Morning Star: Astrology for the week of April 10 to April 16, 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini. Her very first aspect is a nice sextile with Venus in Aries at 11:59 AM. This is light and active. Enjoy it while it lasts because following this pleasantry, the Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius at 4:06 PM.
The opposition to Mars is a bit ambiguous and can have what we feel like doing and what we are obligated to do at odds. There could be too many choices. And, we are not exactly focused as both Moon and Mars are also now within orb of a square to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon officially perfects in square to the Lord of the Seas at 7:59 PM. What the Moon does from here is link up a fierce mutable cross that holds Mars (8 Sagittarius 38), Neptune (10 Pisces 59), Saturn (16 Sagittarius 10) and Jupiter ALL within orb (14 Virgo 27). The energy extends from the early evening opposition with Mars at 4:06 PM all the way through to the opposition with Saturn at 4:37 AM tomorrow. There is a lot of shaky uncertainty wrapped up in this mutable cross. Our emotional body is riding that wave which can feel a lot like over-whelm. There is so much to do we barely know where to start. Plus, the emotional body is exploding in a kaleidoscope of variable feelings about the whole thing.

This is all aside from the fact that our ambition and energy levels are in quite the pressurized position. Mars is stationing due to turn Rx at the end of this week. He is feeling the increasing pressure from Saturn Rx drawing increasingly near. He is over-extended due a waxing square from Jupiter. His energy levels ebb and wane like the tides due a square from Neptune. Taking action comes under pressure, over-blown expectation, far reaching goals and confusion. It's kind of like trying to thread a needle while you are drunk, blindfolded and sitting unprotected in a rainstorm. So, it can definitely feel frustrating and challenging.
At any rate, we may have big plans for the day only to encounter an inability to meet our own expectations due various reasons by nightfall. Physically folks don't feel like doing much at all due Mars' condition. That feeling of demotivation wrapped in pressure, confusion and “too many details” extends the duration of the week, folks. The Moon moves. But, the rest of this mutable energy continues to wax and build as it holds in orb. In that, attempting to do much of anything is going to feel like wading through the resistance of mud. Our bodies may literally feel heavier and harder to move. The good news about that is over-aggression is likely to be smacked in the head. The bad news is we are all going to feel a lot like deflated balloons in the process. Take the Universe's cue and slow down instead of wearing yourself out with attempts to fight the flow of this energy. Lean into it and do what you can as you can while being alright with that even if the progress you make doesn't match what you feel is your full potential. None of us are operating at “full potential” levels right now. Expect to move forward slowly and tediously. Know there may be some backpedaling that may occur before we ever meet with a full forward stride. That's alright, though. There is plenty of work which needs to be undone in the land of Sagittarius (politics, religion, world/foreign affairs, law makers). I'm willing to deal with myself as the Universe prepares to take address all of that. Are you?

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Moon emerges from the sea of flux created by the mutable cross after her early morning opposition with Saturn (4:37 AM). From here, she shines in sparkling sextile to liberating Uranus at 11:58 AM. This is followed by a nice fiery sextile with the Sun at 2:58 PM. For most of the day (especially in comparison to yesterday) we may feel as if we are moving with the wind at our back a bit. We feel better. We are lighter and more carefree. The Sun emerges after the storm.

Words and ideas whip about like spring winds. Emotions can change at the drop of a hat. But, things do feel significantly lighter. The weather may even warm a bit. Following a square with Chiron at 3:57 PM, the Moon reaches Void status. She enters Cancer at 4:07 AM. Enjoy the windy lightness offered today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Monday's feeling of lightness meets with an influx of water today. The Moon is in Cancer as Mercury in Taurus meets Neptune by sextile at 5:40 AM. Rigid thinking and stubborn opinions melt under the softening of compassion. Time is an elusive entity today. Dragging in points and completely disappearing in others. Words drip with emotion and thoughts are swirling in a water-colored world. Imagination and intuition are kicking. It's a wonderful day for creativity and finally finding the appropriate outlet for our emotions. It's also a good day for confessions.
At 3:17 PM, Venus in Aries dances in a fire trine with Mars in Sagittarius. In Aries, Venus turns love into an action statement. It is said she is in detriment here. I call bullshit on that. What she does here is imbibe our motivations with grace. Initiation is not direct. In trine to a hindered Mars in Sagittarius, there is a bit of re-training going on here. Moving with force and aggression IS NOT going to cut it. Moving with grace, fluidity and gentleness gets the job done. Over-reaching and over-blowing your expectations of yourself is not going to cut it either. Aries fights one battle at a time. And, with Venus in the sign, Aries is more alluring than forceful. Charm is your battle ax. Wield it wisely.

At 7:50 PM, the Moon meets with discomfort as she squares Venus. Something stirs in our guts be it hunger or a feeling of “something just isn't right.” Either way, it is not an easy feeling. We want. We desire. But, we are tired and also wish to lay down arms for the night. Perhaps, laying down arms is exactly what we need to do. Shortly following this the Moon enters a watery trine with Neptune (11:28 PM) that lulls us off to dreamland.
Overnight the dreamscape is active as the Moon links a nice mini-trine between Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo from 1:36 AM to 5:14 AM. The intuitive body sends us messages in dreams. Listen to what you wake up with playing in your brain in the morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heaven help us today because our Momma Bear Moon is pissed! She wakes up from dreamland slowly slumbering to meet the morning. But, the morning sunshine doesn't last. Pluto in Capricorn darkens Momma Moon's doorstep by opposition at 10:58 PM. She can smell his presence instinctively at the door. A small growl escapes her lips as she prepares to defend.
By 4:46 PM she is in square to Uranus in Aries. The emotional battle becomes full blown ferocious and angst riddled. Think Momma Bear is cute while she is holding all her fuzzy cubs near her? Well, just try to snatch one of those cubs away and see how quickly that cuteness fades. Cancer energy can be nurturing and sheltering. But, it can also eat you alive if you are perceived as a threat to home or family. Tread carefully because, I promise you, hell hath no fury like a mother who is acting in defense of her cubs. Woman scorned, my ass. Don't fuck with the Momma Bears.

Ok. Bear analogy aside, what this Cardinal t-square can do is bring about the shadow side of our emotional body. Folks may become paranoid and act out of character due to fear and anxiety. The balance point for this pressure lies in Libra which points directly to Venus in Aries. What is Venus' battle ax? Charm. Grace. Love in action. Violence is not going to cut it. Protecting what you hold dear and being forthright and upfront about what is important to you, though, definitely holds importance. Venus is direct and bold in Aries. We aren't used to that. But, it doesn't mean it can't be a good thing. It's just folks aren't used to feminine energy wearing assertiveness...which is just too damn bad because feminine energy is poised to win this war. So, the world best get used to it. Does that mean that you can only win if you have a vagina? No. It means the power of brute force aggression is about to hit a brick wall. True power comes from the ability to care and lift others up. It's a power that both sexes have but neither are encouraged to recognize. Yet, it is rising now. Power doesn't come from over-powering. It comes through grace and gentle assertion. However, grace and gentle assertion are NOT going to come easily under this emotionally pressurized sky. There are true threats out there and there may be true calls to stand in defense.
Some folks may fall prey to emotional manipulation and attempts to control or claw into others. Some folks will reach out in desperation for what they feel they need. The best bet is to shelter in place and hold down the fort until this emotional storm passes. Get yourself to a safe place and hold your brood tightly in an effort to live to fight another day.

At 9:01 PM our Cancer Moon is in another water trine with ouchy Chiron in Pisces. At midnight our pressurized First Quarter Moon blossoms at 24 Cardinal 39 pulling in the Moon's anti-thesis, Black Moon Lilith, by t-square. Black Moon Lilith marks the Moon's apogee shadow. So as the Moon squares her, we may really begin to feel a sense of separation from our pack. We are the lone wolf now fully separated from our children and cast out into the wild. That, my friends, can turn dangerous fairly quickly. Naked, lonely, hungry, afraid and pissed off about it much? Yeah. The outlet for this t-square falls in Capricorn pointing to a need for self-control and adherence to responsibility. Bear in mind the potential consequences of your actions. Breathe through any feelings of separation and deal with the anxiety that may bubble up from that as a result. Make a plan. A well thought out plan that bears in mind what is important to the entire kingdom. Though, our initial inkling may be much more ferocious.
The influence of BML here is not to be taken lightly. Many a Momma Bear inclined will be much more likely to want to just devour anything in their path. Don't allow yourself to be turned into the enemies you perceive. Be wiser. Stronger. Do not let the seething overtake you. Know this energy WILL NOT be tamed. But it can be endured and directed. It is 100% primal, though. How well do you handle your inner wild? Because this set up will show us exactly where we stand in our ability to do so. All of our senses will highly acute. Put the knowledge this heightened state brings us to good use.

Thankfully, following the First Quarter, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 9:54 AM tomorrow. This gives the emotional body time to settle a bit after it's had the hell shaken out of it (literally) all day. Temptation to do ugly things will be present. Hold yourself at bay within that. Expect that not everyone will and protect yourself in light of that. Such powers of defense are at your disposal, if needed. However, your best bet is skitter sideways in avoidance of conflict instead of swinging the door wide open to invite it in.
Thursday, April 14, 2016

This morning the Astrological energy shifts, again. As a matter of fact, it may seem as if the ground is literally moving under our feet. We begin the day with the Moon in Leo as Mercury in Taurus finds Jupiter Rx in Virgo by rich Earthy trine. Minds explode with possibility. However, there is an unspoken call to rethink what we've previously believed as truth. The problem with that is Mercury is not very flexible in Taurus. We don't want to change our minds when he is lodged here. We want to dig in our heels and stand on solid information. But, the ground is not solid. It's shifting as circumstances change taking our perspective with it. The goal here is to remain practical. Assess what thoughts are really congruent with our values and make decisions based within that practicality. Instead of over-thinking or putting too much emphasis on own perspective, take in the whole picture with small humble bites. Then, make decisions that you can live with in the long-term.

Very fixed and self-centered opinions butt heads today. Remember, it is more important to make decisions based on what is right for the circumstances involved rather than just to revert to the same old outdated mentality that screwed everything up to begin with. Do not fear changing your mind in light of new information. That doesn't make you wrong in the past. That just means you were misinformed. Now you know the truth more fully and you can incorporate that knowledge into your decision making. We live and learn. Don't be afraid to act on that learning.

Friday, March 15, 2016

The world seems to be on fire this morning. Overnight, our fiery Leo Moon met Mars by trine (2:33 AM). This morning, she dances with Venus in Aries (8:45 AM). This is mobile energy. Prompting us to get up and move again. However, our ambition is still in a position of hindrance as Mars energy continues to slow and meet with drag and resistance. We may want to run and play but barely have the energy to sit down and color a full page in our coloring books.
In our early evening hours, fixed energy squares off as our Leo Moon finds Mercury in Taurus by square. We are definitely set in our ways and that becomes wonderfully apparent to us under this aspect. When you change how you think you essentially change who you are. That is a pretty uncomfortable mix right now as folks find themselves rutted deeply in personal opinion. Change is hard. But, it's exactly what we each need to do. Help with this is coming to our sphere, but in the meantime we are likely to feel heavy and pressured...almost as if we can't do anything right no matter how hard we try.

Plus, folks are likely to be quite argumentative under this sky. It will be hard, though, to tell if they are really arguing with you or waging war internally. What we see could actually be the end result of the latter. So, you let them deal with that while you deal with your own self. The initial reaction to this energy will be for folks to stand their ground and dig in their heels. The highest expression of it though calls for us to attempt to redesign from the neck up. Know this will be a difficult task to undertake and most folks would rather just yell at one another and argue over who is the most right. This is a wonderful waste of energy because no one is going to have the power to change anyone's opinion. That's totally an inside job and efforts spent trying to sway others are going to be met with hardcore resistance. Save your breath and your energy. Your best bet is to just accept that no one really “knows” anything and grab a box of popcorn to munch on while you observe everyone else airing their dirty laundry.

Thankfully, the Moon settles a bit shortly after this fixed energy standoff through a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. We are reminded to be patient and wise. We are steadied on our path forward and have time for ZERO bullshit. We are called to hold ourselves accountable to our truth and model the highest expression of it as we attempt to move into our future. No talky, talky...all walky, walky. Shut your preaching mouth and practice what you preach instead.
As we lean into this “walking gently with our truth” we are lightened. Some of the crust of our give-a-damn falls off with a nice powerful fire trine from the Moon to Uranus in Aries (1:27 AM). This is your path. Power forward on it by thinking for yourself and making your own decisions. Change and pioneering is definitely called for. This wilderness is new and wild. The world is forever altered and options we had to deal with circumstance in the past are no longer viable. Bravely face this while knowing we will encounter the unexpected along the way. Foster a sense of self within your community and independently take the lead role in your life.

Yeah...not a great night for sleep. I'll give you that. But it is a wonderful night for breaking free from outdated bullshit.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Moon is still active and perhaps a bit frayed this morning coming down from the high stimulation of her trine with Uranus in Aries last night. The element of fire is still strongly present as she passes by the Aries Sun via trine at 1:49 PM. We can make progress in the early part of our day. However, ambition becomes a little less passionate as the Moon reaches Void status following this trine. She remains Void until entering demure and practical Virgo at 7:24 AM.

Fire is slowly replaced by Earth. This is echoed as Venus in Aries passes by Jupiter in Virgo by inconjunct. Feet are bare and on the ground. We move to the deeply embedded tempo in our hearts. Ferocity is grounded with wisdom and we are encouraged to lean into the song of our own soul. My dance will be different than yours. My desire will move me in a different direction. That doesn't make either of us wrong. It just means our dances are set to different tempos. We can still admire one another's movements without feeling tempted to mimic or force choreography. You dance your dance. I'll dance mine and the world can whirl in gracious movement if we allow it and accept it instead of trying to get everyone to just do it “our way.” Keep your criticisms to yourself and focus on stepping to your tempo while encouraging others to do the same. There is room for everyone.