Morning Star: Astrology for the week of November 1 to November 7, 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015
This morning we wake up to a busy Moon in Cancer. Overnight, she opposed Pluto at 3:53 AM. In our mid-morning, she will meet Jupiter by sparkling sextile (10:17 AM), Chiron by watery trine (11:06) and Uranus in a fiery and catalytic square (11:52 AM). Can you see how Jupiter opposite Chiron and Uranus and Aries are working together? Jupiter is waxing into opposition with Chiron, shining a spotlight on our collective pain and illness. Have you not seen it on the news? Sickness, disease, confusion, pain in some form or another is on center stage.

Uranus is semi-sextile Chiron and inconjunct Jupiter. Some of the headlines are shocking, to say the least. I feel we are being made undeniably aware of this sickness and what have you. The Universe keeps poking us in our sore spots asking, “Are you awake yet?”
In essence, we keep stubbing our collective toes on the same damn rocks over and over again. Uranus is here, not only to shock us, but to wake us up to that fact while giving us a chance to foster a sense of social awareness and come together to do things differently...or at least make an attempt at thinking about how we can do things differently. Brainstorming and debating over new solutions to long standing problems. Experimenting with new methods. Raising our intelligence on matters that surely cannot go unchecked for much longer. Unfortunately, so many are so swamped, victimized and martyred by Jupiter/Chiron that we have not reached the point where we have many solutions. We are too busy dealing with the emotionality that accompanies the equation. This is especially true when the Moon waxes in and fires all this up making the situations hit so close to home that we are personally affected by them.
I will remind you, though, that Uranus is due to flip direct at the end of December. Then, from January 8 to the beginning of March in 2016, Jupiter will be running backward. We will retrace all these steps, review and re-assess what we've learned and be more able to come to progressive conclusions in regard to how to handle it. This occurs all the way up to mid-Pisces season. Then, when we reach the Spring of Aries season, our time to begin anew and employ this collectively acquired wisdom beckons. Mind you, all this occurs on a personal level as well as a collective level. So if you are wrestling with something...memories, metaphorical hauntings, illness flare ups, unexpected washouts of any kind, death, remorse, pain (and many MANY are) give it time. The story is only beginning to unfold.

By 9:47 PM, the Moon is in a sweet sextile with Venus in Virgo. She finds Mars in Virgo by sextile, as well, shortly after. From here, she is Void until 10:48 AM on Monday.
Meanwhile, Mercury slithers over into Scorpio at 2:07 AM. That makes me smile. The little nicey-nice doily drops from over our mouth, thoughts deepen and we become investigative and mentally probing. We start asking questions, again, instead of just taking information at face value. We take the information we are given and pick it apart while asking and looking for “Why...what am I missing here?” Saying something with a smile is not good enough anymore. We want meat and depth in our information.

Monday, November 2, 2015
This morning, the Moon is Void in Cancer until entering Leo at 10:48 AM. This brings a rather quiet and dull start to our day. For a Monday, I'll take it. Sometimes dull and routine is nice.
I don't expect the complacency to last the entirety of the day, though. The Moon squares off with Mercury in Scorpio at 12:06 PM. Watch your dirty sailor mouth around the little ones! Don't destroy the creativity of your inner child with your paranoia. You could meet with a youngster that asks...those know, the one's you know the answer to but have no idea how to tell those answers to an innocent? There is also a chance for emotionally charged verbal conflict here. Happening as a battle between the Scorpio and Lion? Some of those verbal interactions could seem as if both parties are slashing for the jugular. Heated. And...falling in a fixed signs. No one is exactly flexible in their point of view or how they feel about it. A disagreement gridlock is entirely possible in this situation.

Things do steady a bit as the day moves forward. By 7:00 PM the Moon is in a nice stabilizing trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Emotions are settled and grounded. The truth produces ground we can stand on. We are reminded to aim to do the right thing. That's all that needed here. The right thing. Not the self-righteous thing.
Then, at 8:11 PM, Venus catches Mars in Virgo by conjunction at 24 Virgo 02. Our efforts expended in the name of service to others or in clean up efforts in general are blessed. We are rewarded for our efficiency and practicality. You can take a compliment in earnest if you receive it today. Mercury in Scorpio only says “thank you” when he means it from his core.

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction reads: A flag at half-mast in front of a large public building. The ability to carry a task through to consummate completion. Deference to past achievement. Cultivation of public spirit. (taken from Dane Rudhyar's book The Wheel of Significance.) Doesn't sound all warm and snuggly to me. Not like you would expect a Venus and Mars conjunction to be (even if our efforts directed in service are subtly blessed). Remember...Venus is in her Fall here. She appreciates small, humble and modest efforts and expects Mars to follow in tow. Not with his warring destructive capacity...but with his Yin...which is something Mars is not particularly comfortable with for the most part. He has a tendency to very Yang to say the least. But, it is the Yin that we need the most right now. We are “attacking” with efforts to help using mops, buckets and brooms...not bombs, guns or violent force. Or at least that's what we SHOULD be doing. Doesn't mean everyone will self direct themselves that way.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

In all honesty, today looks pretty harsh. I hate to say that. But, I also hate to We wake up to the elements of Leo and Scorpio in battle once more. This time the energy comes via our Last Quarter Moon (7:24 AM). The Moon is waning now. We are being called to release more than we try to hang on. But, with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Leo, control and selfishness could certainly be factors. Let go. Whatever it is release it. Control thyself and purge the toxins...allow the thorns to be purged. Know this is likely to hurt, though.
Following this Last Quarter, there are a slew of minor aspects that occur. Subtleties that color in the personal aspects of what is happening in our world. Mercury is semi-square Jupiter and sesiquisquare Chiron. The Moon creates a Yod with Pluto and Chiron (remember how to use the Yod? If not, go back to last weeks write up to clue you in). Then, right in the middle of this, Jupiter perfects in his first opposition with Chiron (4:52 PM). Yes. We know exactly where our “wounded knees” are. Undeniably so.
At the end of the day we are given an opportunity to break free from some of this angst. The Moon finds Uranus by invigorating and catalyzing trine at 8:47 PM. Break your dependencies. Let go. Release your grip on your pain. However, nervousness and anxiety could be factors. It can be scary to release your grip on “the way you've always known things to be” even if that way is continually poisoning you---stepping into the unknown is scary even if the unknown could hold promise. I know this. But, in the long run, letting go of it and disallowing it from continuing to control you is best in the long-term. Today offers us an opportunity to peer deeply into what is making us (collectively or individually) sick and twisted. Awareness of a problem is the first step in making things better. The second step is letting go of the things we are holding to that keep steering us in the direction of sickness. It's time to do things differently and we can't do that until we...well, let go of past methods and start doing things differently. Be easy with yourself and give others plenty of room to process today. From here, the Moon is void until entering Virgo at 9:23 PM tomorrow night. We'll be ready for this break, I'm sure.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Moon is Void all day today. She doesn't enter Virgo until 9:23 PM. Rest. Process. Toil and wrap up loose ends. Heal, self-nurture and triage. It's a quiet and introspective day. Take advantage of that.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The lights on the Moon are back on this morning. Unfortunately, that light comes with some harsh truths as the Moon squares off with Saturn at 6:36 AM. Depressive emotions are entirely possible. Folks could be inclined to be critical of themselves as well as others. Blame could be inappropriately based as we try to come to terms with everything that Jupiter/Chiron has exposed.
I encourage you to be unabashedly honest with yourself without steering toward hauling the blame around for stuff you could not prevent or control. Hold yourself accountable for only the things you are truly accountable for. And, be mindful of where you are pointing your fingers of blame. Make sure they are aimed in the right direction. While knowing no one has the authority to dictate your perspective. You are in charge of that. I suggest you take the reins and build it truthfully.

By 8:12 AM the Moon is in sextile to Mercury in Scorpio. These two factions work nicely together offering the opportunity to really get down to the nitty gritty details of whatever matter we choose. As the Moon is involved, emotions are a factor. These are, likely, no light matters that we contemplating and investigating.
That emotionality becomes HUGELY apparent as the Moon opposes Neptune at 11:36 AM. The chance for tears is high in this day. The details we uncover could be more than we can bear. Shhh...easy now. Give all that time to simmer while you embark on some meticulous self-care.
By 5:00 PM, Jupiter is officially inconjunct to Uranus. Unexpected solutions could magically appear.
As the sky darkens, so do we as the Sun finds Pluto by revitalizing and empowering sextile at 10:57 PM. Release your bitterness, pain, remorse, shame, worry and guilt. Allow Pluto to transform and empower you. Vow to survive because you certainly have to power to do so now. Yesterday and this morning there is potential for us to be shoved under water, smacked up against walls and cornered by depression. However, there is also a potential for Phoenix's to shoot up and out of the ashes here too.

At midnight, the Moon also finds Pluto but by trine while subsequently holding a sextile to the Sun in Scorpio. This mini-trine energy is Earthy, Practical, Supportive and packs a need for integrity, diligence and a willingness to get our hands dirty through service. Clean from the inside out. Literally. This is an excellent time for detoxing efforts, emotional purges and rectifications. Self-defeating options need to be crossed from your list because we aren't doing that shit anymore. We are surviving here.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Rainy. Potentially gloomy. Wet. The Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces as Mercury in Scorpio perfects in trine to Neptune in Pisces at 8:39 AM. The fog is thick and lingers a bit longer than usual this morning. Drizzling, hazy skies are to be expected at the least. I personally think we may have some seriously detrimental weather to deal with in some areas at the end of this week. We shall see.

The Moon remains active today. She finds Jupiter by conjunction at 9:04 AM. Whatever we are feeling grows and expands. Remember, this conjunction re-ignites the waning Jupiter/Chiron opposition. It also re-ignites the waning Jupiter/Uranus inconjunct. Don't just become aware of the pain and sickness. Do something about it.
Doing something about it is reinforced overnight and into tomorrow morning as the Moon finds Mars (3:25 AM) and Venus (7:48 AM) before resting in Void status for a few hours. Rest. Heal. Nurse. Triage. Restore.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Moon is Void at 7:48 AM following her check-in with Venus in Virgo. She remains Void until entering Libra at 10:15 AM. We are given a brief chance to stabilize our emotions.
Emotional stabilization continues to be a factor as the lights on the Moon come back on. The first aspect Luna makes is a supportive sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Come to terms with the truth and the reality of the situation....whatever that situation may be for you.
Today is a wonderful day for gathering supportive folks around you. Seek the advice and input of wise elders. Work very, very hard to get your emotional body back into solid footing. Share the truth...AND ONLY THE TRUTH..NO FLUFFING!...that you are discovering to the folks you are in relationship with. Check sources and fact check BEFORE YOU SHARE ANYTHING WITH A PUBLIC AUDIENCE...dammit :) Let's end emotionally catalyzing and lying Facebook meme's. Shall we? Foster a sense of responsibility and accountability for the information you publish. We can't get mad at how the news entities have a tendency to report things just because they make “good headlines” when we, ourselves, are subsequently publishing unchecked shit ourselves just for more “likes” or whatever. See how that works? Mad at what's being reported, skewed, not reported or what have you? Look in the mirror.

Overall, today does bring us an opportunity to gather support and grasp some emotional grounding. Get your feet underneath you. Tomorrow the sky keeps shifting and the banjo strings on our emotional body are pulled TIGHT! You are going to want to be stable ground ahead of that potential. The opportunity is being offered to you today. Don't skip it.