Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of January 17 to January 23, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

This looks like a fairly lazy day. We wake up to the Moon in Taurus. Her first aspect is an ambiguous opposition to Mars in Scorpio (1:54 PM) quickly followed by a sextile to Neptune (2:29 PM). Mars is closing in on his trine with Neptune which perfects tomorrow. Assertive energy is subdued. Direct aggression is awash. Ambition is napping. I suggest leaning into this. However, if you do have tasks you need to complete, you can set your work to music for inspiration and promise yourself a nice indulgent reward for the progress you make. Both these techniques are effective in increasing Mars/Neptune productivity under a Taurus Moon.

Venus in Sagittarius is also waxing in square to Jupiter in Virgo. This perfects tonight around midnight prior to the Moon meeting Pluto by trine at 3:33 AM. Tonight is certainly earmarked for indulgence and relaxation. Some may even be prone to over-indulge, which I do not recommend with Jupiter in Virgo. Instead, we should remain practical and mindful of simplicity. We can manage to eat a few cookies instead of the whole package, right? Well, under Mars trine Neptune and Venus square Jupiter we could easily eat the whole package before we know it and end up with a belly ache. So, indulge but mindfully and in moderation. Pay attention to your cravings, as well. What are they trying to tell you? What is it you really need? Temptation can tell you a lot about yourself.

The Moon trine Pluto craves richness and fulfillment along with physical satisfaction. So, whatever you choose don't just indulge in it. Savor it. Slowly. Bit by bit. Morsel by morsel. Incorporate the use of all of your senses to completely absorb the experience. Notice taste, texture, smell...every little nuance.
Venus square Jupiter is also good energy to prepare yourself for the week ahead. If you are a weekly 9-5'er this is a good opportunity to plan meals for the incoming week. Do laundry and get all your ducks well positioned and prepared for the week ahead. Gift yourself with preparation.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Moon lingers in Taurus this morning as Mars officially finds Neptune by trine at 6:01 AM. By 7:48, our emotions are gentle with a sextile to Chiron. The rest of the day we have a nice “down to Earth” feeling through two subsequent Earth trines. The first comes with a trine from the Moon to Mercury RX in Capricorn at 9:04 AM. This is followed by a Lunar trine to Jupiter in Virgo at 4:16 PM.
We likely feel pretty grounded which will help with the Mars/Neptune energy. It's a gentle, practical day in which anger is subdued while physical energy is imbibed with grace. We are encouraged to go with the flow while still remaining centered in our tasks of the day. But, all this happens at a plodding pace. Don't try to be in too much of a hurry. With grace, timing, creativity and foresight a lot can be accomplished.

Maintain your sense of humor. Keep your expectations practical and gently dance your way through this day. Know that you may feel a little lethargic. Remember music can be motivating. Stay well hydrated (you'd be surprised how much of a difference this makes in regard to energy levels under Mars/Neptune) and remember, there is no crime in nap time.
Overnight, Mercury will sextile Chiron (1:31 AM) as the Moon finds the Capricorn Sun by trine (1:51 AM). Following the trine with the Sun, the Moon is briefly Void until entering Gemini at 4:14 AM. This energetic set up provides nice support for solid night's sleep. Take advantage of that. Overall, Yin energy rules the day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini. Today, she will link up the square between Saturn (13 degrees Sagittarius) and Neptune (8 degrees Pisces) by first squaring the Lord of the Seas at 6:11 PM and opposing Saturn at 2:55 AM. It's a give and take kind of day. One in which we are likely distracted or emotional while being called to deal with the reality of “it” all at the same time.
Most of the morning flows fairly easily. But, by early evening, many could feel washed out at best. It is a good day for creativity and bringing art projects to life. It's also a good day for building dreams and/or leaning into acceptance and forgiveness. The last few days has been mostly about what you crave. Now the energy shifts to what you are mentally obsessing about. Pay attention, there are personal messages in all this for you.

Remember we are on our way to a Full Moon at the end of the week. This means that emotionality is becoming more heightened and sensitive as the week moves forward. This evening, we are likely quite emotionally sensitive and moods can steer toward negativity fairly quickly. Be easy with yourself. Find the reality of the situation while delineating a plan to make things better if need be. Boundary work is also a good idea. Be mindful of what and who you surround yourself with. Don't carry burdens that aren't yours. Again, stay well hydrated to help with energy levels and mood in general. Balance work and rest, responsibility with leisure and reality against imaginative possibility.
Typically, Moon in Gemini is rather social. However, in her current condition she may be more prone to withdrawal into her own inner world. Tomorrow, things are set to lighten up a little for our Moon in Gemini. Today, though, looks to be one of those “wet blanket” kind of days.

Also, be mindful of where you allow your brain to wander. Mercury, our current Moon's ruler, is waxing away from Chiron and toward a square with Uranus that perfects tomorrow after the Sun exits Capricorn and moves into Aquarius. The Moon is going to check in with all these players tomorrow too swiftly incorporating all the information that Mercury Rx is stirring up into our emotional body. Be mindful of triggers and re-think how you address your personal pain. Know that some stuff will bubble up in an effort to bring denied or numbed pain/aches back into our awareness so that it can be deal with effectively...not for punishment purposes. You can't help the aches if you don't know where they are, in other words. This is a very personalized affair. What bubbles up for you will vary from what bubbles up for your neighbor. However, there is nothing wrong with stepping in to support one another through whatever may be happening if you are able. Again, though, be mindful of boundaries. Don't bite off more than you can chew or volunteer to carry around more than you can handle.

Also, entering this week, I've heard a lot about water problems. Water line breaks, boil water advisories and all that. Know that under Mercury/Chiron, stuff like this has the potential to trickle into this week as well. It doesn't make you paranoid to pick up some bottled water just in the event something like this enters your world.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Today, our mood has a chance to lighten and brighten a little under a Lunar sextile to Uranus at 9:25 AM. We are able to detach from heavier emotions and dry out a little. Mars energy is returning as he waxes away from his trine with Neptune. Plus, Solar energy shifts as the Sun moves into Aquarius at 10:27 AM.

In our afternoon, hurt feelings could, again, take center stage with a Lunar square to Chiron just as our mouths are unleashed under a square from Mercury to Uranus at 1:27 PM. Remember what I said about elusive pains being brought to our awareness so that we can deal with them. Yet, the knee jerk reaction is just going to be to tell the person that tripped our trigger or the object we stubbed our toe on to straight up fuck off. With Uranus, what we are being called to do is rise above and suppress the knee-jerk reaction in favor of a more intelligent and mature response. That is quite taxing on a person's patience...let me tell ya. In dealing with it, breath, believe it or not, becomes very important. Breathe deliberately through the catalyzing stimulation and choose your response deliberately. Hold the pain away from you a bit for perspective and don't just react to it. Take time to intelligently respond.

Also, with Mercury in square to Uranus, we are being prompted to try new tactics. The “old ways” just aren't working anymore. We are called to think independently instead of jumping on the nearest band wagon. We are prompted to experiment with new methods and different perspectives. We should look to free ourselves instead of continue self-hobbling. Again. A very personalized affair.
Things (personal habits, for example) that need to change are going to continue becoming harder to ignore and, eventually, unbearable. This stuff is going to come acutely into our awareness and we could very well be looking at it in exasperation saying, “Something's gotta give/change here.” In that, my coping methods may not work for you and your methods may not work for me. It's important to assess where you might be tripping yourself up and be willing to change your tactics. Also, make sure you are adding to a conversation if you have something to say instead of just blowing hot air around pretending to be the expert on everything. Timeliness/punctuality is also a “thing” with Mercury/Uranus AND Sun in Aquarius. Keep a check on your watch.
By late evening, the Moon is in square to Jupiter in Virgo. We could feel picky and critical. The antidote for that is to steer yourself toward practicality, optimism, humility and generosity while finding blessing in the simple daily stuff. It's also a good time to adjust daily routines and rituals so that they are more supportive of your life.

The mind is likely a very busy, potentially nervous/anxious, place today. Thoughts come at a rapid fire pace. This bears impact on our emotional body as the Moon is answering to Mercury right now. Scale back on stimulants and write down inspiring thoughts and brilliant ideas to come back to later. Explore options and possibilities instead of getting caught in the “I can't” trap.
Also, this week bears the potential for icy conditions. And wind that chaps your more delicate parts...nose, mouth and what have you. So, take whatever precautions you need to in an effort to deal with that potential.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Overnight, the Moon made an uncomfortable opposition to Venus in Sagittarius at 3:02 AM. From here, she is Void until entering moody Cancer at 8:29 AM. We are likely to really be able to feel the Full Moon building by today. This means, emotionality is heightened. We are hungry. We are seeking comfort. I highly suggest you keep yourself well fed and and make your personal sense of security a priority. Nesting is just a good idea.

Taking things slow and easy is also indicated. The only major aspect the Moon makes today is a trine to Neptune that waxes in at 10:54 tonight. Solar energy is not going to understand over emotionality. On a solar level we are more prone to be a little cool. But, emotional waters are stirring whether it makes any sense to us or not. So, don't neglect what needs to be addressed on that level even if it doesn't jive with logic.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Moon remains active today as emotionality continues to build under a waxing Moon. Nighttime skies are probably pristine. Icy crystal clear making the stars shine even more brilliantly. But, it's also probably pretty cold in a lot of areas too. Hot chocolate and homemade hearty soups/stews are stars of the show these days.

Overnight the Moon danced with Mars in Scorpio by trine. It was a good night to sink into physical pleasures and entertain intimate needs. Today, though, thoughts run deep and there is a potential for paranoia under Mercury's second conjunction with Pluto that waxes in our early morning hours (5:07 AM). Many are seeking comfort as the mind scours some serious business.
The Moon sinks into this Mercury/Pluto configuration with an opposition to both around lunchtime. Intuitive abilities are kicking ass. If something doesn't “feel” right exit the situation quickly. But do be mindful of what fears are bubbling up in your personal sphere. Personal demons have the potential to rear their heads under this sky. Stare fear right in the face and defend your home territory like a strong Momma Bear should. Even with the potential for fear and paranoia, there is also a strong call to survival and personal protection. Listen to your instinctual body. Adjust your perspective when/if necessary and make personal comfort and security a priority. Deliver onto yourself what you need, in other words.

A Lunar square to Uranus breaks our give a damn and offers us an opportunity to detach from the depths a little at 2:33 PM. Again, assess what needs to change and be proactive in adjusting it. Also know this aspect carries the potential for re-activeness. So, if you let your fears get the best of you in the early part of the day you could find yourself popping loose at the seams by late afternoon. Lean into the detachment and logical power of our Aquarian Sun while taking appropriate measures to ensure your personal safety. Don't forget to breathe through catalyzing circumstance so that you can intelligently respond instead of just react.

As our night creeps into our sphere, we are ready to retreat to our caves and lick our proverbial wounds under a Moon/Chiron trine at 5:08 PM. Proactively addressing your needs pays off with a lift in our moods due a sextile from the Moon to Jupiter at 1:22 AM. Dreams are likely filled with symbolism and we could start feeling a bit better with rest as the night moves forward. Following the sextile with Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 2:22 PM tomorrow evening.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The potential “pop” of the Full Moon looms in this day. However, this morning we have plenty of time to settle all that a little bit under a VOC Moon that lasts all morning and a good bit of the afternoon. However, there is a chance for a bit of selfishness to enter the equation in the later part of day.

After the Moon enters Leo, Venus leaves the fires of Sagittarius in favor for a more grounded type of energy in Capricorn. We are prompted to become responsible for our desires and take matters of money and love seriously. At the same time, though, emotionality becomes a personal affair. In that, we are called to recognize our individual needs that may differ from that of the collective. We are called to step out of the sea of people as a singular entity while recognizing our unique needs.
The Full Moon officially crests at 8:47 PM at 3 Aquarius/Leo 29. We've had a week of personalized circumstance and introspection. It's time to unleash our individuality onto the world. In that, we are not naked and afraid. But, self-accepting and unashamed. Separate yourself from the pack for a minute and recognize what individual talents you have to contribute and foster a sense of personal pride in that. At the same time, look at your friends and neighbors and allow them room (while giving them acknowledgment) to do the same. Recognize your individual role in the collective. You are important and unique...just like that person and that other personal over there. There is room on this planet for everyone and we all have different but important contributions to make. What are yours? Offer them up with pride and leave room for inclusion of the talents of others. We are being called to refine and acknowledge personal talents that assist in the various groups we are engaged in. A week of self-discovery leads to a day of stepping into the spotlight of what we've found.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunar event are as follows:

SUN AT 4 AQUA: A Hindu pundit reveals himself suddenly a great healer. Supremacy of the unsuspected faculties hidden deep within. Conscious utilization of divine potency. Revelation of self.

MOON AT 4 LEO: Elderly man gazes at moose head on club room's wall. Self-development through the culture of masculine activities. Subservience of individual to social pattern of behavior.