Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 14 through February 20, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today, we have a slew of aspects that our Taurus Moon will traverse. Most of it looks more sweet than sour. We begin the day basking in yesterday's waning trine from Mars to Jupiter. The first Lunar aspect occurs as the Taurus Moon finds Pluto by trine at 10:28 AM. Brunch is highly indicated. Something rich. Indulgent. Personally, I'll be making deep fried Oreo's today. Because, I'm an adult and I can do that if I want. But, in a way, that is what this aspect reminds me of. Something sumptuous, a rich indulgence, a guilty pleasure...resist not this call to sink into something wondrous.

What this lovely trine does, is create a flickering Kite in the earlier part of the day that trickles over into our evening hours. It involves a Grand Earth Trine stemming from Taurus Moon, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter Rx in Virgo (6:14 PM). The opposition that creates the cap of the Kite comes from Jupiter Rx opposite Chiron. The Moon is officially sextile Chiron at 3:36 PM.
Plus, there is a second flickering Kite created as Mars in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter and Pluto as the Moon opposes (7:15 PM). We are well supported under this sky. Desires are strong. We crave. And you know the best way to deal with that? Find a beneficial way to satisfy your cravings. Ok. So deep fried Oreo's are probably not what most would call “beneficial.” But, here's the thing. I don't care. LOL!

Today is a day for adoration. Showing it. Accepting it. Fostering a sense of adoration for yourself even. If you are partnered, it's a wonderful day for slow savory sex. If you are not partnered, it's still a good day for slow savory sex. But, if you aren't inclined to such you can still romance yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day. Do whatever it is you do that makes you feel like you are wrapped in luxury. A long soaking bath. A nice indulgent massage. There's a meme going around the internet that says something like, “Learn to love yourself fiercely! That way people will know how it's to be done.” Or something like that.

The Kites of today do provide support and and a certain amount of protection. But, Valentine's Day or not, what it calls for is pleasure and delight in the physical. A true day of VenusTreat yourself to some of that. Think about what it is you would miss if you no longer had your body. Does that make sense? There are certain pleasures that only “being physical” can manifest. Lean into those. Unashamedly and without abandon.
After the Kites of the day fade away, the Moon does meet with a little duress. Our First Quarter Moon waxes in at 2:48 AM pitting our touching, feeling, indulgent cow Moon against the robotic Ice Queen energy of the Sun in Aquarius. This occurs at 26 degrees of our fixed signs and does hold Mars in Scorpio close enough in orb to create a fixed t-square. The outlet of this t-square falls in Leo. The “solution” to the tension isn't force, isn't cerebral, isn't tangible. It's creative. It requires our personal signature and asks us to imbibe a bit of the playfulness of our inner child. That is how the tension is broken by allowing yourself to return to innocence, bravely with wise and protective eyes.

Monday, February 15, 2016

This morning, the tension of last night's First Quarter Moon is eased by a trine from the Moon to her current ruler, Venus in Capricorn, at 5:55 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 9:36 AM. It would appear that the early morning moves rather slowly.

In our early afternoon, though, the winds pick up as the atmosphere breathes with life through a trine with the Moon in Gemini to Mercury (NOW OUT OF SHADOW!!) in Aquarius at 1:38 PM. It's a great time for exchanging ideas. Chatting things up. Finding space to talk about your emotions without so much water involved. Increasing your emotional intelligence...or just calling up a friend. It's also a great time to ask someone for advice in their area of expertise. Minds and mouths are busy...and, for real, wind chill could be a thing in the weather. When there's a bunch of energy in Aquarius, the weather is typically quite prone to be icy. With both the Sun and Mercury both already there and Venus soon to jump on board...that potential is increasing. So. Yeah. There's that.
The only other aspect within this 24 hour period waxes in at 1:16 AM. The airy Gemini Moon meets the King of the Seas by square. Air escapes and mush returns. It can be a dream filled night. One in which we sleep very deeply. And, potentially, one that can also come with tears and sensitivity. If you are awake at this hour, the energy is rich for creativity and imaginings.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This morning we wake up the Moon in Gemini leaving her square with Neptune and waxing into an opposition with Saturn (12:11 PM). Oh bother. Responsibilities weigh heavily on our typically sparkly Gemini Moon. Saturn says, “pick a path.” The Moon says, “but, I want to flit down them all!” Ok, but, you still have to start with one. It's grouchy. Our “student” Moon is being riddled by a staunch and serious teacher...quizzed. Kept from playing and socializing. Forced to focus and sit still while digging more deeply into the subject matter at hand instead of just lightly breezing through the main topics.
HOWEVER, the “end of school” bell rings at 4:32 PM with a lunar sextile to Uranus in Aries. We are inclined to bust out of the restrictive school of Saturn singing, “School's out, school's out, teacher let the monkeys out!” Freedom! Gosh, it is certainly time to shake the stoic dust off and we don't need anymore bricks in the wall! We don't need no education! We are primed to shake things up a little bit.

The only caution? Shake it but don't break it! The Moon does square off with Chiron in Pisces at 7:57 PM and subsequently Jupiter in Virgo at 10:03 PM. Shake it till it feels free not until it falls off and you end up at the ER having it sewn back on. We can, however, call a halt to memorizing historical dates and being crushed under rules and, instead, opt for a little wildness.

The mutable t-square formed with the Moon, Chiron and Jupiter holds outlet in Sagittarius. Explore new territory. Embark on a new journey. Free yourself from self-hindering and dare to reach out into uncharted territory. With Jupiter in Virgo, though, you are going to want to keep it simple and avoid over-complication.
At 11:17 PM, Venus slides into Aquarius increasing the “icy” potential of our days to come.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Several minor planetary aspects color our morning hours. But, the only major aspect of the day occurs as the Moon in Gemini finds the Aquarian Sun by trine at 11:38 AM before reaching Void status. Windchill and icy conditions are possible in both the atmosphere and our emotional bodies. But, it is pristine. Clear. Clean. Transparent. You ice and wind have a tendency to be. Activities that involve logic and clear communication are the forefront of this trine. The Sun will soon leave the icy wonderland of Aquarius and dive into the ethereal waters of Pisces. Grab a few quick breaths before we are forced into those depths. This is most definitely a transitional time.

Speaking of water, at 2:25 PM the Moon wakes back up in Cancer. It's time to retreat from our mental escapades and sink into some creature comforts. What goes well with cold and icy conditions? Soup. Nice hearty homemade soups, stews, simmering crock pots, thick warm plush blankets and an enveloping couch. Yeah. Get ya some of that.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Alright. Today is potentially moody and challenging. We start the day off with a watery trine from the Moon in Cancer to Neptune at 6:50 AM. This is wonderfully flowy and creative. But, it is also HIGHLY sensitive. It's also highly intuitive so pay heed to any caution flags your little inner voice may throw up at you. Be mindful of what and who you surround yourself with because their mood could be contagious. Keep your boundaries up and go with the flow. FLOW, I said...not force. Water trines call for gentleness most typically.

As the sky grows dark so does the Universal energy as the Moon opposes Pluto at 8:35 PM and then subsequently squares Uranus at 10:43 PM. This is a quite powerful Cardinal T-square that finds it's outlet in Libra. With Libra's current ruler in Aquarius, we may need a bit of detachment from all this pressure. Surround yourself with friends and community. Share when/where you can. Don't forget that compromise and negotiation are always options. That sort of thing can be done in an intelligent and socially conscious manner with this type of Venus. Lean into the support of your tribe if you find yourself in emotional flux. This is definitely emotionally stormy weather. Offer support where and when you can.

At midnight (00:34 AM to be precise), we call an end to Aquarius season and enter the Kingdom of the Fishes. The Sun enters dreamy Pisces overnight. Shortly after, the Moon trines Chiron in Pisces and subsequently sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. Caregiver, heal thyself. Retreat to thy deep dark cave for rejuvenation and pay heed to whatever it is you may need. Rest. Restore. Drift off into your imaginings and dreams. Those dreams could hold some pretty astute messages for you.

Friday, February 19, 2016

There is plenty of water in our atmosphere today. The Sun is newly in Pisces and we wake up to the Moon in Cancer in a watery trine with Mars in Scorpio (insert dramatic pause with raised eyebrow here) who has just entered his retrograde shadow. That's right folks. The Mars retrograde that begins at 8 Sagittarius 54 (On April 18th) circles ALL the way back to 23 Scorpio which is where we find him today as the Moon checks in. “Oh, but that is TWO MONTHS AWAY,” you say?, not really. With Mars in shadow it kinda starts like RIGHT NOW. Aside from heralding the beginning of Mars' unraveling, this water trine does power forward like a motor boat. Thing is you are going to want to, again, assess the “why” behind what it is you are trying to accomplish. And, you are going to want that to be a 100% self-honest assessment. You don't have to admit your motivations to anyone but yourself because you are the one that is going to have to live with it in the end. You know?

Also, remember the answer doesn't always come from taking extreme measures. Scorpio sees the a tendency to be able to see extreme of everything. Faaaaaaaaaar left. Faaaaaaaaar right. It looses sight of the middle ground. Mars in Scorpio has a tendency to act in extremes. I'll re-iterate, it does not have to be kill or be killed. There are other options that you may want to consider. The answer is not always all or nothing.
However, whatever we embark upon today comes with strong emotional motivation. So. If your emotions have run amok expect your actions to follow in tow. I'd suspect you'd be far better off climbing out of the mud and keeping everything afloat and above board. But, yeah, desires could run deep and so could emotions. Channel that into something beautiful. Something creative. Something life enriching instead of burying yourself up. The tides have certainly risen at this point. Wear your floaties or your scuba gear! Plus, beware the drag of the water. We are to move slow and imbibe what we embark upon with FEELING! Listen to the whispers of your intuitive body and the voices in your head.

Also remember the Moon is growing and swelling with energy as we approach the Full Moon in Virgo. In high emotional times, lean into practicality, triage and grounding.
The good thing? Following the trine with Mars we do get a bit of a break. The Moon is Void in Cancer until entering fiery Leo tonight at 9:18 PM.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Well. Today looks a lot like a tug of war. If you let it swing that way. We start off with an uncomfortable early morning opposition between the Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius. There is a chance that our personal needs are not being met or no one cares or what we want is sooo far out of reach. Then, our emotions face off with collective mentality at 2:28 PM.

Look. This can be balanced out. Give them a little of what they want but don't shirk what you need in the process. Realize we don't all have to agree. You can have your opinions. They can have theirs. We can all still live on the same planet that way as long as we foster a sense of tolerance for individuality. You are unique just like everyone else. Give folks just as much room to be themselves as you expect in return. It's called co-existing and it CAN be done. Promise. Someone who doesn't believe in the same way you do doesn't make your belief system (or theirs) weak. Embrace the differences that make our world a more colorful and interesting place instead of feeling as if you are under threat because everyone is not exactly like you.
Still yet, the air today is ripe for friction. Disagreements. Opposing points of view. Purposely choose to let all that dissolve. We do have Sun in Pisces. after all. Forgive. Accept. Let it go, already.
Things do become a bit more steady as the Moon waxes into a stabilizing trine with Saturn overnight (2:32 AM). Emotional support and grounding is forth coming. Keep that potential in your sights while realizing sometimes the best tactical move in a tug of war is to let go of the rope.