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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of February 28 to March 5, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today begins dreamy and a bit water-colored as the Moon in Scorpio pulls away from a trine with Neptune as the Sun officially finds the same by conjunction at 10:47 AM. Meanwhile, the Moon moves on to square Venus at 11:17 AM. This is uncomfortable and pits forward moving change against a feeling of endurance and clinging. Clinging may not be the best word. But, at it's lowest vibration Scorpio Moon will torture itself with an emotion (such as resentment or anger) in a rather masochistic way. Venus in Aquarius wants to let loose of that burden. But, with the Sun in the extra-martyr making swamp of Pisces, some may be resistant to letting things go and moving on. However, at their highest vibration both the Moon in Scorpio and Sun conjunct Neptune CAN let go, forgive, absolve and forget. It's the harder path of course. But, it still remains a viable option. Cut the albatross loose.

By early evening, the Moon is sextile her current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn (4:40 PM) and waxing into sextile with Jupiter Rx in Virgo (9:42 PM). The sextile with Jupiter overlays an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries which creates a Yod holding Uranus at the apex. Meanwhile, the sextile with Pluto and trine with Chiron (11:41 PM) creates a wonderfully supportive mini-trine. All this, again, echoes the need for release and looking forward more than looking remorsefully backward. It's time to let loose of emotional blooms that are well past their expiration date. The Jupiter/Uranus Yod overlays the now waning Mercury/Uranus/Jupiter Yod that has created quite a bit of restlessness at the end of our previous week. So, expect some of that restlessness to come back. It is time to let Winter die and Spring emerge. It is time to incorporate wisdom from past experience; but, stop reliving it. Pack up and move on. Be inspired by the promise of brighter days.

Overnight, the Moon squares Mercury in Aquarius as he finds Mars in Scorpio by conjunction between 2 and 3 AM. Minds could be racing and anxieties may creep in. It may be hard to settle our brains enough to sleep. Cutting down on chemical stimulants (caffeine/sugar) earlier in the day may help. Also, taking time to discuss your emotions logically or write them out in a diary before attempting to retire could help settle the emotional waters enough so you can get some rest. Or, it could start an argument that lasts into the night. Course, that may need to happen. You will have to make your own judgment call on that one. Personally, I don't care if an argument does need to happen to clear the air, I don't want to do it at 2 in the morning. I'm a Pisces Moon, though, and hold sleep at priority. There are other moons that could feel differently in that regard.
Following the conjunction with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 6:57 AM tomorrow.

Monday, February 29, 2016

There's one extra day in February this year and welcome to it! Happy Leap Year! Now. What will we do with it?

This morning we wake up under a Sagittarius Moon who remains unaspected all day. Venus in Aquarius, however, does sextile Saturn in Sagittarius at 8:08 PM. Venus is wonderfully stable under this aspect. But, she is still looking forward instead of backward. Saturn has the path to the future well paved and she is anxious to get started on it. The free floating Sagittarius Moon encourages her optimism in that regard. Today has a wise yet bohemian feel to it. It's MUCH less watery than what we experienced under the Scorpio Moon and Sun conjunct Neptune. Even though the Sun remains in Pisces and still quite close to the King of the Seas, the water recedes a bit. Hope has a chance to breathe energy and renewal in our direction. Don't be afraid to venture out. Stretch your legs a bit and, perhaps, even try something new. The energy is much lighter, for now. Take advantage of that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's break from the waters. Because, the tides threaten to rise again under today's Moon. The morning begins innocuous enough. But, by early afternoon, the Moon is square Neptune (1:49 PM) and subsequently finds the Pisces Sun by square later in the day to create our Last Quarter Moon (6:12 PM). Any left over emotional gunk rises to the surface not for us to relent over. But, for us to scoop/strain out and get rid of. Release. Let go. Lean into the power of the darkening Moon. There is a mixture of Fire and Water here. Both of which is a threat to the other. Water drowns out Fire. Whereas heat under a kettle of water causes it to boil and evaporate. Due this unnatural mix of elements, I suggest you call upon the power of Temperance to keep the concoction in proper balance.

For example, lets imagine we were making Moonshine. If you've never seen a still, I can tell you it is a simple but powerful and potentially volatile contraption. You have to have your pressure juuust right or you'll end up with copper fitting and pipes exploding all over the place. If you keep all that in check, you end up with a wonderful elixir. But, while you are cooking it, you have to be very mindful of all your gauges. So, let the fire burn and the water bubble while leaving a small hole for the extra pressure to escape. Move around more than you try to sit still with this energy. If you are feeling swamped, get out and get some fresh air. Carefully pour your emotions into whatever you are doing. Give them outlet instead of leaving them pent up. And, definitely let go more than you try to hold on...unless you want to be that exploding copper pot or risk your Moonshine turning sour.

Overnight, the Moon finds Saturn by conjunction (2:16 AM). This can bring emotional stability or increase depression and fear. However, if you've spent the day effectively letting off steam instead of laying in an emotional swamp, it can come as a stable and effective resting spot. The cup to pour your finished shine into, if you will. Settled and stable emotional control.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The fickleness of March most definitely affects our emotional body. Today, however, the pendulum that pointed to yesterday's potential washout now swings to point at energy that is much more free and unencumbered. The Sagittarius Moon breaks free from the swamps of Neptune and the harshness of Saturn and cut loose to feel more like her Bohemian self. She starts the day under a hopeful and sparkling sextile to Venus in Aquarius (5:30 AM). That is followed by a huge “breaking out” notion delivered by a trine to Uranus (6:55 AM). The birds are singing. The Sun is shining. It's time to wakey wakey!

By early morning, though, we are reminded to keep things simple and be wary of our triggers as the Moon creates a mutable cross with Jupiter in Virgo (8:16 AM) and Chiron in Pisces (11:02 AM). We are ready to be done with the ways we keep tripping ourselves up. But this aspect comes in as a reminder so we don't unknowingly repeat past mistakes. The outlet for this mutable cross falls in Gemini. Learn new ways to do things. Let your curiosity take over and experiment a little. Talk it over with trusted friends.
Later this evening, Venus enters the Yod that Mercury passed through last week. She sextiles Uranus (8:13 PM) while inconjunct to Jupiter in Virgo (7:04 AM). Buzzy and restless moves from our brains and into our hearts. Values shift as do priorities. Hearts are restless and eager. Any restriction feels like carrying around concrete blocks. We are less prone to want to haul those. Therefore, restrictive relationship ties (or even monetary ones) will likely be cut loose. Our hearts want to wander free and are really, really tired of being squashed.
The Moon finds Mercury in the last degrees of Aquarius by sextile at 9:56 PM and our “fuck this shit” mentality and evolving values kick into high gear. Minds crank over and start looking for new and inventive ways to deal with the future because the old ways are waaaay past their expiration date. And, that pot is left to simmer as the Moon reaches Void status for the remainder of the night. She enters Capricorn at 5:02 AM tomorrow.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

We move from yesterday's restlessness into a softened emotional realm today. The Moon in Capricorn finds Neptune by sextile at 10:58 PM. The Yod with Venus/Jupiter and Uranus is ongoing. So, hearts are still bubbling. But, the emotional body is preset with a feeling of responsibility and compassion. It's time to dream up more flexible and encompassing plans. However, the feel is less work focused than one would imagine under a typical Capricorn Moon. It's dreamy. Floaty. Easily distracted. Plus, it can't just bear in mind the “bottom line” because it has been imbibed with compassion. In other words, the strong push that sent our “give-a-damn” to be shattered is still in force...but, we still give a damn about some things. We still have a conscience and are not inclined to step on others to get to where we need to go. As a matter of fact, we are fairly inclined to stop on our journey and assist a fellow traveler to their feet instead of using them as a stepping stone. I don't see that as a bad thing. Come together and help one another. Realize you are not in this alone. Reach out for support and deliver it when you can. We are all “in this” together. So make sure you are doing your part.

Friday, March 4, 2016

This morning the Moon in Capricorn finds the Sun in Pisces by sextile at 7:34 AM prior to finding Pluto by conjunction at 12:18 PM. You know what that means, right? It means the our little Fishy Sun is also waxing into sextile with Pluto. They are separated by a mere 2 degrees right now. And, the energy is waxing. The Moon will bring this to surface imbibing us with compassion, responsibility, integrity and endurance.

Now. Listen to me, ok? This week the emotive energy very much reflects the fickle March weather. We go from one extreme to the next on a nearly hourly basis. This is NOT ONLY due the condition of the Moon. But, also due next week's incoming eclipse. The overall feel of the week is uncertain, shaky, floaty and comes packed with the unexpected as ecliptic events continue to unravel. We will feel swamped. At the same time, we are called to be on our toes. We will be called to action when we would rather be taking a nap. There is a chance that nothing will go as planned and things will pop up seemingly out of nowhere requiring our immediate attention without warning. This is part of what will MAKE priorities shift under the Venus Yod. It brings things that matter to our acute awareness that in the past we may have taken for granted or overlooked. With the eclipse less than a week away, expect the unexpected. Remain flexible and yet grounded. Be overly meticulous with self-care. Jupiter in Virgo is the spotlight on our future. Whereas Chiron threatens to suck us back into the past. Jupiter's lesson is one of humility and service. Don't forget that. Especially if you start feeling grandiose and get too lost in your own problems. Your feet are sunk in the mud of the collective just like everyone else's. So why not offer to pitch in and help instead of just sitting as an armchair quarterback. Want change? Oh, honey. It's coming. Your best focus is on getting your priorities in line and getting prepared to deal with it. Because, you matter. What you do matters. Probably in ways you can't exactly pinpoint right now. But, I assure matters. I remind you of this right now because as the day moves forward, things are at serious risk of being shaken up.

The Moon squares Uranus at 2:59 PM and trines Jupiter at 3:31 PM. Easy now. Don't blow yourself up. Remain calm and cool. Triage. Lean into the practicality of Earth and keep “the long term” in your sites. Don't over-react. Mindfully respond. And, if it is NOT an emergency, don't treat it like one. Yet, if it is an emergency, know that you can remain grounded enough to deal with it. Yes, you can.
Also know that “re-activeness” will be a largely apparent issue given that Mercury is also waxing into square with Mars. Mars in Scorpio versus Mercury in Aquarius is explosive. Think about it. We are again pitting Uranus and Pluto energy against one another AS THE MOON MOVES THROUGH THE ACTUAL SQUARE BETWEEN THESE TWO. So, yeah...something could blow up unexpectedly. For real. At that point, it's not going to matter what you are planning to make for dinner; because, you are going to be too busy putting out fires and rescuing babies. It's shaky and uncertainty overlaying MORE shaky and uncertainty. It's nerve wracking at the very least. Catalyzing and wildly accident prone. Be prepared to stand steady and absorb the shocks so you can effectively respond instead of reacting as if you've just been poked with a cattle prod. However, know that this is ridiculously hard to do. And know that some folks will respond to this energy like Chicken Little. There will be times when you feel like one of them. Breathe. Move around..carefully and mindfully. Don't expect things to go as planned. Remain flexible and deal with what needs to be dealt with as it emerges while never losing sight of the impact of your actions upon your future. I'd be lying if I told you this was easy. It won't be. It will be scary, at times. Dramatic at other times. Heart-wrenching through out. Some things will happen because they needed to happen. Other things will just happen. Either way, we will have to deal with it and try to figure out the meaning of it after the fact. In the moment of it, not one bit of it is going to make sense. That's how eclipses work. They pack a serious punch of WTF without giving us much chance to figure it out before we are called to act upon it.

The Moon remains active through the Mercury/Mars square which perfects just after midnight. Her next aspect is a sextile to Mars at 11:07 AM tomorrow. By that time, Mercury will have moved into Pisces (5:24 AM). Our frazzled and over-stimulated brains melt into a sea of swirling uncertainty. What was once so clear becomes hazy and confused. Directional compasses go haywire. Other electronic devices have a tendency to do the same. We aren't sure of which way is up or sideways as the ecliptic confusion continues. Vertigo is a very strong possibility. There is a chance that nothing makes sense at this point. I suggest you go with it instead of fight it. Because there isn't a darn thing you can do to change it. That locus of control has been ripped from your hands. Nothing is as it seems and there is a primordial sense of “more waiting to emerge” thumping in our intuitive bodies. Be careful. Move slow even when you feel as if you need to rush. Listen to the intuitive hits you are getting. I don't care why you feel uneasy about going to x place to do y. If you feel wonky about it then just don't freaking go! Better safe than sorry. You may find out later why your brain was screaming “Nooo!” You may not. Listen and heed the warning either way.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

This morning the Moon is briefly Void following her check in by sextile with Mars in Scorpio at 11:07 AM. She enters Aquarius at 11:23 AM. At this point, the days seem to running together without much break between them.
Mars hangs on to the final degree of Scorpio most of the day until finally jumping into Sagittarius at 9:30 PM. Actions are far reaching...potentially desperate and exaggerated. Yeah. It's like we are grasping for straws. Still yet, motions feel a little less encumbered as Mars moves from being Pluto ruled to answering to Jupiter. Only thing is, you have to remember that Jupiter shrinks in Virgo. He says don't gloss over the details. Act humbly instead of with grandiosity. Help others. Let loose of selfish endeavors. AND, never forget that Mars is in shadow. Meaning, what you do now will most certainly be revisited under different skies. Pay your future self favors instead of over blowing your expectations. Practical. Simple. Generous and humble is where you need to keep your trajectory instead of reaching out too far into the uncertainty of our current atmosphere. Baby steps. Well thought out baby steps are called for. Step one: Get out of bed. Step two: Bravely face the day. Deal with one thing at a time while giving yourself time to adjust before you move on to the next thing. Sloooow and steady. If you manage to keep yourself at that slow and steady pace, you can mark this day up as a success. That will be enough of a job in and of itself.

Overnight the Sun waxes into square with Saturn (1:04 AM) reminding us to be responsible, forward moving and compassionate. But, it's likely going to feel somewhat cumbersome and depressive. This is forced responsibility and accountability. Not necessarily something we choose to pick up and carry around. But, more like it is shoved upon our shoulders. Aim to do the right thing which is not always the easy thing. No one can decide what “right” is for you. But, know you will carry the consequences around either way; so, choose wisely and deliberately. Then, buckle your seat belts. This ecliptic ride has definitely left the starting gate.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 21 through February 27, 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo leaving a stabilizing trine with Saturn (2:32 AM) and entering a forward moving trine with Uranus (7:07 AM). Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are currently waxing into trine separated by a mere 2 degrees. Though the building energy of this waxing trine will hang with us for most of March, these two bodies will not perfect in trine before Saturn turns Rx. However, exact or not, the energy IS present. It says, “Make your own rules” and “don't do what you are told without scrutinizing it first.” This morning's lunar movements give this waxing trine a bit of a flavor boost.

The meat of the rest of the day rides off this freeing and wonderfully creative energy. Right up until the Moon squares off with Mars in Scorpio at 8:17 PM. We are HUNGRY. Par for the course, having dealt with the high protein requirements of a Big Cat Moon..especially one that is waxing into Full Bloom tomorrow afternoon. Many may be on the prowl tonight hunting for satiation of one type or another. Hair poofed out and preened to its best as we scour the alley ways (or local restaurants) for something to fill our empty pits. There is, however, always a chance at conflict when squares are involved. No fighting over the appetizers! There's plenty to go around. But, yeah, there could be sounds of cat squalling, calling or clawing coming from the backyards and back alley corners under this nearly Full Moon.

Following the square with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 6:25 AM tomorrow morning.

Monday, February 22, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo working it's way into an opposition with the Pisces Sun at 1:20 PM. We call that a Full Moon, folks. And, it is the last major lunar event prior to eclipse season. The Full Moon in Virgo calls for us to lean into the higher expressions of the sign. Humble service. Practicality. Categorizing. Planning. Down to Earth. Making ideology tangible. If Pisces is the dream of what we can do, Gemini is the information/data gathering and Virgo is the making manifest. Bring the dream and the idea both into tangible form. Sagittarius, our last mutable sign, then becomes the higher lessons we learned from the entire process that we incorporate as theory into our awareness. All of which are subject to change.

The Full Moon's ruler, however, is in fixed Aquarius conjunct Pallas. Brilliant. Though not so flexible it is willing to think for itself and Pallas aids in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together either for the first time or assembling all the broken pieces into new usable form. Patterns of behavior are recognized from a nearly clinical perspective and with the dispassionate views of both Virgo and Aquarius in play we can sort and re-align accordingly. Imbibed with the compassion of Pisces and the power of imagination that comes with that, nearly anything you dream up can be broken down into manageable steps. But, you've got to believe in yourself enough to be willing to give it a try.

Also “helping” or “hindering” (depending on your perspective) is the waxing opposition of Jupiter Rx to Chiron. This will shine a spotlight on what needs to be addressed both on a collective level and an individual level. It brings awareness to weaknesses, illnesses, and thorns in our paw that we may have previously numbed ourselves against, denied or forgotten.

Jupiter will, indeed, point out these weak spots and I can't tell you it won't be painful. The Moon is quite sensitive and even if Virgo may think that over-emotionality is impractical, it may be something we all have to deal with instead of sweeping it under the rug. Lift that freaking rug up and sweep that stuff out of your atmosphere instead. You cannot fix something if you don't know where or how it is broken. Jupiter vs Chiron is going to show us that in undeniable ways. Don't poke at your broken pieces. Love them. All of them. Mercury conjunct Pallas can help us rise above the ways we may unknowingly continue to poison ourselves and develop new and more supportive methods. The energy coming from Virgo provides us with plenty of Earth to keep us grounded in our efforts if we only reach for it.
Meanwhile, the Moon moves on at midnight to oppose Neptune. It may be the last week of February but March's wild weather is growling at the door. Mother Nature is Spring Cleaning. And, she misses no corners. The suggestion, especially if you feel as if you are in a state of chaos, is to do the same. Clean all the things. With Mercury in Aquarius, the end result will be as pristine as if you'd hired an OCD professional. White glove test passed. Sounds mundane and simple. But, as within, so without. Clean and organize on the outside and you feel more clean and organized on the inside.

Crazy Spring Cleaning weather and potentially chaotic emotional states aside, there is chance for illness in these skies. If you are sick, be a good patient and your own best caregiver. If you are not sick, build proper barrier against getting that way. Wash your hands. Take your vitamins. Drink plenty of water and don't skimp on the Vitamin C. Reduce your overall exposure to germs. Want extra Virgo points? Buy a new toothbrush and wage a war on stagnant germs that lie around in your everyday. Clean sweep. Know this is earthquake season on the East Coast and rock/mud slide season across the nation. As the Earth thaws and the rains come down, the ground moves. So, we most definitely could hear of some of that as well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This morning, the Moon still lingers in Virgo brimming with fullness. She moves away from her midnight rendezvous with Neptune and toward a sobering square with Saturn at 1:03 PM. Some boundary in the swamps may actually come as a relief. But, for the most part, there is little joy in this lunar aspect. It is the smack of reality in your face. And, it occurs just prior to the washout of Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces at 3:05 PM.
The Moon will enter this opposition, but not before checking in with empowering Pluto at 3:17 PM. There are strong calls for integrity and fortitude under this sky. Again, keep your hands clean lest you would rather be caught in a maniacal nightmare about ousting the stains later. Prioritize. Triage. Care for the sick and broken. Be. Honest. And forthright. Remember, the bed you make is also the one you get to sleep in. Pay forward favors for your future self instead of putting additional blocks in your own path. Accept whatever it is that Jupiter opposite Chiron shows you and vow to make necessary changes to your behavior in an effort to live more healthfully either emotionally or physically. If that means you need to withdraw from the craziness of the World in an effort to find center, don't guilt yourself over it. Instead, give yourself permission. That is what the higher expression of Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius would have us to do anyway. Declare a sanctuary of silence if needed for your own sanity. Strive to keep things simple. Even if the seas of Pisces are swirling, use Virgo's energy as the sieve to filter out what is of true importance while letting everything else drift away into the abyss.

At 9:44 PM the Moon finds Jupiter by conjunction and subsequently opposes Chiron. You can't go back and change anything. All you can do is accept this new wisdom you've been given and vow to move forward with it. The desire to move forward and survive whatever this exposes comes through a waxing lunar sextile to Mars in Scorpio which perfects in the morning. Get some rest. We just might survive to give it another go tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We meet this day with a feeling of resolve as the now waning Virgo Moon meets Mars in Scorpio (who is also currently in shadow) by sextile. Your next step is very important because the actions you make over the next few weeks will be revisited. Make sure you know what is motivating you. We are striving for change endurance more so than world domination. But, in a way, we may feel like we have the power to do both. Go on, then. Dominate your own world. But, don't feel you have the right to pick apart what you see wrong in everyone else's life. That's none of your damn beeswax. If it feels like you are walking on eggshells, you just might be. The ground is wickedly unstable and crunchy as eclipse season knocks on the door. Be mindful, practical, responsible and HUMBLE in EVERYTHING you do. This New Moon Eclipse in Pisces that lights up the calendar on March 8 is going to be a lot like falling down the rabbit hole. Who knows where you or anyone else will end up.

After the sextile with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 5:42 PM.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Today is pretty windy. Which may come as a bit of relief during watery Pisces season. The Moon in Libra starts her day under a sextile from Mercury in Aquarius to Saturn in Sagittarius (3:06 PM). Brilliant plans for the future are made under this sky. Sparks of inspiration whirl about like dust bunnies under a ceiling fan set on high. Brain power is kicking. Logic is crystalline. Thoughts are clear and socially conscious but set apart from what is considered to be status quo.
At 3:18 PM, the Moon dances by trine with Venus in Aquarius. This is a touch and go type dance. Not clingy and sultry like the tango. It's more of a mirroring of movements that eventually turns each partner away from the other for a brilliant dance in soliloquy.

The wind picks up in ferocity and tempo as the Moon finds Saturn in Sagittarius by sextile at 1:29 AM. Thunder may roll and the ground might truly shake as she finds Pluto in Capricorn by square at 3:40 PM. Our emotive bodies respond to the weather and the brain collects the energetic lightning that streaks across the sky as the Moon finds Mercury by trine at 4:39 AM. The “busting loose” feel of that energy is driven home hardcore as the Moon opposes Uranus bright and early (of course) at 6:19 AM on Friday the 26th. Our fishy Sun may feel dried out and washed up by then. That's a lot of air to contend with. None of it is very conducive to sleep. It's stormy outside and inside; but, if you can overcome your fear of that, you may just pick up some new inspiration. Be energized by this windy front that moves through. Sure take safety precautions and shelter when/if necessary; but, let your brain run wild with the potential presented under this sky. Keep clearing out old decks and mindfully stacking the new ones. Breathe in and fill your lungs with the freshness coming from our atmosphere right now. Open the windows and let it breathe into your home wafting out winter's stale and wafting in the promise of the new. Keep yourself sheltered in your self-created eye of the storm...protected and sheltered but still able to absorb and put to use the swirling energy.
I find the potential in this energy exciting. But, it can be overtaxing and overstimulating to some. Be wary of anxiety and mindful of triggers to the same. Address them appropriately. Doing so imbibes your personal shelter with strength instead of threatening to just blow you away. Tie a string to your toe and sprout wings on your back. Soar like a kite in the swiftly changing winds. Oh come on. It'll be fun.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Moon in Libra is Void after her early morning opposition with Uranus. But, the swirling winds and inspirational lightening bolts continue as Mercury in Aquarius finds his current ruler, Uranus in Aries by sextile at 6:02 PM. Brains are buzzing imbibing us with the ability to break free from negative thought loops. The brain churns and churns and tongues are most certainly unleashed. Be careful where you swing your sword. Be mindful of what you allow to fall out of your mouth because you won't get an opportunity to suck it back up later. Under a Pisces Sun, you will feel remorse for indiscriminately cutting folks. Other than that, feel free to be inspired. Write down what wondiferous thoughts and ideas sparkle through your psyche on this day and plan to follow through with them in the very near future. Be hopeful. Collaborate, network and share ideas. Exchange the inspiration. If something is to be blown away, let it be the box you keep trapping yourself in.

The Moon remains Void all day until sinking into Scorpio at 6:27 AM tomorrow. Take a deep breath before we begin plunging those emotional depths.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The mania of the last few days begins to wear off under today's sky. The Moon sinks into watery Scorpio early this morning. Two nights of swirling restless sleep has caught up to us. Now, all that remains is the dull gonging numbness in our heads that feels a lot like a hangover. Back to the waters we shall go quenching our thirst and soothing our sore overworked throats.

Within the ethereal waters we shall remain today. The winds have quieted in the atmosphere and in our brains as the Moon waxes into a trine with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces all day perfecting right around midnight. Ahhhh, to sleep, perchance to dream. A gentle rhythmic rain dancing on tin rooftops lulls us into dreamland. To float upon the open waters without a nagging thought or catalyzing idea one. Rest your weary head. Imbibe all those brilliant ideas with rich and fertile creativity. Let them gestate in these waters until they are ripe to act upon. Timing, my friends, is everything. Yesterday we floated on clouds. Today we sink to the depths of the ocean where it's dark, enveloping and rich with creativity. Allow the mud to overtake you. Willingly sink into it. Get very, very you sink...all...the...way...down. Never releasing your grip on what dreams may come.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 14 through February 20, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today, we have a slew of aspects that our Taurus Moon will traverse. Most of it looks more sweet than sour. We begin the day basking in yesterday's waning trine from Mars to Jupiter. The first Lunar aspect occurs as the Taurus Moon finds Pluto by trine at 10:28 AM. Brunch is highly indicated. Something rich. Indulgent. Personally, I'll be making deep fried Oreo's today. Because, I'm an adult and I can do that if I want. But, in a way, that is what this aspect reminds me of. Something sumptuous, a rich indulgence, a guilty pleasure...resist not this call to sink into something wondrous.

What this lovely trine does, is create a flickering Kite in the earlier part of the day that trickles over into our evening hours. It involves a Grand Earth Trine stemming from Taurus Moon, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter Rx in Virgo (6:14 PM). The opposition that creates the cap of the Kite comes from Jupiter Rx opposite Chiron. The Moon is officially sextile Chiron at 3:36 PM.
Plus, there is a second flickering Kite created as Mars in Scorpio sextiles Jupiter and Pluto as the Moon opposes (7:15 PM). We are well supported under this sky. Desires are strong. We crave. And you know the best way to deal with that? Find a beneficial way to satisfy your cravings. Ok. So deep fried Oreo's are probably not what most would call “beneficial.” But, here's the thing. I don't care. LOL!

Today is a day for adoration. Showing it. Accepting it. Fostering a sense of adoration for yourself even. If you are partnered, it's a wonderful day for slow savory sex. If you are not partnered, it's still a good day for slow savory sex. But, if you aren't inclined to such you can still romance yourself. Treat yourself to a spa day. Do whatever it is you do that makes you feel like you are wrapped in luxury. A long soaking bath. A nice indulgent massage. There's a meme going around the internet that says something like, “Learn to love yourself fiercely! That way people will know how it's to be done.” Or something like that.

The Kites of today do provide support and and a certain amount of protection. But, Valentine's Day or not, what it calls for is pleasure and delight in the physical. A true day of VenusTreat yourself to some of that. Think about what it is you would miss if you no longer had your body. Does that make sense? There are certain pleasures that only “being physical” can manifest. Lean into those. Unashamedly and without abandon.
After the Kites of the day fade away, the Moon does meet with a little duress. Our First Quarter Moon waxes in at 2:48 AM pitting our touching, feeling, indulgent cow Moon against the robotic Ice Queen energy of the Sun in Aquarius. This occurs at 26 degrees of our fixed signs and does hold Mars in Scorpio close enough in orb to create a fixed t-square. The outlet of this t-square falls in Leo. The “solution” to the tension isn't force, isn't cerebral, isn't tangible. It's creative. It requires our personal signature and asks us to imbibe a bit of the playfulness of our inner child. That is how the tension is broken by allowing yourself to return to innocence, bravely with wise and protective eyes.

Monday, February 15, 2016

This morning, the tension of last night's First Quarter Moon is eased by a trine from the Moon to her current ruler, Venus in Capricorn, at 5:55 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 9:36 AM. It would appear that the early morning moves rather slowly.

In our early afternoon, though, the winds pick up as the atmosphere breathes with life through a trine with the Moon in Gemini to Mercury (NOW OUT OF SHADOW!!) in Aquarius at 1:38 PM. It's a great time for exchanging ideas. Chatting things up. Finding space to talk about your emotions without so much water involved. Increasing your emotional intelligence...or just calling up a friend. It's also a great time to ask someone for advice in their area of expertise. Minds and mouths are busy...and, for real, wind chill could be a thing in the weather. When there's a bunch of energy in Aquarius, the weather is typically quite prone to be icy. With both the Sun and Mercury both already there and Venus soon to jump on board...that potential is increasing. So. Yeah. There's that.
The only other aspect within this 24 hour period waxes in at 1:16 AM. The airy Gemini Moon meets the King of the Seas by square. Air escapes and mush returns. It can be a dream filled night. One in which we sleep very deeply. And, potentially, one that can also come with tears and sensitivity. If you are awake at this hour, the energy is rich for creativity and imaginings.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This morning we wake up the Moon in Gemini leaving her square with Neptune and waxing into an opposition with Saturn (12:11 PM). Oh bother. Responsibilities weigh heavily on our typically sparkly Gemini Moon. Saturn says, “pick a path.” The Moon says, “but, I want to flit down them all!” Ok, but, you still have to start with one. It's grouchy. Our “student” Moon is being riddled by a staunch and serious teacher...quizzed. Kept from playing and socializing. Forced to focus and sit still while digging more deeply into the subject matter at hand instead of just lightly breezing through the main topics.
HOWEVER, the “end of school” bell rings at 4:32 PM with a lunar sextile to Uranus in Aries. We are inclined to bust out of the restrictive school of Saturn singing, “School's out, school's out, teacher let the monkeys out!” Freedom! Gosh, it is certainly time to shake the stoic dust off and we don't need anymore bricks in the wall! We don't need no education! We are primed to shake things up a little bit.

The only caution? Shake it but don't break it! The Moon does square off with Chiron in Pisces at 7:57 PM and subsequently Jupiter in Virgo at 10:03 PM. Shake it till it feels free not until it falls off and you end up at the ER having it sewn back on. We can, however, call a halt to memorizing historical dates and being crushed under rules and, instead, opt for a little wildness.

The mutable t-square formed with the Moon, Chiron and Jupiter holds outlet in Sagittarius. Explore new territory. Embark on a new journey. Free yourself from self-hindering and dare to reach out into uncharted territory. With Jupiter in Virgo, though, you are going to want to keep it simple and avoid over-complication.
At 11:17 PM, Venus slides into Aquarius increasing the “icy” potential of our days to come.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Several minor planetary aspects color our morning hours. But, the only major aspect of the day occurs as the Moon in Gemini finds the Aquarian Sun by trine at 11:38 AM before reaching Void status. Windchill and icy conditions are possible in both the atmosphere and our emotional bodies. But, it is pristine. Clear. Clean. Transparent. You ice and wind have a tendency to be. Activities that involve logic and clear communication are the forefront of this trine. The Sun will soon leave the icy wonderland of Aquarius and dive into the ethereal waters of Pisces. Grab a few quick breaths before we are forced into those depths. This is most definitely a transitional time.

Speaking of water, at 2:25 PM the Moon wakes back up in Cancer. It's time to retreat from our mental escapades and sink into some creature comforts. What goes well with cold and icy conditions? Soup. Nice hearty homemade soups, stews, simmering crock pots, thick warm plush blankets and an enveloping couch. Yeah. Get ya some of that.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Alright. Today is potentially moody and challenging. We start the day off with a watery trine from the Moon in Cancer to Neptune at 6:50 AM. This is wonderfully flowy and creative. But, it is also HIGHLY sensitive. It's also highly intuitive so pay heed to any caution flags your little inner voice may throw up at you. Be mindful of what and who you surround yourself with because their mood could be contagious. Keep your boundaries up and go with the flow. FLOW, I said...not force. Water trines call for gentleness most typically.

As the sky grows dark so does the Universal energy as the Moon opposes Pluto at 8:35 PM and then subsequently squares Uranus at 10:43 PM. This is a quite powerful Cardinal T-square that finds it's outlet in Libra. With Libra's current ruler in Aquarius, we may need a bit of detachment from all this pressure. Surround yourself with friends and community. Share when/where you can. Don't forget that compromise and negotiation are always options. That sort of thing can be done in an intelligent and socially conscious manner with this type of Venus. Lean into the support of your tribe if you find yourself in emotional flux. This is definitely emotionally stormy weather. Offer support where and when you can.

At midnight (00:34 AM to be precise), we call an end to Aquarius season and enter the Kingdom of the Fishes. The Sun enters dreamy Pisces overnight. Shortly after, the Moon trines Chiron in Pisces and subsequently sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. Caregiver, heal thyself. Retreat to thy deep dark cave for rejuvenation and pay heed to whatever it is you may need. Rest. Restore. Drift off into your imaginings and dreams. Those dreams could hold some pretty astute messages for you.

Friday, February 19, 2016

There is plenty of water in our atmosphere today. The Sun is newly in Pisces and we wake up to the Moon in Cancer in a watery trine with Mars in Scorpio (insert dramatic pause with raised eyebrow here) who has just entered his retrograde shadow. That's right folks. The Mars retrograde that begins at 8 Sagittarius 54 (On April 18th) circles ALL the way back to 23 Scorpio which is where we find him today as the Moon checks in. “Oh, but that is TWO MONTHS AWAY,” you say?, not really. With Mars in shadow it kinda starts like RIGHT NOW. Aside from heralding the beginning of Mars' unraveling, this water trine does power forward like a motor boat. Thing is you are going to want to, again, assess the “why” behind what it is you are trying to accomplish. And, you are going to want that to be a 100% self-honest assessment. You don't have to admit your motivations to anyone but yourself because you are the one that is going to have to live with it in the end. You know?

Also, remember the answer doesn't always come from taking extreme measures. Scorpio sees the a tendency to be able to see extreme of everything. Faaaaaaaaaar left. Faaaaaaaaar right. It looses sight of the middle ground. Mars in Scorpio has a tendency to act in extremes. I'll re-iterate, it does not have to be kill or be killed. There are other options that you may want to consider. The answer is not always all or nothing.
However, whatever we embark upon today comes with strong emotional motivation. So. If your emotions have run amok expect your actions to follow in tow. I'd suspect you'd be far better off climbing out of the mud and keeping everything afloat and above board. But, yeah, desires could run deep and so could emotions. Channel that into something beautiful. Something creative. Something life enriching instead of burying yourself up. The tides have certainly risen at this point. Wear your floaties or your scuba gear! Plus, beware the drag of the water. We are to move slow and imbibe what we embark upon with FEELING! Listen to the whispers of your intuitive body and the voices in your head.

Also remember the Moon is growing and swelling with energy as we approach the Full Moon in Virgo. In high emotional times, lean into practicality, triage and grounding.
The good thing? Following the trine with Mars we do get a bit of a break. The Moon is Void in Cancer until entering fiery Leo tonight at 9:18 PM.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Well. Today looks a lot like a tug of war. If you let it swing that way. We start off with an uncomfortable early morning opposition between the Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius. There is a chance that our personal needs are not being met or no one cares or what we want is sooo far out of reach. Then, our emotions face off with collective mentality at 2:28 PM.

Look. This can be balanced out. Give them a little of what they want but don't shirk what you need in the process. Realize we don't all have to agree. You can have your opinions. They can have theirs. We can all still live on the same planet that way as long as we foster a sense of tolerance for individuality. You are unique just like everyone else. Give folks just as much room to be themselves as you expect in return. It's called co-existing and it CAN be done. Promise. Someone who doesn't believe in the same way you do doesn't make your belief system (or theirs) weak. Embrace the differences that make our world a more colorful and interesting place instead of feeling as if you are under threat because everyone is not exactly like you.
Still yet, the air today is ripe for friction. Disagreements. Opposing points of view. Purposely choose to let all that dissolve. We do have Sun in Pisces. after all. Forgive. Accept. Let it go, already.
Things do become a bit more steady as the Moon waxes into a stabilizing trine with Saturn overnight (2:32 AM). Emotional support and grounding is forth coming. Keep that potential in your sights while realizing sometimes the best tactical move in a tug of war is to let go of the rope.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of February 7 through February 13, 2016

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Last night, the Moon entered Aquarius at 1:00 AM. This morning, the Aquarian Sun squares off with Mars in Scorpio at 7:08 AM at 18 degrees. Though this square perfects this morning, tomorrow under our New Moon, the orb is only stretched out by one degree. Plus, Venus holds in her sextile to Mars and Chiron lingers in trine. Mars is also receiving a waning inconjunct from Uranus and a waxing sextile to Jupiter. Even Vesta and Juno are in on the Mars poking action. Juno has been following him for awhile in Scorpio. Vesta is snuggled up with Uranus in Aries and joined with Mars via inconjunct as well. In 11 days, Mars will enter his retrograde shadow. He is certainly being pumped and primed for this with the frequent check-ins with the rest of the sky.

One thing I've noticed about the square from our Aquarian Sun to Mars in Scorpio is that it is perfect for gaslighting. You have this cool calm collected Aquarian Sun who knows just what buttons to push in order to make a Scorpio Mars go all nutballs. Then, that calm cool Aquarius Sun sits back and says, “Why are you so upset?” Yeah. That happens. Now, let me talk to my Mars/Pluto people. This is anyone with Mars in the 8th, Mars in Scorpio or Mars in aspect to Pluto. You have tremendous power. To a degree that, at times, you may not understand how powerful you are mainly because you've known no other way. Within that power, you also have a certain capacity to control yourself. Do not let some asshole prompt you to unleash that power indiscriminately just because you can. They are not worth it. I promise. They are not worth your seething. They are not worth your stewing. They are not worth you spending the rest of the night digging holes to hide the bodies and trying to wash the blood off your hands and your favorite shirt. NOT. WORTH. IT. Okay? If you encounter poking, gaslighting, someone pushing your big red button know that YES THEY ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE! Because they know that once they find the button that makes you blow your top, they've won. I know you Mars/Pluto. I know you can take down just about any attacker you choose. However, I also know you do not like to be manipulated by others. This “gaslighting” and “button pushing” is manipulative. So, learn to recognize this and disallow it from happening. Instead, cut the thread on these negative associations. That little inconjunct from Uranus? It can cause you to self-destruct. Rise above your seething and put your true power of survival in play instead.

There is a much better way to put this energy (Aquarius Sun square Mars in Scorpio) to good use. First, we envision and inspect the changes we need to make. We logically assess what needs to be done. We bravely stare down new and uncharted avenues. We detach from remorse and regret and look only at the new day dawning. Then, we call in the troops. The Mars in Scorpio. The power that can move mountains and endure a project through to fruition. We power through the necessary changes without looking back, without holding on. We gather and use this force in groups, networks, friends and spread the desire for change in one huge socially conscious movement.

Mars in waxing sextile to Jupiter Rx in Virgo can be mindful of the minute details that need to be addressed along the path forward. Don't over-think or over-promise yourself. Don't over-blow your plans/expectations. Keep them simple. Practical. And prepare to hang in for the long haul to achieve your end goal. But...BUT...before you EVER get started on anything assess the WHY of what you are doing. What is it in your core that is driving you? Make sure your efforts are not purely self-serving. Ensure that they are in line with a responsible value system and move gracefully not forcefully (Mars sextile Venus at 10:00 AM today).
Now. Know that all of this doesn't go down and get wrapped up all in one day. Today is the beginning of the end. The Moon is waning, darkening and releasing. So, today we wind down and finish things up before we declare what needs to be done next under tomorrow morning's New Moon. Also bear in mind that we are one Lunar event away from eclipse season. Following the Full Moon in Virgo (Feb 22), we are headed toward a New Moon (Solar eclipse/March 8) in Pisces followed by a Full Moon (Lunar eclipse/March 23) in Libra. The unexpected will occur all while Mars is steeped in shadow. He enters Sagittarius the day before the Solar Eclipse and your motivations are likely going to be up for public inspection/judgment during his stay there. So, discover what's driving your bus now since it will be re-visited. Prepare for the unexpected, as well, because ecliptic symptoms are already a matter of fact, they have been brewing in the background for a while.
Keep in mind that one of the main lessons that Mars in Scorpio (Mars/Pluto) needs to learn is when to stop. When to stop beating it's head against a wall to accomplish something. When to stop seething. When to stop pouring its endless supply of energy over something that just drinks it up and offers nothing in return. Getting back up after being beaten to a bloody pulp is what Mars/Pluto does naturally. What doesn't come naturally is just calling an end to the battle. That doesn't mean Mars/Pluto can't do this. It's just a different type of survival tactic. It just never occurs to them to stop and change methods instead of killing themselves over something. Also remember that there are other answers than leaning toward extremes. It doesn't have to be kill or be killed. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It doesn't have to be all your way or all their way. There is a middle ground...don't lose sight of it. Remember, grace and values...put the damn chainsaw down unless you plan on using it to cut out negative attachment.

Later tonight, the Moon in Aquarius waxes into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Grounding and practicality are on the way. A sense of finality is waiting. And, a fresh new page in a brand new chapter awaits us tomorrow. After the new page presents itself, we've got plenty of time to decide what we want to fill it with. Following the New Moon in the morning (9:40 AM), the Moon is Void ALL day until entering Pisces at 3:32 AM (early Tuesday morning). Don't spin your wheels until then. Prepare, while keeping this whole scenario of eclipses and potentially ramming your head against something that you probably should be walking away from instead in your sites for the duration of this week. Mars is going to remain a factor for quite some time. Our First Quarter Moon coming in the middle of the night following Valentine's Day (HA! Yeah, that'll be interesting) pulls Mars in Scorpio in by fixed t-square with the outlet of that t-square falling in Leo. You could grind your teeth to nubbins by then if you are not careful. The better thing to do is look for things/people/situations more worthy of your energy and loyalty. The best way to approach that task is by cutting out the more cancerous cells today.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The New Moon in Aquarius perfects this morning at 9:40 AM on the following Sabian Symbol:

SUN AND MOON AT 20 AQUARIUS: White dove circles overhead; descends, bearing a message. The blessing every effort by the “Holy Ghost” of revealed significance. Exaltation of all individual efforts. Celebrity.

The ruler of the Sun and Moon at this time (Uranus in Aries) is situated on this Symbol: URANUS AT 18 ARIES: An empty hammock is hanging between two trees. Rest after some notable achievement. Capacity for consciousness after the act, for reaping fruits of activity. Detachment.

Following her meet-up with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 3:32 AM. Take a break. Pontificate what you would like to fill this fresh new chapter with. Relinquish your grip on seething and know there will be space soon enough to contend with any grief, emotionality or acceptance under our incoming Pisces Moon. For now, float a bit. Rest a bit. Put your feet up and think about what you want to do. Assess your motivations. Envision your end goal. But, don't start on anything just yet. We are planning here. The next two days are pretty active. Get your feet underneath you; be well rested and prepared for that.
HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! We are officially in the Chinese Year of the Monkey.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This morning the Moon is plunging the ethereal and highly sensitive waters of Pisces. The first major planetary movement comes from Mars in Scorpio as he meets Chiron in Pisces by trine at 2:13 PM. You've assessed your motivations right? You've found those illusive triggers that you keep stubbing your toe on because you've been in denial of their existence, right? You are going to stop setting yourself up for failure in that way, right? Of course you are. Because, we are tired of metaphorically bleeding out.

By 6:03 PM the Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Emotional sensitivity is peaking. Intuition and instinct are kicking. And, you are going to want to be really careful what and whom you surround yourself with because they are likely contagious. Fill your empty hollow with good stuff. Don't throw trash in there. Open the gate on stagnant emotions and let them run out of you. Allow fresher cleaner waters to enter and keep the flow going so you don't get all backed up again. In a way, it's like having a cold and jumping in a hot shower to break up the congestion. You want flowy not sticky and gunky. And if you find that you are simply emotionally worn out, call a time out and take a nap. Yeah. You are an adult. You can rest when you want and need to. Also remember, as within so without. Quit putting gunk in your body. Drink more water. Eat clean and fueling food (chemical/additive free). Know that allergies (food allergies included) and sinus issues can be a thing. You may crave whatever your fix is. Just remember, under Moon/Neptune things like drugs and alcohol become more intoxicating than usual. I'd suggest a light hand with things like this.
Be your own best nurse maid. With Jupiter Rx in Virgo, it's time to aim your efforts of serving at yourself and internalize your desire to help. Focus on what you need to do to help you. A drowning man can't save another drowning man and you can't pour from an empty cup and all that. Realize that there is a chance you could feel more sensitive and emotional today than usual. Be easy with yourself...and others too.

HAPPY FAT TUESDAY! Easy now. Your body is going to be more sensitive to alcohol and your immune system is going to be really permeable too. Ahem, so, if you are partying hard in NOLA, take proper self-protection measures in light of that. Matter of fact, be mindful of all that whether you are swapping Mardi Gras beads or not.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This morning we wake up still under the waters of a Pisces Moon. Overnight, though, Venus in Capricorn made a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Virgo. Hopefully celebrations veered on the practical side while never letting loose of a high minded value system. Forgive yourself for eating the whole King Cake. That's not a big deal. That's a minor indulgence that we can deal with. However, if you find you are nursing a hangover this morning then you might as well accept that you could have indulged a bit much. Hopefully you remember a joyful time and aren't crawling to the mailbox of the house you woke up in so you can give the address to the cab driver to come pick you up.

After the blossom of this Venus/Jupiter trine, the Moon squares off with, I mean Saturn at 4:00 AM. Sobriety finds us. This sets up the mood of the day to be potentially grouchy and Eeyorish. But, you can also use it to bring form to your dreams and imaginings. It can also bring acknowledgment of reality and acceptance of the truth while subsequently allowing you to foster a sense of emotional boundary against those who are overly Eeyorish. Choose your own mood. Don't let someone's dourness infect you.

By 6:43 AM a stern sense of resolve waxes over our emotional body as the Moon finds Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. But, by noon, we are reminded that we are still not completely invincible with a conjunction from Moon to Chiron. Remember, you can't heal something if you don't where the hurt is really coming from. So, as salt is poured into that wound, lean into the waxing trine of the Moon in Pisces to Mars in Scorpio (11:56 AM) accessing the tremendous healing power available.
Swung appropriately, we could set ourselves up to feel better by early afternoon with an opposition from the Moon to Jupiter in Virgo (2:57 PM). Swung negatively and we could be picking ourselves apart for every little perceived transgression we ever made. Rest. Restore. Be your own best caregiver. Do what you need to do to feel better instead of continually cutting yourself to just feel something. Know that the Moon is also going to cross over the South Node. Peer deeply into the past and accept where you could have done things differently. Look for your past successes and hang on to the strengths you find there. Then, seek solid comfort, fortitude and grace in dealing with your responsibilities. Do favors for your future self instead of putting rocks your own path. These activities are blessed by a Venus/Moon sextile at 4:08 PM.

Dream of future plans. Imagine and plan to build brighter days under tonight's Moon/Mercury sextile that occurs at 11:26 PM. Then, as the Moon reaches Void status following this movement, rest your head and let all that percolate. The Moon enters Aries at 4:56 AM tomorrow morning and screams “GAME ON!” So, make sure you know what cards you are going to play and why.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

This morning we wake up to motors revving under a driven Moon in Aries. There are no major aspects of the day. But, we are ready to move forward. Use this day to get the ball rolling, but assess your motivations and ensure you are pointed in the right direction because we quickly grab some serious traction in the morning.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Are you ready for this? This morning the Moon in Aries makes a lovely trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 5:37 AM. There is no doubt that we have left the swamp of Pisces behind us, for now. Our tires have grabbed traction and we are ready to power forward. Shortly after this, the Moon gets locked in the Uranus/Pluto square between 8:03 AM (square Pluto) and 9:51 AM (conjunct Uranus).
Now. Grabbing traction is a good thing. But, you are going to want to be sure you are pointed in the right direction before you go powering forward. Otherwise, it's going to be like grabbing traction in the middle of a hydroplane. In that instance it's hard telling where you are going to end up. Oh, you are traveling alright. But, how and where will you land? So, yeah...don't just jump out of bed and start slaying dragons. Make sure you are slaying the right dragons...or better yet, can you make the dragon your friend and ride on his back into battle? Can you use this tremendous power to get you where you need to go? You sure can. So, best be sure you are trying to get there for good solid reason. Remember the assessment of “why” you are trying to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Make sure you are riding the right dragon, in other words.

By nightfall, the Moon and Sun are in harmonious sextile allowing us to peer into the future and bravely walk forward with our new plans. The lone warrior Moon finds her tribe and they are celebrating around the campfire. However, there is some discomfort between the tribal elders and the warriors as the Moon squares off with Venus in Capricorn at 10:16 PM. Change is hard and sometimes uncomfortable. You can still adhere to solid values while pioneering new paths. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it. However, there are times when maintaining the status quo needs to be ditched for new methods and new mentalities. That's the rub between this Moon and Venus. Negotiation and discussion needs to be had as the tribal elders remind the warriors that it is more about the end product than just simply going out and running over people. We are to be rebels WITH a cause and a conscience. Yes, listen to the Jiminy Crickets in your life. They aren't just trying to rain on your parade. They are trying to help. However, if that Jiminy is afraid of change and holding onto outdated values squash him like the bug he is and foster a new mentality.

The conflict of Aries versus Capricorn continues with a square from the Moon to Mercury that perfects in tomorrow's early morning hours prior to the Moon reaching Void status at 5:34 AM. This can equate to a beautiful headache (literally or metaphorically) to start our day. So, it's best to just let things stew for awhile until the Moon becomes active again if you find yourself at an indecisive deadlock. Shifts in perspective and the way we think about things is going to occur once the Moon is active again (6:37 AM tomorrow morning as she enters Taurus and Mercury re-enters Aquarius tomorrow evening).

Saturday, January 13, 2016

This morning cravings and desires are gurgling in our bellies. The Moon awakes in Taurus at 6:37 AM. Mentalities and points of view are shifting, though, as Mercury leaves sturdy Capricorn for Aquarius at 5:43 PM. Change is coming dear Taurus. Might as well get on board with it before someone comes along with a cattle prod and sends you scrambling.
At 6:00 PM our cravings intensify as Mars sextiles Jupiter in Virgo. Don't go overboard here. Satiate desires simply and practically. Ok. You want cake. Fine. Have some. But you don't have to eat the whole thing. Easy does it.

Mercury in Aquarius and Jupiter in Virgo is fine energy to set us up for over-complicating things. Steer away from that tendency and instead, be smart, efficient and practical while also remaining realistic in your self-expectations. Chances are whatever you have planned is not going to be accomplished in a straight line or in one night. Plan it out. Chunk by chunk. Step by step and break more overwhelming tasks (or calls to change) down into small bite sized pieces. When change occurs, all you have to focus on is the first step. After you make that first step, you can stand there for a minute and have another piece of cake before you decide the next step. Take your time. This isn't a race or an arm wrestling match. It's a process. A process of peeling off layers and mindfully processing step by step with deliberate pause for such between steps. You don't have to force this change upon yourself all at once. You can do it slowly. Instead of holding your breath and ripping the Band-aid off, why not soak it so it falls off gently on its own? You know? Take your time. Chill out! You are the Ice Queen you are so chill! Remember? Pfft...I heard you snort...

By 9:38 PM, it's time to lay our work down for the day. The Moon finds Neptune by sextile (speaking of soaking). Let loose of the plow and retreat into rest and comfort. A nice hot bath perhaps? A soothing night cap? A bit of meditation and self-care? Are your hooves and shoulders aching? Then, rest them a bit. Allow time for personal restoration and know that restoration will find you tomorrow under an early morning trine from the Moon to Pluto. Sink into your dreams and be ready to pick up and start forward motion again tomorrow.