Morning Star: Astrology for the week of April 3rd to April 9, 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2016

This morning the waning Aquarius Moon is quite active. She leaves an overnight sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius (2:30 AM) and meets up with her modern ruler, Uranus, at 8:57 AM. Later this evening, she meets Mercury by the same (7:17 PM) prior to reaching Void status until entering Pisces at 1:47 AM.
It is not a very loud day. But, one in which socialization is highlighted. As are mundane chores that demand our attention before the new work week begins.
Our emotional bodies are still primed for release and absolution. Waning moons call for us to let go in preparation to begin anew. This Moon brings the ability to detach from more swamping emotions and take a further reaching perspective. We gather our friends around us in community bringing how we feel out into the air.

There is opportunity to come up for air here and say what needs to be said. We collaborate in regard to solutions and gather support along the way.
The winds have been fierce in my neck of the woods for several days. From what I understand this has been a phenomena across different regions of the US, knocking over power lines, trees and even whipping up tornadoes. This morning, however, the trees are resting quietly in our morning hours. Only the flexible and deeply rooted have survived the destructive winds. Take that as a reminder to be the flexible and deeply rooted. Bend, but hold the course. Flex, but don't become uprooted. Accommodate change but stand on solid, well anchored values.

Monday, April 4, 2016

This morning we wake up to the grog and fog of a waning Pisces Moon. We move from yesterday's airy but chilly beaches to today's tides rising. The day is littered with minor aspects that catalyze personal nuance. Moon semi-sextile Pluto, Sun inconjunct Jupiter and Moon semi-sextile Uranus. These stretch over the morning veil from 6 AM to 10 AM. Though minor, these aspects allude to our new Moon in Aries coming later in the week by tying the big hitters together who will play a major role in that Lunar movement (Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus). They also begin the swirl of personal waters.

By 3:03 PM, the Moon is in an ambiguous square with Mars in Sagittarius. We aren't sure what we should do. The emotional body wants quiet and solitude. Mars in Sagittarius prompts us to go big or go home while we are pretty inclined to, well, just go home. A multitude of active options exist. But, we may not feel like engaging due various reasons such as fatigue, illness or increased emotionality. Plus, Mars is moving quite slow as he nears his station point. Many feel as if they want to do big things; but, they are stuck in slog. In those instances, we are forced to question our motivations. Why did I want to do this in the first place? Why is it my attempts are met with such resistance? It's good to assess your motivations and dig for the truth behind your initiatives especially preceding a Mars retrograde. It's good to take a few moments and re-think our future paths. It is also still VERY good to continue preparing to embark on that future path by assessing past missteps and dumping unhelpful carry on luggage prior to our departure.

Remember, the ruler of our current Mars is in Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo reminds us to take slow and well calculated steps on our journey. He wants us to be humble and practical as well as diligent by covering every needed step and not skipping or hopping over ANY of them. Slow. Diligent. Humble progress. Sometimes that calls for us to peek in the rear-view and honestly assess where we Yin-ed when we should have Yang-ed in the past as well as vice versa. Needless to say, this ambiguity could prompt many to just not move at all today. We will likely still have the twisted angst that tries to propel us forward. But acting upon that comes in slow motion. Know that is alright! Lean into questioning yourself and your motivations. Assess past travels and learn from them. Know small steps matter even if that one small step only includes making a decision to take a nap before you do anything more.
Also, if you are suffering from illness, this crooky Moon/Mars square can catalyze body aches and even fevers. Take time to address what your physical and emotional body needs. Being on physical and emotionally solid ground is always good starting point. So, efforts taken to find that ground are worthy under today's skies.

At 7:43 PM the Moon sinks via conjunction to Neptune. Many will be tired and ready to call an end to today early. A good night's sleep and rest and recuperation for your body are good things. Don't fight this. Overnight the Moon opposes Jupiter (2:35 AM) and squares Saturn (4:43 AM). Dreams may show us visions of our path forward and allude to potential blocks or remind of similar situations in the past where we can assess what worked and what didn't. We could even meet “instructors” in our dreams with valuable messages to deliver. Keep your dream diary handy to jot these “lessons” down to review when you are more awake. There could certainly be valuable information in the symbolism of dreams even if you don't understand the message fully right at this moment. You are going to want to remember as much as you can. So, write down anything that may come to you in these hours (or in dreams), even if it seems insignificant at the time, so that you can look back on it later. The outlet for this mutable t-square is in Gemini. So, be a good student and take notes. We are all learning here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This morning we are still under the wet blanket of a Pisces Moon. However, we are more empowered under an early morning sextile from the Moon to Pluto at 6:34 AM. This is followed by a very sturdy and responsible trine from the Sun to Saturn at noon. Nice! A brave and stable but compassionate Pisces Moon wrapped in a responsible sky is a very sturdy platform. The sands under our feet stop shifting and the waves become less turbulent allowing us to get our bearings. Then, as we are standing on this sandbar, the scenery immediately starts to shift.

Venus leaves the watery realm of Pisces for the passionate and fiery realm of Aries at 12:51 PM. Shortly following this, the Moon bumps into our denied and repressed addictions, illnesses and pains through a conjunction with Chiron and the South Node at 2:51 PM. Finally, following a “big idea” semi-sesquisquare with Jupiter at 6:17 PM, Mercury leisurely strolls into the sign of Taurus where minds become set and plans become solid. Basically, heartbeats quicken and desires are set aflame. But, time is about to meet with a serious slow down. In my opinion, this is a nice thing. I'm ready for a slow down. However, know that changing your mind or reconfiguring your learning/communication style will be difficult while Mercury is in a fixed sign. Also know that is exactly what we will be called to do by the Universe as Mercury will eventually retrograde in the sign of Taurus. But for now, minds are more grounded and centered around a personal value system while our hearts want to run free and uninhibited.

Following the conjunction with Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 2:47 AM. Today and tomorrow mark the period of the darkest of the Dark Moon. A time for final release and emotional quieting. There are periods of time just prior to the Sun peaking above the horizon and the first chirps of birdsong, that are incredibly still and quiet. These periods of time echo what is happening with our current Moon. Stillness. Quiet. Meditative absolution prior to the break of a new dawn. Find/create that place of stillness within yourself as we move toward the breaking dawn of the New Moon on Thursday morning.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This morning, we likely feel markedly better than we did under the questionable and watery atmosphere of the Pisces Moon. We wake up to an Aries Moon conjunct Venus at 4:02 AM. This is followed by a motivating trine to Mars in Sagittarius at 3:52 PM. While these aspects may, indeed, help us to feel better, we are encouraged to not “jump the gun” or start before we are truly ready. The Moon is still darkening. Therefore, we should still be leaning into release and tying up loose ends before we begin thinking of moving on to anything else. However, this energy can definitely kick-start our gumption to take on some of those lingering ends. A bit of energy is restored and we feel a little more motivated.

In our early evening hours, the prompting to NOT become overly eager or greedy becomes highly accentuated as the Sun squares off with Pluto (4:09 PM). What this energy can bring is a true trial by fire. There is potential for your ego to be squeezed in such a way that ugly rises to the surface. Please note, if this happens, that is for your observation and subsequent relinquishment. It is not so you can become power drunk or paranoid. This is how Pluto cleanses. He will burn parts of you to ash with the suggestion of “let it burn” and “endure the purification” then eventually you will let the dust blow away. However, lots of folks feel this “rising” in power and fire and try to grasp hold of it instead of observing the demons leaving their bodies. Let the Devils go. Resist temptation to attempt to control or over-power others. On that same note, know that folks will be quite prone to show their ugly and take the path of least resistance unwittingly under this sky. In other words, there will be folks WITH malefic intentions out there. (Surprise, surprise, they are out there everyday). But, they seem to be parade today. So, keep your radar up and instinctively look and heed cues that tell you your surroundings may not be safe. Those instincts will be kicking hardcore today for good reason. It's better to be safe than sorry. Also, know you will have the power to fight for your life if needed. But, often, in mundane power struggles the best tactic is to just let go of the rope and laugh as the other person falls on their rear. Some folks call that “giving up.” I call that reserving my energy for something worthy instead of wasting it on proving myself to someone who is just trying to control me. As long as I'm pulling on the other end of that rope, they are controlling me and how I expend my energy. However, the minute I let go, I retain my power for my own use and am free to make those decisions on my own. That's where you true power lies, darling. In your ability to direct yourself. You really don't have anything to prove to anyone. However, if you need to protect yourself, the power is there. Under this sky, you should not only question your own motivations but everyone else's as well. DO NOT go along just to get along today. Make sure you know WHY you are being asked to do whatever and then decide if you want to get on board or not. Reserve the right to say, “No.” It's your life and you are going to have a prime opportunity to declare that under tomorrow's New Moon.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

This morning we wake up on solid ground as the Moon trines Saturn at 4:34 AM. Shortly after, we are reminded of yesterday's subservient control efforts as the Moon meets Pluto by square (6:26 AM) squeezing the gunk from our emotional body forth and excoriating us one last time before the New Moon. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. There is no space for denial. We are imbibed with fortitude and endurance. So, fear not what you see. Instead, see it for what it is and let it go. This is baggage you don't need on the path forward.

At 7:24 AM the first New Moon of our Astrological New Year pops at 18 Aries 04. From Dane Rudhyar's book, The Wheel of Significance, our Sabian Symbols for this Lunar event read as follows:

SUN AND MOON AT 19 ARIES: A magic carpet hovering over an ugly industrial suburb. Capacity to transform everyday life by the power of creative significance; or escape in idle fancy.

MARS AT 9 SAGITTARIUS: A mother is leading her children up a broad stairway. Conscious advance of selfhood from plane to plane. Real courage in all approach to life. Inner guidance in all growth.

The Sabian for Mars, I believe, is the most telling. “A mother is leading.” If you will notice, it does not say she is preaching, directing or shoving. She is leading. Modeling how to take each step for those under her wings. So, this is where action is more powerful than words. We are setting example for future generations to follow which means we should imbibe our actions with wisdom and foresight as well as follow-through. Don't leave them hanging mid-staircase. And, if you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of what your next move should be, take yourself out of the situation. Imagine someone else, perhaps even your child or friend, in this situation. Next, imagine they have come to you for advice. What would you tell them to do from your “now” outside perspective? That, my dear, is where you find YOUR next step. Walk forward with the advice you would give to someone else in your situation. Lead by setting a wise example. The key is to walk the walk more than you talk the talk. Actions, most definitely, speak louder than words under this sky. So pay less attention to what someone else says and more attention to what they do while reserving the right to call the shots for yourself. Because, again, it's your life.

We are prompted to “go our own way” and break free from the control efforts of others as the Moon finds Uranus by conjunction shortly following this New Moon (10:57 AM). We are also encouraged to lean into trying new methods and to become inventive with our approach under this aspect. We are called to raise the bar on our emotional intelligence and rise above what is considered the current “norm.” Raise your “freak flag” high and proud. It's a good thing not to swim in the sea of “normal” these days. Be proud of what makes you unique and gather others who comfortable in their non-conformity around you for mutual support.

Following the conjunction with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus overnight (2:11 AM). So, the New Moon gateway opens and we are subsequently inspired. But, the inspiration wanes quickly as the emotional body becomes more subdued and less eager. We've plenty of time to think of our next step and this proverbial pause gives us the time and space to do so. The main thing is to find the center of you...apart from outside influence...and then find the wisdom from past experience that may be of use as you move forward. This is not an Aries New Moon that has us shooting out of the starting gate. No. Not with Mars deep in shadow. Each move should come strongly from our core and be well considered. That DOES NOT come under a rush. It's a slow, well considered, forward motion. So, keep that in mind. Bolting out of the starting gate will have you picking yourself up and dusting yourself off more than anything. Take your time. Be the tortoise and set your own pace without being pressured to compete.

Friday, April 8, 2016

This morning, the Moon is grounded and stabilized in Taurus. Our hearts still blaze with desire and our emotional body craves comfort and Earthly tangibles. The cravings in our guts call to us to fill our bodies with solid food...though, that may come disguised as a craving for sugary sweets, I suggest you skip those and choose stuff that won't leave you feeling flat later. What your body wants is sustainment. What your mind will reach for is the quick and easy solution which may not serve our needs as well as something a little more practical and, well, Earthy. Fresh vegetables. Water packed fruits. Protein. CLEAN AND ENERGIZING WATER. Water is energizing? Yeah, you'd be surprised how much once you dare to start weaning yourself off face planting caffeine and sugars. As a matter of fact, I cringe a little when someone says, “Ew...I can't drink just PLAIN water.” What do you think your body was made to drink? Because, at one time, clean clear water was all there was. How detached are you from your body if you adverse to giving it what it truly needs? Maybe you should listen to that instead of a Pepsi commercial. How hooked do these chemicals have you anyway? Like being controlled like that? I'm just saying...

At 9:42 AM our cow Moon meets our Cow brain (Mercury in Taurus). You talk about folks with their heels dug in! There will be a lot of that today. Some due tenacity. Some of it due pure stubbornness. Only you will know if you are holding ground for good reason or just wallowing in personal ruts out of resistance to change. Be sure you can tell the difference.

All this dusty Earthness meets with a melting point as night draws nigh. The Moon meets Neptune by softening sextile at 7:26 PM. Resistance wanes and softens a bit. Cows are ready to rest. Dusty throats yearn for rain and muddy hands yearn to be soaked clean. Allow the softening to occur and prepare a place for comfortable and secure sleep. Freshly washed sheets and linens imbibed with a soft (VERY soft...loud scents are going to be distracting, headachy and could stir up allergic reactions) scent of lavender helps to ease us into a space of comfort. Tangibility is important. So, surround yourself with soft fabrics after you've soaked away the dusty crust of the day. Besides, Venus in Aries also wants you to treat your body nicely. So, feel free to do so.
Overnight, these luxurious self-care efforts pay off as the Moon whips up a nice Earth trine between Jupiter (1:19 AM) and Pluto (5:50 AM) as we sleep. Personal restoration is underway. So don't skimp on efforts that support such.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

We awake spry and well-rested under today's Taurus Moon. Which is good. Because, the Universe is packing electrified cattle prods. The only aspect (after last night's Earth trine) coming from the Moon today is a sextile to Chiron at 2:21 PM. Be wary of your triggers. From here she is Void and emotional bodies become less responsive. However, by 5:27 PM the Sun is riding a lightning bolt of change that can catalyze some erratic and/or impulsive behavior.

Let me tell you something. I have Sun conjunct Uranus in my natal chart. I loathe, more than anything, to be told what to do. So reserve your directives for yourself. Especially when the transit of Sun/Uranus occurs with a fixed Moon and Mercury. If you feel the need to rebel, be sure it is for just cause and not just for the sake of rebelling. Break habits. Detach from routine that threatens to keep you on a plateau. Reach for and incorporate change and personal independence in your life. Do not be afraid to bust out of the molds others have a tendency to put you in and do not be afraid to be unpopular. Fuck popularity, ok? You want folks around you that support you being YOU not folks you have to continually bend to accommodate and who fear you stepping out independently. You are free to choose who you are outside of external expectation. So, choose consciously and wisely. Know that impulsive and erratic behaviors are on the low end of this energy expression. The high end has us rising above current circumstance and choosing the smartest options instead of allowing ourselves to be cattle-prodded into reaction. Respond. Do not just react. There is a difference.

Cutting down on stimulants (including electronic and social media over-stimulation) and chemical pollutants will assist you in handling the potentially catalyzing moments of this transit. It's also going to help that the Moon is Void and less reactive and perhaps a little less anxious. But, there is still a need to hold yourself on center and ground out the lightning. Only treat a situation as emergent if it is truly emergent. No need for self-created drama to increase your sense of self-importance. Triage the situation with a cool head. Ensure you are working with safe well insulated circuitry to avoid becoming a bleeping blooping short-circuited robot.

The Moon remains Void until entering Gemini at 1:59 AM.