Morning Star: Astrology for the Week of December 6 to December 12, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Today is quite fiery, to put it mildly. We are kick started by an energetic sextile from the Sun in Sagittarius to Mars in Libra at 5:14 AM. By 3:45 PM, Mars is in square to Pluto in Capricorn at 14 Libra/Capricorn 11.
Mars and Pluto mixed together in harsh aspect is often not pretty. It is powerful. But, it's a type of dangerous power that should not be left unchecked. At it's worst, we are seething for vengeance and in danger of being burned up by our own fire. Attacks and violence are quite possible under this sky. Yet, there is also a strong pull toward survival. Successful counter attacks are also entirely possible.

The best use of this energy has us deeply assessing our motivations. Who/what is driving our bus? And, why or to what end? The sabians for this closing square in our Mars/Pluto cycle are as follows:
For Pluto at 15 Degrees Capricorn: In a hospital, a children's ward is filled with playthings. The goodness of life in the tragic trials of first attempts at self-regeneration. Administered responsibility; or escape.
For Mars at 15 Libra: A stack of machinery parts; all are new and all circular. Perfect and effortless participation in the universal order. Smooth approach to self-expression; inert self-satisfaction.
As violent and as seething as this energy has the potential to be, it can also be quite supportive of tremendous physical healing efforts. But, yes, it is dangerous and, yes, it is hard to wrangle deliberately so be careful out there. Your best bet is to physically move around and work to expel some of this physical energy on purpose and deliberately. Mars/Pluto can also be quite masochistic (violent seething energy turned inward instead of projected outward). Be wary of the ways in which you may inflict harm upon yourself and instead, work to become your strongest and most formidable ally. The highest expression of this energy is to aim toward self-control. No matter what anyone else does, be the boss of how your energy is expelled and refrain from allowing someone or something to cause you to blow your life to smithereens. Keep your priority in check and engage the far reaching vision of an Eagle to focus this tremendous power toward your benefit rather than your demise. It's hard. But, it is entirely possible. It is the same exact energy used with and on purpose.

Yesterday, as the Moon passed through this configuration linking it up early, I found I had a voracious appetite. So, suffice to say, if you plan on being physically active, be sure to fill your body with fuel that supports such so that you don't crash later. Protein is definitely a must.
In the meantime, I wouldn't suggest pushing other people's buttons today or walking around with your own chip on your shoulder. Folks are likely to be highly reactive and so may you be. Over-reaction is entirely possible. There is a certain amount of pressure that comes with this square. How folks choose to relieve that pressure will vary. Some will opt for not so lovely means. Violence. Outwardly or inwardly destructive means. I suggest consensual sex, tai-chi, karate, practice of any of the martial arts, yoga, exercise that makes you sweat or activity that does the same. Anything that calls you to focus on your actions in a controlled and precise manner is good. A brisk walk to forage/hunt in the woods could also do the trick. Today is a great day for late season wild crafting and putting rich fertilizer on the soil you plan to plant in next year. Focus of this energy is required in order to expend it at it's highest vibration. The strength to do so will be there, but you've got to choose it. Otherwise, it plays out all by itself, typically taking the path of least resistance. This energy unchecked is not a good thing for anyone. It can be hungry, blood-thirsty and, as I've said, downright dangerous. So, be hyper-aware of what you are doing, of your environment and the actions of others especially if you have to be out in public today. Battles embarked upon today will be bloody. If you don't have to be out and about, thank your lucky stars; then, find something productive you can do at home. This is also a good day for banishing self-destructive habits...smoking or other addictions, poor eating habits, paranoia, seething, ineffective coping mechanisms, obsessions, demons...all of that. Look for the ways you are slowly killing yourself and banish those habits from your future. It is a great day for detoxification efforts.

By 9:04 PM, the mind is a busy place as the Moon finds Mercury in Sagittarius by sextile. From here, the Moon is Void until plunging into Scorpio in the morning.

Monday, December 7, 2015

This morning we awaken to the Moon in the depths of Scorpio. She finds Venus at midday which speaks of the potential of a sense of deep satisfaction or the emergence of the forlorn lover or ex-lover. I suggest indulging in deep, dark, rich chocolate instead of pining over love's loss or stalking down ex-participants in your love life. Desire and yearning are strong. Cravings likely are too. The ability to control these desires is present, however. The ability to finally let something/someone go for good...releasing/severing a negative also present. There may also be a strong desire to spend and potentially to go into debt. On the other side of the fence, it's also a good day to pay off debt. It's all in how you steer the energy which, again, is best done on purpose. We have a choice to feed the cancer or cut out the source of it.

Know that the potential to run into the remnants of relationships past is high. Don't let that throw you off your current track. To put it simply, reasonably satiate your cravings and desires without becoming a glutton or a creepy stalker. Figure out the root of your desires and work to foster a deeper sense of intimacy in your relationships. Also, there is tremendous sexual attraction with this placement. Be careful where you point that. And, be careful what you allow yourself to be enchanted by.

Later tonight, the Moon finds Neptune by trine (8:41 PM). The energy softens further and we may be ready to turn in early for the night. Intuition and instinct are both running very high today. Don't ignore the calls of either. Then, tonight, be ready for relaxation and rest. Know that Moon trine Neptune can produce tears. If they come, let them flow. Don't try to dam them up. Purge the dirty water instead of allowing it to stagnate.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This morning, the Moon moves away from her trine with Neptune and toward a sextile with her current ruler, Pluto (10:50 AM). There is a lot of power in this aspect. Enough to restore us to a state in which we are ready to get up and give “it” another go. Emotions are strong, deep, stable and focused. Lots of folks will be prone to soul searching rather deep matters. They are likely to be tight lipped about this, for now.

Next, the Moon finds Chiron in Pisces by trine which can cause eye leakage, remorse, emotional reactions to triggers, and illness flare ups on the more negative side. But, it can also provide energy that allows us to research and soothe these triggers if we are brave enough to face/explore them. Not easy, but worthy.
All the while, the Sun waxes into trine with Uranus. This perfects at 9:38 PM. It's a good day to experiment with something new and work to foster a stronger sense of personal freedom. With the week's previous seething and stalking set up, this trine helps us break loose from some of those devilish chains and opt for change and independence from such. It's a good day to celebrate your uniqueness while subsequently fostering an appreciation for the uniqueness in others. It's also a day to break with malefic dependencies. Collaborations among progressive social groups is highlighted. So, is contact with your friends and perhaps even celebrations amongst the same. There is opportunity for impulsiveness and even a bit of radicalism. Keep the best interests of the collective and remain socially conscious in all your actions. Don't be afraid to be different or unique and DEFINITELY don't be afraid to think for yourself breaking free from the chains of media that seem to decide what most folks choose to think about. I don't like being told what to focus on and what I should hold at priority. And, no one is really going to enjoy being told what to do or think today. We all foster a bit of a wild, untamed and shameless (maybe even a bit “in your face”) attitude. Lean into and incorporate positive change and pioneer uncharted territory within your own life. It's time to do things differently and in a way that allows you more free personal expression instead of remaining in the shackles of the past. It's a day to shake things up.

Overnight, the Moon in Scorpio finds Jupiter in Virgo by sextile (1:40 AM). Your dreams may hold practical advice or your adventures of the day bring buoyancy back to your emotional body. If you leaned into fostering a stronger sense of personal freedom, you may feel pretty good about it as you lay your head down to sleep tonight. However, if you tried something new and failed, don't pick yourself apart over it. We shall live to try again another day. And, if we don't, then it won't really matter so much, will it? Use any potential failures as a learning experience instead of just beating yourself up for not succeeding the first time. Remain optimistic and willing to try again. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Sagittarius at 5:26 PM tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's a relatively quiet and subdued day with the Moon VOC for the largest part of it. The Sun lingers in square to Chiron an aspect that perfected at 5:03 AM this morning. But, with the Void Moon, we are given the opportunity to stare into these elusive and often denied collective and individual pains, sicknesses and delusions. They run the gamut from addiction, to delusion, to spiritual dysfunction, to rejection of accepting the world's people as part of a larger organ/dynamic and even personal illness caused by emotional factors or fostered through the continual poisoning of our environment. No light matters. But, without emotional involvement, we can explore and research these entities dispassionately and logically.
Overall, many are toiling in this day as things go rather routinely allowing us to pontificate deeper matters without a lot of ruckus.

The Moon wakes up in Sagittarius at 5:26 PM. We are on our way to a New Moon. This occurs when the Moon catches up with the Sun in the early morning hours of (5:31 AM) December 11th at 19 Sagittarius 03. From now until then, the Moon wanes and grows darker by the minute. We are called to let go, relinquish, complete a final emotional flush before embarking on this new emotional journey. A good physical way to meet these demands is to clear out and declutter. As above, so below. And as within, so without. As you clean and organize your physical space, this echoes in your personal system as things begin to be sorted out and expelled from the inside out. Donating items you do not use or no longer need to charitable foundations is a good exercise of this energy. Helping those who are suffering is another, especially in the late evening. Just don't forget charity begins at home. Treat yourself charitably and you will be more able to treat others in this manner too.

At 9:35 PM, our mental bodies find grounding, responsibility and fortitude as Mercury shifts from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Planning for the future is indicated. Leadership qualities in the realms of communication are of great benefit. So is being sure you are saying exactly what you mean and mean exactly what you say. Delineating deliberate steps forward and purposely directing our brains toward a well defined goal is highlighted. Start making those plans and be prepared to set your intention for the same under our incoming New Moon. Thoughts can become quite heavy and dour under Mercury influenced by Saturn. In order to refrain from becoming a victim of that, be responsible for the impact of what you say, take conscious steerage of your brain, be conscientious about what information you are feeding yourself and look to factual evidence instead of just taking information at face value. Know that conversations can become harsh, serious and curt.

Thursday, December 9, 2015

This morning we are lingering in bed not wanting to get up. The Moon is square to Neptune at 7:07 AM. The weather is likely dreary in many areas and the morning starts out gray and foggy at best. The emotional body is very, very sensitive right now. People can be quite emotive. There is a high chance of depression and overall grouchiness today.
The Moon is also waxing into a conjunction with Saturn which perfects at 10:04 AM, so the ability to maintain proper boundary and grounding is accessible. I suggest you use that. Recognition and subsequent acceptance of reality is very key. Channel more swamping emotional energy into a creative and tangible form. Be wary of what you expose yourself to and be the responsible warden of your emotional body. Shore the holes up in your boat or it could be overtaken by an influx of water. Be compassionate but maintain an air of common sense and personal responsibility. Aim to help, not enable. It is, indeed, a good day for gentle charitable efforts. If you find yourself in a funk, do whatever you need to do to pull yourself out of it. Make no excuse in delivering onto yourself whatever type of personal care you need. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

At 8:31 PM, Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Any effort you put into deliberate steerage of your emotional body early in the day is really going to bear importance as this aspect waxes in. There is potential for disagreements and arguments amongst friends and colleagues and the potential for impulsive and radical action across the board. The best way to wrangle this energy is to balance out the two extremes. Be willing to come together (Mars in Libra) in collaboration in an effort to foster new paths forward in our troubled world (Uranus in Aries). The negative pole has us reacting wildly without consideration of the consequences. Yet, again, if you've worked on your boundaries and shored up your boat, then the actions of someone else are less likely to cause you to do something you may regret.
My advice is to definitely steer clear of putting an excessive amount of stimulants into your body. Things of this nature are going to react much more strongly within your personal chemistry due the Moon's square to Neptune. Your better bet is to opt for clean water to drink instead of downing 3 or 4 pots of coffee in an effort to thwart the potential lethargy brought on by Neptune this morning. Though, know it is going to be tempting because grog and slog is certainly found in our early morning hours. But, as the day moves forward and our bodies are continually intoxicated and made all a jitter by this energy, we will subsequently be more prone to the potential reactiveness of Mars/Uranus if we are over-stimulated. Be willing to ground that re-activeness in such a way that you can respond appropriately instead of just popping off like a crazy person. However, know that not everyone is going to do this and many will be quite reactive. Again. Boundaries are very important under this sky. Don't let someone else's radical bullshit become an excuse for you to become full of radical bullshit yourself. That's a sideways method of allowing someone else to control your actions which is never a good idea. Think, act and feel of your accord. If that means you need to discharge yourself from a situation, then don't hesitate to do so.

This energy also provides the ability to respond quickly and precisely to an emergent situation. Of course, it can also subsequently cause an emergent situation. Be aware and ready to be able to discern if you need to fight or fly. Quickly triage the situation to properly assess if it is an emergency needing immediate attention or if it is just a passing flare up. Our adrenaline triggers are easily accessible today.
Our nighttime hours are busy leading up to our early morning New Moon. The Moon finds Uranus by trine at 1:02 AM and many are ready for change and deeper sense of personal freedom. Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio finds Neptune by trine at 1:14 AM imbibing us with a sense of deep compassion. Then, the Moon finds Mars in Libra by sextile at 1:15 AM and we want everyone to stop fighting and use that energy, instead to plan for brighter days. But, illusive and denied triggers are still a factor as the Moon finds Chiron by square at 1:43 AM. Ditch what keeps making you sick. Walk out of denial. Quit numbing yourself. Be brave and willing to face your individual pain head on and be willing to deliver onto yourself what care you need to get better. The negative end of this energy has us doing completely the opposite. Suicides and overdoses are likely a factor throughout the week and they definitely meet with punctuation tonight.
Remember, you essentially cannot MAKE anyone do anything. Your best focus is laid upon yourself. What can you personally do to help your situation or the world's condition? What changes can you make internally, even on a small scale? How can you re-frame your perspective? Has faith abandoned you? Or, saving you? The New Moon offers us a chance to foster a new faith, a new vision of tomorrow and a higher more generous sense of self. Prepare and pontificate what those vows might look like. The opportunity to set new supportive vows for the future and embark on a different kind of emotional journey waxes into our sphere in the morning under the New Moon in Sagittarius.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Welcome to a chance at a brand new start and a day in which we can foster new philosophy in regard to how we digest the happenings in the world. It's a good day for new agreements in regard to International Affairs and it is also a good day to take an optimistic look into a future that we are deliberately and consciously trying to build. Our New Moon occurs at 5:31 AM under the influence of the following Sabian Symbol: 20 Sagittarius: Men cutting the ice of a frozen pond, for summer use. Depth of operation necessary to prepare for next phase of life. Sacrifice of present to future. Thoroughness in action.

It's obvious that setting forth plans for the future is a thing under this Moon. And, we may be called to “suffer in the moment” as we embark on our journey to get there. Yes, there could be a call to make sacrifice in the present day in an effort to build a stronger and more supportive tomorrow. We are called to don practical wisdom, with this New Moon's ruler lodged in Virgo, and to make well thought out and responsible plans delineating everything (thoroughly, as the sabian suggests) into manageable and supportive steps forward. The path ahead seems long and arduous under a square from this New Moon to her current ruler at 11:00 AM. But, the steps can be broken down bit by chewable bit and put in order of practical priority given the condition of Mercury and Jupiter who are both lodged in methodical and realistic Earth signs. One day at a time and one deliberate step at a time is strongly indicated while employing wisdom, generosity and optimism instead of trying to become the pontificating know-it-all who suddenly woke up to all the answers to world's problems. Aim for the higher expression of Jupiter which is benevolence and generosity instead of the lower which is self-righteous and overly self-assured. Humility and grace in action are key stepping stones to a more solid path forward. They don't sell that at Walmart, folks. It's an inside job. One of those things that money can't buy. Patience is a necessary virtue under this sky.

Following the square to Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 1:47 AM overnight.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

This morning we wake up under a Capricorn Moon and call to productivity. The mind is a busy place going over all the things we are responsible for addressing and reminding us to remain the conscientious wardens of our words and thoughts..which have a tendency to be quite serious at this time. The Moon meets Mercury in Capricorn by conjunction at 8:44 AM.

As the Moon leaves cerebral Mercury, the mood is softened and subdued a bit by a mini-trine formed with subsequent sextiles to Neptune in Pisces (2:56 PM) and Venus in Scorpio (6:37 PM). We are responsibly compassionate, and there are plenty of matters that we are deeply concerned with right now. Allow that energy to soften and subdue you and sink into what brings you pleasure and reprieve.
The morning is spinning with ideas and ambition, but by evening, we are ready to take things a bit easier. An ability to get your chores and responsibilities taken care of early in the day allows room for resting on your laurels tonight with a nice supportive sense of personal satisfaction for the progress you have made.
Overnight, though, the Mood does deepen and paranoia along with emotional control tactics potentially come into play under a conjunction from the Capricorn Moon to Pluto at 4:04 AM. This energy will hang like a heavy veil as we enter our Sunday under a square from the Moon to Uranus at 8:03 AM. Get a good night's rest tonight, if you can. The firework show has the potential to continue into our tomorrow after a brief intermission. Take advantage of the opportunity for a break under this evening's late Venus/Neptune/Moon mini-trine.