Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the week of April 17 to April 23, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today is the day that the world collapses into itself. Imploding and caving inward.

Just kidding. It's just that Mars and Pluto turn retrograde. At these stations points, the pull (or drag, rather) of Mars Rx and Pluto Rx is quite strong. As they continue in their backward motion, we will become more accustomed to what works under this energy and what does not. However, the initial turn around is pretty grating each calling for things like delayed gratification, change and patience. In most cases, many will feel inert. So, let's take a look at how this rolls out.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo as Mercury makes his first trine to Pluto (5:20 AM). He will make 3 of these during his retrograde phase in Taurus. Each offers us an opportunity to peer deeply within and assess the foundations of our values. We consider and re-consider what is truly important and of value to us on a personal level. It's a quiet and self-directed reckoning that few will speak about openly. It involves assessing fears related to being unable to obtain what we desire, discovering things we incorporated as fact due to past conditioning (which may not be fact at all) and, at times, thoughts could become pretty dire or negative as we turn toward this internal assessment discovering soured information as we go. It's dark. It's powerful. Be careful, at this time, what you wish for. Listen to your words, carefully mind where you allow your brain to wander and assess what those vibrations may or may not be attracting into your life. I'm serious.

Spewing negativity and constantly speaking ill of your personal circumstances can, indeed, send out a vibration that attracts more of this type of thing into your life. I'm not saying you have to be all Pollyanna and pretend that things are alright. What I am saying is what you say and how you think about your life matters. If change is needed, there are plenty of opportunities to make changes. Complaining that change is needed isn't going to change a thing. Stubbornness and a potential for thought looping is pretty high.
At 8:18 AM, Mars comes to a standstill. It may feel as if, for a moment, a pause button has been hit within the collective. There is a feeling of suspension, inertia and perhaps even a bit of confusion in regard to what it is we are supposed to be doing. As a matter of fact, by 1:01 PM, when the Virgo Moon finds Mars Rx by square (5 hours later), he is still at the same degree/minute in which he turned retrograde...having not moved one little millisecond. And, by the time the Lunar square waxes in, the frustration of his stalled position will likely be strongly felt.

The feeling of angst, frustration and inertia is compounded and diffused as the Moon opposes Neptune at 5:35 PM. My suggestion for the entirety of the day is to just stop. Relax. Make yourself comfortable. Put your to-do list on the back burner for the day. It's not going to go anywhere. As the Moon moves between this space of 8 and 15 Virgo, what she does is link together a massive mutable t-square that involves Mars Rx, Neptune, Jupiter (conjunction at 11:06 PM) and, finally, Saturn Rx (3:05 AM).
The outlet for this mutable, emotional, frustrating and inert uncertainty falls in Gemini. This is not “go ahead and leap off the cliff and build your parachute on the way down” energy. It is a time to plan, learn from past mistakes, study and re-draft the design. At least read the damn instructions. Or draw some up. Today, the game is mental and emotional more so than physical. We THOUGHT we knew. But, today, we discover more information that helps us realize we really didn't have all the facts. So, instead of moving forward, we are called back to the drawing board to re-align our plans and, yeah, deal with the emotional body, too. It very well could be quite the watery mind fuck that sucks you down to a place where you feel helpless and unable to free yourself. Trapped. Stuck at a standstill. Falling in quicksand. Struggling in quicksand will sink you. So, don't move. Be still and plan your way out slowly and by being resourceful. Meaning, reach out for help and support if you need it. No. The world is not collapsing into itself. But, at times, it certainly may feel like it is. As scary and as excruciating as that sounds, what it calls for is the genesis of a plan to rebuild and a change in the way we engage all wrapped up in some serious self-reassessments. You are transitioning. Do not fear what may come. Just allow the process of re-invention to occur. Do not fight it or avoid it. That will only increase the feeling of frustration and struggle. Just let it occur.

FYI the next 2 trines from Mercury to Pluto occur on May 13 with Mercury and Venus conjunct and on June 1st after Mercury has turned direct (May 23).

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today, things feel a little better. The Moon moves away from the mutable t-square we dealt with most of yesterday. Our ambition and physical energy is still waning and feeling a bit stuck. However, mentally we are quite sound under a nice deep Earthy trine between the Moon, Pluto (now Rx) in Capricorn (6:11 AM) and Mercury in Taurus (8:31 AM). Plus, Venus in Aries is waxing into a nice fiery but grounded and responsible trine with Saturn (10:38 AM).

The ground beneath our feet becomes a bit more solid and less like quicksand. However, it could feel as if that quicksand has hardened to concrete. But, at least we aren't sinking anymore. Our minds are set and we are beholden to responsibly adhere to what we've determined as important. Foreheads are furrowed and determined.
I know it sounds odd, but I recommend taking on the role of Earth Goddess today. Dress the role, even. Browns. Deep rich greens. Touch nature. Wear and surround yourself with bounties from the Earth. Eat something fluff... Wood pendants or charms are wonderful under this sky. Also? Deep dark reds and oranges satisfy Venus at this time. Bring focus back to your body and address the needs of the lower chakras. Mental energy is fine. It's our bodies that need our attention. Don't skimp on that. Harness and drag yourself into the the present moment. Some stones that may help you monopolize upon this day include tiger's eye, moss agate, jet, amber, chard and even common river stones. Above that, I still recommend wooden amulets. If you don't have one, you can make one.

After an opposition with Chiron at 5:50 PM, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 7:25 AM tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today, my friends, is all about Venus. Everything about it. We wake up to a Venus ruled Moon in Libra. Then, at 11:30 AM the Sun crosses over into Venus ruled Taurus. And, all this occurs as Venus, herself, is in square to Pluto (4:48 PM). Tuesday's, in general, are said to fall under Venus' rule. That theory certainly rings true on this one. There is no denying her presence today. Literally; because, she is DEMANDING, not politely requesting, our attention. You may hear folks ask, right out loud, “What about me and my needs?!” You may even think that.

As a matter of fact, there may be a call to not deny her or her desires at all. She is ridiculously powerful in her current position. But, in square to Pluto? She isn't the light flowery and genteel Venus we know. She's hungry and begging for satiation to a degree that her shadow threatens to rear her ugly head if she doesn't get what she wants. You should know by now what it is that you consider important. What you need to recognize is what you already have instead of constantly trying to grapple for more. It's not about having the most toys. It's not about getting to control all the monopoly pieces. It's about deeply sinking into living with personal intimacy. Loving/accepting all your ugly. Accepting who you are without the need for external approval or validation. Standing strong upon your values and refusing to mirror or imitate the actions of our perceived enemies while becoming personally accountable for the situations we may find ourselves in without projecting the blame on everyone else. Own your shit, in other words. If you find yourself in a dissatisfying position, know that you hold the power within yourself to change that. Don't expect folks to fix it for you. They have their own stuff to deal with. This is yours. Recognizing this is where your true empowerment lies.

I will caution you to beware the slithering and hypnotizing snake. She is enchanting, alluring and appealing. But, this is her tactic to lure you close enough so that she can devour you. Don't be the victim of your own desires and the promises of someone who uses charm and manipulation in an effort to get you to do their bidding or to fill their belly. Back away slowly...even though it may feel like you are inexplicably being drawn in.
At 1:22 AM the Moon does dance via sextile with Mars Rx. For the majority of the day, though, our psyche says “Mars who?” Things are more sideways than direct. Don't trust the faces you see. Trust your instincts to tell you when you are seeing a false facade. For me, this truly feels “snakey” like something is slithering across my skin. Some folks feel a heaviness or darkness over their heart chakra. Learn to recognize and feel your own cues and warning signals.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Emotions stabilize a bit this morning with a Lunar sextile to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius at 3:34 PM. We are called to foster a sense of personal accountability in regard to our moods. Emotional boundaries are wonderful things and realizing you do have a choice in regard to how you feel is empowering especially under reflective Libra Moon who is just about full enough to burst at the seams. As a matter of fact, there may times this week in which it feels like the gauge that measures when we've had “enough” is about to flip off the scale. Again, you may even hear folks say, “I've had ENOUGH of this!” Grab on to the ability to hold emotions on center and keep your boundaries in tact. We are going to need them as the day moves forward. Realize feelings of entrapment and discomfort are CLUES to what we need to pay attention to...thorns and pit falls we need to address.

Desire and yearning deepen as the Moon squares Pluto at 6:54 PM. Then, she opposes Venus at 9:56 PM. Anxiety stirs as the Moon then waxes into opposition with Uranus at 2:15 AM. That, my friends, creates a Cardinal t-square in our evening hours whose outlet falls in Cancer. How you feel is very important. Do not deny the needs of your emotional body. Know as the Moon opposes Uranus, she also draws near to Black Moon Lilith. So it may feel as if you've been thrust out into the wild, abandoned, rejected and you might be seriously pissed off about it. Seething is a possibility. Feeling as if you could devour someone is another. But, the highest expression of this is to foster a sense of independence and bravely steer the power of your wild in an effort to survive. It's very primal, to put it mildly. Protect yourself and do what you need to do in order to meet your most basic needs. Be in this very moment without looking ahead too far. We've enough on our plates to deal with in the right now. Do not avoid that. The Moon is now Void until entering Scorpio at 8:19 PM tomorrow. We've plenty of time to let things simmer as the plot thickens.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Today, the Moon is Void in Libra for most of the day. She enters Scorpio tonight and, shortly after, our Full Moon in Scorpio blossoms (1:25 AM). If you haven't figured it out yet, much of this weeks' discomfort, yearning and frustration is pointing us toward what we need to let go of and/or what we need to vow to change. I think I may have alluded to that already.

The Scorpio Full Moon offers an opportunity for a powerful purge. Release of negative attachments. Release of personal habits and/or thought processes that have a tendency to poison us. Release of trying to control every outside little thing and reverting to efforts that allow us to control ourselves and consciously direct our actions. A slurry of poisons and toxins are primed and ready to flow from you right now. LET. THEM. GO. Open your hands and outstretch your fingers. Release your grasp on that hot coal, that detrimental habit, that thing you keep doing to trip yourself up. The release we feel here could actually feel orgasmic. Or, keep holding on and keep slaying yourself on the cross that your demons create. Your choice. Your consequence.

SUN AT 3 TAURUS: Natural terraces lead up to a lawn of clover in bloom. The invitation extended by all nature to man for self-expression. Inspirational possibilities in all experience. Hope.

MOON AT 3 SCORPIO: Happy house raising party among western pioneers. The constructive sharing of experience which builds social values. Interchange of efforts. Necessity to learn cooperation.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The antsy emotive feel of last night's Full Moon lingers. Many are not well rested for various reasons during this week. That feeling brings forth today' and over-sensitivity. That metaphorical “pea under your mattress” feels like a damn boulder at this point. The discomfort is no longer tolerable. Venus conjunct Uranus at 5 PM tonight puts a severe exclamation point at the end of that. Fuck. This. We are out of here! Give-a-damn's come crashing down around us and social “political correctness” dies.

At the same time, as we lean into honest and forthright self-expression our feelings of personal independence and freedom grows. The power of the illusive “them” diminishes because we no longer give a damn what “they think” or what “they do” or what “they say” anymore. Chains are broken. Ties are forever severed and we are free falling...floating within the realm of infinite possibility since we are no longer beholden to rules of social decorum at this time. Manners and politeness don't just fly out the window they are shot down with laser beams. Nothing is minced and re-dressed for social approval. Nothing is masked. It's raw, real and pressing.

Shortly after, though, there are feelings to contend with. The Moon meets Neptune by exhausting trine at 7:15 PM. Rest and humility are what we need as she sinks into a sextile with Jupiter shortly after (11:58 PM). Weightless and floaty, we sink back into dream or the spiraling abyss of our self-created nightmares.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sleep and rest birth a feeling of resolve and restoration as we wake up this morning with the Scorpio Moon in a nice supportive sextile with her modern ruler, Pluto in Capricorn at 7:40 AM. Yet, we are quickly called to negotiating table as the Moon opposes Mercury at 5:47 PM. This could be personal negotiation or negotiation with others. Occurring in fixed signs, it could result in a deadlock as everyone is adamant to have things done their way without regard for how anyone else feels about it. Heels are dug in.

However, we melt again as the Moon finds Chiron in Pisces by trine and we are reminded of our inner wounded animal and her effective or ineffective coping mechanisms. True assessment of this is called for. Following the sink of the Moon trine Chiron, she is Void until entering Sagittarius at 1:47 AM tonight. There is plenty of time to stare into the deep aching hollow abyss. Fear not. Stare it down.

Keep releasing. Keep letting go. Keep thinking for yourself while also being open to listening to the conversations that are happening around you. Make your own decisions but don't just stand on a rock to just be standing on it. Know why you are standing in that position and make sure it really is a good foundation. If not, slowly and painstaking begin unraveling that debunk thought process. Take the initiative in your hands. Again, no one can do this for you. So many planets in retrograde puts the task firmly upon your shoulders. It is time to re-think this, re-do this..back up and punt in an effort to re-frame your perspective. Let priorities shift. Answers of “this is the way things have always been done” shows you exactly where things need to change.