Morning Star: Astrology for the week of March 20 to March 26, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This morning we wake up to a leveling. The Sun has crossed the threshold of Aries. Interestingly enough, Aries does relate to the head as well as our individual selves and this week is riddled with aspect patterns from planets that are considered “personal.” Today denotes the celebration of Ostara. The Spring Equinox that shortly precedes the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on March 23rd. The Sun's movement into Aries brings the first spark of initiation and renewed life. The egg shell has cracked. But, there will be more sparks. The busiest planet in the sky this week is Venus. Par for the course, I assume as our lunar culmination occurs in her sign. She begins to take center stage today.
The Moon is Void in Leo as the new Aries Sun breaks dawn on the horizon. She remains Void until entering Virgo at 1:40 PM. Five minutes later, Venus in Pisces finds Neptune by conjunction. This is quite the interesting combination of energies. Mars is nowhere near subdued. This is his season and he lingers on his future station point as the Sun awakens in his territory.
So, what we have is Mars growing in intensity in Sagittarius as hearts melt in the sea of Neptune under a quite active Earth Moon. All combined can bring a plan of action inspired by our dreams. It's a spark of initiation that steers us down unknown pathways. We will begin hacking our way through uncharted territory with both hopes and fears of what we may find. There will be times when the work load is heavy and the path forward is uncertain. There will be times when we have to turn around or take detours. Every wary explorer expects this. And, with 3 planets turning retrograde in the coming month, reviews will certainly be taking place. Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius on March 25. Mars and Pluto station retrograde together on April 17/18th. Mercury zips through Aries and lands in Taurus on April 5th where he stations retrograde on April 28th. Jupiter continues to backpedal throughout.

What this means is during a season of initiation we have some some recalculating and recalibrating to do. At times, it will feel counter-productive. The journey is long. Don't waste your time asking, “Are we there yet?” Enjoy the ride and note what you see and encounter on the journey. No need to rush. That's a very important thing to tuck in the back of your consciousness. Set a manageable pace and remain flexible. Try to maintain your sense of humor and don't take yourself too seriously. Over ambition and bolting from the starting gate too quickly bears negative result. Emerge slowly and gracefully. That's what a Spring equinox with Neptune seducing Venus is like. It sets a tone, for sure. It's not a bad tone. Just not an overtly Aries one. It's different. Just as our approach to many situations should be. Of course, as a Libra I can say that. But, as far as I can see, most of the world needs some re-schooling in regard to how to live together. Welcome to it.
I am betting this week goes by quickly. I bet it seems that much of the Northern Hemisphere wakes up overnight. And, I bet MANY will notice that time seems to have lost it's Neptunian drag. Even as I type this, I realize I'm getting ahead of myself which is a trap many of us may fall into during the coming weeks. However, within this week there is definitely a chance of “head trouble.” Think about it. The trees are waking up and flowers are blooming. Those sensitive to pollens will feel that. Plus, with Mercury in Aries eventually burning up by conjunction to the Sun and trining Mars? Headaches in general will be a thing as well as the typical manic mind racing. So, there's that.

Today is largely subdued for it to be the first day of Aries Season. After the Moon passes into Virgo this afternoon, she squares off with our slow moving and intensified Mars in Sagittarius at 11:14 PM. There's ambiguity and a bit of discomfort with that. We may feel as if we need to do something but the body drags. Though we may have big plans for the days to come, we could procrastinate getting started. We aren't fully awake yet...merely stirring which could equate to a restless night. We feel that the egg shell has cracked but we are still covered in the fluid of birth (metaphorically...of course).

Monday, March 21, 2016

This morning, the Moon is still in Earthy Virgo and is softened by an opposition to Neptune at 10:00 AM. She finds Venus by the same 2 hours later. We could be a bit distracted and wishing the weekend had lasted just a bit longer.
At 8:20 PM, Mercury passes into Aries and the brain sparks. Emotions take form and perhaps darken and become cumbersome shortly after as the Moon squares Saturn at 10:07 PM. There is a realization of exactly how long the path is ahead and how much work there will be to do as the Moon then moves on to pre-link Saturn's waxing square Jupiter. She officially finds Jupiter by conjunction at 10:27 PM. Things may have been foggy and uncertain yesterday and this morning. But, the truth is glaringly obvious and clear by tonight. At least you know some of the facts. Plus, with Mercury's movement, we could very well change our minds or our perspectives about a few things. The opportunity is there if you need it. Definitely lean into independent thought and seek practical solution while maintaining a willingness to get your hands dirty in the process.

Our sense of fortitude and endurance deepens as the Moon finds Pluto by trine at 11:55 PM. Use this energy to roll your sleeves up and vow to hang in for the duration. Be fearless as you stare down what could become a potential challenge. Prepare to push the plow and prepare the ground. Know that much of what will need to be done begins with an inside job. Moon is in fix-it and Sun is in do it yourself.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Today is weird. Here we are on the eve of the eclipse. The Moon is fat and opposed Chiron as we wake (8:46 PM). This gives us an undeniable view of the ways in which we hobble ourselves. Our secretly denied or hidden pains. Our sickness. Our addictions.

It's probably very quiet like those darkest moments right before the Sun breaches the horizon. Many guts are stirring and many can feel the ecliptic energy waxing acutely in. But, following the Moon's opposition with Chiron, she is Void until waking up in Libra at 1:24 AM tonight. There's plenty of time for thinking things over. Many will be.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Duty. Responsibility. The truth. Social dictum. Government/political restriction. Religious oppression and conflict. Self-criticism and an ass load of work hangs in our sphere this morning as Jupiter and Saturn officially square off just before dawn (6:15 AM). Saturn is heavy and intensified. You know that's gotta be a lot of fun, right? Saturn's a fun guy. Not. Jupiter is typically the life of the party, but not in Virgo. Many will realize they may have bitten off a little more than they chew. More will feel hindered and feel as if they are being overly criticized by some type of authority even if it's due restrictions they've put on themselves. Some will feel crushed in a 10 of Wands scenario and realize they need to cast off a few burdens that only make life more cumbersome. Delegate. Or scrap it. Or do as much as you can and be alright with the amount you are able to produce. And, if it ain't yours don't carry it around. You'll have the perfect opportunity to cut some things loose in just a few hours.

At 7:12 AM our Libra Moon argues with Mercury in Aries. What they need to do is balance one another out. Think for yourself but be conscious of how consequences may affect the things you are connected to. Know the folks you surround yourself with and the things you feed your brain through media consumption DO AFFECT HOW YOU THINK. Don't be afraid to delay decision making or change your mind. Minds will likely race and we may also feel as if we need to keep everyone happy but there is so much work to do are just one person. We acknowledge where relationships with certain entities may be weighing us down more than they are lifting us up and decide we don't have the time or energy for that anymore. And, you know what, “relationships” is a word that encompasses more than romance. It can include your relationship with yourself, your money, your job, your family, your addiction/illness, your enemies. A relationship is formed whenever you interact with something. On a mundane level this is a break-up Moon. But, it could denote more than just breaking up with your significant other. You could break up with your bank, your job, your smoking/drinking habit, your family, your negative self-defeating attitude...any number of things. I do encourage you to follow your heart. However, make sure you take your brain with you.
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Balancing is definitely called for in the realm of our personal Yin and Yang energies. At the very least, we should focus on the internal marriage of both our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects. Remember, eclipses are cutting and Full Moons are for release. Put that energy to work for you in your life deliberately. Direct the searing surgical tool to the precise place where cuts need to be made in an effort to bring more balance to your life.
Here's the thing.
Don't rush or be impulsive. Yes, emotions are high. The energy is wonky. There is A LOT of pressure to perform. And...OF COURSE IT IS LIKE THAT! We have awoken to ecliptic energy with the Lunar Eclipse culminating at 8 AM. There's much to be done and plenty of pressure with Jupiter and Saturn holding tightly in square. Venus is slowly pulling away from her drunkeness following her conjunction with Neptune and the veil of delusion is lifted in many areas of our lives while leaving only the mourning behind. Top that off with the rest of the day that includes a sextile from the Moon to Mars (12:34 PM) which calls us to move while Mars is temporarily disabled and a conjunction from Mercury to the Sun (4:11 PM) which is nothing less than head-achy and/or mind racing and...yeah. Moving too quickly can get you hurt. Know it will be hard to slow down. Know that it will be hard to keep emotions on a low simmer but definitely remember to THINK about what you are doing and assess the potential consequences your actions may have fully upon your future before you take one single step. We may feel like we need to move quickly but, in essence, what we need to be doing is cutting dead weight in preparation for the long road ahead and working to maintain a sense of balance and grace while also under a great deal of pressure.

Your Sabian Symbols for today's eclipse read as follows:
MOON AT 4 LIBRA: Pilgrims gather round campfire, in silent communion. Fellowship of higher ideals that sustains the individuals on their arduous path to Reality. Mellow participation in life.

SUN AT 4 ARIES: Two lovers are strolling through a secluded park lane. Fullness of conscious participation in life without responsibility. Closing of a cycle of activity, implying satiation.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

This morning, we start off feeling a little more stable which will likely come as a bit of relief. Ecliptic energy is anything but stable, I can tell ya that much. However, the Moon does find Saturn by sextile at 10:34 AM giving us a chance to ground and get our feet underneath us. I'd advise you take full advantage of that opportunity.
By noon, the Moon is re-pressurized by a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Some of the things you tried to cut away under yesterday's eclipse may be clawing to hang on, manipulate you, greedily reaching out to sink their negative attachment threads back into you. Turn this energy into self-control and adherence to your previous decision and double tap that f *cker. If you can't cut it away with the first hack, hack again...and again...and again...until the tie is completely severed.

At 4:58 PM the Moon opposes Uranus bringing potential erratic behavior and an tendency to be impulsive along with it. Ground the lightning. Rise above emotional manipulation and reach for higher emotional intelligence and more personal freedom. Was that thing clawing back into you? Or were you reaching back out to it? Cut. It. Loose. Whatever “it” is for you. Then, put your hands on the steering wheel because it's time to move on under the waxing trine between Mercury in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius at 6:45 PM...just bear in mind the need to hold to a manageable pace but Simon says, “feel free to take few steps forward...slowly.” Know that following the opposition to Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 2:10 PM tomorrow. The mind may race with plans and ideas but it may be hard to initiate or really “get into” any of that right now due her Void condition.

Friday, March 25, 2016

This morning we wake up under a dull and Void Libra Moon. However, the aspects of the day maintain the fact that it is a true day of Venus. We begin with a sense of personal accountability as Saturn turns retrograde at 4:58 AM. Our workload is still intense as the square between the Great Disciplinarian and Jupiter in Virgo continues to hold tight. Venus walks into this mutable mess at 7:58 AM with an opposition to Jupiter quickly followed by a square to Saturn Rx at 12:49 PM. It's pressurized. And, that pressure lays heavily upon our hearts. We struggle for joy, comfort and air. But, we are fairly dispassionate and tired...perhaps even bordering on numb.

The outlet for the mutable t-square created between Venus, Saturn and Jupiter lies in Gemini. Study up. Talk things out. Gather trusted friends for support and offer it in return when/where you can. Be flexible...this is mutable so you should also be willing to change if needed. Saturn and Jupiter will likely put pressure on what needs to become more bendable. Stretch the area gently.
At 2:10 PM the Moon wakes back up and dives into Scorpio. Emotions reactivate and can feel quite intense. What else do you expect from a Pluto Moon? Grief could be a thing to contend with. Such is the air that surrounds loss that often accompanies both a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Yeah. Some things have ended. But, not all of it. Yet the pressure and uncertainty of what may come next is certainly lingering heavily in the air. Scorpio can help you heal the spots where severance has occurred when used appropriately. It's not an easy task. It's not necessarily a joyous task. However, it' better than martyring or hanging on a cross. Reach deep for your ability to survive and be resourceful. Continue to release, detox and be brave within this energy that feels uncertain and maybe a little scary and self-defeating.

Unfortunately, suicides and deaths can be factors in times like these. Please reach out for help if you need it. And, if you are on the other end of that call, stop what you are doing and assist the best you can calling in additional assistance if need be.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

This morning we wake up in a veritable ring of fire. The Sun in Aries finds Mars quivering in Sagittarius at 6:33 AM. Shortly after, Venus is fortified, strengthened and revived by a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn at 7:09 AM.

The Mood, however, continues to be dark, watery and intense as the Moon in Scorpio find Neptune by trine at about midday (11:26 AM). To me, this all equates to a need to turn our faces to the future and start thinking about whatever reality has brought to us while fostering effective coping mechanisms to deal it. We need to move on. There will be feelings associated with that acknowledgment. Assessing those is entirely an inside job. However, getting out, moving around, reminding yourself that you are still alive and able to do these things is going to help.

As night falls, we may begin to feel a bit better as the Scorpio Moon finds Jupiter in Virgo by trine at 10:33 PM. At least, we should try to steer ourselves toward optimism and humility instead of eviscerating ourselves with self-criticism. What's done is done. You cannot go back and change a thing. All you can do is glean the wisdom from the experience itself and make plans to put that knowledge into conscious play in the future. A sense of endurance waxes into our emotional sphere with a sextile to the Moon's current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn, at 1:21 AM. Hang in not on.
A sense of comfort does wax into our sphere overnight (3:27 AM) with a trine from the Moon to Venus. Physical activity in the early part of the day satisfies our feeling of needing to “do something.” There's satisfaction found in that which could help us sleep a bit easier tonight. Following the a trine with Chiron early tomorrow (10:46 AM), the Moon is blessedly Void ALL DAY until entering Sagittarius in the wee wee hours of Monday morning (2:47 AM).