Morning Star: Astrology for the week of December 20 to December 26, 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aries in opposition to Mars in Libra at 5:51 AM. A slew of minor aspects follow: Moon semi-sextile Neptune at 6:16 AM, inconjunct Jupiter at 6:54 AM, sesquisquare Saturn at 10:36 and Mars also makes a sesquisquare with Neptune at 4:49 PM. These minor aspects fill in the nuances of our day leading up to the Moon reaching Void status at 5:01 PM following a trine with the Sun in Sagittarius.

It looks to be a fairly active morning and the VOC period is short lived. The Moon is re-activated in Taurus at 7:13 PM. Bodies slow tremendously at this time. Many are ready to wrap up the crazy and put it away for the day. However, minds spark throughout this Sunday while tongues are prone to be sharp under a waxing square from Mercury in Capricorn to Uranus in Aries.
Uranus energy is extra prickly this week as he stations to go direct on December 25th. Any planetary contact with him will be extra-electrified. So, even if our emotional body settles a bit under a Taurus Moon...all things Mercury are due to go a bit haywire under his square to the Lightning God. This is a mark of anxiousness and haywire electronics. We could even be looking at the potential for power outages under this square. On a mundane level, we are just antsy and our minds are racing with the things we need to get done or just racing in general. Verbal exchanges are short and not very sweet.
Well grounded, however, and this energy is pure genius...or madness, depending on your perspective. Personal illumination is entirely possible but it may come in harshly. This square perfects at 10:08 PM and could make for one of those “tossing turning can't shut your brain down” kind of nights.

Monday, December 21, 2015

We are a bit groggy this morning as we wake up under a sextile from the Taurus Moon to Neptune at 7:31 AM. We would rather linger in dream than face this Monday especially since we may have had trouble getting to sleep last night. We could also be experiencing some hurt feelings following the harsh and abrupt conversations that occurred under Mercury square Uranus as Mercury now finds Chiron by sextile at 8:39 AM.

By 7:53 PM the Moon in Taurus is strengthened and restored by a trine from Pluto. A sense of resolve waxes over our collective emotional bodies. Things may be tough, but our emotional endurance returns with a realization that everything is going to be long as we can have one more piece of that rich dark chocolatey dessert. Energy shifts from a focus on the cerebral to a focus on the visceral. It's time to come out of your head and re-enter your body while treating it extra well. You deserve it.
Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, holds the shortest amount of daytime hours. After today, the solstice, the daylight hours begin to slowly grow. The Sun, the light, begins to return and push back the darkness a few minutes at a time. The Sun enters Capricorn at 11:48 PM.

At midnight, the Moon checks in with Chiron in Pisces by sextile. We are ready to retreat to our caves and lick our wounds while snuggling down from some much needed rest. You may even feel prompted to pay homage to your bed. I'd suggest dressing it in freshly washed sheets...your favorite set ..and perhaps even sprinkling a little lavender scented something over your pillow or around your room. Adorn your body with soft lotions and maybe slip into your favorite and most comfortable PJ's. Cherish your ability to lavish yourself, if you are able. Sometimes, it is the ability to lean into the simple comforts that is the best. Lately I've delighted in being able to retreat to the comforts of my bed saying semi-sarcastically and semi-absolutely seriously, “Oh Bed! I cannot believe I ever left you! Tis only the promise that I might return to you and snuggle back into your snuggliness that ever prompted me to do so. Oh, how I've missed you!” No, my husband doesn't think I'm crazy. Well, not over this anyway. He is a Taurus Moon and I am a Pisces Moon...we both love the comfort of our bed and the shelter from the crazy of the outside world that our shared room provides. Treat your sleeping quarters as a comforting shelter.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This morning the Moon is in opposition to Venus in Scorpio at 5:37 AM. The promise of donuts, sweet French Toast or pastries may just lure us out of our sleeping sanctuary. We are definitely inclined to have something for breakfast. The belly growls and demands satiation. Without that temptation to lure us, we may just linger a bit longer.

By 9:27 AM the Moon is in trine with Jupiter in Virgo. The emotional body becomes more practical and settled. That tends to happen after a good night's rest. But, optimism threatens to return to our world. That optimism is fostered by a sense of gratitude. Delight in the simple blessings and recognize where you have room to share. Hugs are greatly appreciated under this sky as are sincere wishes to one another for brighter days.

Following the trine with Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 9:32 PM. It's a subtle and subdued day emotionally. The lights on the Moon go out on a good note (trine to Jupiter). Most folks will find a sense of satisfaction in that. Plus, with a Void Moon in Taurus, we can eat whatever we want and nothing will come of the calories, right? Well, not really. But, we can pretend. Go ahead, sneak a piece of fudge or a few cookies...Santa won't even notice.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's a groggy, foggy and potential wet morning as we wake under a square from the Moon in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces perfecting at 9:55 AM. This is what I call a “turn around” morning. One in which I leave for the day and have to “turn around” and go back home because I've forgotten my phone. Or I don't even make it to the car because I have to “turn around” and retrieve my forgotten keys. We are forgetful, unfocused and potentially distracted. Plus, if we over-indulged last night we could end up with a belly ache or a hangover. Nausea is possible as are tears. Nurturing from the outside world could be non-existent and loneliness or a need to isolate could be a factors.

Things get a little more solid but not much more joyful as the Moon meets Saturn by opposition at 2:46 PM. For some, this is the last work day before a holiday break. As the moon meets Saturn, we will likely feel that the hours are dragging by. Keep yourself busy doing something to help time along a bit and provide yourself with a bit of satisfaction by leaving the day colored with a little productivity.
Overnight, the Moon checks in with a quivering Uranus at 1:28 AM. This could manifest as a call in the middle of the night, restless minds, electronic problems or that catalyzing “aha!” moment we've been waiting for. Illumination can pierce through the darkness and jolt us right out of bed. I gotta tell you though, when Uranus is stationing he is grumpy...not that he is the nicest guy in our planetary set up anyway. But at a station point, he can be a real asshole. Don't let his jittery cold energy overtake you. Yes, Virginia, I just called Uranus an asshole.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

This morning we wake up to a nice sextile between Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo. Deep heartfelt exchanges wrapped up in a handmade bow set the benchmark for the day. Give deeply from your heart instead of your pocketbook. This aspect brightens our morning at 5:03 AM. Gentle generosity is the call of the morning. Santa and Mrs. Claus may even be snuggling extra tightly this morning as they get in a few last kisses before Santa is due to jet off on a trip around the world. Santa's little helpers may inclined to the same this morning. After all, mornings need lovin too.

By noon, the Moon in Gemini squares off with Jupiter in Virgo. If we started the morning of right, we could feel rather good. But, also, this aspect can have us rushing around trying to get every where to see everyone or at the very least addressing all the last minute items on our checklists. Spread a little joy instead of stressing over every last minute detail. Touch base with friends and realize it is YOU that they adore more than whatever it is you have or don't have wrapped up for them under your tree. Let them know the same. Focus on merriment and cheer spreading instead of over-blown expectation and holiday pressures. However, I do suggest that if you have things you need to pick up at the grocery in preparation for the incoming Cancer Moon that you do so. Lots of places will be closing early today and you don't want to be caught under a Cancer Moon without all the ingredients for a hearty home cooked meal.

The air of socialization continues as the Moon meets Mars in Libra by trine at 3:05 PM. Gather everyone up. Bury the hatchet (preferably in the ground, not someone's forehead). Relax and converse. Come together as a team to put those “easy assembly” toys together and help Santa out. Have some eggnog while you flip the directions over and over trying to figure out how it is you are supposed to fit peg A into slot B. Even if you are not celebrating the holidays, it's still a good night to gather friends around. They feel a lot like family today and their company is likely welcomed.
Following the trine to Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at midnight.

Friday, December 25, 2015

This morning, we wake up to a blossoming Full Moon in Cancer at 6:13 AM. We have a strong desire for that comfortable feeling of “home.” Also, this is the Full Wolf Moon meaning we may be inclined to be extra protective of our shelter and core family. We want everyone to feel safe and nurtured. Especially ourselves. So, make it so.

After emotionality crests, the Moon finds Neptune by trine at 1:18 PM. Emotions and imaginations swirl. Music can set the tone for your mood so if you need to switch things up, turn on something a bit more soothing or upbeat. Plus, partaking in a little holiday wine at mid-evening might not be such a bad idea. I don't know about the rest of you, but overall for me, this has been a stressful holiday season. I may be passed out in my Santa hat with a lingering wafting of sangria coming from my breath by this time. Naps are not illegal and midday on this day provides a sweet opportunity for one.

By 3:19 PM messages of generosity and appreciation wax into our awareness along with some big ideas about the future under a trine from Mercury in Capricorn to Jupiter in Virgo. We are already looking ahead to the New Year ready to sweep this one right out the door.
Be wary, though, overnight the Moon does oppose Pluto and square Uranus (who officially stationed direct at 9:26 PM). It could be a shaky restless night at best. Full Moon? Old family issues that the holidays have a tendency to dredge up. Uranus all grumpy because he has to switch directions? Yep. Could be an itchy twitchy on edge kind of night for some. The opposition to Pluto waxes in at 2:22 AM while the square to Uranus occurs early in the morning at 5:23 AM. Your holiday lighting may be beautiful, but make sure the candles are blown out and the lights are unplugged before you try to turn in for the night. Unplug any excess “holiday guilt” you may have too. Let that shit go. Release negative attachment. Full Moons are great for that anyway.

Our Full Moon this morning falls under the following Sabians:

For the Sun at 4 Capricorn: Merry-makers embark in a big canoe on a lantern lit lake. Externalization through individuals of the collective urges of the race. Foolish love for pleasure. Exploitation of self.

For the Moon at 4 Cancer: A hungry cat argues with a mouse, before eating her. The urge to self-justification through intellectual sophistry or social-ethical considerations. Sense of self-righteousness.

Shelter yourself and your brood. Eat well. Retreat from the outer world's madness and don't waste precious times with loved ones fighting over things you are never going to agree on. If you don't have one of those “Pie Face” games, grab yourself a disposable pie tin and fill it full of whipped cream. If someone brings up politics, religion or some other catalyzing topic they win the pie in their face. I'm only semi-joking with this. Oh, and there can be more than one winner. Those little tins ARE refillable. I'd suggest putting that pie tin right in the middle of the kitchen table spread and let everyone know, “The first one of you that starts with something is getting it.” Folks do have a tendency to regress into childhood roles and attitudes when put back into their place in the family tree. Go with the child-like regression in regard to playfulness, but ditch the gunk you are still trying to cope with from surviving your childhood. A sense of nostalgia will be high for better or worse. Lighten up and release your cares while delivering onto yourself whatever it is you need to find comfort. Also, remember the underscore is spreading and indulging in joy not force feeding someone your views on...whatever. Have some dessert instead. Let them eat cake.

With Uranus stationing, folks may be reactive today. But, you can deal with that if you can rise above it. And if you can't rise above it, just keep stuffing your face full to keep your tongue busy.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday morning comes in with a swirling sea of emotional aspects. The first a square to Uranus that at its worst can feel like a panic attack. Yay! Good morning! Many will be ready to clean up the mess that was Christmas and start shuffling things about in preparation for the incoming New Year.
We shelter in place and address our malingering wounds under a trine from the Moon to Chiron at 6:44 AM. Then, as the day progresses, we start to feel a bit of relief under a sextile from the Moon to Jupiter at 4:52 PM. Count the blessings from the year instead of focusing on all the other stuff.

Unfortunately, conflict and angst have the potential to sneak back into our spheres as the Moon opposes Mercury at 7:22 PM and then squares off with Mars in Libra at 9:58 PM. There's a mess and we want someone else to clean it up. Or, in our heightened emotionality and post-holiday washout those issues we avoided talking about yesterday creep out of the woodwork. The outlet for this tension filled t-square lies in Aries. Aries' ruler is in Libra so PLAY NICE and BE FAIR. Don't get in a competition of words or allow yourself to devolve into poking at the buttons of others. Mind your own business and keep yourself in check. And, don't allow yourself to be poked at either. Take the reigns on disallowing that to happen. Turn off the phone. Unplug early and, remember, don't spend time worrying over what can be put off until tomorrow. If you want to argue over words, pull out the Scrabble game. Otherwise, conflict avoidance (for the sake of your own sanity) is highly indicated.

By 10:37 PM we are ready to retreat into the darkness of our caves and relax due a trine from the Moon in Cancer to Venus in Scorpio. We know who we can trust now. We know who has our backs and who doesn't. Rest easy with that knowledge and sink into the security of it. Cling to those who want you to cling and let everyone else go. Sneak in an extra piece of dark rich leftover goodness before you seek hibernation. And, if you have someone to snuggle with, then snuggle up tight. Realize how fortunate you are to be in such a position. Following the trine with Venus, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 5:32 AM tomorrow.