Morning Star: Astrology for the week of January 3 to January 9, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

This is a busy Astrological week. Mars moves from Libra into Scorpio and squares off with Mercury who is in Aquarius for just a minute before turning retrograde. Venus in Sagittarius is active with a conjunction to Saturn and square to Neptune. The Sun meets up with Pluto and squares Uranus while also making a sextile to Chiron. At the end of it all lies the promise of a New Moon in Capricorn following Jupiter's retrograde station in Virgo.

This morning, we start off with a Void Moon in Libra as Mars enters Scorpio at 9:33 AM. The Moon follows Mars' lead at 2:37 PM meeting up with the warlord by conjunction at 2:52 PM. As the Moon pulls ahead of Mars, she meets Mercury in Aquarius by square at 4:13 PM.
On the whole, the morning starts out very slow. However, the energy intensifies as the day moves forward. Cravings and yearnings could be a factor. Plus, there is a chance for the energy to turn controlling and argumentative under the Lunar square to Mercury. Folks are not likely to budge with this much fixed energy in the sky, either. So, it's not a day to attempt to sway public or local opinion. There is a chance for suspicion, paranoia, fear, greed and lust. Take your pick of the 7 deadly sins. They will be wildly tempting today. Bellies growl. Loins burn. Desire deepens to a degree that it threatens to look like obsession or possession depending on your perspective.

Remember that we are still releasing under a waning Moon. That makes the energy of today perfect for detox efforts as well as banishing poisons from your life in general. It's a day to deeply assess your motivations. Think about your plans heading into this new year and take a moment to ask yourself why the goals you have are important. Is there something insidious driving your bus? What is the truth behind your intentions? Be sure of your motivations because there is a chance someone could accuse or call you out on them this afternoon. You'll want to know for certain where it is you stand in the event those accusations find you. Folks. Are. Likely. Paranoid. Under this sky. You could be paranoid. When people are afraid and circumstances are uncertain, they often cling to whatever they feel is solid or sink their claws into anything that seems stable. Do not let fear, paranoia and greed control you. Let go and walk away more than you cling, imprison or manipulate.

Threats can turn deadly under this sky. So, no poking at folks as some may be truly blood thirsty. Instead weigh your options. Decide what is worthy of investing your energy. What activities refuel you? What merely serves as a drain? What is worth your energetic investment and what is not? Pick your battles wisely while knowing they could turn quite bloody. Is it worth it? Mercury and Jupiter are stationed for a review which means certain situations and circumstances may be revisited. So, be certain.
It is a great day for activities that call for you to pay very close attention to channeling your Mars energy through deliberate action like yoga, martial arts, meditation and even boxing. Knock the top off your anger through physicality so that the fire in your belly is controlled as you interact with others. Meat and/or other forms of protein are a necessity today as Mars in Scorpio tends to have a high metabolism. So, feed yourself well. Know there is more on the menu than the bitter taste of your enemy washed down with the ash water of anger.

The good news is, if you have been sick, there is a lot of regenerative energy in the sky today. You could start to feel better. On the other extreme, though, there is also potential for things to take a very dire turn. Focus on your health and emotional well being. Mourn if you need to. Withdraw from things that threaten to make you more “ill” whether they be physical or emotional factors. And, if you trip over personal demons, work to exorcise them from your energy field. Again, it's a fairly intense day.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The energy softens just a bit this morning under a trine from the Moon in Scorpio to Neptune in Pisces at 5:57 AM. We are sleepy and dreamy. We are also sensitive and potentially forgetful. However, we are subdued to a degree. Creativity is high and music is a must to soothe our inner savage beast.
At 6:44 PM, the Moon meets the Capricorn Sun by sextile which stabilizes and grounds our emotional body to a degree. We see the depth and breadth of the work ahead of us and are ready to put our heads down and plow through it. After the intensity of yesterday and the emotionality/fog of this morning, we finally find a piece of dry land and regain our footing. The grounding remains, but intensity is due to come back with a sextile from the Moon to Pluto at 9:00 PM. Keep practicing what you put in place yesterday. Disallow fear and greed from controlling you. Release more than you cling. Channel your seething into something constructive instead of destructive. Hold your inner beast at bay and continue with your personal detox/exorcism. Wanna go deep? Then, go deep if you are brave enough but when you re-emerge, be ready to channel or flush what you find. Dig deep for fortitude, integrity and endurance. They are accessible today but you've got to swing the energy at hand deliberately to put them to use. Otherwise, we are under the threat of seething, paranoia and ugliness in general. It's a fairly watery day. So shore up your boundaries and go with the flow.

Remember Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow. So, all things Mercury are intensified and acting wonky. Slow down and put your patience panties on in preparation for that. Expect and prepare for the unexpected. I'm not telling you to get all freaked out about it. Ok? Just give yourself more time to do what you have planned because there could be a few monkey wrenches to deal with in the days that follow. Take your time while realizing you are going to feel rushed. Don't let that overwhelm you.
There is flexibility accessible out there but you have to dig for it. So, grab your shovel and aim to bring the mutable energy in to ease the tension of the fixed. Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and even Saturn are providing this. So, reach out and grab some of the higher vibrations of these planets and put them to use on purpose. Even if they aren't grabbing a lot of Astrological press today, they are still out there.
Overnight, the Moon trines Chiron (1:46 AM). We are ready to retreat to our caves and lick our wounds as this day wraps up. Be certain to get plenty of rest. Tomorrow is another busy Astrological day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This morning, Mercury squares off with Mars again while in retrograde station at 7:01 AM. He officially turns Rx at 8:00 AM. I see the potential for arguments, headaches, car accidents (or other accidents due distraction) and even power outages or wonky electronics in general. Again, you are going to feel rushed. Stop. Breathe. Take your time. This is not a race. Pick your battles and take the time to think about what you are doing. Be ready for the time warp to begin.

Meanwhile, Venus waxes into square with Neptune at 9:34 AM. Relax your watery heart. This aspect will help us slow down but it can also increase the chances of distraction. It would be a good day to indulge in your adult coloring book or some other form of creativity. Let Venus and Neptune soften you. If you are in a solid relationship, then allow yourself to be swept away in the romance. However, know there is prime opportunity for becoming love drunk or deluded under this sky too. Lean into trustworthy and solid relationships while knowing potential love interests introduced right now may only be temporarily magical. Intuition will be kicking about things like this so be sure to pay heed to it. If he's beautiful but something just doesn't feel right...that's Venus/Neptune. If it's meant to be, it will be; there is no need to rush it or to try to make it into something it's not. Take your time with matters such as these, too.
Venus and Neptune overlaying a Mercury/Mars square can be put to good use creatively. Ingenious creative ideas can come from this sky. I don't suggest leaning into digital creativity. But, more the old fashioned hands on style due Mercury's station. Lean into forgiveness and acceptance. Let go of argumentative tendencies and let others stew if that's what they choose. You have every right to dismiss yourself from that while indulging in what makes you feel better instead of worse. Doing so pays off as the Moon finds Jupiter by sextile at 12:48 PM. That aspect puts a critical spotlight on the way you are feeling. So, set your aim straight in the morning and be rewarded by early afternoon with feelings of optimism and gratitude.

Following this sextile, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 1:57 AM. In the meantime, though, the Sun in Capricorn finds Pluto by conjunction at 10:25 PM. The ugly of our ego is being squeezed to the surface. Let Venus/Neptune wash it away. Then, put soothing and healing balm on the wounds that may still remain. Remember the lessons of the previous days and disallow fear, greed and paranoia to control you. Continue with your exorcisms, detox efforts and motivation assessments. Then, put this regenerative and creative power to good use instead of allowing it to overtake you. It's hard. But, it can be done with conscious effort. There is no need to pack all these personal demons that threaten to surface in the beginning of this week all the way through this New Year. Let them go. The strength and endurance we need is present. But, you've got to look for it and use it deliberately.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ferocity begins to wane a bit today as Mars begins waxing toward a trine with Neptune and the Moon awakens in Sagittarius. The peek of Sun/Pluto has occurred and is now waning in intensity as well. Venus square Neptune is wearing off. However, the Moon is about to re-fire this aspect up a little while making her own square with Neptune at 4:40 PM followed by a conjunction with Venus at 7:55 PM. Any delusions are under the threat of being grounded out and rectified as the Moon finds Saturn by conjunction just after midnight. Plus, Venus is now moving away from Neptune and into a conjunction with Saturn as well. Many will find out whether they have built their metaphorical house on a mound of shifting unstable sand or a foundation of solid rock. Venus officially meets Saturn in Sagittarius by conjunction on January 8 (Friday).

The news that most folks are going to miss is that even though the Sun is now leaving his conjunction with Pluto, he is currently linking up a square between Uranus and Pluto bridging the gap between these two and putting us right in the middle of it. This doesn't come without a certain amount of tension. That tension POPS as the Sun meets Uranus by square in the morning. Look for stability and truth. Don a cap of wisdom instead of impulsiveness. Rise above the ugly and filter what you are exposed to deliberately. Know that personal philosophy and perspective are due to be revisited under Mercury Rx and, soon, Jupiter Rx. Be willing to change both especially if you find that your foundation has been suddenly swept away. Also, know there is a high probability of plans going awry for one reason or another throughout the duration of this week so keep your patience panties pulled up throughout.

Listen more than you speak. Walk away from battle more than you engage. And, slow down. Slooooow waaaaaaaaaay down. Know that making yourself slow down is going to be a difficult task in and of itself. But, it's a worthy one. Pay attention to what happens in the first full week of this year. It is likely to set a theme of sorts for the majority of what is to come into our sphere for the duration. Saturn and Neptune will be factors throughout and Jupiter will be an antagonist in this. Mars will retrograde for the majority of the year so getting your motivations in line is just a good idea ahead of that. Be ready and prepared for adjustment while dismissing anything from 2015 that may still be weighing you down.
Today does provide a breathing/resting stop of sorts. Take advantage of that. Tomorrow is ANOTHER busy and potentially intense Astrological day in which the catalytic powers of Uranus take center stage.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

This morning, the Moon in Sagittarius is moving away from her conjunction with Saturn and toward a trine with Uranus which perfects at 9:29 AM. All the while, the Sun is still bridging the square with Uranus and Pluto. He officially squares off with the Lightning God at 7:22 AM. We could be bolted out of our beds early this morning for one reason or another. Either way, we are imbibed with the energy we need to tackle this day. Inventiveness, originality and trying something new should be on the agenda to appease all this Uranian energy. What we need to pull back on is impulsiveness and anxiety. If you can keep the energy well grounded, it is fearless. Ungrounded, however, and it can be quite nerve racking. Keep yourself from being scattered by steering away from over-stimulation. Trust me, most will be stimulated enough without chemicals like caffeine. But, I'd advise cutting your coffee intake down and grabbing a couple of bottles of water instead to keep the angst at a manageable minimum in an effort to dole this energy out through its higher expression. Know that things are being deconstructed so that we can begin to rebuild.

Cutting down on your stimulant intake and remaining grounded pays off as the Moon squares off with Chiron at 11:28 AM. Otherwise, we could be anxiously rushing about and end up stubbing our toe (literally or metaphorically) on something under the Chiron square.
At 9:45 PM, the Moon is in square to her current ruler, Jupiter in Virgo who is vibrating in station. Jupiter turns retrograde at 10:21 PM at 23 Virgo 14. Are you ready for a payback? That's what I've noticed with Jupiter Rx. The kindness and generosity that you've paid forward finds it's way back to you. That's not the only thing. But, it is a thing.
Following the square with Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 10:07 AM tomorrow.

Friday, January 8, 2016

This morning, the Moon is Void until 10:07 AM. However, the Sun is in sextile to Chiron. This brings a type of quiet empathic softness to the day. After the Moon enters Capricorn, Mercury backs up into the sign too at 2:36 PM giving us a little stellium (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto) there. Obviously, there is quite a focus on the elements of Capricorn as well as a strong focus on the principles of Saturn who rules the sign. Responsibility, a sturdy backbone, integrity and a sense of practical grounding are en vogue this weekend. Also in fashion, business suits and no frills. Clean well trimmed nails. Minimal adornments such as jewelry. Many are inclined to veer toward just down to Earth goodness. We are all mighty goats and sturdy oaks.

At 3:20 PM the Moon sextiles Mars in Scorpio imbibing us with drive and the ability to really “get into” the work we have ahead of us. There is a lot of productivity and responsibility wrapped up in this day. Mountains most certainly can be moved.
To add to the Saturine element, Venus finds Saturn by conjunction in Sagittarius at 11:11 PM. We are not only called to be responsible in matters of work and productivity but also in matters of love and money. Or, at least, we should be. Purse and heart strings are likely pulled tight. Lots of folks will be working with the bare necessities. But, that's alright, between the Capricorn and Scorpio energy, we are imbibed with enough resourcefulness to “make do.”

By midnight, our business inclined selves are ready to relax and get some much needed dream time. This night cap waxes in through a Moon/Neptune sextile and eases us into our overnight hours. We've worked hard all week. We deserve a good night's rest and the Universe conspires to set things up in a way in which we can have one.
Saturday, January 9, 2016

This morning the Moon is still active in Capricorn. As the day moves forward, the Capricorn emotionality intensifies with a Moon/Pluto conjunction at 1:40 PM. Then, we are due for a few shocks to our systems as a Moon/Uranus square waxes in at 3:59 PM. Remember earlier in the week when the Sun linked up the square between Uranus and Pluto? The Moon is repeating those movements today.
Again, there is a chance for paranoia, greed and emotional manipulation. There is a chance for arguments to follow as folks try to wrestle free from control efforts. There is a sense of deep yearning and desperation also. But, it's all quite muted under a waning Moon. However, this set of aspects does set the stage for some personal “ugly” to be squeezed forth rather quickly.

Your best bet is to dig deeply into your sense of personal responsibility while realizing that you can only control you. Be willing to try something new and experiment with inventive methods. We are boxed in Capricorn. It's time to reach outside of that box. Work to stay well grounded but also on your toes as we could have some unsettling emotions that bubble up due to uncertain circumstances.

At 5:58 PM, the Moon is in sextile to Chiron. Shortly following at 8:31 PM our New Moon blossoms in Capricorn at 19 degrees 13 minutes. Now is the time to set your plans and intentions for the New Year. We've had plenty of time to think about them. Now, we state them or write them down in an effort to give them solid form. Make your plans flexible and think about adding to your life instead of vowing to take away from it. For example, instead of saying, “I'm going to cut sweets from my diet” say “I'm going to eat more fruits and vegetables.” Instead of declaring, “I'm going to lose weight” say “I'm going to make more time for fun physical activity.” Make room in your life for what you desire. Then, delineate your plan to make that happen. Know that these plans will need to be flexible. Mercury is still retrograde and our perspective is due to change. Make sure your year long plans can accommodate the potential for change. Life has a tendency to bring that regardless of what the stars are doing. So make your plans practical. Give them longevity and flexibility. Look to add to your life instead of aiming to take something away.

The Moon remains active the rest of the night and into tomorrow afternoon. She trines Jupiter at 3:34 AM. There is a sense of practical optimism and promise that overlays the setting of our intentions. Regardless of the shakiness of the earlier part of the day, by nightfall, we could feel much better. Put your head down and weather the storm. Then, pat yourself on the back for your sense of grounding and endurance later. You acted with integrity, self-control and diligence. That's certainly enough to be proud of.