Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 7 through February 13, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Last night, the Moon entered Aquarius at 1:00 AM. This morning, the Aquarian Sun squares off with Mars in Scorpio at 7:08 AM at 18 degrees. Though this square perfects this morning, tomorrow under our New Moon, the orb is only stretched out by one degree. Plus, Venus holds in her sextile to Mars and Chiron lingers in trine. Mars is also receiving a waning inconjunct from Uranus and a waxing sextile to Jupiter. Even Vesta and Juno are in on the Mars poking action. Juno has been following him for awhile in Scorpio. Vesta is snuggled up with Uranus in Aries and joined with Mars via inconjunct as well. In 11 days, Mars will enter his retrograde shadow. He is certainly being pumped and primed for this with the frequent check-ins with the rest of the sky.

One thing I've noticed about the square from our Aquarian Sun to Mars in Scorpio is that it is perfect for gaslighting. You have this cool calm collected Aquarian Sun who knows just what buttons to push in order to make a Scorpio Mars go all nutballs. Then, that calm cool Aquarius Sun sits back and says, “Why are you so upset?” Yeah. That happens. Now, let me talk to my Mars/Pluto people. This is anyone with Mars in the 8th, Mars in Scorpio or Mars in aspect to Pluto. You have tremendous power. To a degree that, at times, you may not understand how powerful you are mainly because you've known no other way. Within that power, you also have a certain capacity to control yourself. Do not let some asshole prompt you to unleash that power indiscriminately just because you can. They are not worth it. I promise. They are not worth your seething. They are not worth your stewing. They are not worth you spending the rest of the night digging holes to hide the bodies and trying to wash the blood off your hands and your favorite shirt. NOT. WORTH. IT. Okay? If you encounter poking, gaslighting, someone pushing your big red button know that YES THEY ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE! Because they know that once they find the button that makes you blow your top, they've won. I know you Mars/Pluto. I know you can take down just about any attacker you choose. However, I also know you do not like to be manipulated by others. This “gaslighting” and “button pushing” is manipulative. So, learn to recognize this and disallow it from happening. Instead, cut the thread on these negative associations. That little inconjunct from Uranus? It can cause you to self-destruct. Rise above your seething and put your true power of survival in play instead.

There is a much better way to put this energy (Aquarius Sun square Mars in Scorpio) to good use. First, we envision and inspect the changes we need to make. We logically assess what needs to be done. We bravely stare down new and uncharted avenues. We detach from remorse and regret and look only at the new day dawning. Then, we call in the troops. The Mars in Scorpio. The power that can move mountains and endure a project through to fruition. We power through the necessary changes without looking back, without holding on. We gather and use this force in groups, networks, friends and spread the desire for change in one huge socially conscious movement.

Mars in waxing sextile to Jupiter Rx in Virgo can be mindful of the minute details that need to be addressed along the path forward. Don't over-think or over-promise yourself. Don't over-blow your plans/expectations. Keep them simple. Practical. And prepare to hang in for the long haul to achieve your end goal. But...BUT...before you EVER get started on anything assess the WHY of what you are doing. What is it in your core that is driving you? Make sure your efforts are not purely self-serving. Ensure that they are in line with a responsible value system and move gracefully not forcefully (Mars sextile Venus at 10:00 AM today).
Now. Know that all of this doesn't go down and get wrapped up all in one day. Today is the beginning of the end. The Moon is waning, darkening and releasing. So, today we wind down and finish things up before we declare what needs to be done next under tomorrow morning's New Moon. Also bear in mind that we are one Lunar event away from eclipse season. Following the Full Moon in Virgo (Feb 22), we are headed toward a New Moon (Solar eclipse/March 8) in Pisces followed by a Full Moon (Lunar eclipse/March 23) in Libra. The unexpected will occur all while Mars is steeped in shadow. He enters Sagittarius the day before the Solar Eclipse and your motivations are likely going to be up for public inspection/judgment during his stay there. So, discover what's driving your bus now since it will be re-visited. Prepare for the unexpected, as well, because ecliptic symptoms are already a matter of fact, they have been brewing in the background for a while.
Keep in mind that one of the main lessons that Mars in Scorpio (Mars/Pluto) needs to learn is when to stop. When to stop beating it's head against a wall to accomplish something. When to stop seething. When to stop pouring its endless supply of energy over something that just drinks it up and offers nothing in return. Getting back up after being beaten to a bloody pulp is what Mars/Pluto does naturally. What doesn't come naturally is just calling an end to the battle. That doesn't mean Mars/Pluto can't do this. It's just a different type of survival tactic. It just never occurs to them to stop and change methods instead of killing themselves over something. Also remember that there are other answers than leaning toward extremes. It doesn't have to be kill or be killed. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It doesn't have to be all your way or all their way. There is a middle ground...don't lose sight of it. Remember, grace and values...put the damn chainsaw down unless you plan on using it to cut out negative attachment.

Later tonight, the Moon in Aquarius waxes into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Grounding and practicality are on the way. A sense of finality is waiting. And, a fresh new page in a brand new chapter awaits us tomorrow. After the new page presents itself, we've got plenty of time to decide what we want to fill it with. Following the New Moon in the morning (9:40 AM), the Moon is Void ALL day until entering Pisces at 3:32 AM (early Tuesday morning). Don't spin your wheels until then. Prepare, while keeping this whole scenario of eclipses and potentially ramming your head against something that you probably should be walking away from instead in your sites for the duration of this week. Mars is going to remain a factor for quite some time. Our First Quarter Moon coming in the middle of the night following Valentine's Day (HA! Yeah, that'll be interesting) pulls Mars in Scorpio in by fixed t-square with the outlet of that t-square falling in Leo. You could grind your teeth to nubbins by then if you are not careful. The better thing to do is look for things/people/situations more worthy of your energy and loyalty. The best way to approach that task is by cutting out the more cancerous cells today.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The New Moon in Aquarius perfects this morning at 9:40 AM on the following Sabian Symbol:

SUN AND MOON AT 20 AQUARIUS: White dove circles overhead; descends, bearing a message. The blessing every effort by the “Holy Ghost” of revealed significance. Exaltation of all individual efforts. Celebrity.

The ruler of the Sun and Moon at this time (Uranus in Aries) is situated on this Symbol: URANUS AT 18 ARIES: An empty hammock is hanging between two trees. Rest after some notable achievement. Capacity for consciousness after the act, for reaping fruits of activity. Detachment.

Following her meet-up with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 3:32 AM. Take a break. Pontificate what you would like to fill this fresh new chapter with. Relinquish your grip on seething and know there will be space soon enough to contend with any grief, emotionality or acceptance under our incoming Pisces Moon. For now, float a bit. Rest a bit. Put your feet up and think about what you want to do. Assess your motivations. Envision your end goal. But, don't start on anything just yet. We are planning here. The next two days are pretty active. Get your feet underneath you; be well rested and prepared for that.
HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! We are officially in the Chinese Year of the Monkey.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This morning the Moon is plunging the ethereal and highly sensitive waters of Pisces. The first major planetary movement comes from Mars in Scorpio as he meets Chiron in Pisces by trine at 2:13 PM. You've assessed your motivations right? You've found those illusive triggers that you keep stubbing your toe on because you've been in denial of their existence, right? You are going to stop setting yourself up for failure in that way, right? Of course you are. Because, we are tired of metaphorically bleeding out.

By 6:03 PM the Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Emotional sensitivity is peaking. Intuition and instinct are kicking. And, you are going to want to be really careful what and whom you surround yourself with because they are likely contagious. Fill your empty hollow with good stuff. Don't throw trash in there. Open the gate on stagnant emotions and let them run out of you. Allow fresher cleaner waters to enter and keep the flow going so you don't get all backed up again. In a way, it's like having a cold and jumping in a hot shower to break up the congestion. You want flowy not sticky and gunky. And if you find that you are simply emotionally worn out, call a time out and take a nap. Yeah. You are an adult. You can rest when you want and need to. Also remember, as within so without. Quit putting gunk in your body. Drink more water. Eat clean and fueling food (chemical/additive free). Know that allergies (food allergies included) and sinus issues can be a thing. You may crave whatever your fix is. Just remember, under Moon/Neptune things like drugs and alcohol become more intoxicating than usual. I'd suggest a light hand with things like this.
Be your own best nurse maid. With Jupiter Rx in Virgo, it's time to aim your efforts of serving at yourself and internalize your desire to help. Focus on what you need to do to help you. A drowning man can't save another drowning man and you can't pour from an empty cup and all that. Realize that there is a chance you could feel more sensitive and emotional today than usual. Be easy with yourself...and others too.

HAPPY FAT TUESDAY! Easy now. Your body is going to be more sensitive to alcohol and your immune system is going to be really permeable too. Ahem, so, if you are partying hard in NOLA, take proper self-protection measures in light of that. Matter of fact, be mindful of all that whether you are swapping Mardi Gras beads or not.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This morning we wake up still under the waters of a Pisces Moon. Overnight, though, Venus in Capricorn made a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Virgo. Hopefully celebrations veered on the practical side while never letting loose of a high minded value system. Forgive yourself for eating the whole King Cake. That's not a big deal. That's a minor indulgence that we can deal with. However, if you find you are nursing a hangover this morning then you might as well accept that you could have indulged a bit much. Hopefully you remember a joyful time and aren't crawling to the mailbox of the house you woke up in so you can give the address to the cab driver to come pick you up.

After the blossom of this Venus/Jupiter trine, the Moon squares off with, I mean Saturn at 4:00 AM. Sobriety finds us. This sets up the mood of the day to be potentially grouchy and Eeyorish. But, you can also use it to bring form to your dreams and imaginings. It can also bring acknowledgment of reality and acceptance of the truth while subsequently allowing you to foster a sense of emotional boundary against those who are overly Eeyorish. Choose your own mood. Don't let someone's dourness infect you.

By 6:43 AM a stern sense of resolve waxes over our emotional body as the Moon finds Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. But, by noon, we are reminded that we are still not completely invincible with a conjunction from Moon to Chiron. Remember, you can't heal something if you don't where the hurt is really coming from. So, as salt is poured into that wound, lean into the waxing trine of the Moon in Pisces to Mars in Scorpio (11:56 AM) accessing the tremendous healing power available.
Swung appropriately, we could set ourselves up to feel better by early afternoon with an opposition from the Moon to Jupiter in Virgo (2:57 PM). Swung negatively and we could be picking ourselves apart for every little perceived transgression we ever made. Rest. Restore. Be your own best caregiver. Do what you need to do to feel better instead of continually cutting yourself to just feel something. Know that the Moon is also going to cross over the South Node. Peer deeply into the past and accept where you could have done things differently. Look for your past successes and hang on to the strengths you find there. Then, seek solid comfort, fortitude and grace in dealing with your responsibilities. Do favors for your future self instead of putting rocks your own path. These activities are blessed by a Venus/Moon sextile at 4:08 PM.

Dream of future plans. Imagine and plan to build brighter days under tonight's Moon/Mercury sextile that occurs at 11:26 PM. Then, as the Moon reaches Void status following this movement, rest your head and let all that percolate. The Moon enters Aries at 4:56 AM tomorrow morning and screams “GAME ON!” So, make sure you know what cards you are going to play and why.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

This morning we wake up to motors revving under a driven Moon in Aries. There are no major aspects of the day. But, we are ready to move forward. Use this day to get the ball rolling, but assess your motivations and ensure you are pointed in the right direction because we quickly grab some serious traction in the morning.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Are you ready for this? This morning the Moon in Aries makes a lovely trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 5:37 AM. There is no doubt that we have left the swamp of Pisces behind us, for now. Our tires have grabbed traction and we are ready to power forward. Shortly after this, the Moon gets locked in the Uranus/Pluto square between 8:03 AM (square Pluto) and 9:51 AM (conjunct Uranus).
Now. Grabbing traction is a good thing. But, you are going to want to be sure you are pointed in the right direction before you go powering forward. Otherwise, it's going to be like grabbing traction in the middle of a hydroplane. In that instance it's hard telling where you are going to end up. Oh, you are traveling alright. But, how and where will you land? So, yeah...don't just jump out of bed and start slaying dragons. Make sure you are slaying the right dragons...or better yet, can you make the dragon your friend and ride on his back into battle? Can you use this tremendous power to get you where you need to go? You sure can. So, best be sure you are trying to get there for good solid reason. Remember the assessment of “why” you are trying to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Make sure you are riding the right dragon, in other words.

By nightfall, the Moon and Sun are in harmonious sextile allowing us to peer into the future and bravely walk forward with our new plans. The lone warrior Moon finds her tribe and they are celebrating around the campfire. However, there is some discomfort between the tribal elders and the warriors as the Moon squares off with Venus in Capricorn at 10:16 PM. Change is hard and sometimes uncomfortable. You can still adhere to solid values while pioneering new paths. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it. However, there are times when maintaining the status quo needs to be ditched for new methods and new mentalities. That's the rub between this Moon and Venus. Negotiation and discussion needs to be had as the tribal elders remind the warriors that it is more about the end product than just simply going out and running over people. We are to be rebels WITH a cause and a conscience. Yes, listen to the Jiminy Crickets in your life. They aren't just trying to rain on your parade. They are trying to help. However, if that Jiminy is afraid of change and holding onto outdated values squash him like the bug he is and foster a new mentality.

The conflict of Aries versus Capricorn continues with a square from the Moon to Mercury that perfects in tomorrow's early morning hours prior to the Moon reaching Void status at 5:34 AM. This can equate to a beautiful headache (literally or metaphorically) to start our day. So, it's best to just let things stew for awhile until the Moon becomes active again if you find yourself at an indecisive deadlock. Shifts in perspective and the way we think about things is going to occur once the Moon is active again (6:37 AM tomorrow morning as she enters Taurus and Mercury re-enters Aquarius tomorrow evening).

Saturday, January 13, 2016

This morning cravings and desires are gurgling in our bellies. The Moon awakes in Taurus at 6:37 AM. Mentalities and points of view are shifting, though, as Mercury leaves sturdy Capricorn for Aquarius at 5:43 PM. Change is coming dear Taurus. Might as well get on board with it before someone comes along with a cattle prod and sends you scrambling.
At 6:00 PM our cravings intensify as Mars sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. Don't go overboard here. Satiate desires simply and practically. Ok. You want cake. Fine. Have some. But you don't have to eat the whole thing. Easy does it.

Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Virgo is fine energy to set us up for over-complicating things. Steer away from that tendency and instead, be smart, efficient and practical while also remaining realistic in your self-expectations. Chances are whatever you have planned is not going to be accomplished in a straight line or in one night. Plan it out. Chunk by chunk. Step by step and break more overwhelming tasks (or calls to change) down into small bite sized pieces. When change occurs, all you have to focus on is the first step. After you make that first step, you can stand there for a minute and have another piece of cake before you decide the next step. Take your time. This isn't a race or an arm wrestling match. It's a process. A process of peeling off layers and mindfully processing step by step with deliberate pause for such between steps. You don't have to force this change upon yourself all at once. You can do it slowly. Instead of holding your breath and ripping the Band-aid off, why not soak it so it falls off gently on its own? You know? Take your time. Chill out! You are the Ice Queen you are so chill! Remember? Pfft...I heard you snort...

By 9:38 PM, it's time to lay our work down for the day. The Moon finds Neptune by sextile (speaking of soaking). Let loose of the plow and retreat into rest and comfort. A nice hot bath perhaps? A soothing night cap? A bit of meditation and self-care? Are your hooves and shoulders aching? Then, rest them a bit. Allow time for personal restoration and know that restoration will find you tomorrow under an early morning trine from the Moon to Pluto. Sink into your dreams and be ready to pick up and start forward motion again tomorrow.