Morning Star: Astrology for the week of January 24 to January 30, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

This morning, the Moon is still active following her blossom in Leo last night. Here, I got to see her beaming in a sparkling sky over top a blanket of snow. Gorgeous.
Today, though, our Leo Moon is a bit prickly and impatient. She meets with Mars in Scorpio by square at 11:12 AM. Ambiguous is the word I give this aspect and it is typically applicable. However, it also can pit what we want to do against what we are obligated to do or have us performing under emotional pressure. Mars is still moving tediously slow through Scorpio...wearing a bit of a groove behind him. However, he has not entered his retrograde shadow as of yet. This will occur when he crosses 23 degrees on February 18. We still have a few weeks to go.

All things Mercury, however, are likely going to be kicking up dust today and tomorrow. He stations direct on Monday. So, his energy is currently agitated and a little screwy. His third conjunction with Pluto occurs on the 29th bringing closure in whatever area he has been transiting in your chart. It is likely that a chapter finishes or a door slams shut in these areas. For example, my Dad was told he needed extensive dental work which would cost upward of $2000 at the beginning of this retrograde. I begged him to get a second opinion before jumping on that. He did. He ended up getting a more simple procedure at a much lower cost (from a local established dentist instead of the new sparkly chain dentistry place). His final follow up appointment is at the end of this week. See? A chapter closes. Life goes on and we are off to the next “thing.”
But, we can most likely experience some Mercurian “hiccups” over the next few days such as travel problems, wonky electronics, confused communications and the like. Take things slowly in this area and realize the untangling is on the way. I'm mentioning this now because the Lunar/Mars square is agitating, as I said. And, Mercury at a station point can certainly exacerbate agitation. Poor frustration tolerance is likely a thing.
At 3:26 PM, our emotional body does settle a bit and receives nice grounded support from a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. From here, she waxes into a trine with Uranus at 9:52 PM. Saturn and Uranus are separated by 3 degrees in a fire trine right now. The Moon is going to drift through these degrees in our evening hours linking up these two power houses. This energy looks at rules and “social norms” as objectionable options. Which means, we see your rules and we may or may not follow them. Saturn trine Uranus is independently regulated. It doesn't just follow rules because they are there. It is a law unto itself and calls its own shots even if those “shots” don't align with what has always been deemed as acceptable. It is also not adherent to the status quo of “this is how things have always been done.” Saturn trine Uranus looks at that statement and says, “Well then, it's time we tried something new or downloaded an upgrade, don't you think?” IF it is inclined to be nice that's what it says. It might just pop off with “I'll do what I want; screw your rules. I'll decide what I can and can't do.” What this energy will do under an independent Aquarian Sun is make it really hard to bark directions at someone because they are going to buck it. So, yeah, don't be trying to boss folks around. But, what it will also do is give you license to do things differently, try new and uncharted ways of doing things. Dismiss being told “you can't do that” in favor of “you don't know until you try.” It is also going to bring undeniable intolerance to rules and societal norms that are lopsided and waaaaaay past their expiration date...which is a good thing, in my opinion. Understand, though, this is not “a rebel without a cause” energy. This is a rebel WITH a cause and with an end objective...there is a purpose behind the whole breaking the rules thing. That purpose is mainly colored by the belief that it's time for “these rules” to change or be dismissed entirely. I like this set up a whole lot says the lady with Uranus trine Saturn separated by 1 degree in Air in her natal chart. Break the status quo. Shatter that glass ceiling and don't trip over being told you “can't.” The proper response to “you can't” is “watch me.” Go get em, tiger.
Following the trine with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 10:47 PM on Monday. Yes, that is a 13 hour VOC Moon. You read that right (and on a Monday, no less).

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Moon is Void in Leo for most of this day giving us quite the feeling of “meh” for most of the day. We hit a dull gong emotionally. No one is really emotionally reactive making this a good day to putter around tying up loose ends. However, we cannot forget that Mercury is still busy. He turns direct in Capricorn at 4:44 PM. I'm not really sure many are going to care about that until the Moon passes into Mercury ruled Virgo at 10:47 PM. Aside from having to deal with potential Mercurian misfires, this day passes in a rather blasé manner.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today we move to from yesterday's dull gong into a rather active Lunar day. We start the morning off with a comfortable and stable Earth trine between the Moon in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn at 4:51 AM. We start off on good footing. However, by 2:53 PM, the Moon is in opposition to Neptune threatening to make things a little foggy, confusing or even emotionally washed out or tiring.
What happened? We had a solid agenda this morning but by early evening we are all washed up!

With this set up, I do recommend going with the flow. Yet, within this flow, we should be more inclined to be the observant beach rather than the waves themselves. Watch for what washes up on your shores. Watch for what is washed away or eroded. Don't draw any conclusions just yet. We are merely observing and noting the emotional impact. In case you haven't guessed, this isn't an activity that requires much action. Just stillness and observation. Practice catch and release. Acceptance and forgiveness. Boundaries up, though. You are likely to be quite emotionally permeable. Hallmark commercials could make you cry, for example. Be careful who and what you surround yourself with in the interest of your own well being...and that includes building proper boundary against physical illness. Wash your hands. Drink plenty of water (pop some Vitamin C while you are at it). Rest when you need it and reduce your exposure to germs if you can. If you need to call a time out in your life, do so.
By 11:13 PM the Moon is in a deep sextile with Mars in Scorpio and finds Saturn in Sagittarius shortly after by square at 1:34 AM. A bit of energy is restored in our later evening hours but that energy meets with sobriety and, potentially, depression (or dissatisfaction) overnight. Moon/Mars years for fulfillment but Saturn/Moon is a jerk sometimes demanding things like delayed gratification. Easy does it now. It's going to be ok. The calendar is just kind of drunk and gave us a Monday on a Tuesday. Take your disappointment to bed and get some rest. There is potential for the air to clear considerably in our tomorrow. Yeah. We are going to kick tomorrow's ass.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This morning we wake up to a sturdy Earth trine between the Moon in Virgo and, both, Mercury (4:11 PM) and Pluto in Capricorn (5:57 AM). Mercury is direct now and waxing into his third conjunction with Pluto in recent weeks. This occurs on the 29th. But the two are magnetically connected today and the Moon is going to give us a window of access to the energy. It's time to incorporate what we've learned from this retrograde and start making executive decisions in regard to our long-term futures...delineating one step at a time. Where do your plans need to be tweaked or adjusted? Stare into the bare bones of it all and decide while researching for possible ways to do so. We are a bit industrial under this aspect. All business. Not much fluff. However, traction is certainly accessible. Most of us have a pre-set agenda going into this day and are determined to not be knocked off track.

Here's the thing, though. As our day progresses, the Moon opposes Chiron (11:06 AM) and then meets Jupiter by conjunction (7:11 PM). There is a high chance in the morning for us to take ourselves way too seriously. We are busy bees buzzing around taking care of business. We could be so steeped in our business of taking care of business that we end up stubbing our toe on something under Moon/Chiron. Now, this can be as literal as actually stubbing your toe. Or, it could be that an emotional trigger is tripped and we fall on our faces due that. Either way, I encourage you to not take it more seriously than it truly is. Maintain your ability to laugh at yourself and ease up on the whole “do it now or die” thing. That's going to help swing the incoming Moon/Jupiter conjunction in a more positive way. Otherwise you run the risk of martyring yourself and blowing a situation way out of proportion. Humor, though, can ease the situation. Triage. Realize that “chironic” themed event happened to bring something into your awareness...a potential “weak spot” that will need to be shored up or a “thing” that trips us up all the time without us noticing it much. NOW we notice it. You can't fix what is broken if you don't know where the break is. You know? Accept and plan to deal with it more effectively in the future. Don't let it derail you.

Following the conjunction with Jupiter, the Moon is blessedly Void giving our emotional body a bit of a break until entering Libra at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. Be sure you are not looking at the situation too closely. I mean, note the details, but know that Mercury waxing toward a Pluto conjunction can cause us to fixate or obsess a bit. Retain the ability to pan out for the bigger picture. Incorporate the eyesight of the Eagle zooming in and out when appropriate.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

This morning the Moon is Void in Virgo until entering Libra at 10 AM. The first aspect she makes is an uncomfortable square to Venus in Capricorn at 11:13 PM. Emotionally we are inclined to leisure and socialization. But, Venus in Capricorn is all business. Leisure ain't gonna come until you get these chores done, in other words. Take care of your responsibilities...yeah, I know you'd rather not. Stop procrastinating and putting it off. Put your head down and just get it done anyway. You can grumble about it all you want. But, in the end, you'll be more satisfied to have accomplished something.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Today the wind is at our backs in the morning with a trine from our Libra Moon to our Aquarian Sun at 3:56 AM. This is followed by a supportive sextile between the Moon and Saturn at 2:14 PM. There's plenty of room here for checking things off that ever growing to do list. There's also room for collaboration, negotiation and networking. Take advantage of that.
At 6:12 PM, the skies begin to darken a bit under a square from the Moon in Libra to both Pluto (6:27 PM) and Mercury (6:12 PM) in Capricorn. How much can you trust the folks you were cutting deals with this morning? That might be an important thing to consider. Paranoia could creep up on us and that feeling of fixation and obsession is growing.

In some cases, that paranoia may be warranted. There's likely a feeling of “the other shoe preparing to drop.” And that smelly sneaker is due to fall out of the sky as the Moon opposes Uranus in Aries at 8:35 PM. Breathe through the “what the fuck?” Respond appropriately to whatever situation this spawns instead of just allowing the knee jerk reaction to take over. Following this potentially catalyzing emotional explosion, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 10:51 PM. Meanwhile, the plot thickens as Mercury does officially find Pluto at midnight. Some of these “emotional explosions” could very well kick starts some plots for revenge. You know, though, the best revenge is to survive whatever is thrown at you in an effort to knock you off course. You've got plenty of time to plot and seethe. The Moon is Void for over 12 hours again before entering also potentially seething Scorpio. This entire set up reminds me of the quote, “holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal.” Whatever “this” is for you, is it worth burning up over? We are under a waning Moon, remember. This is time to let go and release not hold on and seethe until your insides burn up. Focus on how you are going to endure and thrive despite “this” instead of focusing on plans for insidious world domination and destruction. K? If you let the actions of someone else determine your next step then you might as well just hand them over the steering wheel of your life. Because, in essence, what you are doing is allowing yourself to be controlled. Perhaps blowing up and doing something destructive is exactly what they want you to do. You gonna allow yourself to be set up like that? No. Don't fall for it, sweet pea. Take this VOC Moon break and use it to decide your next step instead of just feeding into re activeness and impulsiveness.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Today the Moon in Libra is Void just about all day. She doesn't enter Scorpio until 10:51 PM. This gives us plenty of time to look at our personal situation from different angles and suss out the details of what we need to do in the near future. It's a good day for a physical break and one in which not many are going to be prone to talking a whole lot. Plans are kept under wraps for now as we re-arrange the steps we need to take.

Sunday is quite busy with an active Moon and Mercury waxing into his third square with Uranus. Wind things down. Tie up loose ends or just take today off for meaningless toiling. But, by all means, get your feet well under you and prepared for whatever the last day of January has in store while remembering we are to be letting go more than we scramble to hold on under our Last Quarter Moon. Take advantage of the opportunity to rest up a little.