Morning Star: Astrology for the week of March 13 to March 18, 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yesterday's lethargy and fatigue continue today with as a sextile between our Moon and Pisces Sun overlays our morning hours (5:47 AM). From here the Moon moves into Void status until entering Gemini this evening at 5:04 PM. Then, we move into the discomfort created when the brain tries to bring logic to both our emotions and our watery, loving and sensitive hearts through a square from the Gemini Moon to Venus at 8:22 PM.

Of course there is potential for today to be disorienting as the our clocks have jumped ahead an hour due Daylight Saving time. We may feel as if we are running behind for awhile and it will take time to adjust to this “new normal” just as it does every year. The days will become increasingly longer which increases our wakefulness and affects our sleeping patterns. Of course, many sleeping schedules (especially for inutitives and empaths) have been disrupted already due the energized Spring awakening and the eclipses. The atmosphere is not restful and we can feel it. Definitely take advantage of resting spots as they come to thwart being worn to an anxious frazzle.
At 9:43 PM the Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius. This, as per typical, can create ambiguity. We may have big plans and the emotional body runs through all the possible scenarios wafting from being excited about the possibilities and then backward to perhaps a bit of paranoia in anticipation of the change. There is definitely a push and pull. Of course, it is late in the evening. And, this is another factor that may keep you awake as your brain spins and your emotions churn. Simplify it. Remember, all you need to worry about is making the next right step. Let all the other details slip away and focus on that. What step illustrates your doctrine of truth? What steps need only become worrisome until we are on the verge of making them? Decide the next right thing. Don't over-promise yourself or set your expectations to high. Go for simplicity and practicality. You aren't expected to lay all the pavers on your future path in one day. So, keep things small and simple. Anything you cannot figure out right now, toss it up in prayer and ask for Divine assistance to point you in the right direction. Then watch for the synchronicity and other encounters which hold directional cues.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Well. We aren't exactly jumping eagerly out of bed to greet this Monday morning. The Moon is actively waxing into square with Neptune as we wake up perfecting at 10:07 AM. We are slow to rise and still adjusting to the human created wonkiness of time. I swear, I wish whoever is in charge of that would just pick one time and stick with it. I feel as if this switching back and forth twice a year is way past its expiration date. But, then again, I have Mercury in the 11th and do not like my schedule to be interrupted or finagled with. Change is not easily incorporated into my tendency toward being OCD about my personal schedule. We will all adjust I'm sure. I just don't think we should have to. K. I'll quit whining about it now.

Though, negativity in the Mercurian realm is entirely possible due to a square from the winged messenger to Saturn. This can bring a gut check of reality to our temporary misconception of time occurring at 3:26 PM. It may even feel as if time is moving excruciatingly slow.
There is also a call here to be very articulate and truthful in what it is you say as well as shoring up your internal speech. If you find you are berating yourself or knocking yourself around for previous misconceptions or talking yourself down for mistakes you made when you weren't consciously mentally engaged (perhaps due distraction or emotionality) then set the record straight but don't be overly harsh with yourself. Mercury is nearing the South Node now. He sits at 16 degrees Pisces with a mere 5 degrees to go. The energy is waxing now. Many will receive information in regard to how they have been deceived, misinformed or have misinterpreted information in the past. Some will realize this was self-deception through denial. Of course, most of that denial is squashed under the Mercury/Saturn square earlier today. But, it continues to unfurl and become a bigger issue once Mercury passes over the South Node and opposes Jupiter.

Information and ideas right now remind me of embryos. When you look at the embryo of any given species, it's hard to tell what it will be when it is fully formed. This is the beginning of the birth of a new thought process or the genesis of a new idea. There is no promise that it will be a beneficial thought process or a good idea. There is only promise of a beginning. The Genesis. So, as with any embryo, it should be carefully protected, nurtured and well fed. Held in quiet as it is allowed to develop fully. Yet, our Gemini Moon loves to talk and share information. At this point, most information lies in pontificating theory and, while it is ok to discuss, know that anything you expose your thought embryo to will affect it's development. I'd hold my initial plans to my chest if I were you unless there is a trusted source you can talk to who you know won't try to inflict your thought embryo with poison and doubt. The poison can come in the form of discouragement from others. The Nay-sayers who say it cannot be done. That hurts your budding dream even if it does need to bear in mind reality. What it doesn't need is someone pushing it down and eradicating it before you've had a chance to decide it's efficacy for yourself. Only allow information helpful to development through the embryonic sac at this time. Again, protect these tender inklings. Be patient with them as they develop. Don't expect all the answers at once. These thought embryos like real embryos can hear and feel positive or negative vibration and inflections through the embryonic sac. So, protect them until they are more fully developed and less prone to infliction...less vulnerable. Instead of feeding them with discussion. I'd suggest feeding them with information. Learn new things. Study on how you can nurture this idea to fruition. You know, just like any protective expecting parent, read the information that helps you learn the skills you need to be a good parent...of your brain? Yes. That's exactly what I mean.

About an hour later (4:49 PM), Venus in Pisces perfects in square to Mars in Sagittarius. We are driven to reach out and explore. Venture far and wide. But, there is that elusive hollow ache in our hearts that wants fulfillment and something that seems so far out of reach. On a mundane level, this can play out as being torn to between getting out and enjoying the day versus staying at home wrapped up in the comfort of our beds or complete denial of reality in favor of self-created fantasy. There is a real chance of over-stimulation that causes discomfort. In the literal world it's like your neighbor's are having a loud and rambunctious party while you are trying to meditate or relax. And, there is also chance for the righteous warrior (Mars in Sag) to become disruptive to our yearning for peace. The best bet here is to allow your heart to be tender and forgiving as you actively seek the truth. If that ability comes best for you by venturing out to fresh scenery or by taking a hermitage it doesn't matter. Choose what works best. But, balance the square by adhering to honesty and the ability to remain mobile instead of allowing the hollowness to overtake you. And, there's plenty of hollowness with a stellium in Pisces. The ethereal ache in your chest or belly is justified due this pile up. So, treat yourself gently.
There is also chance for relationship conflict in this mixture. He (whether He is the masculine part of you, a friend or a partner) wants to get out and explore, attend sporting events or take up a cause of activism. She (whether She is the feminine part of you, a friend or partner) wants quiet, peace, rest and dreams. Balance the two by mixing your outward adventures with an element of Neptune. Go out and explore Neptunian factions. Go on an inward journey to explore your heart and discover why it feels so unfilled through honest self-inspection. Don't wallow and linger in the water. Move around in it or step out on the beach for a break. Compromise between these two factions is imperative to avoiding conflict either internally or externally. Instead of reaching far out in expectation of someone else meeting your needs, try to discover what blocks you from being self-fulfilled in your own right.

As darkness falls so does our mood as our Gemini Moon opposes Saturn at 8:55 PM. It's heavy. It's depressive. But, at least it holds a sense of solid ground. You may not like where you are. But, you are certainly aware you are there. Again, balance is called for. Solidify what you know as truth and illuminate the spaces where you are still left with questions. This is fact. This is yet to be unknown. The two co-exist in the continuum. Realize which is which. It's like you are at the library. You've read several books and solidified their information in your brain. But, this new information brings a need for more answers. So, you climb the ladder to get to the top shelf books that are dusty due to lack of use. You stand solidly on the ladder's platform and reach for the book you feel may hold the answers you need. But, it's important that you try to maintain focus upon one thing at a time instead of adding to the confusion by diluting your reasoning system with too much information. Delicate balance. Remember, you are still trying to feed, nurture and protect your embryonic thoughts/ideas. (This week is a lot about Mercury, in case you've noticed that yet.)
And, speaking of Mercury, as if he hasn't been busy enough already, our Mercurian Moon finds her ruler by square at 9:45 PM. Shortly after the Moon finds Jupiter by square (10:52 PM). This creates an emotionally unstable mutable t-square and a feeling of being out of control in some regard. The answer lies, of course, with the t-square's outlet in Sagittarius. Don't be afraid to optimistic...allow yourself to believe in the potential of a future. Put wisdom into conscious practice. At the same time remember Jupiter in Virgo is small, mindful of detail and practical. If you find things blossoming into confusion and uncertainty, boil it down into simple steps and factual evidence (ie: solid truth without too much weight on unproven theorem). Dismiss yourself from distracting over-stimulation. And, definitely dismiss yourself from poisonous rhetoric, as we will likely encounter some in our late evening and your mental body remains highly susceptible to it.

Overnight, the Moon is liberated a bit and we are able to detach from some of the confusion through a sextile from the Moon to Uranus at 1:36 AM. The unexpected solution or inspiration may come to us in dream. Or, this could catalyze a sense of restlessness that inhibits sleep. This deepens and becomes perhaps a bit paranoid as the night goes on and Mercury finds Pluto by sextile. The illumination could co-create a deeper sense of awareness. When backed with integrity and fortitude, well formed ideas could begin to be birthed while less supportive ones stand on the edge of death. In some instances, ideas become well formed and ready for birth. In others, there are miscarriages. Nightmares are possible. But, just as possible is the ability to stare deeply into the construct of our future plans and envision the weak spots giving us the power and endurance to shore them up. But, you've got to brave in that. You have to see and accept the ugly before you can ever begin cleaning it up.
Long taxing day overall. One that may not end with a good night's rest and end up bleeding right into tomorrow. Mercury continues to be a factor throughout tomorrow. Don't overload your brain with more than you can effectively handle.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Beware the Ides of March. That's always a thought that haunts my brain on March 15th. Due my affinity for Shakespeare? Perhaps. But, I'm also fairly certain it has to do with how the Sun aspects my chart on this day every year. The sense of foreboding comes as the Sun forms an exact inconjunt to my natal Sun in Libra and trines my Black Moon Lilith shortly following a square with natal Saturn. The passage heralds the incoming season of Aries which, as a person with a Libra stellium, I find quite uncomfortable. Neither my solar body, my lunar body, my Martian body, my Venetian body, DEFINITELY NOT my Uranian body OR my Mercurian body understand Aries season. It's uncomfortable to me. Brash...and there are times when I feel my natural state of being is at polar opposition with the current collective. And this coming from a chic who was raised by two Aries parents. As a matter of fact, I will celebrate birthdays with loved ones on 3/22, 3/23, 3/25, 3/26, 4/1 and then there is one I will skip...that of my nemesis on 3/31 (or 3/30...I deliberately try to forget). For Aries energy to feel abrasive to me, I sure am surrounded by quite a few of them. I know this is because I need to learn from them. And I know that it is opportunity to find balance and make compromise. You'd think I'd understand it better by now because I've obviously been paying attention. But, I don't. It feels unnatural and uncomfortable for me for just about the entire duration. Of course, I can't forget I have Chiron in Aries too. So, there is innate pain associated with the element of the sign. The Universal Spring is my Fall and there is a bit of discomfort that goes along with that...a feeling of missing the boat, being left behind or lagging at the starting gate. Eh, it's a thing. A thing you learn when you obsessively study your own chart. I refine my coping skills every year but it never gets easier. K, enough about my distaste for what this time of year brings to me on personal level.

Today, Mercury in Pisces opposes Jupiter while Chiron still sits on the South Node. The Moon trines Black Moon Lilith and Hecate is lingering around the next eclipse point. She's preparing the next cross roads that we will find at the ecliptic. Today marks the half-way point between the ecliptic. Our first quarter Moon occurs at 1:03 PM stretching from 25 Pisces/Gemini. It's time to come up for air. There is a theory of evolution that states we evolved from something that slithered out of the ocean. Collectively, we are experiencing the part of that evolutionary theorem where we stick our heads out of the water for the very first time and realize there is a whole different undiscovered world out there. Big change is fostered by our mere curiosity about the new place. That comes with pressure and uncertainty. Remind yourself that all you have to do is breathe. Don't be afraid of your untamed and wild. But, don't go all nuts with it either. Please note I'm discussing THEORY here and not fact. At this time in collective development, it is very important to understand the difference.
Following the First Quarter “crisis” the Moon is void until entering Cancer at 8:57 PM. From here, the notion is comfort seeking. Shelter. Stability. Protection.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This morning the Moon lazily wakes up to a trine with Venus in Pisces (5:44 AM). And, this heralds the watery overlay that hangs across most of the day. Hearts may weep. Fear isolation and abandoment. Or willingly plunge the emotional waters in search of solitude and peace. We are quite sensitive and moody today. Easily influenced by external factors making boundaries essential.
This keeps flowing as the Moon finds Neptune by trine at 3:10 PM. Music and poetry are balms to an uneasy soul. Don't forget about the medicine these magical entities can provide and lean into flow instead of trying to swim upstream.

Meanwhile, two of the greatest powerhouses in the sky, Jupiter and Pluto, meet in the sky via trine. This provides solid ground. The highest expression provides fortitude, integrity, practicality and awareness that you are reaping you have, indeed, previously sewn. It also packs an element of faith strengthening and assurance. It can help bring container to the water/emotions as we are reminded, once again, all we need to focus on is figuring out the next right step. That's all. No sense in looking beyond that right now.
In the very, very wee hours of twilight, the Moon finds Jupiter by sextile at 4:01 AM while finding Pluto by opposition at about the same time (4:08 PM). Stare down the darkness of your fears and deliberately turn your face to the light. Once you find the light, pull upon your innate power to foster enough bravery to walk toward it. Slowly...again, this comes from fortitude, endurance and integrity not greed, fear and excessive internal criticism. However, know there is thunder and lightning entering the horizon due the Moon's movements during and following this set up.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

At 7:40 AM our crab shells are rocked by lightning as the Moon finds Uranus in Aries by square. It's uncomfortable, breaks our typical morning routines and at the least puts most folks on edge. Understandably so. The unpredictability of lightning on water makes me nervous too. Insulate yourself so that you can ground out the electricity/adrenaline brought forth by the unexpected in an effort to channel the charge appropriately instead of feeling as if someone just threw a toaster in your relaxing bath.

At 9:29 AM, mental awareness is brought to our denied or numbed out pains. Information comes in an effort to teach us. But, the information itself can catalyze an awareness of pain that we previously dismissed. Around the same time, the Moon waxes into trine with Chiron calling us to be a good parent to ourselves through our sickness instead of lashing out like a wounded animal or reverting to becoming a continual sucking black hole of unfulfillable need. Tread carefully, consciously and compassionately. Give yourself and every one else space to deal with what is being brought into our awareness. It will be different for everyone. But, the common tie that binds us is pain even if we do have differing coping mechanisms...some more effective than others.
Shortly after her trine with Chiron, the Moon finds Mercury in another swirling watery mess. But, this may allow us to more effectively put what we are feeling into words or give it outlet through some other form of creative expression. If words seem lost or unreachable, give it outlet through music, art, creativity...look for the muse that vibrates with the current condition of your emotional body. If you need to raise that vibration, raise the tempo. If you need to settle it, lower the tempo. Decide where you are and what you need. Do not hesitate to seek it out.

At midnight, the Cancer Sun finishes here watery visit with the element of Pisces with a trine to the Sun. When I first started thinking about Cancer/Pisces, what permeated my awareness first was the dynamic of codependency and enablement. Do you fall on either side of that spectrum? If so, it's important to recognize where and work to break the cycle if it threatens to diminish your own potential or that of someone else. Know when to let go and when to hang on. Unconditional love does not mean continual self-punishment. You can love someone and walk away from them allowing them to have a choice as to whether they continue with their downward spiral or not. Recognize if you are helping or perpetuating a drowning situation. Mercury is lingering on the South Node today and tomorrow.
Following this watery trine, the Moon rests in Void status until 3:55 AM when she enters Leo. I see this as a positive lunar movement. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some of this water to dry up and evaporate. Perhaps the fire of Leo will help with that instead of packing a need of validation and selfishness. May it...please...instead foster the curiosity of a child, the love of a good clean game and playfulness for all of us.

Friday, March 18, 2016

This morning we are a little more motivated and imbibed with a bit more energy. Fire has entered our atmosphere and will likely grow over the next few days. However, we mustn’t forget there is water out there which creates humidity and dampness threatening to squelch our fire a bit if we aren't careful.
Early this evening, we are motivated to move forward with a trine from the Moon to Mars in Sagittarius. Remember, though, one step at a time instead of quick giant leaps.

The Moon moves on to pass over every planet in Pisces by inconjunct subduing our renewed energy to a degree in quite an unexpected and unforeseen way. This happens especially if you don't mete out this energy and try to expend it in on hurried push. The inconjuncts occur a follows: To Venus at 7:13 PM, to Neptune at 11:18 PM. Stacked in the middle are catalyzing sesquisquares (which sneakily pack pressure) with the first one coming to Chiron at 4:13 PM. Then, the one with Mercury follow at 9:30 PM. Finally, there is sesquisquare with the Sun at 7:06 Am tomorrow. It's a mixed and confusing bag of tricks to say the least.

Allow me to review what a sesquisquare indicates. Basically, it denotes an imbalance. It's like aiming carefully at a target but disappointingly missing by a mile. From a nice website I found this morning ( from Kira's Astrology, “The sesquisquare often denotes behaviors that are strongly stimulated by subconscious longings, or misguided attempts to make life turn out pleasantly by specific actions. The goal is far different than the result, bringing not what the owner intended because the sesquisquare aspect is uncomfortable, unhappy, maladjusted or sorrowful in and of itself.” So to rephrase my initial metaphor of shooting an arrow and missing. It's more like trying to shoot an arrow into a desired target while you have a nest of bees in your pants. There's a push of “must do” and “must aim carefully” but there is plenty of distraction to throw you off your game. Thankfully, we are talking sesquisquares by transit and not the ones that linger in your natal chart for a lifetime just waiting for you to pay attention...because often we don't. Often in a natal chart these are the aspects that cause that feeling of “I don't understand why every time I try to do something X (insert unfavorable outcome here) happens.” It happens because of a lack of awareness accompanied by at least two factors that are seriously unbalanced in our nature. It's an often overlooked minor aspect that can really stir up problematic stuff when we are unaware. And...YAY...we get a lot of that today at about the same time we are feeling as if we are ready to step out of one or more less than personally comfortable situations.
Interestingly enough, the Moon isn't the only ethereal body creating these. Mars also meets Uranus by the about itchy twitchy without any discernible explanation.

As far as I can tell, this is pretty much par for the course with Mars in shadow. It's pretty much a given that we will try and fail several times before we ever figure out the best way to approach our future path. Might as well accept and prepare for that while maintaining your tenacity to get up and give it another go with a stronger, wiser more well developed plan of action. Over-reaching, over-reacting, feeling overly justified and dismissing details will surely herald a downfall for many...eventually. This is just the beginning. Our Leonine roar could very well only come out as a weak squeak under today's sky. No worries. There is plenty of time to strengthen your voice. No need to rush.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Today the Sun lingers on the last degree of Pisces. The dawn of Aries season awaits us at midnight. Meanwhile, we wake up to the Moon in a solid and supportive trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Know no truth will be spared. There will be a bit of reckoning to contend with. However, we could begin to see the path forward a bit more clearly and may even be able to make a few solid footsteps in that direction. Just don't take off running. Remember to set a slow, conscious and deliberate pace. Don't roll your eyes at me, man. My frustration tolerance is at a clinically diagnosable low. I don't like waiting. I'm not good at being patient and definitely DO NOT like to wait things out. But...that's exactly what we need today...high frustration tolerance, patience and the ability to wait instead of just bolting up the staircase.

The Moon passes by Pluto by inconjunct at 12:51 PM. This plays out according to how well you know and accept your own shadow. It can catalyze fear of the future, uncertainty due fear of abandonment which can lead to attempts at emotional manipulation, awareness of toxic attachment and desperate acts of greed and control. It's quick and fleeting though. So, watch as it waxes in and hold steady as it dissipates. This inconjunct also forms a loose Yod with Chiron in Pisces putting the Moon in residence at the apex. Work the sextile of Pluto/Chiron to reform your pain re-birth effective healing. Your emotional body is supported by this. What is not supported by is the lower vibration that comes through the paranoia that seeps into your psyche as you remember, “I've been hurt by this before.” There's not one single spot in this sky willing to embrace denial. So, don't even try.
In between the loose yod, the Moon trines Uranus which does bring a bit of fresh air and assistance through a call to try something new. And, that's exactly what you should do. Remember what it was that caused you the past pain. Search deeply for the root of it and vow to do things differently and more consciously in the future. Purposefully breaking free from outdated and no longer supportive routine is of great benefit under this aspect. Just don't allow it to become impulsive. Impulsiveness is the lower vibration of Uranus. The higher is calm cool action backed by the support of a higher emotional intelligence which I assure you was well earned. So, put it to good use even if leaning into the pure adrenaline of the situation gives you enough of a rush to feel like maybe you are alive again. Come back to life. But, don't come out of the womb all startled and end running erratically due to over-stimulation right in the path of an incoming train. Slowly emerge...or slowly contemplate your emergence while being unafraid to be experimental in your approach by trying something new and that may seem completely out of character for you according to those who may think they know you best. You know you best.

Following the trine with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 1:40 PM on the 20th. There's plenty of time to let your overworked emotional system rest. In the meantime though Solar bodies exit the sea of Pisces and emerge into Spring. The Sun passes from Pisces to Aries at midnight. That fact won't mean much to us until the Moon reactivates tomorrow. However, you may notice a subtle difference until then.
The beginning of next week, Sunday and Monday, are testy at best as the Moon opposes our Pisces stellium as Venus finds Neptune by conjunction. Plus, she meets Jupiter and the North Node by conjunction after squaring Mars and Saturn. Use the motivational transition of the Sun and dull affect of the Moon to get your feet well underneath you by then. We are steeped deeply in the ecliptic by now and the Moon (along with our emotional body) is growing in intensity. Keep that information tucked under your hat and know that, yeah, there's likely going to be some crazy shit that goes down. That's what eclipses do, you know? Nothing you can do to stop it. The best you can do is roll with it and deal with what it packs as it comes.

Another thing to bear in mind is that both Mars and Saturn are stationing and moving excruciatingly slow. Saturn lingers on the 16th degree of Sagittarius from March 3 to April 16th...yeah, that's a freaking long time. Mars clicks over to 8 degrees Sagittarius on April 5th and lingers on that degree until April 29th having turned retrograde (perhaps sensing Saturn's tightening approach) on April 18th. Meanwhile, once Saturn turns Rx he moves closer and closer in trine to Jupiter Rx. Accountability and delineation of the truth become personal affairs. We can no longer depend on public dictum of right and wrong. We must begin to decide that for ourselves and remain accountable for actions even when we think no one is looking. And, as that awareness peaks, we may need to backpedal a bit. That's alright. I'd rather backpedal than get too far down a road I have no business being on.
And then, of course there is the matter of the incoming Lunar Eclipse which precedes Mars and Saturn's backpedling. There's a good possibility that the thing you are stressing about will be a non-factor by then for various reason. Hang in. Wait it out. Move slow. Realize folks will be nutty for reasons you are not privy too. Give them and yourself space.