Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of February 28 to March 5, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today begins dreamy and a bit water-colored as the Moon in Scorpio pulls away from a trine with Neptune as the Sun officially finds the same by conjunction at 10:47 AM. Meanwhile, the Moon moves on to square Venus at 11:17 AM. This is uncomfortable and pits forward moving change against a feeling of endurance and clinging. Clinging may not be the best word. But, at it's lowest vibration Scorpio Moon will torture itself with an emotion (such as resentment or anger) in a rather masochistic way. Venus in Aquarius wants to let loose of that burden. But, with the Sun in the extra-martyr making swamp of Pisces, some may be resistant to letting things go and moving on. However, at their highest vibration both the Moon in Scorpio and Sun conjunct Neptune CAN let go, forgive, absolve and forget. It's the harder path of course. But, it still remains a viable option. Cut the albatross loose.

By early evening, the Moon is sextile her current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn (4:40 PM) and waxing into sextile with Jupiter Rx in Virgo (9:42 PM). The sextile with Jupiter overlays an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries which creates a Yod holding Uranus at the apex. Meanwhile, the sextile with Pluto and trine with Chiron (11:41 PM) creates a wonderfully supportive mini-trine. All this, again, echoes the need for release and looking forward more than looking remorsefully backward. It's time to let loose of emotional blooms that are well past their expiration date. The Jupiter/Uranus Yod overlays the now waning Mercury/Uranus/Jupiter Yod that has created quite a bit of restlessness at the end of our previous week. So, expect some of that restlessness to come back. It is time to let Winter die and Spring emerge. It is time to incorporate wisdom from past experience; but, stop reliving it. Pack up and move on. Be inspired by the promise of brighter days.

Overnight, the Moon squares Mercury in Aquarius as he finds Mars in Scorpio by conjunction between 2 and 3 AM. Minds could be racing and anxieties may creep in. It may be hard to settle our brains enough to sleep. Cutting down on chemical stimulants (caffeine/sugar) earlier in the day may help. Also, taking time to discuss your emotions logically or write them out in a diary before attempting to retire could help settle the emotional waters enough so you can get some rest. Or, it could start an argument that lasts into the night. Course, that may need to happen. You will have to make your own judgment call on that one. Personally, I don't care if an argument does need to happen to clear the air, I don't want to do it at 2 in the morning. I'm a Pisces Moon, though, and hold sleep at priority. There are other moons that could feel differently in that regard.
Following the conjunction with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 6:57 AM tomorrow.

Monday, February 29, 2016

There's one extra day in February this year and welcome to it! Happy Leap Year! Now. What will we do with it?

This morning we wake up under a Sagittarius Moon who remains unaspected all day. Venus in Aquarius, however, does sextile Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:08 PM. Venus is wonderfully stable under this aspect. But, she is still looking forward instead of backward. Saturn has the path to the future well paved and she is anxious to get started on it. The free floating Sagittarius Moon encourages her optimism in that regard. Today has a wise yet bohemian feel to it. It's MUCH less watery than what we experienced under the Scorpio Moon and Sun conjunct Neptune. Even though the Sun remains in Pisces and still quite close to the King of the Seas, the water recedes a bit. Hope has a chance to breathe energy and renewal in our direction. Don't be afraid to venture out. Stretch your legs a bit and, perhaps, even try something new. The energy is much lighter, for now. Take advantage of that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's break from the waters. Because, the tides threaten to rise again under today's Moon. The morning begins innocuous enough. But, by early afternoon, the Moon is square Neptune (1:49 PM) and subsequently finds the Pisces Sun by square later in the day to create our Last Quarter Moon (6:12 PM). Any left over emotional gunk rises to the surface not for us to relent over. But, for us to scoop/strain out and get rid of. Release. Let go. Lean into the power of the darkening Moon. There is a mixture of Fire and Water here. Both of which is a threat to the other. Water drowns out Fire. Whereas heat under a kettle of water causes it to boil and evaporate. Due this unnatural mix of elements, I suggest you call upon the power of Temperance to keep the concoction in proper balance.

For example, lets imagine we were making Moonshine. If you've never seen a still, I can tell you it is a simple but powerful and potentially volatile contraption. You have to have your pressure juuust right or you'll end up with copper fitting and pipes exploding all over the place. If you keep all that in check, you end up with a wonderful elixir. But, while you are cooking it, you have to be very mindful of all your gauges. So, let the fire burn and the water bubble while leaving a small hole for the extra pressure to escape. Move around more than you try to sit still with this energy. If you are feeling swamped, get out and get some fresh air. Carefully pour your emotions into whatever you are doing. Give them outlet instead of leaving them pent up. And, definitely let go more than you try to hold on...unless you want to be that exploding copper pot or risk your Moonshine turning sour.

Overnight, the Moon finds Saturn by conjunction (2:16 AM). This can bring emotional stability or increase depression and fear. However, if you've spent the day effectively letting off steam instead of laying in an emotional swamp, it can come as a stable and effective resting spot. The cup to pour your finished shine into, if you will. Settled and stable emotional control.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The fickleness of March most definitely affects our emotional body. Today, however, the pendulum that pointed to yesterday's potential washout now swings to point at energy that is much more free and unencumbered. The Sagittarius Moon breaks free from the swamps of Neptune and the harshness of Saturn and cut loose to feel more like her Bohemian self. She starts the day under a hopeful and sparkling sextile to Venus in Aquarius (5:30 AM). That is followed by a huge “breaking out” notion delivered by a trine to Uranus (6:55 AM). The birds are singing. The Sun is shining. It's time to wakey wakey!

By early morning, though, we are reminded to keep things simple and be wary of our triggers as the Moon creates a mutable cross with Jupiter in Virgo (8:16 AM) and Chiron in Pisces (11:02 AM). We are ready to be done with the ways we keep tripping ourselves up. But this aspect comes in as a reminder so we don't unknowingly repeat past mistakes. The outlet for this mutable cross falls in Gemini. Learn new ways to do things. Let your curiosity take over and experiment a little. Talk it over with trusted friends.
Later this evening, Venus enters the Yod that Mercury passed through last week. She sextiles Uranus (8:13 PM) while inconjunct to Jupiter in Virgo (7:04 AM). Buzzy and restless moves from our brains and into our hearts. Values shift as do priorities. Hearts are restless and eager. Any restriction feels like carrying around concrete blocks. We are less prone to want to haul those. Therefore, restrictive relationship ties (or even monetary ones) will likely be cut loose. Our hearts want to wander free and are really, really tired of being squashed.
The Moon finds Mercury in the last degrees of Aquarius by sextile at 9:56 PM and our “fuck this shit” mentality and evolving values kick into high gear. Minds crank over and start looking for new and inventive ways to deal with the future because the old ways are waaaay past their expiration date. And, that pot is left to simmer as the Moon reaches Void status for the remainder of the night. She enters Capricorn at 5:02 AM tomorrow.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

We move from yesterday's restlessness into a softened emotional realm today. The Moon in Capricorn finds Neptune by sextile at 10:58 PM. The Yod with Venus/Jupiter and Uranus is ongoing. So, hearts are still bubbling. But, the emotional body is preset with a feeling of responsibility and compassion. It's time to dream up more flexible and encompassing plans. However, the feel is less work focused than one would imagine under a typical Capricorn Moon. It's dreamy. Floaty. Easily distracted. Plus, it can't just bear in mind the “bottom line” because it has been imbibed with compassion. In other words, the strong push that sent our “give-a-damn” to be shattered is still in force...but, we still give a damn about some things. We still have a conscience and are not inclined to step on others to get to where we need to go. As a matter of fact, we are fairly inclined to stop on our journey and assist a fellow traveler to their feet instead of using them as a stepping stone. I don't see that as a bad thing. Come together and help one another. Realize you are not in this alone. Reach out for support and deliver it when you can. We are all “in this” together. So make sure you are doing your part.

Friday, March 4, 2016

This morning the Moon in Capricorn finds the Sun in Pisces by sextile at 7:34 AM prior to finding Pluto by conjunction at 12:18 PM. You know what that means, right? It means the our little Fishy Sun is also waxing into sextile with Pluto. They are separated by a mere 2 degrees right now. And, the energy is waxing. The Moon will bring this to surface imbibing us with compassion, responsibility, integrity and endurance.

Now. Listen to me, ok? This week the emotive energy very much reflects the fickle March weather. We go from one extreme to the next on a nearly hourly basis. This is NOT ONLY due the condition of the Moon. But, also due next week's incoming eclipse. The overall feel of the week is uncertain, shaky, floaty and comes packed with the unexpected as ecliptic events continue to unravel. We will feel swamped. At the same time, we are called to be on our toes. We will be called to action when we would rather be taking a nap. There is a chance that nothing will go as planned and things will pop up seemingly out of nowhere requiring our immediate attention without warning. This is part of what will MAKE priorities shift under the Venus Yod. It brings things that matter to our acute awareness that in the past we may have taken for granted or overlooked. With the eclipse less than a week away, expect the unexpected. Remain flexible and yet grounded. Be overly meticulous with self-care. Jupiter in Virgo is the spotlight on our future. Whereas Chiron threatens to suck us back into the past. Jupiter's lesson is one of humility and service. Don't forget that. Especially if you start feeling grandiose and get too lost in your own problems. Your feet are sunk in the mud of the collective just like everyone else's. So why not offer to pitch in and help instead of just sitting as an armchair quarterback. Want change? Oh, honey. It's coming. Your best focus is on getting your priorities in line and getting prepared to deal with it. Because, you matter. What you do matters. Probably in ways you can't exactly pinpoint right now. But, I assure matters. I remind you of this right now because as the day moves forward, things are at serious risk of being shaken up.

The Moon squares Uranus at 2:59 PM and trines Jupiter at 3:31 PM. Easy now. Don't blow yourself up. Remain calm and cool. Triage. Lean into the practicality of Earth and keep “the long term” in your sites. Don't over-react. Mindfully respond. And, if it is NOT an emergency, don't treat it like one. Yet, if it is an emergency, know that you can remain grounded enough to deal with it. Yes, you can.
Also know that “re-activeness” will be a largely apparent issue given that Mercury is also waxing into square with Mars. Mars in Scorpio versus Mercury in Aquarius is explosive. Think about it. We are again pitting Uranus and Pluto energy against one another AS THE MOON MOVES THROUGH THE ACTUAL SQUARE BETWEEN THESE TWO. So, yeah...something could blow up unexpectedly. For real. At that point, it's not going to matter what you are planning to make for dinner; because, you are going to be too busy putting out fires and rescuing babies. It's shaky and uncertainty overlaying MORE shaky and uncertainty. It's nerve wracking at the very least. Catalyzing and wildly accident prone. Be prepared to stand steady and absorb the shocks so you can effectively respond instead of reacting as if you've just been poked with a cattle prod. However, know that this is ridiculously hard to do. And know that some folks will respond to this energy like Chicken Little. There will be times when you feel like one of them. Breathe. Move around..carefully and mindfully. Don't expect things to go as planned. Remain flexible and deal with what needs to be dealt with as it emerges while never losing sight of the impact of your actions upon your future. I'd be lying if I told you this was easy. It won't be. It will be scary, at times. Dramatic at other times. Heart-wrenching through out. Some things will happen because they needed to happen. Other things will just happen. Either way, we will have to deal with it and try to figure out the meaning of it after the fact. In the moment of it, not one bit of it is going to make sense. That's how eclipses work. They pack a serious punch of WTF without giving us much chance to figure it out before we are called to act upon it.

The Moon remains active through the Mercury/Mars square which perfects just after midnight. Her next aspect is a sextile to Mars at 11:07 AM tomorrow. By that time, Mercury will have moved into Pisces (5:24 AM). Our frazzled and over-stimulated brains melt into a sea of swirling uncertainty. What was once so clear becomes hazy and confused. Directional compasses go haywire. Other electronic devices have a tendency to do the same. We aren't sure of which way is up or sideways as the ecliptic confusion continues. Vertigo is a very strong possibility. There is a chance that nothing makes sense at this point. I suggest you go with it instead of fight it. Because there isn't a darn thing you can do to change it. That locus of control has been ripped from your hands. Nothing is as it seems and there is a primordial sense of “more waiting to emerge” thumping in our intuitive bodies. Be careful. Move slow even when you feel as if you need to rush. Listen to the intuitive hits you are getting. I don't care why you feel uneasy about going to x place to do y. If you feel wonky about it then just don't freaking go! Better safe than sorry. You may find out later why your brain was screaming “Nooo!” You may not. Listen and heed the warning either way.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

This morning the Moon is briefly Void following her check in by sextile with Mars in Scorpio at 11:07 AM. She enters Aquarius at 11:23 AM. At this point, the days seem to running together without much break between them.
Mars hangs on to the final degree of Scorpio most of the day until finally jumping into Sagittarius at 9:30 PM. Actions are far reaching...potentially desperate and exaggerated. Yeah. It's like we are grasping for straws. Still yet, motions feel a little less encumbered as Mars moves from being Pluto ruled to answering to Jupiter. Only thing is, you have to remember that Jupiter shrinks in Virgo. He says don't gloss over the details. Act humbly instead of with grandiosity. Help others. Let loose of selfish endeavors. AND, never forget that Mars is in shadow. Meaning, what you do now will most certainly be revisited under different skies. Pay your future self favors instead of over blowing your expectations. Practical. Simple. Generous and humble is where you need to keep your trajectory instead of reaching out too far into the uncertainty of our current atmosphere. Baby steps. Well thought out baby steps are called for. Step one: Get out of bed. Step two: Bravely face the day. Deal with one thing at a time while giving yourself time to adjust before you move on to the next thing. Sloooow and steady. If you manage to keep yourself at that slow and steady pace, you can mark this day up as a success. That will be enough of a job in and of itself.

Overnight the Sun waxes into square with Saturn (1:04 AM) reminding us to be responsible, forward moving and compassionate. But, it's likely going to feel somewhat cumbersome and depressive. This is forced responsibility and accountability. Not necessarily something we choose to pick up and carry around. But, more like it is shoved upon our shoulders. Aim to do the right thing which is not always the easy thing. No one can decide what “right” is for you. But, know you will carry the consequences around either way; so, choose wisely and deliberately. Then, buckle your seat belts. This ecliptic ride has definitely left the starting gate.