energy is to honestly and bravely investigate the bare bones of your relationships. Of course, this encompasses all relationships...even the one with yourself. Are they balanced? Fair? Abusive? Restrictive? If you are looking in the mirror asking “who is the fairest,” also ask that reflection why it feels like it needs to compete. Why it has to worry about who is better or worse? Why it is so concerned about surface appearances? Why do we have to compare? People are not comparable. It's what is under the mask that matters. Under this aspect, the mask falls off of nicey nice and lovely lovely. We are left with the raw. Are you ok with that? Are those monsters of your own creation lurking under your bed? Hidden pieces of your denied shadow? Perhaps? Are you obsessively looking for your “other half”? Because, you'll find it in that “magic mirror” over there. Go on and look at it. Ask it “where is the person who will make me feel complete?” Magically as you gaze in the mirror, the image of the missing part of you will emerge. Amazing how it looks JUST LIKE YOU! Right?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This morning the Moon is still active in Libra. Things still could feel a little dark and heavy as she wrestles away from her square with Pluto. Next, she opposes liberating Uranus at 11:24 AM. Our Libra people pleasing and accommodating tendencies break apart a little. Whatever was weighing us down under Moon/Pluto is busted up under Moon/Uranus. It may be unsettling and uncomfortable for our fair Libra Moon. But, it results in more freedom if we are cutting the right cords. We should be asking ourselves, “Am I doing this (whatever this is) in an effort to express myself authentically? Or am I doing it just because that is what is expected of me?” Worthy self-assessment right there. Feel free to do it more than once.

Between about noon and 3:30, the Moon creates a Yod with Venus in Taurus and Chiron in Pisces. Interesting. What is it that is affecting (or infecting, rather) your ability to relate? What are you trying to escape and deny? What little hollow fears and forgotten pains are keeping you from engaging fully in life and partnership? What keeps you from fearlessly being authentic? What is holding you back from being satisfied and comfortable with what you have or obtaining what you want? These are questions this Yod asks of you.
From here, the Moon is void until entering Scorpio at 2:31 AM. Ah, yes. The plot thickens.

Thursday, May 19, 2013

Emotional matters often intensify under a Scorpio Moon. This is especially true during this Moon's passage because the Moon is fat and nearly full. In other words, par for the course, Scorpio Moons are intense. A fat and nearly Full Scorpio Moon is INTENSE!!! When the Full Moon pops Friday evening we will likely feel quite a punctuated release emotionally. That emotional release can include feelings of angst and frustration due the proximity of the Moon to Mars Rx as she blossoms. But, we aren't there yet. We are in the hours of time that quickly build to that crescendo. Since this upward arc occurs in Scorpio, emotions skate on the edge of extremity. And, of course, this Moon is going to meet everything in Taurus by opposition before we burst forth under the Sagittarius Moon. This is just going to agitate the situation. Yet, it can be balanced out.

While Scorpio will prompt us to go to extremes, Taurus reminds us to par it down and keep it simple and practical. A little common sense will tell you that you could be over-blowing things...just a little. I will tell you though, this axis between Scorpio and Taurus is quite bad ass. Folks born with this polarity emphasized in their natal chart are some serious heavy lifters. The toughest of the tough and weathered and shaped to be that way. What that means in terms of what we have in the sky today is we are all introduced to this heavy trudge. Those that have lived this axis or those who have a strong natal Pluto influence will fair the best. But, a lot of it will deal with forbearance and endurance not to mention how well we stand up under intensity and pressure. We are squeezed tight like a lump of coal which means we might just emerge as diamonds one day if we can just endure this.

Scorpio is a deep sea explorer and a cave miner. We sink...sink...sink...into the depths of our soul and shadow. Then, when we leave the depths of Scorpio and emerge in the sunlight of Sagittarius we carry the gems we've discovered in the depths in the form of wisdom with us. Or, on the negative side, we bring forth cynicism, ugly sarcasm and snarky smart assery. Not to mention self-righteousness. Remember, we are aiming for truth, generosity and wisdom as the highest expression of Sagittarius. All the aforementioned is how Jupiter swings negatively. And, we will have a check in with Jupiter in Virgo on this Scorpionic journey.

For today, though, we are just beginning to sink into the rising tides. As this occurs, Venus in Taurus officially links up with Chiron in Pisces by sextile. The Libra Moon linked this up with yesterday's Yod. Today, the energy permeates the Scorpio Moon asking us to dig deep for the answers to the questions that Yod introduced yesterday. We are encouraged to appreciate what we have and assess the hollow pain that doesn't seem to have the capacity to be assuaged. Turn your face from twisted yearning and look around you for the simple, mundane daily blessings that you might take for granted.
Speaking of empty hollow yearning, the Moon trines Neptune at 2:32 AM. It's a hot emotional soup in which we are quite sensitive. We are tired. Perhaps a bit confused. Yet the power of Neptune can be soothing helping us to forget our heaviness momentarily and sink into blissful restorative sleep. It's like putting one of those “thunder shirts” on your dog to soothe her anxieties or wrapping yourself in the security of a weighted blanket. Still yet, it could be dark and quite stormy. I'm the type that is exhilarated by a good thunderstorm. If you are not, then, you might want to snuggle up with a thunder buddy. With the Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune and the Sun hanging on the edge of Taurus (29th degree), we are sensitive under seriously serious circumstances. Be gentle with yourself.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Early this morning, the Scorpio Moon finds Jupiter in Virgo by sextile (5:40 AM). The ability to dig deep and suss out core issues or investigate emotional matters is highly emphasized. Together, Scorpio and Virgo energy can pick something apart all the way down to the bone. Then, the bones are sterilized and studied. There is a bit of a studious uplifting here. We realize, knowledge is power.
However some of this “knowledge” that we glean from our early morning studies seems as if it is too simple. Things feel heavy and complicated. And, you are telling me that my life is so screwed up just because I have made bad choices? There is no curse? No witchery? It's as simple as that? Well, it can be. I mean, I don't want you to inflict self-blame. But, know a little common sense goes a very, very long way. Solutions don't have to be complicated to be effective. Plus, as Scorpio often forgets, we have more options than just extremes. There is middle ground and Taurus is usually standing on it.

Part of our Taurean pile up breaks up as the Sun shifts into mutable Gemini at 10:37 AM. We are imbibed with a little more flexibility. We lighten up a bit. However, with Gemini falling under rule of a current retrograde Mercury, we may not fully be flittery fluttery butterflies just yet. We are still carrying the heaviness of Scorpio and the a lot stubbornness with the remaining Taurean energy. However, we may notice a little more air and be prone to at least stretch our wings out so they can dry. We've barely broken the capsule of the cocoon. Be prepared though. This is not what I consider a “gentle and carefree” Gemini season this year. Between Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune mutables have been astrologically hammered. Gemini is certainly NOT exempt from that; but, does fill in the ongoing mutable square creating a full blown mutable cross eventually. So, in many ways, this fickle Gemini season will be exactly the medicine we need to balance all this out.

At 1:19 PM emotional intensity increases as the Moon sextiles Pluto. I've a feeling this will feel much like a Full Moon night. When the Full Moon pops tomorrow evening, I believe it will come as a relief. Most of the intensity from this Lunar Cycle is packed into the Scorpio Moon. It builds and roils like steam in a chamber. Then, as the Full Moon finally perfects, that steam is released in one big rush alleviating some of that pressure. But, for now, things are still fairly intense. This intensity carries us all the way through the day. Forbearance and an ability to not turn sour, greedy or paranoid is highly indicated. Instead, we should be locked in deep personal introspection. However, some folks will spin out, crumble, be crushed and succumb to the pressure. Melt downs are entirely possible here. Step lightly.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

This morning, the emotional body rests a bit as the Scorpio Moon found Void status following a watery check in with Chiron at 4:10 AM and stern opposition with Venus at 7:40 AM. The rest is brief but welcomed lasting until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:49 PM. Then, finally, the pressure is released as the Full Moon perfects at 5:15 PM.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunar event read as follows:

MOON AT 2 SAGITTARIUS: White capped waves dance rhythmically under the winds. Lax response to vital call to activity. Power to stir and impress one's own rhythm upon materials. Proud adornment.

SUN AT 2 GEMINI: Santa Claus is furtively filling Christmas stockings. The natural beneficence in any normal human heart. Alertness to the wishes of others; the often hidden pride of benefactors.

From here, both the Sun and Moon move toward contact with Mars Rx. The Moon finds him by conjunction at 6:44 PM. The Sun by opposition tomorrow at 7:17 AM. Of course, simply put we say that the Moon conjuncts Mars. But, what does that look like? Well, what essentially happens is the Moon moves between the Earth and Mars who is as close to the Earth on the elliptic as he can get right now. So, in away, the twisted angst of Mars Rx is blocked from Earth by the Moon thus saying all this is filtered through our emotional system before it comes to ground. Yeah. We may feel a little antsy but what the Sagittarius Moon reminds us is to bear in mind the long term goals not so much what we are anxiously awaiting to manifest right this moment.

You know the last days of school where everyone is more focused on summer break than whatever the teacher is saying? The teacher's efforts to instruct are in vain. We twist and wriggle in our seats as time seems to move excruciatingly slowly forward. There's that feeling of waiting for the excitement to begin. Waiting for that feeling of release and freedom. It's a lot like that.
This is the Full Moon that denotes incoming graduations be that from scholarly institutions or life lessons. Santa filling stockings is indicative of incoming celebrations, holidays and rewards for accomplishments such as a graduation. These may not be happening right now. But, we are impatiently waiting for the celebration to begin while making plans for the same. It's like the night before you leave for Disneyland and all the visions of fun you are preparing for yourself. It's so close you can almost taste it and the night has found us...awake...and restless with anticipation. It feels good but we are also done waiting and ready to be there RIGHT NOW! We are encouraged to go with the flow. Dance within the excitement and keep planning and dreaming for this wondrous incoming celebration however it finds you.

The caveat? Mercury turns direct tomorrow and we lose another retrograde planet. This is good news. And, even though we may be rather anxious to get on with the show, much of the pressure we've felt over the past few days is released which packs a nice helping of relief with it.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of May 8 through May 14, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

As we awake this morning, the Gemini Moon is locked in a mutable t-square with the more powerful players in our sky. She begins with a square to Neptune at 7:19 AM. This is followed by a square to Jupiter (preparing to station direct in Virgo) at 9:52 AM. The final blow comes with a lunar opposition to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius at 12:33 PM. What this creates is a full blown mutable cross for the duration of our morning and into our early afternoon.

Now, listen, this sounds wild. And, I'm not so sure it won't be. However, what this mutable cross gifts us with is flexibility....something that lacks quite a bit during a pile up in the sign of Taurus. Cows don't do yoga, you know. They are not really flexible. This energy, however, provides us with the ability to make changes if we need to (and probably will bring change even if we don't think we need it). The mutability of the cross makes it easier for us to accommodate change and be more flexible even if we don't have anything on our agenda we want to tweak. If you DO want to change things up, though, this is the energy to work with to make that happen. It can encompass anything from your perspective, your chosen path forward in matters of education, career or even your belief system. It may contain echoes from past situations giving you a chance to make better choices this go around or just an opportunity to review and assess your past decisions from a different perspective.

Tomorrow, Jupiter will turn direct meaning some of our review is ending. It also means that our classroom in the school of Virgo is due for commencement ceremony. When direct, Jupiter will travel out of Virgo and into Libra in the Fall. Make sure you take his lessons with you when we travel to Libra school. Jupiter's lessons build upon themselves from sign to sign. In Virgo, we were to learn humility, the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in regard to Jupiter matters (beliefs, politics, published information, higher education), generosity in service and benevolence and gratitude in daily matters. What we saw A LOT of, though, was folks picking and choosing from their religious doctrine (and the law) as it served them, hyper criticism even if it was self-directed, pious politicians and figure heads and a whole heck of a lot of splitting hairs in regard to who was right (not to mention the punctuation police on social media). We have time to listen to and learn Jupiter in Virgo's more beneficial lessons. So if you are lacking, study up!
Also know that changes made under this mutable cross could really lead to a feeling of more freedom. Even the littlest of changes matter, like a simple change in attitude. At 4:34 PM the Moon finds Pluto Rx by inconjunct and the changes are incorporated deeply into the structure of our lives. Then, overnight, we sprout our wings and the wind lifts us forward into this new territory with a nice sextile to Uranus right around midnight. We move one block and a whole new building appears. Or, it all falls down and we get to rebuild it however we want. Yeah, it's a lot like that. And, even though we may not enjoy the uncertainty of it at first, we can surely use it to our benefit by remaining practical and grounded through the whole process...which is certainly energy that is also accessible today due the ongoing Earth trine that encircles this cross.

Monday, May 9, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Gemini is Void following an overnight square to Chiron (3:48 AM). However, there is plenty going on outside of Moonville. Jupiter in Virgo turns direct at 13 Virgo 15 at 8:02 AM. Meaning, this bus is turning around and leaving the station. Our lovely Venus in Taurus dances hand in hand with her father, Neptune, via sextile at 8:41 AM. Then, Mercury begins to walk backward across the Sun. The two (Venus/Mercury) hover on the same degree (conjunct) at 11:13 AM. Hearts melt and brains spin but it is all done from a detached point of view as the Moon as Void. By the way, you can catch this transit of Mercury online....just click right here.
Not to fear, though, the feels find us eventually as the Moon enters Cancer at 1:25 PM.
Here's the good, the bad and the ugly of all of this. I mainly see good things happening here. However, there could be a bit of remorse that comes along with the Moon becoming active in Cancer. We are undergoing massive change all while glancing back in a rearview mirror under these retrogrades. So, grief in regard to “loss” or “nostalgia” could be a thing. There could be a tendency to cling to things that are slipping away from us too. However, our hearts are softened and more accommodating due Venus' interaction with Neptune. Crying is a good purge. Really getting in touch with how you feel and sitting with that for awhile is a worthy practice. Self-nurturing is highlighted as well as reaching out for creature comforts. Meanwhile, our ego systems are incorporating all this retrograde information. Perhaps we discover we were looking at something all wrong. Perhaps we discover a blessing in disguise. Perhaps we are able to incorporate a change in regard to how we think and subsequently act. Perhaps gray areas emerge while we are softened that helps us to understand. Perhaps we all need a big piece of cheesecake as we think about it.
The main thing, after the Moon is active, is to care. Well, it's not like it isn't important while the Moon is Void. But, it becomes something undeniably needed as the Moon wakes up in her home territory. Start by replenishing your cup. Meaning, address how you feel and do whatever it is that makes you feel better (feed your Moon). Then, when your cup is full and overflowing, call in your brood to share. Bake extra cookies. Give them away to friends and neighbors. Offer folks a safe place to land. Be gentle. Be loving. But, make sure your cup is full first otherwise you are going to end up drained. Say “no” to codependency and enabling behavior...firmly. Say yes to lovingly supporting someone who may sincerely need it...openly. Know how to tell the difference. Gentleness is called for with yourself and with others.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flow water, into this dusty tomb and replenish me. Bring to me an oasis in this desert. Take this dirt and make it wet, moldable and warm. Fill me up. Make me plump with love and comfort.
Aaaah, yep. Welcome to today. It can feel like you are laying on damp sand with your toes barely in the water under the perfect sky with the perfect breeze. Or, it could be that you are safely indoors snuggled up with a good book or movie as the rain trickles gently outside your window. It is a beautifully emotive, creative, flowy but tangible day. Um...for the most part.

This morning we wake up under an active Moon in Cancer who is in trine to Neptune at 9:19 AM. From here, she makes a lovely mini-trine between Venus in Taurus (11:40 AM) and Jupiter in Virgo (11:58 AM). Of course, there is another mini-trine created due Venus pivot point in sextile to both the Moon and Neptune as the Moon also trines Neptune in our early morning. Mini-trines are HIGHLY supportive capturing two sextiles linked by a trine. The mixture of Earth to Water is gentle and soft here. Quite relaxing. Not so ambitious. More huggy than pushy.
Meanwhile, Venus is uplifted by a generous (yet practical) trine with Jupiter in Virgo. Simple blessings are to be noted. Humility, gentleness and generosity are highlighted. This is where the feeling of your cup overflowing becomes apparent if you have taken the proper measures to ensure its filling. The Earth continues to blossom and the doors on many a heart swing wide open spilling over with love and affection for the simplest of things. It's a good day, most certainly, to pamper your pets or to just show gratitude for their constant affection. It's a good day to pay homage to anyone who is consistently there for you with open, loving and accepting arms. Good thing about that is it doesn't have to be complicated. Appreciation can be shown with a simple but warm hug or even a sincere “thank you.” So don't over-think this or skew it into something meticulous. Think simple. Live simple. Adore the things you may have overlooked that matter.

There is potential for this to be a beautiful morning, for sure. However, problems arise if we get greedy, bossy or clingy as the Moon moves into a Cardinal t-square with Pluto (7:05 PM) and Uranus (3:35 AM). That energy threatens to blow our gently rocking boat right out of the water if we engage in power struggles or passive-aggressive behavior. The act of nurturing and caring for another creature is a continual exercise in letting go. Or, at least, it should be. We raise our baby birds so that they are able to fend for themselves. We do not raise them (or should not) to keep them beholden to us for the rest of their lives. We must teach them to fly and then expect that they will without trying to hold them back. Let them go. Yeah, it's freaking hard. Of course, it hurts. But, if we really, really care for something, if love is something we really hold for someone, we shouldn't want to trap them. If we do, that's not love or caring that's something else entirely. So, yes, love but know that you may have to let go. That doesn't mean the leaving creature takes your love away. It's yours to keep forever if you choose. But, the person or thing is not owned by you just because it is loved by you.

Helping us out in the midst of this Cardinal crunch is a nice sextile between the Moon in Cancer and Mercury in Taurus (9:11 PM). This enables us to keep some practical sense about us. Plus, the Moon also sextiles the Sun in Taurus at 1:24 AM offering us stability and grace. These two subsequent sextiles help us to have a little common sense and relish in our new budding planting emerging from the Earth. I don't cry or feel remorse when my tomatoes bloom. You should not feel remorse when the object of your love blooms and grows. We should celebrate that emerging blossom instead of feeling threatened by it. And, that is the key here. Celebrate the success of others instead of feeling as if it is a threat to you. Uplift one another. Support those who have supported you. And, if someone is blooming, cheer them on supportively instead of trying to stomp their petals.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

This morning the Moon is Void following a trine with Chiron in Pisces (7:20 AM) for most of the day. She clicks over to fiery Leo at 5:33 PM. We are not drowning. We are contemplating. Quietly processing all that has unfolded this week thus far and considering what it is that may be coming next. But, emotions are rather flat through all of this. It is a cerebral contemplation as the Moon is Void.
Then, when the Moon saunters into Leo, we are ready to play. Some will make it an “all about me” show. But most will be romantic, playful and active. The inner child emerges. Make room for his/her entertainment. Be willing to smile wide and let your heart be aflutter with a cat with a new ball of yarn. Or, an artist with new inspiration. As a matter of fact, this is a very romantic and artistic Moon. Feel free to do the things you enjoy but don't forget to share as a good schoolyard mate. Oooooh, naptime is over children! Time for recess! YAAAAAAAAY! At the very least, I suggest calling a halt to “adulting” for the day as our evening finds us.

As we lay our big lion heads down for sleep tonight, the Moon finds Mars Rx by trine (2:51 AM). How can we incorporate such joy and playfulness into our future path? What things brought us joy in the past that we may have laid aside for more “adult” ambitious efforts? Can't we make room for those things? Don't they matter? OF COURSE THEY DO! Drift off to dream pontificating the ways in which you can bring those feelings back to you.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Last week, a Leo friend of mine who is at the age of her 2nd Saturn return, told me a story about her granddaughter. She said she was coloring with her granddaughter (who is about to turn 4—also a Leo btw). Apparently my Leo friend has a history of being a little OCD with her crayons. However, the granddaughter, while coloring dumped grandma's whole box (64 count) of crayons all about the floor and even broke a few. The granddaughter apologized each time “I'm sorry, Nini” as the crayons snapped. My friend says she just kind of went with it because, this is her grandbaby. I can attest to the fact that the rules of operation have a tendency to change once you have grandchildren. However, she did twitch a little. Her granddaughter's presence was good medicine, though. Easing her away from her need to color in the lines and keep everything in just the proper order. And, that's exactly what I told her. Grandchildren are good medicine. Welcome to your cure.

I did giggle at this story more than a little. I let her know that I have the same problem with my Playdoh. I like the colors to be in the right container and pure from other colors being smashed in it. However, playing with Playdoh with my grandkids has left me with a nice collection of ugly brown. As a kid, if someone would have mixed all my Playdoh together and left the lid off the little cans I probably would have had a super OCD meltdown. But, because grandchildren are good medicine, I've a bit.
When we play or create, everything doesn't always have to be just so-so. Patience, wisdom, grandchildren and the ability to turn previously perceived mistakes into something more beautiful than we originally anticipated teaches us to be a little bit more flexible. For example, the more brown Playdoh I have the more little bears, puppies and even hamburger patties (my grandson has Venus in Cancer...we make a lot of food out of Playdoh) we can make. Broken crayons that are scattered on the floor still make beautiful colors. But now, instead of one stick of that color you have two...or three...and, it'll be ok. The lines on your coloring page are just suggestions anyway, right?

Why does any of this matter? Today the Moon in Leo wakes up in a nice wise trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Our playful child is more wise and a little less rambunctious this morning. Playtime becomes a serious affair. Creativity draws our focus...don't let the meticulousness and potential criticism coming from Jupiter in Virgo (who is also squaring this same Saturn the Moon is trining) to upset your apple cart. Let all that melt away...which you can do as Jupiter is also opposing Neptune...and just go with it. It's not the end product, really, that matters. It is the amount of love and creativity that you pour into that makes all the difference. So, if someone loses one of your Monopoly pieces, don't have meltdown. Improvise. Use something unusual. Get creative with it instead of restrictive. Go with it.
Later in the evening, Mercury Rx finds Pluto for the second time by trine during this retrograde period. Thoughts are prone to seriousness. What this is great for is really, really getting to the bottom of something without fully losing your mind over it. Mercury mixed with Pluto is always investigative and deep. Coming in Earth signs, particularly with Mercury in Taurus, this inspection or introspection is colored with common sense. Yeah, the tendency to obsess is there, but you'll likely catch yourself.
Our playful emotional bodies are likely not going to understand a lot of this. However, therapeutic play and creativity can actually help us assess and express what is happening in our tangled brains. Words spoken here bear deep impact and thoughts are fertile creations that threaten to grow and become deeply rooted. So, be mindful of where you allow your brain to lead you. You are the boss of it not the other way around. Or at least, that's as it should be.

The Moon makes an uncomfortable square with Venus at 11:22 PM followed by another “calm your ass down and go to bed already” square with Mercury at 11:04 AM. So, the end of the day gets a little crunchy and it may be hard to settle down and rest. But, rectifying whatever it is that is needling your brain will help.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday the 13th and First Quarter Moon! We begin the day under a still active Moon in Leo trine to catalyzing Uranus in Aries. Get up and move! You know how the Friday the 13th horror movies unfold. It's always the guy or girl who is distracted, drunk, sleeping, having sex or using the bathroom that gets the ax first. So, stay busy! That won't be hard to do under this sky. We are playful, athletic and ready to take this day by storm.

Remember those seeds you threw out at the New Moon? Their shell is cracking open and they are starting to push through the Earth. Meaning, it is now time to take action on our intentions. That's what First Quarter Moons prompt us to do. It feels pressurized for a reason. This occurs between the signs of Leo and Taurus at 1:04 PM. The pressure you feel wants you to move so don't try to sit still with it. Don't be overly dramatic and try not to dig your heels in too deeply. Take a dose of common sense and mix it with a well calculated risk, then freaking go for it! Use a big push to break out of your shell and emerge into the sunlight...just as those seedlings you planted are doing.

And, oooh is the ground ever rich! The Moon is Void following the First Quarter, however Venus meets up with Pluto in a rich luxurious Earth trine at 10:17 PM. This follows a conjunction with Mercury at 3:11 PM where he whispered sweet promises in her ears and filled her with all kinds of ideas. It's the beginning of something wonderfully blissful. Believe in yourself and the promise this lovely set up delivers. Keep your pace slow, practical and relaxed. Take time to enjoy the wildflowers and don't let the pressure of the First Quarter crush you. Just know that it's time to act, change and do. Or at least, give it a shot which is easier to do if you can foster belief in yourself while remaining willing to take gentle baby steps toward your goals. Don't forget to reward for yourself for your progress and redirect yourself to the incentives that entice you toward your goals. Remember what you'll get out of it, in other words. How will all this be “worth it” in the end. Use that enticement to keep you moving forward and to maintain the momentum which is a pretty big deal with both Mars Rx and a load of Taurean energy. Enticement or no, keep things simple and walk softly not forcefully. Dance your way to the finish line without pressurizing yourself to rush. We create our own luck here. So whatever type of day you are expecting for Friday the 13th, is likely what you are going to get. Steer it on purpose and with purpose.
The Moon remains Void until entering Virgo at 1:04 AM.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Remember yesterday when I told you to keep things practical? Well, the call for that remains today as we wake up under a Virgo Moon in square to Mars Rx in Sagittarius. The caution here is over-reaching and over-blowing our expectations compounded by frustration as we fall short (or feel as we have). Easy now. We are baby stepping, remember? No sense in getting all bent out of shape because things are not lined up perfectly. Remember the crayon story? Yeah, it doesn't have to be all lined up perfect all the time for it to be beautiful and useful. Ease up on any tendency to be self-critical or any tendency to guilt yourself over falling short or out of line with your goal. Keep things simple, practical and humble. Mars in Sagittarius (when direct) is on an outward worldly adventure. Mars Rx in Sagittarius is tunneling on an inward seeking journey...much like the Hermit who jives really well with Virgo energy. So seek not outward but inward for the truth.

At 3:46 PM the Sun meets Chiron by sextile and some of our angst may reveal a few previously unnoticed chinks in our armor. That's alright. Accept the knowledge and put it to use as we move forward. Is that a thorn in your paw? Well, our Virgo Moon is glad to pull it out for you so you can move forward with healing (Sun/Chiron). At least you found it. Awareness of denied issues is a blessing not a curse or a chastisement opportunity. Now you know and can build effective coping mechanisms to deal with it in the future. Our nurse Moon helps with this, too.

At 1:04 AM most are sleeping soundly under an opposition from the Moon to Neptune followed by a conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter at 4:03 AM. Yep. You can go outside and see the Moon snuggled up with Jupiter tonight...if you can stay awake that long. But, if you are resting, the dreamscape is rich and colored with beautiful symbolism. Then, in the morning, the Moon smacks into Saturn by square (6:22 AM) bringing us harshly “back to life...back to reality.” Enjoy dreamland while you can. When you wake up, don't feel remorse for the unmanifest dream. Instead, start putting the puzzle pieces together that could lead to it's manifestation. Don't give up believing or imagining. But, bring some real world influence to it so that it may emerge from your dreamscape and into your every day life. Don't fear failure. Don't worry about stuff that hasn't happened yet. Just get busy making it happen.