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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of April 24 to April 30, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I just typed to a friend, “Yes, you need to take time to take care of yourself. You've been running emotional marathons lately.” Then, I took one look at this Sagittarius Moon that stays active from today at 8:47 AM all the way until Tuesday at noon and thought, “yeah, speaking of emotional marathons.” It would appear as if we have one of those on tap which will cover the next few days. Plus, it's not only a marathon. There's an obstacle course on this run, as well. The hurdles we must jump over could be represented by situations we have dealt with in the past. These hurdles may arise looking exactly like the situation we dealt with before. Same people. Same events. Or, they may just bring a similar situation. Different folks. Different events. Same feel.
Some folks will recognize this. Some folks won't notice. But, the key to it is to handle the situation more effectively than we did before and avoid repeating the same mistakes. It is also, as I advised my friend, key to remember self-care. We aren't positioned well to A) run marathons or B) jump hurdles or C) make balanced decisions if we are gasping for air or completely physically and emotionally worn out. Rest and recuperation are important exercises. Keep that in mind.
This morning, the Moon leaves her Void status and enters Sagittarius at 8:47 AM. She remains pretty docile for most of the day making only minor aspects throughout the sky. There is a semi-sextile with Pluto at 1:44 PM and an inconjunct with the Sun at 7:08 PM. A sesquisquare with Uranus at 9:22 PM. Little nuances happen. Coloring our emotional situation but nothing too pressing just yet. This is just the warm-up/stretching part.
At 1:47 AM, the Moon makes her first major aspect, a conjunction with Mars Rx. This feels angst riddled and frustrating to me. I'm hoping to sleep right through it. But, if the energy finds you and keeps you awake, try to do something physical to distract your brain. Don't just lay there and let your thoughts and worries writhe and twist. Remember that sometimes worries that enter the nighttime space and keep us up tossing and turning often appear larger in those moments than they do in the light of day. So try to refrain from blowing things out of proportion. Have faith in yourself that you can handle whatever is in front of you while also keeping stuff in proper perspective. To help avoid tossing and turning tonight, do something physically active in the day. Get out and about to expend any frustration or angst that may be hiding in your joints. And, this doesn't have to be productive activity. You know? We can do stuff that is both fun and physically active. Tomorrow looks a lot like a washout either way I look at it. So, if you can figure out a way to be well rested tonight and escape the potential angst that keeps you awake at night; then, go for it. And, I'm not against suggesting non-narcotic sleep aids to do so. Of course, I'd opt for the one that won't leave you feeling hungover tomorrow morning. We are going to be draggy enough. Hide the Nyquil and reach for the melatonin. My personal choice is California Poppy Seed Extract; because, when it comes to sleep, this Pisces Moon doesn't play.

There may be times, also, in which we feel we can't do anything right the first time. Or, we may catch ourselves repeating past mistakes. Due this, I've just decided that I'm going to have to do everything at least twice and plan for it. If, by some miracle I get it done the first time, then the extra time is mine. If not, I've left room for a second attempt. As for the other, repeating past mistakes, it's alright. At least you recognized it. Know you will likely get another chance to deal with this situation or something similar again and set the record straight.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Most of this day is spent under the umbrella of a mutable cross created between the Moon, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. The Moon begins with a square to Neptune at (7:27 AM) which brings the emotional washout and sensitivity along with possible hangovers. It could be hard to drag ourselves out of bed regardless of what happened last night. Some may even oversleep or decide to stay in bed due illness.

By 11:43 AM, the Moon finds her current ruler by square. Check perspective again. Re-align your priorities. Approach the situation with gentleness and humility while trying not to take yourself too seriously.
Sobriety comes harshly through a conjunction from the Moon to Saturn at 3:48 PM. The truth is heavy and inescapable. Emotional burdens and responsibilities hang heavily on our shoulders. Remember that the outlet for this ongoing mutable square falls in Gemini whose current ruler is in Taurus. Take your time and think about things. Try to keep things simple and imbibe everything with common sense. Mercury in Taurus doesn't normally over think but it does chew over concepts slowly. Think of a cow laying in a field chewing her cud. Chill out and take your time to think things over gently and slowly. It is Monday, after all. How lovely did you expect it to be anyway? Deal with it one bite at a time.
After linking up the mutable t-square, the Moon moves on to trine Uranus at 3:08 AM. Man. Is there any room for sleep in the first of this week? No, Josi, we are running emotional marathons, remember? Oh...yeah. So, the trine with Uranus is not so much a bad thing. It can be the assistant we need to break loose and detach from some of our worries. However, I like it much more when this aspect comes in the middle of the day instead of the middle of the night because it's not so conducive of a restful night's sleep. Yes, this could be another restless night. Those that slept in this morning or who were able too, might be positioned just right to deal with it. For the rest of us, though, it may start feeling like we fraying at the ends. You know that feeling when you've not really slept well for a couple of days? Yeah, that.

Another way I see this playing out is early in the day we may have been trying, trying to achieve that feeling of wakefulness and pumped ourselves full of caffeine and chemicals in an effort to do so. Well, we definitely can feel the after effects of that overnight. My suggestion is, instead of reaching for the caffeine and chemicals, try to stay well hydrated instead. You might be surprised how much this helps energy levels in a more smooth way than chemicals. I know I was. We are running an emotional marathon, after all, and in a true marathon they don't hand out cups of coffee and soda during the race do they? No. No they don't. Pace yourself and be mindful of what you are dumping into your body.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

After we get over the morning hump that comes with a square from the Moon in Sagittarius to elusive Chiron in Pisces, Tuesday begins to feel a little better. It's squishy as we come out of the gate. But, by noon the Moon is in a nice fire trine with Venus in the last degrees of Aries. Following this trine, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn tonight at 7:55 PM. I have a feeling we'll be thankful for this emotional break under the Void Moon when we get there. Most will have been stretched at the seams variating between being overly sensitive, overly stimulated, manic and depressed. Perhaps it's less of an emotional marathon and more of a an emotional pinball game. Either way, it's likely to tax us off and on up until the Moon is Void. Take advantage of the dullness offered here. Do something nice for yourself.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This morning is probably the best of the week. We wake up with the Moon in Capricorn creating a nice Earth trine with the Sun in Taurus at 10:54 AM. Folks find their groove and are able to keep things real and down to Earth. It's not a speedy pace. But, a comfortable and responsible one that deals with matters on a practical level.

By 5:57 PM, it's time for a nap as the Moon finds Neptune by sextile at 5:57 PM. An early night might be store or just a little rest and relaxation in our evening hours. The boss of your life (which is you) may need to kick her feet up and have a glass of wine and listen to some relaxing music. Yeah, that sounds about right. Knocking out responsibilities early in the day under the practical and diligent Earth energy can leave room for unwinding later this evening.

By 9:46 PM, we could be feeling even better as the Moon creates another Earth trine with Jupiter in Virgo. As long as you don't blow emotional things out of proportion and instead maintain perspective and deal with things in a triage like manner, you'll be fine. Eat well. Rest well. Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another day, indeed. This morning cravings run deep and emotions darken. Temptations, fears and paranoia threaten to darken our morning doorstep under a Moon/Pluto conjunction at 5:21 AM. Emotional intensity rises. Reach for endurance, fortitude and integrity. Foster a sense of self control instead of reaching out in an attempt to control others. Stare down and address your deepest fears and obsessions.

By 12:59 PM, nerves are likely frayed and folks are pretty reactive due a lunar square to Uranus in Aries. Plus, Mercury is at a standstill. He officially turns Rx at 1:12 PM. So part of that “frayed” and angst riddled feel could come from all our machinery going haywire. “Did you try rebooting?” Mercury says between giggles. Many folks will need bigger patience panties to cover their impatient asses. Don't look at me. I'm not immune. Mercury stations frustrate the hell out of me too. But, what are you going to do except roll with it. If something isn't working right, lay it down and come back to later. I know that Mercury in Taurus is not great at changing it's mindset. But, I do encourage you to try. Self-divert and focus on what IS working more than you focus on what is not. Slow down (which may be tough to do under Moon/Uranus). Give it a shot anyhow. Doesn't make sense to keep doing stuff that only adds to your frustration level.

The Moon in Capricorn finds our stalled out Mercury by trine at 4:54 PM. So, are you gonna let your computer misbehaving cause you to cry? Man, I've been there. Veer away from over-stimulation. Attempt to express your frustration or your emotions about the thing in general. Is that what is REALLY bothering you? Or is there something else that is swirling around in there that makes this thing even more intolerable?
This is good energy to use to re-negotiate business dealings or make adjustments to contracts. I didn't say to sign the final draft...we should be still drafting terms here. But, if you MUST sign on the dotted line TAKE THE TIME TO READ EVERY WORD until you are satisfied that you fully understand the terms. Anyone that tries to rush you into signing or agreeing is up to something. Make sure you take the proper measures to protect your interests. Throughout the day we will feel reactive and as if we need to rush due the Moon/Uranus interaction. Deliberately slow down and take your time in the face of that. Rise above the knee-jerk reaction and realize “on the spot” or “off the cuff” is not always the best answer. Absorb the shocks and ground them out. Then read the fine print before you make a decision. You've got time. All you have to do is claim it while disallowing yourself to be pushed or catalyzed into a rush.

Overnight, the Moon makes an uncomfortable square to Venus at 3:08 AM. Venus in Aries is impatient. But, the Moon in Capricorn reminds her to watch her timing. No sense preempting the situation. Think about the long-term goal instead of the immediate desire. Let the fruit ripen before you pull it from the vine. Pull up and secure that larger pair of patience panties you bought earlier in the week. From here the Moon is Void for a little over an hour until entering cool and/or icy Aquarius at 4:47 AM on the 29th.

Friday, April 29, 2016

This morning the Moon is in Aquarius. We need socialization. Some air and space. Light friendly interaction that is not all swamped out with emotions. We need to detach lean into the support of social networks. We need community and tribal support.

At 7:20 PM the Moon makes a sextile with Mars Rx in Sagittarius and we may become wise to where we have misstepped in recent past. Incorporate that information into your computer brain. It's useful data we can employ in the future. Don't beat yourself up over it. Let it go after you learn from it.

Venus is due to change her outlook today. She drifts into her home territory of Taurus at 8:36 PM. We begin to look to the things of value around us. And, are called to appreciate what it is we have more than yearn for what it is we don't have yet. Or, at least, this is what we should do. This movement of Venus happens immediately prior to our Last Quarter Moon that develops at 11:29 PM between the signs of Aquarius and Taurus. Last Quarters typically call for a final flush. This one is no different. We are relinquishing on an emotional level. Purging. Letting go. Releasing into the soil what can become future fertilizer and aiming to travel more lightly. Venus wants comfort and stability and she isn't going to find it buried up under a bunch of stuff. Cast the metaphorical pea from under your mattress. Pay homage to the blessings you already have and may have overlooked or taken for granted in the past.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

This morning we wake up on solid footing due to a stabilizing sextile from the Moon to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is the Moon's traditional ruler. However, she checks in with the traditional ruler AND her modern ruler, Uranus, too. At 7:55 PM the sextile between the Moon and Uranus in Aries occurs encouraging us to rise above and reach for things like emotional independence and freedom. We are still casting stuff off. These aspects encourage us to keep going forward with that. Finish things up and cast away baggage before you plan to start anything new. Overall, it's a stable and somewhat breezy day that offers a nice chance to drop a few worries off at the curb. Hope is somewhat restored.

By 10:56 PM, the Moon does square Mercury in Taurus who is quite resistant to changing his mind regardless of the facts you present him. This is a square in Fixed signs. One sign that is hell bent on moving into the future and sign that is still trying to make sense of it all. Thing is, old mentalities are not going to make sense. Not that you'll be able to convince steadfast Mercury in Taurus of that easily. Offer him an incentive. A reward for changing his mind and looking at things differently. Give him a carrot at the end of the stick to entice him. Then, leave him be to think or re-think the situation at his own pace.

Change is not an easy thing for anyone. Be patient with yourself and others through it.
Following the square with Mercury, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 10:34 AM. Tomorrow promises a watercolor world under a Pisces Moon as the Sun in Taurus is also in trine to Neptune. Folks become more emotive but also more flexible. Don't push stuff. Let it run it's course. Make your point and let that simmer for awhile. The deadlock softens a bit in our days to come.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mars Retrograde 2016: Phase 1: Re-birthing your truth and searching for your Spiritual Vocation

Mars Retrograde 2016: Phase 1: Re-birthing your truth and searching for your Spiritual Vocation

I am trying, very hard, to swing a positive perspective into this Mars Rx business. There are two planetary things that I abhor and dread. Mars conjunct Saturn and Mars Rx. Yay! Both of those energies are coming in. Dammit. We've got some time before Mars/Saturn. So, I'll not whine about in Phase 1. I'll save it for the final phase (as Mars exits his shadow) since that is when the conjunction occurs.

Mars stations Rx on April 17 while conjunct the fixed star Antares. Shortly following, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio—a sign that holds Mars as the traditional ruler. The modern ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, turns Rx the same day at 17 degrees Capricorn. Then, of course, Mercury turns Rx (at 23 degrees) in Scorpio's opposing sign of Taurus on April 29 while in a nearly exact sextile to Chiron in Pisces.
The slow down preceding these planets' Rx motion is palpable now. It's as if the “Quickening” from our eclipses is now subsiding and we are able to slow down, look back and assess where we are. Interestingly enough, Venus is trine Saturn Rx on the day Mars turns Rx. She will have just made an inconjunct with Jupiter the day before. She is waxing in square to Pluto (19th/20th) and conjunction with Uranus (22nd/23rd). Man, her dance card is full! Before leaving Aries, she even stands off with BML in Libra on the 28th. I think she is important through all of this. Especially the beginning. After all, she is the ruler of the other side of the incoming Full Moon in Scorpio equation, the Sun in Taurus. In essence, her movements leading up to and immediately following the Full Moon herald our official transition from Aries season into Taurus. She enters her home sign on April 30/May 1. In the meantime, Mars' antithesis is traveling through HIS sign as he, himself, is debilitated, stalled and preparing to back peddle. He is weakened. She is empowered...oh, she is tested and tempted while square Pluto and made erratic by the conjunction to Uranus; but, that is still power folks. Basically what we “want,” what we value and what we desire is being excoriated, cleansed and then CLEAR! PREPARE THE PADDLES! (HEAR THE STATIC OF THEM RUBBING TOGETHER) SLAM! SHOCK! REBORN! SHE'S ALIVE!

We may kick start Taurus season with everything being about Mars/Pluto. But, the rest of the season, it's all about Venus. She steps onto center stage. From Taurus she plays amicably with Neptune (May 9-10), Jupiter (May 10/ he stations direct) and Pluto (May 14th). Still beautifully empowered, throughout. Also, she meets up with Mercury Rx while he makes his 2nd trine with Pluto. Basically the two switch places. Venus steps into the trine with Pluto as Mercury wanes out. The conjunction of Mercury Rx/Venus and both of their trines with Pluto occur on our Taurus New Moon degree (about 17 degrees Taurus on May 6). Which, of course, means that the New Moon in Taurus is richly flavored by a nice Earth Grand Trine with Sun/Moon/Jupiter/Pluto. Talk about rich for sowing seeds.
Assessing the beauty found in the empowerment of Venus throughout the beginning (at least) of Mars Rx has helped me see the potential benefit of this transit. It's as if Venus is enlivened through this. We know what we want and are ready to boldly go after it while she is in Aries. However, what we “want” is tested and reconsidered as Mercury turns Rx. We eventually reset our brains, adjust our plans and how we think about the thing; then, we decide whether what we want is worthy of our efforts or not...reconsider our values and what is important. We may even make a few attempts to reach out and grab the thing but find out it's going to take a metaphorical change in the batting order to get it. A few trial/practice runs...which will aid in the assessments of worth but eventually lead us in the direction we need to go after the assessments are over. If what we deem is still found worthy throughout all this; then, we will continually strive to obtain it. That's not a bad thing. It may, however, be a testy thing; because, the methods we've used in the past to get there are not going to work. There is the matter of delayed gratification and the need to change the way we do things. Many will circle around to upholding and recognizing the value of what they already have as ambition wanes.

Violent and aggressive means of assertion will be attempted within the frustration of Mars Rx. What the Universe is calling for is a kinder and gentler approach. We've never really been taught this in our culture. Most certainly not in the US. Not directly anyway. I mean, out of one side of our mouth the country speaks of the “American Dream” while out the other side comes this “Nanny Nation” that longs to keep a vast majority of folks dependent upon government systems and focused on barely meeting their most basic needs (food, shelter, security) while distracting them from focusing on things that happen within higher levels of government structure and, according to Maslow, higher levels of consciousness.

It makes me wonder what would happen if our labor force just completely laid down, went on strike or just quit feeding into “the race.” The country would come to a standstill. It would be much different than when the political/government factions lay they've been known to do...coming to a screeching halt over budget issues or what have you. In those instances what I've noticed is the labor force just keeps moving forward and life in general in the US goes on as normal. But, without the power of the labor force? The service industry? LOL...yeah. Completely different story. I don't anticipate this happening. However, the possibility does make me smile. And, I do think some will revert to putting their energy into things that may seem more important to them than whatever bidding their boss doles out. Priorities are due to change a bit as we reconsider the work we do in the world versus what our Spiritual vocation might be.
Real everyday people have a whole heck of a lot of unrecognized power through the blood, sweat and tears that TRULY keep this country running and through the power of their consumerism. The marketplace responds to consumer demand...because it has to in order to financially survive. The American public demanded quick, cheap and easy food in the era of excess. We got it only to discover what we initially wanted came wrapped in lethal packaging. So the American public started to demand healthy, fresh, non-polluted food and the industry is slowly doing a turn around in an effort to accommodate that. Thus, the power of the everyday person is illustrated. What makes anyone think that the same thing will not happen with businesses built on bigotry who lean into these state “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts” negatively? Because it will. Bigots aren't the only folks who run businesses, own land and run this country. But, they will surely stick out like sore thumbs in the very, very near future. Ripe for the snatching of our dollars from them and giving them to someone else. We do have choices and we don't have to speak/yell/scream a freaking word to make them or become mirrors of the passive violence they portray. We can and should merely walk away and go somewhere else leaving the dying thing to die. As it should. The more vigorously they show themselves, the easier it will be to spot them and discard them. You know?

So wrapped within this Mars Rx, there is opportunity to restore and take your power back. That comes with an assessment of value. Recalculating what is important and deciding what is not. Some things that were taken for granted or overlooked grow in importance. While, at the same time, we discover things that we have previously held at priority aren't that important at all. Mercury Rx provides the opportunity to re-assess matters of value and worth (both on a personal/spiritual level and on a material/worldly level). Meanwhile, we are also taking assessment measures in regard to what we want. How much do we want it? To a degree that we are willing to try to obtain it more than once? Enough that it is worth slowing down and really thinking about it? Enough that we are willing to change the way we do things and the way we think about doing things in order to get it? Are our abilities to navigate frustration tolerance and delayed gratification up to par? Oooh those two things...frustration tolerance and delayed gratification. THOSE are the irritants coming from Mars Rx that forces us to the value re-assessment table. Is it worth it? Is it worth the wait? Is it worth getting up and giving it another a try? Is it THAT important?
And, this is just part of it. There is more. The sign of Taurus resonates with the Heirophant in Tarot. The Heirophant who is staunchly certain of his beliefs and stands strong on a pillar of unshakable values. Only problem with that? That pillar of Value is not steady now but shaking due to Venus' pressurization between Uranus and Pluto. Venus levels out eventually. But, she is tested here. This testing plays into the beginning of the retrogrades.

Mars is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius lords over things like religion, politics, professional sports, in-laws, grandchildren/grandparents, public school systems/teachers, published information like the News, legal systems (to a degree especially in regard to written laws), philosophy, foreign affairs and international travel. Mars here has a duty to the entities that Sagittarius lords over. Direct, he is marching out in defense of all these things as if he has all the answers. Because, a lot of the time, Sagittarius does have the answer and fears not telling you of it. Preaching about it. Educating you. Mars champions these causes in Sagittarius and, at times, over-reaches and brings the truth too forcefully. Meaning, spoonfuls of knowledge are not offered; they are force fed....shoved down our throats as we are told to just swallow the truth. However, as Mars back peddles into a corner, we are given time to assess our own truth, our own philosophy and decide where our own spiritual duty lies.
Saturn Rx in the same sign puts the burden of accountability upon our own shoulders. Meaning, there will not be an authoritative faction there to spoon feed to you what is right and what is wrong. All that in regard to legality is under scrutiny and question right now. So, laws are wide open for public interpretation and question while we have to decide for ourselves the thin line that separates the gray areas of right and wrong for ourselves. AGAIN, this heralds a need to revert back to an assessment of value. Is this important enough for me to stand on a soapbox about it and risk getting hit with rotten tomatoes? Or, could I maybe...just maybe...get my message across more clearly by just doing whatever it is I have been preaching about instead? Just because it is legal to discriminate (for example), does that mean I will be ok with doing it? Or, regardless of what the public law is saying is ok, will I decide for myself that it is wrong and steer clear of it? You know what I'm saying? What if...what if...a new law was enacted that said it was ok to beat your spouse under X conditions. It's legal. No one will persecute you for it. The law has your back. (By the way, there are still laws on a few state books that allow this under certain conditions.) You going to do it? Or does that meet with resistance in regard to your own philosophical views and beliefs? In other words, just because the world accepts something as truth and law that doesn't mean it sits well with you. Just because the world says, “Hey! It's ok if you are an asshole!” Does that mean you are ok with being an asshole and bearing all the karmic consequence that goes along with that? Or, will you just keep walking and holding yourself to your own truth and decide that being an asshole and beating your spouse is not congruent with your beliefs. I'm not telling you to break the law. I'm just saying, just because a law says something is legal that doesn't make it morally sound. It doesn't make it ok inside of you. So...what will you do with that? Can you decide what is really right and wrong for yourself (and the situations you are in) or do you need someone to preach it to you?

Wrapped up in this are also tests of faith. Things we previously believed in and causes we previously carried a torch for come under scrutiny and question. Gray areas emerge littered with question marks that no one outside of your situation can fully understand the way you do. What if you find yourself at an opposition with your religion or the law? Can you rely on your personal truth to lead you home? Another example: My baby is starving. Is it ok to steal food to feed him? My religion says, “thou shalt not steal.” The law says I can go to jail for it; but, I've been to every public office and can find no assistance. I cannot bear to watch my child suffer. So, how do these laws and beliefs support me in the end? I've fallen between the cracks and theft is seriously looking like my only viable option. I could take this opportunity and preach to you about what is right and wrong in this situation. But, if you are really IN this situation, my preaching is not going to matter much. It's going to come trickling down to you and your own assessment of...ok, if I steal food for my child, that will fill an immediate need. But, what if I get caught? I'll go to jail and be unable to care for my child at all. I may, in fact, lose my child forever...but, at least he will be well fed and taken care of. Won't he? See, decisions like that can't be made for you. Though, some folks may try the choice still comes down to you and what you can sleep with in the end. So, yes, we will question our own religious beliefs and personal theories as a myriad of gray areas emerge and the ways we have done things in the past continually fail as what we thought was important in the not so distant past continues to shift.
At the Genesis of this Mars Retrograde we are doing a lot of reassessments as we re-consider what is truly important and retrace our steps in regard to how we got to where we are right now. Our hearts come under pressure. Deep and well rooted values come under scrutiny. And, within that, we may change our minds. Thus, our path forward is altered. We consider, how would we have handled X past situation had we known what we know now? All the while, re-calculating. Re-calibrating...while we are also continually tying up loose ends and cleaning up messes we previously left in our wake as Mars moved through this territory the first time. Our steps become smaller and our pace becomes slower as Mars retreats. Plus, as Mercury is Rx, time slows giving us ample opportunity to think about what it is we are doing. Meanwhile, Venus is empowered and trying her best to show us what is important. Listen to her. Be present and appreciate what it is you have in your life right now. Honor and be thankful for that while remaining open to recognizing it at the same time. Don't be surprised if you change your mind about what is really important. That is what is supposed to happen during this phase. Then, as this occurs, what we are driven to defend, honor and fight for changes as does the way in which we fight, defend and honor.
And this, my friends, is only the beginning. This Mars retrograde has many themes and will cover several areas of life. Each marked with personal nuance. Mars does rule Aries, after all. Which is the body of you. The beginning of everything. The head. The birth and genesis of life. Part of what you are is directed by what you believe. So, the causes you champion and the truth you defend is part of that. Both of which is going to be revisited in this first portion of the Mars Retrograde. In the end, you will be changed. This is only the beginning.

Phase 2: Mars enters Scorpio: Cast into the Underworld

MAY 21, 2016: FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS (featuring Moon conjunct Mars)

5:15 PM EDT

MOON AT 2 SAGITTARIUS: White capped waves dance rhythmically under the winds. Lax response to vital call to activity. Power to stir and impress one's own rhythm upon materials. Proud adornment.
SUN AT 2 GEMINI: Santa Claus is furtively filling Christmas stockings. The natural beneficence in any normal human heart. Alertness to the wishes of others; the often hidden pride of benefactors.

Sun/Venus opposite Mars May 22 (Sun) May 24 (Venus)

Mercury direct May 22

Mars into Scorpio May 27

Phase 3: Mars prepares to turn direct and the 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius: Enlightenment

Mars inconjunct Uranus June 19

JUNE 20, 2016 FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS: This one switches the batting order of New/Full Moons. NOTE: WE HAVE TWO FULL MOON'S IN THE SIGN OF SAGITTARIUS THIS YEAR!! To me, the second one is quite significant and calls for a realignment of what we really think/do in comparison to what we profess to believe. A true Astrological Blue Moon.

7:03 AM EDT

SUN AT 30 GEMINI: A parade of bathing beauties before large beach crowds. Use of individual vanity in raising racial standards. Examination of intellectual values for use in the soul life.
MOON AT 30 SAGITTARIUS: The Pope is holding audience in a hall of the Vatican. Wealth of spiritual resources which can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.

Phase 4: Emergence: Mars direct and retracing his shadow


7:02 AM EDT
12 CANCER 54

SUN/MOON AT 13 CANCER: A hand with prominent thumb is held out receptively. Strong, active and self-certain will or persistent yet blind plunging ahead into reality. Freedom from soft illusions.

Venus trine Mars July 6
Mercury trine Mars July 10

Phase 5: The Game Changer: Mars re-enters Sagittarius

Mars enters Sagittarius Aug 2


4:45 PM EDT
10 LEO 58

SUN/MOON AT 11 LEO: Children play under a huge oak, sheltered from the Sun. The sustaining and protective power of ancestral background against emotions. Appreciation of inborn cultural restraint.

Venus square Mars Aug 6

Mars conjunct Saturn August 24 (Mars exits his shadow)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the week of April 17 to April 23, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today is the day that the world collapses into itself. Imploding and caving inward.

Just kidding. It's just that Mars and Pluto turn retrograde. At these stations points, the pull (or drag, rather) of Mars Rx and Pluto Rx is quite strong. As they continue in their backward motion, we will become more accustomed to what works under this energy and what does not. However, the initial turn around is pretty grating each calling for things like delayed gratification, change and patience. In most cases, many will feel inert. So, let's take a look at how this rolls out.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo as Mercury makes his first trine to Pluto (5:20 AM). He will make 3 of these during his retrograde phase in Taurus. Each offers us an opportunity to peer deeply within and assess the foundations of our values. We consider and re-consider what is truly important and of value to us on a personal level. It's a quiet and self-directed reckoning that few will speak about openly. It involves assessing fears related to being unable to obtain what we desire, discovering things we incorporated as fact due to past conditioning (which may not be fact at all) and, at times, thoughts could become pretty dire or negative as we turn toward this internal assessment discovering soured information as we go. It's dark. It's powerful. Be careful, at this time, what you wish for. Listen to your words, carefully mind where you allow your brain to wander and assess what those vibrations may or may not be attracting into your life. I'm serious.

Spewing negativity and constantly speaking ill of your personal circumstances can, indeed, send out a vibration that attracts more of this type of thing into your life. I'm not saying you have to be all Pollyanna and pretend that things are alright. What I am saying is what you say and how you think about your life matters. If change is needed, there are plenty of opportunities to make changes. Complaining that change is needed isn't going to change a thing. Stubbornness and a potential for thought looping is pretty high.
At 8:18 AM, Mars comes to a standstill. It may feel as if, for a moment, a pause button has been hit within the collective. There is a feeling of suspension, inertia and perhaps even a bit of confusion in regard to what it is we are supposed to be doing. As a matter of fact, by 1:01 PM, when the Virgo Moon finds Mars Rx by square (5 hours later), he is still at the same degree/minute in which he turned retrograde...having not moved one little millisecond. And, by the time the Lunar square waxes in, the frustration of his stalled position will likely be strongly felt.

The feeling of angst, frustration and inertia is compounded and diffused as the Moon opposes Neptune at 5:35 PM. My suggestion for the entirety of the day is to just stop. Relax. Make yourself comfortable. Put your to-do list on the back burner for the day. It's not going to go anywhere. As the Moon moves between this space of 8 and 15 Virgo, what she does is link together a massive mutable t-square that involves Mars Rx, Neptune, Jupiter (conjunction at 11:06 PM) and, finally, Saturn Rx (3:05 AM).
The outlet for this mutable, emotional, frustrating and inert uncertainty falls in Gemini. This is not “go ahead and leap off the cliff and build your parachute on the way down” energy. It is a time to plan, learn from past mistakes, study and re-draft the design. At least read the damn instructions. Or draw some up. Today, the game is mental and emotional more so than physical. We THOUGHT we knew. But, today, we discover more information that helps us realize we really didn't have all the facts. So, instead of moving forward, we are called back to the drawing board to re-align our plans and, yeah, deal with the emotional body, too. It very well could be quite the watery mind fuck that sucks you down to a place where you feel helpless and unable to free yourself. Trapped. Stuck at a standstill. Falling in quicksand. Struggling in quicksand will sink you. So, don't move. Be still and plan your way out slowly and by being resourceful. Meaning, reach out for help and support if you need it. No. The world is not collapsing into itself. But, at times, it certainly may feel like it is. As scary and as excruciating as that sounds, what it calls for is the genesis of a plan to rebuild and a change in the way we engage all wrapped up in some serious self-reassessments. You are transitioning. Do not fear what may come. Just allow the process of re-invention to occur. Do not fight it or avoid it. That will only increase the feeling of frustration and struggle. Just let it occur.

FYI the next 2 trines from Mercury to Pluto occur on May 13 with Mercury and Venus conjunct and on June 1st after Mercury has turned direct (May 23).

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today, things feel a little better. The Moon moves away from the mutable t-square we dealt with most of yesterday. Our ambition and physical energy is still waning and feeling a bit stuck. However, mentally we are quite sound under a nice deep Earthy trine between the Moon, Pluto (now Rx) in Capricorn (6:11 AM) and Mercury in Taurus (8:31 AM). Plus, Venus in Aries is waxing into a nice fiery but grounded and responsible trine with Saturn (10:38 AM).

The ground beneath our feet becomes a bit more solid and less like quicksand. However, it could feel as if that quicksand has hardened to concrete. But, at least we aren't sinking anymore. Our minds are set and we are beholden to responsibly adhere to what we've determined as important. Foreheads are furrowed and determined.
I know it sounds odd, but I recommend taking on the role of Earth Goddess today. Dress the role, even. Browns. Deep rich greens. Touch nature. Wear and surround yourself with bounties from the Earth. Eat something fluff... Wood pendants or charms are wonderful under this sky. Also? Deep dark reds and oranges satisfy Venus at this time. Bring focus back to your body and address the needs of the lower chakras. Mental energy is fine. It's our bodies that need our attention. Don't skimp on that. Harness and drag yourself into the the present moment. Some stones that may help you monopolize upon this day include tiger's eye, moss agate, jet, amber, chard and even common river stones. Above that, I still recommend wooden amulets. If you don't have one, you can make one.

After an opposition with Chiron at 5:50 PM, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 7:25 AM tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today, my friends, is all about Venus. Everything about it. We wake up to a Venus ruled Moon in Libra. Then, at 11:30 AM the Sun crosses over into Venus ruled Taurus. And, all this occurs as Venus, herself, is in square to Pluto (4:48 PM). Tuesday's, in general, are said to fall under Venus' rule. That theory certainly rings true on this one. There is no denying her presence today. Literally; because, she is DEMANDING, not politely requesting, our attention. You may hear folks ask, right out loud, “What about me and my needs?!” You may even think that.

As a matter of fact, there may be a call to not deny her or her desires at all. She is ridiculously powerful in her current position. But, in square to Pluto? She isn't the light flowery and genteel Venus we know. She's hungry and begging for satiation to a degree that her shadow threatens to rear her ugly head if she doesn't get what she wants. You should know by now what it is that you consider important. What you need to recognize is what you already have instead of constantly trying to grapple for more. It's not about having the most toys. It's not about getting to control all the monopoly pieces. It's about deeply sinking into living with personal intimacy. Loving/accepting all your ugly. Accepting who you are without the need for external approval or validation. Standing strong upon your values and refusing to mirror or imitate the actions of our perceived enemies while becoming personally accountable for the situations we may find ourselves in without projecting the blame on everyone else. Own your shit, in other words. If you find yourself in a dissatisfying position, know that you hold the power within yourself to change that. Don't expect folks to fix it for you. They have their own stuff to deal with. This is yours. Recognizing this is where your true empowerment lies.

I will caution you to beware the slithering and hypnotizing snake. She is enchanting, alluring and appealing. But, this is her tactic to lure you close enough so that she can devour you. Don't be the victim of your own desires and the promises of someone who uses charm and manipulation in an effort to get you to do their bidding or to fill their belly. Back away slowly...even though it may feel like you are inexplicably being drawn in.
At 1:22 AM the Moon does dance via sextile with Mars Rx. For the majority of the day, though, our psyche says “Mars who?” Things are more sideways than direct. Don't trust the faces you see. Trust your instincts to tell you when you are seeing a false facade. For me, this truly feels “snakey” like something is slithering across my skin. Some folks feel a heaviness or darkness over their heart chakra. Learn to recognize and feel your own cues and warning signals.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Emotions stabilize a bit this morning with a Lunar sextile to Saturn Rx in Sagittarius at 3:34 PM. We are called to foster a sense of personal accountability in regard to our moods. Emotional boundaries are wonderful things and realizing you do have a choice in regard to how you feel is empowering especially under reflective Libra Moon who is just about full enough to burst at the seams. As a matter of fact, there may times this week in which it feels like the gauge that measures when we've had “enough” is about to flip off the scale. Again, you may even hear folks say, “I've had ENOUGH of this!” Grab on to the ability to hold emotions on center and keep your boundaries in tact. We are going to need them as the day moves forward. Realize feelings of entrapment and discomfort are CLUES to what we need to pay attention to...thorns and pit falls we need to address.

Desire and yearning deepen as the Moon squares Pluto at 6:54 PM. Then, she opposes Venus at 9:56 PM. Anxiety stirs as the Moon then waxes into opposition with Uranus at 2:15 AM. That, my friends, creates a Cardinal t-square in our evening hours whose outlet falls in Cancer. How you feel is very important. Do not deny the needs of your emotional body. Know as the Moon opposes Uranus, she also draws near to Black Moon Lilith. So it may feel as if you've been thrust out into the wild, abandoned, rejected and you might be seriously pissed off about it. Seething is a possibility. Feeling as if you could devour someone is another. But, the highest expression of this is to foster a sense of independence and bravely steer the power of your wild in an effort to survive. It's very primal, to put it mildly. Protect yourself and do what you need to do in order to meet your most basic needs. Be in this very moment without looking ahead too far. We've enough on our plates to deal with in the right now. Do not avoid that. The Moon is now Void until entering Scorpio at 8:19 PM tomorrow. We've plenty of time to let things simmer as the plot thickens.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Today, the Moon is Void in Libra for most of the day. She enters Scorpio tonight and, shortly after, our Full Moon in Scorpio blossoms (1:25 AM). If you haven't figured it out yet, much of this weeks' discomfort, yearning and frustration is pointing us toward what we need to let go of and/or what we need to vow to change. I think I may have alluded to that already.

The Scorpio Full Moon offers an opportunity for a powerful purge. Release of negative attachments. Release of personal habits and/or thought processes that have a tendency to poison us. Release of trying to control every outside little thing and reverting to efforts that allow us to control ourselves and consciously direct our actions. A slurry of poisons and toxins are primed and ready to flow from you right now. LET. THEM. GO. Open your hands and outstretch your fingers. Release your grasp on that hot coal, that detrimental habit, that thing you keep doing to trip yourself up. The release we feel here could actually feel orgasmic. Or, keep holding on and keep slaying yourself on the cross that your demons create. Your choice. Your consequence.

SUN AT 3 TAURUS: Natural terraces lead up to a lawn of clover in bloom. The invitation extended by all nature to man for self-expression. Inspirational possibilities in all experience. Hope.

MOON AT 3 SCORPIO: Happy house raising party among western pioneers. The constructive sharing of experience which builds social values. Interchange of efforts. Necessity to learn cooperation.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The antsy emotive feel of last night's Full Moon lingers. Many are not well rested for various reasons during this week. That feeling brings forth today' and over-sensitivity. That metaphorical “pea under your mattress” feels like a damn boulder at this point. The discomfort is no longer tolerable. Venus conjunct Uranus at 5 PM tonight puts a severe exclamation point at the end of that. Fuck. This. We are out of here! Give-a-damn's come crashing down around us and social “political correctness” dies.

At the same time, as we lean into honest and forthright self-expression our feelings of personal independence and freedom grows. The power of the illusive “them” diminishes because we no longer give a damn what “they think” or what “they do” or what “they say” anymore. Chains are broken. Ties are forever severed and we are free falling...floating within the realm of infinite possibility since we are no longer beholden to rules of social decorum at this time. Manners and politeness don't just fly out the window they are shot down with laser beams. Nothing is minced and re-dressed for social approval. Nothing is masked. It's raw, real and pressing.

Shortly after, though, there are feelings to contend with. The Moon meets Neptune by exhausting trine at 7:15 PM. Rest and humility are what we need as she sinks into a sextile with Jupiter shortly after (11:58 PM). Weightless and floaty, we sink back into dream or the spiraling abyss of our self-created nightmares.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sleep and rest birth a feeling of resolve and restoration as we wake up this morning with the Scorpio Moon in a nice supportive sextile with her modern ruler, Pluto in Capricorn at 7:40 AM. Yet, we are quickly called to negotiating table as the Moon opposes Mercury at 5:47 PM. This could be personal negotiation or negotiation with others. Occurring in fixed signs, it could result in a deadlock as everyone is adamant to have things done their way without regard for how anyone else feels about it. Heels are dug in.

However, we melt again as the Moon finds Chiron in Pisces by trine and we are reminded of our inner wounded animal and her effective or ineffective coping mechanisms. True assessment of this is called for. Following the sink of the Moon trine Chiron, she is Void until entering Sagittarius at 1:47 AM tonight. There is plenty of time to stare into the deep aching hollow abyss. Fear not. Stare it down.

Keep releasing. Keep letting go. Keep thinking for yourself while also being open to listening to the conversations that are happening around you. Make your own decisions but don't just stand on a rock to just be standing on it. Know why you are standing in that position and make sure it really is a good foundation. If not, slowly and painstaking begin unraveling that debunk thought process. Take the initiative in your hands. Again, no one can do this for you. So many planets in retrograde puts the task firmly upon your shoulders. It is time to re-think this, re-do this..back up and punt in an effort to re-frame your perspective. Let priorities shift. Answers of “this is the way things have always been done” shows you exactly where things need to change.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of April 10 to April 16, 2016

Sunday, April 10, 2016
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini. Her very first aspect is a nice sextile with Venus in Aries at 11:59 AM. This is light and active. Enjoy it while it lasts because following this pleasantry, the Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius at 4:06 PM.
The opposition to Mars is a bit ambiguous and can have what we feel like doing and what we are obligated to do at odds. There could be too many choices. And, we are not exactly focused as both Moon and Mars are also now within orb of a square to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon officially perfects in square to the Lord of the Seas at 7:59 PM. What the Moon does from here is link up a fierce mutable cross that holds Mars (8 Sagittarius 38), Neptune (10 Pisces 59), Saturn (16 Sagittarius 10) and Jupiter ALL within orb (14 Virgo 27). The energy extends from the early evening opposition with Mars at 4:06 PM all the way through to the opposition with Saturn at 4:37 AM tomorrow. There is a lot of shaky uncertainty wrapped up in this mutable cross. Our emotional body is riding that wave which can feel a lot like over-whelm. There is so much to do we barely know where to start. Plus, the emotional body is exploding in a kaleidoscope of variable feelings about the whole thing.

This is all aside from the fact that our ambition and energy levels are in quite the pressurized position. Mars is stationing due to turn Rx at the end of this week. He is feeling the increasing pressure from Saturn Rx drawing increasingly near. He is over-extended due a waxing square from Jupiter. His energy levels ebb and wane like the tides due a square from Neptune. Taking action comes under pressure, over-blown expectation, far reaching goals and confusion. It's kind of like trying to thread a needle while you are drunk, blindfolded and sitting unprotected in a rainstorm. So, it can definitely feel frustrating and challenging.
At any rate, we may have big plans for the day only to encounter an inability to meet our own expectations due various reasons by nightfall. Physically folks don't feel like doing much at all due Mars' condition. That feeling of demotivation wrapped in pressure, confusion and “too many details” extends the duration of the week, folks. The Moon moves. But, the rest of this mutable energy continues to wax and build as it holds in orb. In that, attempting to do much of anything is going to feel like wading through the resistance of mud. Our bodies may literally feel heavier and harder to move. The good news about that is over-aggression is likely to be smacked in the head. The bad news is we are all going to feel a lot like deflated balloons in the process. Take the Universe's cue and slow down instead of wearing yourself out with attempts to fight the flow of this energy. Lean into it and do what you can as you can while being alright with that even if the progress you make doesn't match what you feel is your full potential. None of us are operating at “full potential” levels right now. Expect to move forward slowly and tediously. Know there may be some backpedaling that may occur before we ever meet with a full forward stride. That's alright, though. There is plenty of work which needs to be undone in the land of Sagittarius (politics, religion, world/foreign affairs, law makers). I'm willing to deal with myself as the Universe prepares to take address all of that. Are you?

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Moon emerges from the sea of flux created by the mutable cross after her early morning opposition with Saturn (4:37 AM). From here, she shines in sparkling sextile to liberating Uranus at 11:58 AM. This is followed by a nice fiery sextile with the Sun at 2:58 PM. For most of the day (especially in comparison to yesterday) we may feel as if we are moving with the wind at our back a bit. We feel better. We are lighter and more carefree. The Sun emerges after the storm.

Words and ideas whip about like spring winds. Emotions can change at the drop of a hat. But, things do feel significantly lighter. The weather may even warm a bit. Following a square with Chiron at 3:57 PM, the Moon reaches Void status. She enters Cancer at 4:07 AM. Enjoy the windy lightness offered today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Monday's feeling of lightness meets with an influx of water today. The Moon is in Cancer as Mercury in Taurus meets Neptune by sextile at 5:40 AM. Rigid thinking and stubborn opinions melt under the softening of compassion. Time is an elusive entity today. Dragging in points and completely disappearing in others. Words drip with emotion and thoughts are swirling in a water-colored world. Imagination and intuition are kicking. It's a wonderful day for creativity and finally finding the appropriate outlet for our emotions. It's also a good day for confessions.
At 3:17 PM, Venus in Aries dances in a fire trine with Mars in Sagittarius. In Aries, Venus turns love into an action statement. It is said she is in detriment here. I call bullshit on that. What she does here is imbibe our motivations with grace. Initiation is not direct. In trine to a hindered Mars in Sagittarius, there is a bit of re-training going on here. Moving with force and aggression IS NOT going to cut it. Moving with grace, fluidity and gentleness gets the job done. Over-reaching and over-blowing your expectations of yourself is not going to cut it either. Aries fights one battle at a time. And, with Venus in the sign, Aries is more alluring than forceful. Charm is your battle ax. Wield it wisely.

At 7:50 PM, the Moon meets with discomfort as she squares Venus. Something stirs in our guts be it hunger or a feeling of “something just isn't right.” Either way, it is not an easy feeling. We want. We desire. But, we are tired and also wish to lay down arms for the night. Perhaps, laying down arms is exactly what we need to do. Shortly following this the Moon enters a watery trine with Neptune (11:28 PM) that lulls us off to dreamland.
Overnight the dreamscape is active as the Moon links a nice mini-trine between Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo from 1:36 AM to 5:14 AM. The intuitive body sends us messages in dreams. Listen to what you wake up with playing in your brain in the morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heaven help us today because our Momma Bear Moon is pissed! She wakes up from dreamland slowly slumbering to meet the morning. But, the morning sunshine doesn't last. Pluto in Capricorn darkens Momma Moon's doorstep by opposition at 10:58 PM. She can smell his presence instinctively at the door. A small growl escapes her lips as she prepares to defend.
By 4:46 PM she is in square to Uranus in Aries. The emotional battle becomes full blown ferocious and angst riddled. Think Momma Bear is cute while she is holding all her fuzzy cubs near her? Well, just try to snatch one of those cubs away and see how quickly that cuteness fades. Cancer energy can be nurturing and sheltering. But, it can also eat you alive if you are perceived as a threat to home or family. Tread carefully because, I promise you, hell hath no fury like a mother who is acting in defense of her cubs. Woman scorned, my ass. Don't fuck with the Momma Bears.

Ok. Bear analogy aside, what this Cardinal t-square can do is bring about the shadow side of our emotional body. Folks may become paranoid and act out of character due to fear and anxiety. The balance point for this pressure lies in Libra which points directly to Venus in Aries. What is Venus' battle ax? Charm. Grace. Love in action. Violence is not going to cut it. Protecting what you hold dear and being forthright and upfront about what is important to you, though, definitely holds importance. Venus is direct and bold in Aries. We aren't used to that. But, it doesn't mean it can't be a good thing. It's just folks aren't used to feminine energy wearing assertiveness...which is just too damn bad because feminine energy is poised to win this war. So, the world best get used to it. Does that mean that you can only win if you have a vagina? No. It means the power of brute force aggression is about to hit a brick wall. True power comes from the ability to care and lift others up. It's a power that both sexes have but neither are encouraged to recognize. Yet, it is rising now. Power doesn't come from over-powering. It comes through grace and gentle assertion. However, grace and gentle assertion are NOT going to come easily under this emotionally pressurized sky. There are true threats out there and there may be true calls to stand in defense.
Some folks may fall prey to emotional manipulation and attempts to control or claw into others. Some folks will reach out in desperation for what they feel they need. The best bet is to shelter in place and hold down the fort until this emotional storm passes. Get yourself to a safe place and hold your brood tightly in an effort to live to fight another day.

At 9:01 PM our Cancer Moon is in another water trine with ouchy Chiron in Pisces. At midnight our pressurized First Quarter Moon blossoms at 24 Cardinal 39 pulling in the Moon's anti-thesis, Black Moon Lilith, by t-square. Black Moon Lilith marks the Moon's apogee shadow. So as the Moon squares her, we may really begin to feel a sense of separation from our pack. We are the lone wolf now fully separated from our children and cast out into the wild. That, my friends, can turn dangerous fairly quickly. Naked, lonely, hungry, afraid and pissed off about it much? Yeah. The outlet for this t-square falls in Capricorn pointing to a need for self-control and adherence to responsibility. Bear in mind the potential consequences of your actions. Breathe through any feelings of separation and deal with the anxiety that may bubble up from that as a result. Make a plan. A well thought out plan that bears in mind what is important to the entire kingdom. Though, our initial inkling may be much more ferocious.
The influence of BML here is not to be taken lightly. Many a Momma Bear inclined will be much more likely to want to just devour anything in their path. Don't allow yourself to be turned into the enemies you perceive. Be wiser. Stronger. Do not let the seething overtake you. Know this energy WILL NOT be tamed. But it can be endured and directed. It is 100% primal, though. How well do you handle your inner wild? Because this set up will show us exactly where we stand in our ability to do so. All of our senses will highly acute. Put the knowledge this heightened state brings us to good use.

Thankfully, following the First Quarter, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 9:54 AM tomorrow. This gives the emotional body time to settle a bit after it's had the hell shaken out of it (literally) all day. Temptation to do ugly things will be present. Hold yourself at bay within that. Expect that not everyone will and protect yourself in light of that. Such powers of defense are at your disposal, if needed. However, your best bet is skitter sideways in avoidance of conflict instead of swinging the door wide open to invite it in.
Thursday, April 14, 2016

This morning the Astrological energy shifts, again. As a matter of fact, it may seem as if the ground is literally moving under our feet. We begin the day with the Moon in Leo as Mercury in Taurus finds Jupiter Rx in Virgo by rich Earthy trine. Minds explode with possibility. However, there is an unspoken call to rethink what we've previously believed as truth. The problem with that is Mercury is not very flexible in Taurus. We don't want to change our minds when he is lodged here. We want to dig in our heels and stand on solid information. But, the ground is not solid. It's shifting as circumstances change taking our perspective with it. The goal here is to remain practical. Assess what thoughts are really congruent with our values and make decisions based within that practicality. Instead of over-thinking or putting too much emphasis on own perspective, take in the whole picture with small humble bites. Then, make decisions that you can live with in the long-term.

Very fixed and self-centered opinions butt heads today. Remember, it is more important to make decisions based on what is right for the circumstances involved rather than just to revert to the same old outdated mentality that screwed everything up to begin with. Do not fear changing your mind in light of new information. That doesn't make you wrong in the past. That just means you were misinformed. Now you know the truth more fully and you can incorporate that knowledge into your decision making. We live and learn. Don't be afraid to act on that learning.

Friday, March 15, 2016

The world seems to be on fire this morning. Overnight, our fiery Leo Moon met Mars by trine (2:33 AM). This morning, she dances with Venus in Aries (8:45 AM). This is mobile energy. Prompting us to get up and move again. However, our ambition is still in a position of hindrance as Mars energy continues to slow and meet with drag and resistance. We may want to run and play but barely have the energy to sit down and color a full page in our coloring books.
In our early evening hours, fixed energy squares off as our Leo Moon finds Mercury in Taurus by square. We are definitely set in our ways and that becomes wonderfully apparent to us under this aspect. When you change how you think you essentially change who you are. That is a pretty uncomfortable mix right now as folks find themselves rutted deeply in personal opinion. Change is hard. But, it's exactly what we each need to do. Help with this is coming to our sphere, but in the meantime we are likely to feel heavy and pressured...almost as if we can't do anything right no matter how hard we try.

Plus, folks are likely to be quite argumentative under this sky. It will be hard, though, to tell if they are really arguing with you or waging war internally. What we see could actually be the end result of the latter. So, you let them deal with that while you deal with your own self. The initial reaction to this energy will be for folks to stand their ground and dig in their heels. The highest expression of it though calls for us to attempt to redesign from the neck up. Know this will be a difficult task to undertake and most folks would rather just yell at one another and argue over who is the most right. This is a wonderful waste of energy because no one is going to have the power to change anyone's opinion. That's totally an inside job and efforts spent trying to sway others are going to be met with hardcore resistance. Save your breath and your energy. Your best bet is to just accept that no one really “knows” anything and grab a box of popcorn to munch on while you observe everyone else airing their dirty laundry.

Thankfully, the Moon settles a bit shortly after this fixed energy standoff through a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. We are reminded to be patient and wise. We are steadied on our path forward and have time for ZERO bullshit. We are called to hold ourselves accountable to our truth and model the highest expression of it as we attempt to move into our future. No talky, talky...all walky, walky. Shut your preaching mouth and practice what you preach instead.
As we lean into this “walking gently with our truth” we are lightened. Some of the crust of our give-a-damn falls off with a nice powerful fire trine from the Moon to Uranus in Aries (1:27 AM). This is your path. Power forward on it by thinking for yourself and making your own decisions. Change and pioneering is definitely called for. This wilderness is new and wild. The world is forever altered and options we had to deal with circumstance in the past are no longer viable. Bravely face this while knowing we will encounter the unexpected along the way. Foster a sense of self within your community and independently take the lead role in your life.

Yeah...not a great night for sleep. I'll give you that. But it is a wonderful night for breaking free from outdated bullshit.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Moon is still active and perhaps a bit frayed this morning coming down from the high stimulation of her trine with Uranus in Aries last night. The element of fire is still strongly present as she passes by the Aries Sun via trine at 1:49 PM. We can make progress in the early part of our day. However, ambition becomes a little less passionate as the Moon reaches Void status following this trine. She remains Void until entering demure and practical Virgo at 7:24 AM.

Fire is slowly replaced by Earth. This is echoed as Venus in Aries passes by Jupiter in Virgo by inconjunct. Feet are bare and on the ground. We move to the deeply embedded tempo in our hearts. Ferocity is grounded with wisdom and we are encouraged to lean into the song of our own soul. My dance will be different than yours. My desire will move me in a different direction. That doesn't make either of us wrong. It just means our dances are set to different tempos. We can still admire one another's movements without feeling tempted to mimic or force choreography. You dance your dance. I'll dance mine and the world can whirl in gracious movement if we allow it and accept it instead of trying to get everyone to just do it “our way.” Keep your criticisms to yourself and focus on stepping to your tempo while encouraging others to do the same. There is room for everyone.