Morning Star: Astrology for the week of March 6 to March 12, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016
This morning we wake up to the Sun leaving his square with oppressive Saturn. Pressure may have laid heavily on our hearts as we tried to sleep last night. But, today, the Sun clicks over one degree and starts to back away from that brick wall. Meanwhile, Jupiter officially perfects in inconjunct to Uranus at 6:45 AM. Lightning bolts incoming. Sneaky little sideways shocks meant to wake us up from our winter slumber. They may be subtle...something prompting us to move. They may crack with the ferocity of Thor's hammer bringing wild-eyed revelations that rattle and electrify our bodily systems.
It is interesting to note that Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus in Aries have nothing in common. Jupiter in Virgo is Earth energy. It blesses us with the minuscule, the mundane, the routine. It rejoices when we do simple things like eat healthy and offer assistance to others. It rewards humility and practicality. It delights in minor details and admires the sweat on your brow and calluses on your hands after a hard days work.
Uranus in Aries, however, is a potential war lord. Fiery electricity. The cult of personality. The push for breaking routine and not only glossing over but running over details in an effort to get where it is we are going. It is inventive. Mechanical. Robotic. Rebellious and often dissatisfied.

So, the Hell, frankly...may this combination bring? Upset apple carts and routine. Change. Emergency. An assured break in the mundane. Revolt. Religious re-invention. Or, perhaps even a grass roots led revolutionary call for both awareness and change...modern age crusade, if you will. Spiritual upheaval in some ways. Spiritual freedom in others. The feel is unsettled and restless. Uncomfortable and anxious. The antidote? Humility. Grace. Fearlessness. Being in touch with what your body needs right now while never forsaking the call of the inner wild; but instead, learning to appease both perhaps in untried, unexplored or unusual ways. And, it all comes under a yearning to fix broken systems-- to bring them to ground and rebirth them evolved and fit for a more modern and more aware age. The belly growls for sustainable change and begs for a little common sense.
Our Moon is brilliant yet dark in Aquarius right now. And, she is stabilized by a sextile to Saturn at 3:03 PM. But, she is also in contact with both Jupiter and Uranus through activating a base to the Yod. She meets Jupiter by inconjunct at 7:03 PM and Uranus by sextile at 7:12 PM. Mercury and Venus have traversed this pathway in our recent past. Now, this catalytic but practical energy fills our emotional bodies...calling for us to rise above current circumstances. Lift yourself up and above the fog and look wide into the future. The view is crystalline from above. But, the ground view is swampy, confused, chaotic. Lift your vision above the chaos. Yes. You have to decide to do this on purpose.
Just before midnight (11:37 PM), the Sun in Pisces is empowered by a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This looks like a fierce lover of serenity. Which, also makes no sense...much like catalytic practicality. However, it is wonderfully powerful and able to endure less than satisfactory conditions because it knows there is blessing to be found at the end. It is also vehemently restorative. It can pump an ego up and imbibe it with a lust for power, control and bring strong temptations along with it. Or, it may bring just the planetary elixir we need to foster a sense of survival and endurance. It could also cut loose some fairly powerful and astute nightmares. We are deep, deep swimming fish right now. Who knows what forces we may encounter in these depths. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Abusive power is not going to cut it under these skies. Though, I assure you, it will be tried. However, digging deep and finding your reserve power stores and using it to foster a stern sense of responsibility and compassion will be greatly rewarded in the very near future. This is done with humility not greed...not grasping for straws but endurance, fortitude and integrity and is backed with a certain type of knowing that we grabbed while floating above the chaos earlier in the day.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Early this morning (3:48 AM), the Moon found Venus by conjunction and fell over to rest in Void Status. She will remain Void until entering Pisces at 2:10 PM. Oh. I love a Void Moon on Monday morning. In a way, it renders the wickedness of Monday powerless. One day, I'm going to live in a world where Mondays are insignificant. But, today, the Universe takes care of that for me while Monday's still herald the beginning of my “day job” work week. Be wary, though. The Moon does become active...very active...again before the day is through.
We are still imbibed with the power of Sun/Pluto. So, we may wake up and greet this morning loaded for bear only to find the bear napping and uninterested.
All that is due to change and the dust starts stirring right after the Moon enters Pisces and squares Mars newly in Sagittarius at 3:12 PM. We are kick started to move and our expectations of the amount of stuff we can accomplish could be overblown. I encourage you to move slowly even though you will feel prompted by some unforeseen force to move far quickly. Pull it in. Mete it out evenly. We ARE NOT well rested collectively and this is the feeling that follows that fact. You know? Jittery. Anxious. Ambiguous. Must do something but not sure what...and on top of that I'm frazzled and wired all at the same time. Know that feeling? Restless exhaustion.

Do what must be done and nothing more. Don't make giant leaps. Take baby steps. Jupiter, the current ruler of Mars, shrinks in Virgo. His normal call is large and aggrandized. But, in Virgo, he wants you to be mindful of each pebble that rests on the path in front of you. Skip no steps. Take one little bitty well thought out step at a time. It's going to be hard enough to do that because we will feel pushed to do otherwise. So, your best bet under this sky is to just keep reminding yourself to breathe and slow down. Set an easily manageable pace. One that will sustain the long haul because it IS a long and arduous road ahead.

At 9:31 PM, the Moon finds Mercury in Pisces by conjunction. You may discover you have been deceived. You may discover the perpetrator of that deception is you. This is confusing and swirly.
With the entrance of Mercury in Pisces, we are experiencing a thaw...emerging from the frozen air of winter. The Earth begins to wiggle and stir with life in the Northern Hemisphere. Soon, Venus will join this thaw and the Northern Hemisphere will bloom with the blessing of Spring. Today, we likely experience the pre-spring rains that wake the ground up in preparation for that. Venus enters Pisces on March 12th and brings the opening of daffodils and forsythia with her. Watch for it.
But, today, the brain is a swirling with imaginative life and creativity. Tadpole brain. Little promises of inspiration and life that has not yet fully developed. The thoughts are nearly unrecognizable in comparison to a fully formed idea. What is that thing? What will it grow up to be? Only problem with that is those that are most inclined to be creative are also intuitive and empathic. These are the people who can feel the Earth waking up and can feel the energy stirring within the folks they surround themselves with. They can also feel the incoming eclipse and the uncertainty that wafts in with it. Due that, this aspect could wax in with anxiety and nervousness. Again, ensnaring us from sleep. All those doomsday inclinations you are having? They'd make a great book. But, let's skip the part where we end up focusing on them so much that they manifest. K? If you are fearful, say a little prayer. Give it over to your ethereal guidance system. Have faith that they will deal with it effectively and then, let it go. Let it waft out on the same wave it wafted in on and try to get some rest. Let your fears and anxieties dissolve. Hand it over to the darkening Moon. Write them on a piece of paper and burn them. Returning them to dust and wafting away in the wind. Declare that you will deal with whatever happens as it comes instead of wringing your hands in anticipation. Know that this energy is heralding our wake up...not our death. But, there will be times it feels like we are dying. It's ok to talk about it. I encourage you to do so, as a matter of fact. Let the swirling flow your mouth and evaporate in the air. Know that, at times, it will feel nonsensical, incomprehensible and as if you are “speaking in tongues.” Just go with it. It doesn't have to make sense right now. And, if you can't find the words to articulate how you feel, find a song that fits, poetry, meditate a little, pray a lot, hum some. Gather words that appeal to you from magazines and create a collage that may just reflect what is happening in your brain. Don't forget to verbalize the words out loud when you find them. No sense in keeping it all dammed up. Hit the release valve in whatever method appeals to you. Hopefully, once we empty all the brain slog we can find a resting place instead of being tangled in an 8 or 9 of Swords scenario. Dissolve the self-created yarns that bind you. Release your nightmarish fears instead of letting them force you into unwelcome wakefulness. Go home, Mercury. You are drunk. Which reminds me...perfect night for receiving drunk and incomprehensible, yet dribbling with emotion, messages. It is also a great night for sincere apologies and sincere forgiveness.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So. Here we are. The day/night of the eclipse. The precipice of the moment when the Moon will pass between the Sun and the Earth blocking the light. Cutting. The Ego takes a back seat and our emotionality, as reflected from the “dark side of the Moon,” steps forward. All that was denied is revealed and felt. It's acute. It's visceral. And, it threatens to open a whole vortex of things that we previously tried to avoid and discount. Pandora's box is open and it's contents are dancing clearly in our field of awareness. “How did I end up here,” we may ask. And, Jupiter's critical yet well meaning spotlight falls directly on the spot we need to be aware of. “Here. This is what is making you sick,” he speaks gently but boldly. The light of truth illuminates and shines through the darkness of the eclipse. “We are broken, there,” he smiles. “Now, you see it clearly. Where, before, you didn't know. Now you do know. And, you can deal. Now, you can repair. This is the bed you have made for yourself. If you don't rest well, know it is of your own doing. The remedy, though, lies in your hands as well.” Um hmm. This may hurt a bit. But, know the hurt has purpose. You cannot fix what is broken if you deny or blur what it is that is causing the pain. Awareness is a gift, not a punishment. Though, at times, it sure can feel like it. Be aware. Accept and deal with what is revealed to you instead of trying to shove it back under the rug. Also realize that the anticipation of being stuck by a needle is often worse than what it really is. Breathe through it.
The morning begins with the Sun in Pisces in opposition to Jupiter at 5:58 AM. We are martyrs, liars, victims and thieves. And, the remorse of that finds us as the Moon drowns in Neptune's seas by conjunction 6:13 AM. We release our emotionality as if we are watering spring's flowers with our teardrops. The salt water stings our cheeks. But, I encourage you to let it flow freely.
By 4:30 PM we are all cried out and only left with consequence as the Moon finds Saturn by square. There is solidness in this place. Reality. Sobriety. But, there is also the potential for remorse and regret. It's not to late to say you are sorry. It's not too late to bear responsibility for the actions you took when you were less aware. It's not too late for anything as long as the world keeps turning...and, it will.

An hour later (5:57 PM), the Moon finds restoration and re-empowerment along with endurance as she waxes into sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. She opposes Jupiter at 7:48 PM and holds within that light of truth until the eclipse perfects at 8:56 PM. The world will likely fall silent for a few hours. In awe of nature's wonders and this ecliptic opening. We undeniably know. All that's left is fostering the strength to accept.
At midnight, we closely inspect what Jupiter has been showing us...the ways we continually make ourselves sick, the ways we keep catalyzing our own undoing, the ways in which we keep getting in our own way, the poisons we allow ourselves to eat, drink, think. We cannot deny them anymore. As a good self-parent, we should recognize the call of our sick inner child for assistance. We address that child lovingly and compassionately forgiving her for her misunderstanding, denial and not knowing. We embrace her imperfections with protective wings and vow to help her get better instead of berating her with “should haves.” To err is to be human. Fostering a sense of forgiveness for yourself is infectious allowing you to be more accepting of others who act without understanding. They don't know what they do. And, while I encourage you not to enable their behavior, I do encourage you to accept it as it is and forgive it. Soften. Even if they aren't sorry; because, this is for you, not them. Then, sift out the trash from the flowing waters. Clear the stream. Make better and more well informed choices...because, now you know. It is certainly an unforgettable knowing.
From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 2:41 PM tomorrow. Rest.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Numbness finds us this morning. Emotional hangovers create a dense fog of nothingness. There have been so many emotions entangled in our systems for so long that we have been acutely feeling. Now, we find the point of numbness that threatens to birth apathy. The Moon is Void in Pisces. The first eclipse has passed. The second is incoming with a bit of a different flavor and added nuance. But, for now, we sink.

At 2:41 PM the Moon awakens in Aries. She hasn't forgotten the hole that the eclipse has opened. The flickering beacon of awareness and knowledge dance like sunset on the curtains of your evening window. The Moon is wise as she now begins to reflect this knowledge on her face; she takes up arms slowly. The call will feel like we need to take off running. The Moon finds Mars by trine at 4:52 PM. Be wary and hold back your horses. Move slowly and with trepidation and caution. If an opportunity presents, grasp it gently not greedily. Blessings may fall from the sky. But, if you are in too big of a hurry, you could run miss them or end up running your chariot off a cliff. Slow down. Know the power of this trine will help you get up again. That's the main thing you need to focus on...just getting up. Then, after you get up, carefully contemplate your next footprint and every one that is to follow. Consciously and FEARLESSLY walk your truth. Share what you've learned with others not forcefully or with lip service...but through your future actions. Demonstratively and without the preaching or “I told you so.” Lead by example and by setting new precedent.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Moon is active and pro-active in Aries this morning. Spring fever is threatening our doorstep. Dare we even begin to dream of it? How can we not when her aroma precedes her...taunting us with her approaching presence. We keep looking for more signs of her arrival. Is that a flower blooming? A robin? Where is the Earth waking up now?
We do feel a bit better today. More under our own authority. This is supported by a trine from the Aries Moon to Saturn at 4:38 PM. We could diligently cover a lot of ground today. Yet, through everything we are involved in, we carry an air of accountability. Steadiness. The footprints we leave are well placed. Our pace is strong and steady.
At 6:02 PM, the Moon squares our Dark Lord Pluto who offers us a deal. His slithering tongue sneaks out of it's toothed cage writhing with hunger across his lips as he illustrates the terms. Be powerful and resistant to his promises. They are lies. Lean back into your work with renewed focus and repeat after me, “Not today, Satan. Not today.”

In our late evening, we are ready to rid ourselves of the shackles of the day. New experience beckons. Inspiration strikes. The unexpected rattles us out of our rhythmic work groove as the Moon finds Uranus by conjunction in Aries at 8:44 PM. If shocks arrive, hold steady and absorb them. Ground them out in an effort to effectively respond instead of just react. Pull upon the power of Jupiter, also within reach of the Moon through inconjunct and triage with clear, calm and practical eyes. Pull yourself back to focus on delineating just the next step. Make it. Then, focus on the next one. Slowly...three hours following this, the Sun meets with Chiron in Pisces (11:26 PM). This is why you need to move slowly. Mercury also meets with Neptune at 1:01 AM. We are confused following a potential startle and in danger of hurting ourselves. A very literal way this could play out is that you were already distracted and something happened to snatch you out of it. In a hurry to respond, you get up and run forgetting the pile of dirty laundry in your floor. You trip, landing somewhere between the bathroom and kitchen...hard. After the surpassing the stun of “what the heck just happened,” you realize you've broken your arm. SNAP. That quick. You were just sitting over there doing something and now you are sprawled on the floor with broken bones. Running to your rescue is someone carrying a video camera. It was all a joke. You were set up. Now your clumsy flinging through hallway space is going to end up on some ridiculous Rob Dyrdek show. But, it's not funny. It's really...not...funny.
So. Move slow. Absorb the shock and consciously decide when you need to move. Don't allow yourself to be cattle prodded into action.
Over and above all that? It's really not a good night to be picking a fight or putting yourself in a situation that may lead to fight. I'd ixnay on the bar scene tonight. There will be other ladies nights.

Friday, March 11, 2016

This morning the Moon is still active in Aries and Mercury is still drunk. However, the day is mostly hum-drum with the only lunar aspect coming in through a sextile with Venus. We are fairly relaxed. Perhaps recuperating. But, the mind is still kind of foggy and swimmy. The sextile with Venus at 1:25 PM escorts our Aries Moon into Void status. She will remain here lazily until sinking into Taurus at 2:45 PM.
I think many will welcome this lunar transition. Things finally seem to calm down a little bit. We reach a resting spot between the chaotic eclipses. And, did somebody mention food? Where's the part we get to eat all of our emotions instead of drown in them. I'm up for some of that. Chances are you will be too.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

This morning many will stir slowly. To be honest, if you aren't recovering from the eclipse or Sun/Chiron, you are probably plumb wore out. So, beds will be the hot spots of the day for the most part.
Plus, our current Moon's ruler passes into Pisces early this morning (5:24 AM) making the dreamscape a very appealing place. Why not linger there?

You might as well. The Moon passes by Neptune just a few minutes deeper in our morning at 6:55 AM. About the only thing that may lure us out of dreamland and back into reality is the wafting smell of cinnamon rolls coming from the kitchen...which could very well occur around brunchtime. The Moon catches a whiff of something as she wafts by Mercury in Pisces at 10:57 AM.

It's a good day for lounging. And, dreaming. And enjoying the ability to lounge..and graze...and wallow in our Taurean filth. A hot bath would be nice. Or long shower. And, maybe an early afternoon nap.
By early evening, we are hungry. Yeah, we've grazed on everything in the house. But, we are ready for something we can really sink our teeth into now. The Moon finds Pluto by trine at 6:42 PM. This kick starts the appetite that subsequently continues growing with a trine from the Moon to Jupiter at 7:37 PM. Yeah. You probably should have went to the grocery store. No worries. It isn't too late. Grab your bunny slippers and let's go. Chocolate stays open all night.

PS: Take advantage of this day by relaxing.