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Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of November 29 to December 5, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

This morning, we find the Moon in Cancer completing a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo (3:04 AM) and square to Venus in Libra (7:46 AM) prior to reaching Void status. Today, even though the Moon is at home in Cancer, is not much a day filled with Lunar energy. This is more of a Solar day. And, looking down the barrel of this incoming week, it is Mercury who is playing the trumps. Hold on to your hats because this week is likely to fly by.

Shortly after the Moon reaches Void status, the Sun in Sagittarius finds Neptune via square at 9:50 AM. This could play out simply as drizzly, rainy or wet weather. We could feel tired and lethargic. Folks will likely be subdued. Illness and addiction relapses are possible. One good way to swing this energy, especially under a Void Moon is just to relax and rest. Another is to stimulate yourself with good music. Go to the movies. Indulge your imagination. But, resting and relaxing take center stage since the Moon is totally not into doing much at all. “Meh” is the mood for most.

Later tonight, the Sun finds Saturn by conjunction (7:16 PM) just prior to the Moon waking up in Leo (7:48 PM). A Leo Moon answers to rulership of the Sun. So, the Sun's condition under this Moon is important in how the mood will play out. With Saturn involved, many may feel a bit Eeyore-ish. Some may dread the incoming work week having just had an extended holiday. Most, however will simply feel stability and, perhaps, incoming responsibilities while assessing, also, how much they have changed throughout the years. Holidays serve as wonderful barometers for such. Today we can certainly toil and pontificate those matters.

Monday, November 30, 2015

This morning the Moon is active in Leo and waxing into trine with both the Sun (10:55 AM) and Saturn (9:48 AM). Folks are fairly “stable” and goal oriented. For some, the structure of everyday work and routine may seem like a blessing. To others it could feel like re-entering prison. However, the lovely energetic fire energy could have us taking a playful approach to our work. Sure, you can drag your feet and pout like a child over having to clean your room. But, you could also make a game out of it. Tom Sawyer managed to make white washing fences seem fun. Surely you could achieve the same with doing laundry...if you allow your imagination help you. Don't take yourself too seriously. Do what you need to do but don't be afraid to have fun while doing it.

By 3:48 PM the Moon is in sextile to Mars in Libra. This is another playful and also social aspect. Still have chores to do? Turn that game into a competition with someone else in the household to make things interesting. Keep it light and fun but, yeah, you could make a wager on it if you wanted. Lighthearted team work is greatly accentuated. If your chores are done and you are satisfied with the progress you've made in the day, then, it's time to play!

Overall it is a lighthearted and playful day in which you can actually get a lot done. There is plenty of physical energy in the sky. It doesn't look like a bad day at all...which makes me a bit skeptical because it is Monday, you know? But, on this Moon-day, the Moon is well supported which can, indeed, make all the difference.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

There is potential for some folks to wake up weary this morning. Last night the Moon made trine to Mercury in Sagittarius (2:41 AM) and Uranus in Aries (3:28 AM). There is rich energy in that but it is not very conducive to sleep. It sounds like one of those potentially manic nights where your brain stayed up all night pontificating the answers to all the world's problems. If you did sleep, count yourself as lucky. Because, it doesn't look very restful for most.

The potential for brain racing and mental mania continues in this day as Mercury in Sagittarius officially perfects in trine to Uranus in Aries at 9:00 AM. Later, he perfects in square to Chiron in Pisces (11:01 AM). So, if you are out driving under Mercury/Uranus, don't go any faster than your guardian angel can fly. Be hyper aware...not just hyper and lead-footed especially if the roads are wet.
There is grand opportunity to be inspired under this sky and it could simply come with a shift in your personal perspective which is also highly possible. Just be wary of the square from Chiron and don't allow triggers to become something that causes you to loose control of your mouth. You can expect a bit of unplanned verbiage to spew from the mouths of several today, though. Strong opinions will likely be voiced. But, brilliant ideas are also a possibility. The ability to collaborate over new solutions to old problems will also be in play. So, if you need to call a huddle together to address something, today is the day when everyone will contribute to the discussion...for better or worse. If you don't want to know how someone feels or thinks about something, don't ask. Chances are you won't have opportunity to ask. They will be volunteering that information freely since it is a particularly verbal and quite uncensored day. Mental and verbal energy is kicking ass and taking names which could be taxing for those who are more inclined to introversion.

One way to head the negative end of this energy off at the pass and play up the potential genius is to cut down on stimulants. Most will already be pretty hyped up and have no need for such, anyway. But in an overly stimulated day, excess caffeine and sugar (not to mention over-stimulation via media intake) just makes things more manic and less manageable. Overall, it's a whirlwind and busy day following a night in which many didn't rest well to begin with.
At the end of the night, though, the Moon does make a nice relaxing sextile to Venus in Libra (10:10 PM). This prompts us to lay our tools down for the day and relax...perhaps finally getting a chance at a good night's sleep. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 5:10 AM tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in fastidious and practical Virgo. Minds still could be humming a bit due to yesterday's ramping up of mental energies. But, we are able to bring all that business to ground today.
The first aspect the Moon makes occurs at 7:14 PM. It is an opposition to Neptune. Lethargy seriously creeps up on us. We were so practical and methodical in putting the pieces of information we discovered yesterday into proper perspective and order that we've worn ourselves out. Many will heed the urge to go to bed early tonight. Others will stay up and worry about all the things they have yet to accomplish and all the tasks on their lists that remain unchecked due a waxing square from the Moon to Saturn at 8:42 PM. Our lingering check list continues to be an issue as our Last Quarter Moon perfects (2:41 AM). Dismiss your attachment to perfection. Realize we still have time ahead of us to do what we need to do. Realize that worrying and fretting is a waste of precious energy that could, instead, be used to accomplish what we are lamenting over having not accomplished yet. If it's bothering you that much, then quit wringing your hands and do something about it.

Otherwise, focus on what you have accomplished and how far you have come. Doing this will inspire you to get up in the morning after a decent night's rest and give it another go. Tomorrow, restorative energy and a sense of determination finds us. So, make it your job to rest well so that you can take advantage of that energy.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

This morning the Moon is still in Virgo and in a super Earthy trine with Pluto in Capricorn. We are ready to jump in and get our hands dirty doing whatever it is we need to get done. Grit, tenacity and productivity are the words for our earlier morning and afternoon hours. The Moon is waning so it is certainly time to wind down anything that remains unchecked on that list of yours. It's a great time to work on clearing out the rubble of 2015 and make room for the incoming energy of 2016.

By mid-afternoon (3:05 PM) the Moon is in an uncomfortable opposition to Chiron in Pisces. Triggers, illnesses, addictions and sitting in a state of shock at the level of ignorance in the world could be a thing. It can feel like a bit of a setback in an otherwise productive day.
Then, later tonight, the Moon squares off with her current ruler, Mercury in Sagittarius (10:54 PM) while also waxing toward a conjunction with Jupiter at exactly midnight (00:00 AM). Do yourself a favor. Skip the nightly news. Following the conjunction to Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 5:35 PM. Our emotions will likely be at rest. But our mouths and brains likely won't be. You'll have plenty of time to become apprised of the events happening in the world by tomorrow because chances are, plenty will be talking about it and offering their expert opinions on how to fix it, too. For now, turn off the lights and go to bed if you can. Try to get your brain to rest because that part of you has a busy day ahead of it tomorrow.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Chances are, many will feel like this week just flew by. How is it December, already? Don't look at me, I was still trying to parse the fact that it was November at the first of this week. But, yeah, time likely passed quickly with all the action Mercury has been receiving lately.
Today, Mercury is still busy under a Void Moon in Virgo as he finds Jupiter by square at 7:35 AM. Lots of folks will be wagging their tongues. With the Moon in Void status, it is a good time to just sit back and listen to what is being said without a lot of emotional attachment to it.

It's interesting to note that the Moon wakes up in the sign of Justice aka: Libra at 5:35 PM. So, this morning serves as opening testimony. It doesn't mean a whole lot until we start weighing the facts out under the Libra Moon. For now, it just is what it is and blah, blah, blah. However, I'd suggest opening your ears more than you open your mouth because you could learn a lot under this sky before your emotions become a factor. Be the impartial judge hearing the opening testimony. That's the best position to put yourself in. However, if you need to “make your case” make sure you have your facts straight because chances are these matters will be weighed and assessed later in the day.
Meanwhile, after the lights come back on the Moon in Libra, her current ruler switches signs. Venus moves into Scorpio at 11:15 PM. Desires deepen. The pull to contain and control our resources is strong. Intimacy can be fostered or deepened. Jealousy, greed and envy could come into play. But, OH, is the power of attraction ever high. And. so is the power to be burned up by a yearning attraction or unmet desires. As a matter of fact, our hearts could become quite obsessed with what it is it wants.
At it's highest, Venus in Scorpio is rich dark and regenerative energy. I've learned to love the strength and fortitude found in Venus/Pluto contacts. However, at it's worst, it is a seething revenge seeking forlorn bitter bitch. Venus operates in extremes here. So don't forget you can't always get what you want. However, obsession with the thing that is just out of your grasp can prompt you to do some really, really stupid stuff. Get your heart straight before we get too deeply into Venus in Scorpio. There will be chance to do that.

Also, you could seriously go into debt under this sky. Or, you could save some pocket change and instead of seeking out the most expensive gifts go for the ones that bear deep meaning. This is certainly a year for hand-crafted and heart-made gifts instead of going in to debt for the latest greatest shiny that will likely be broken shortly after the new year. Go for giving from the depths of your heart instead of plunging and pillaging your bank account or going further in debt.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

This morning, the Moon is stabilized by a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius at 10:07 AM and energized by a sextile to the Sun that perfects later tonight at 9:20 PM. Shortly after, the Moon finds Mars in Libra by conjunction at 9:38 PM. Knock out any chores early in the day and be ready to put on your dancing shoes tonight because this looks like a WONDERFUL night for such. Getting out and about tonight in social venues is a good expression of this evening's energy.

Be on alert, though. The Moon does pass in square to Pluto at 10:29 PM..which could simply mean that salsa dancing you did earlier paves the way to the bedroom for some bow chica mow wow. But, it could also mean that paranoia creeps into the equation or even a few power struggles. I suggest dancing your way to intimacy and avoiding all the lesser calls of this energy if you can. As harsh and as blunt as this sounds (what? Mercury is in Sag in my chart too!), you can either fight or fuck. Your choice.

Overnight the Moon also finds Uranus by opposition so it doesn't appear to be a very restful night for the most part. But, if you kept yourself busy in the meat of the day and managed find a sense of satisfaction in the later evening, you could wear yourself out enough that this aspect passes by without out much notice. However, there could be some things that unexpectedly go down overnight. Many will be sleeping light if sleeping at all. And, chances are we are up early and ready to go at it again in the morning.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of November 22 through November 29, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This morning we wake up under an intense Aries Moon in square to Pluto (9:00 AM) as the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius at 10:26 AM. It USED to be that when I saw the Sun moving into Sagittarius, I'd expect to see the turning on of holiday lights. I still expect that; but, the trend for this actually seems to be shifting toward folks turning on holiday lights earlier and earlier each year. I don't mind it. But, for me, today, my “ominous” emotional activity (Moon/Pluto) will involve crawling up in my attic to retrieve my own holiday lights (Sun in Sagittarius). I'm sure there will be a few gently remorseful pangs with that as I realize this may be the last year I decorate for the holidays in this home. It's fun and celebratory. But, there is also a bit of remorse. What I've just told you does kind of color the energy for today. The circumstances that find folks and fosters these feelings will of course be different. But, the core feeling is the same. Joy and Pain. Attempting to find hope in the future but still grieving and perhaps a bit fearful at the same time.

At 11:57 AM want and need face off through a Lunar opposition to Venus in Libra. Balance it out. Make sure you have your basic needs met before you try to accommodate folks. Realize you can't always get just your way. Sometimes, we must compromise.
Shortly after this opposition the Moon meets Uranus by conjunction at 2:17 PM. This can be indicative of frazzled nerves, impulsiveness then you may be plugging your lights in to test them out. We could be inclined to gather with friends or social groups. Who would have thought that putting up holiday decorations would ever be considered an act of rebellion. But, this year, it very well could be. Don't let any one tell you how you should or should not celebrate. On that same note, be accepting of how others choose to celebrate or not. Do what you do but don't think that gives you license to enforce “your methods” on the world. Alright? There really is room for everyone to do their own thing.
Overall, it's a pretty active evening. Sun and Moon are both in fire signs. Moving around and perhaps even getting out and about are wonderful expressions of Fire energy. Trying to sit still with it can be unnerving. Not being active can also make the harsher aspects coming from the Moon to day harder to wrangle.

After the conjunction with Uranus, our Emperor Moon rests until entering Taurus at 11:26 AM tomorrow. Use the rest of the evening to rest up for the incoming week.

Monday, November 23, 2015

This morning starts out slow. The Moon in Aries is Void until later in the morning when she passes into Taurus. Its a rather routine morning and many will be glad for that. Sometimes the mundane and predictable are welcomed. Especially after a long period of flux like we encountered last week. Enjoy the humdrum of the morning. There are few chances such as this found in this week on the whole.
After the Moon enters Taurus at 11:26 AM, we begin to feel the unpredictable pressure of Venus waxing into opposition with Uranus. And, yeah. The collective will likely “feel” this energy given that Venus currently holds rulership over our emotional bodies. In some ways, this feels like social pressure toward change against what we feel is of importance. Perhaps, even against the grain of our personal values.
The opposition between Venus and Uranus perfects at 5:13 PM on 16 Libra/Aries 59 with Uranus still traveling retrograde. No, sweethearts, things are never going to be the same. Our Taurus laden selves may not be so comfortable with that. Change does not come easily for these folks. As a matter of fact, I've found that change doesn't come easily for most.

The Sabian Symbols for this opposition are as follows (from Dane Rudyar's book, The Wheel of Significance):

For Venus at 17 Libra: Retired sea captain in uniform watches ships sail. Vicarious or mellow participation in life. Transfer of activity from physical to mental; or self-involvement in the past.

For Uranus RX at 17 Aries: Two prim spinsters are sitting together in silence. Poised and dispassionate outlook, involving either great dignity and integrity of self or inability to live life fully.

Do you see what I see? The parallel's between the sabians? In the Venus symbol, we have a retired sea captain, in uniform, watching ships sail...without him. Reminders of a part of his life that have passed. What do you think he is thinking? Feeling? Remorse? Pride? Nostalgia? Does he notice how much even the ships have changed since he retired?

On the other side of the fence, we have the Uranus symbol. As a review, Uranus first crossed the 17th degree of Aries on April 17th of this year. He moved forward as far as 20 degrees of Aries before turning retrograde at the beginning of September. He is slowing down now preparing to turn direct on December 26th at 16 degrees. He is nearing the end of his backward journey. Uranus is our social consciousness. He is our uniqueness, our individual freedoms, our ability to introduce, experience and experiment with the new. He is advanced technology. In Aries, he is the progressive pioneer. The freedom fighter. The instigator of change and aggressive advancement. In the position he finds himself in now, he has reviewed events he ha experienced between April and September of last year. He has seen where he yanged when he should have yinned and vice versa. He has become more wise and that wisdom continues to grow as Uranus is, right this second, still inconjunct to Jupiter in Virgo. He is also still in semi-sextile to Chiron in Pisces. Chiron in Pisces is slowing down in preparation to turn direct, too. Both energies are vibrating strongly in our atmosphere right now while subsequently falling under the influence of Jupiter and Pluto...and soon enough, Saturn.

Now. Look at the two spinsters. What do you think they are thinking? What made them spinsters? What do they see in their reflective glances that give them an opportunity to do a long quiet assessment of their life? Are they happy? Do they feel like they allowed themselves to live? Or, are they remorseful because they feel they have never fully experienced life because of any manner of reasons...continually striving to please others, obey all the rules, never taking risks...the list is endless. Or, are they sitting in contentment recounting all the memories they have made and all the times they allowed themselves to What do you catch yourself projecting onto each one of these archetypes? You realize that image could teach you a thing or two about yourself, right?
Mind you, these personal assessments...such as the one's the retired sea captain and spinsters are entertaining...are taking place all over the place under this sky. Gut checks. Pluto is in the very last few minutes of the 13th degree. Meaning, he is on the symbol of the mayan bass relief but will soon get himself an entirely new theme. But, we are collectively most certainly and most assuredly assessing our “mark on history” right now. Did we do the right thing? When they read about this in the history books, what will it say? How can we change to do things more effectively?

The Moon is stable in Taurus. The sky gives her wonderful support in this sign during these times. So, we will have emotional stability and a sense of grounding to guide us into these personal assessments, which is a good thing.

Mercury is nearing Saturn in Sagittarius, as well. We feel the gravity of thought and many minds are inclined toward serious business. International language is harsh. There is a battle between security and compassion. Religious fundamentalism and spirituality. And, today, we pause to reflect, like these folks in the Sabians, before we are able to decide what we are to do next. 

By 10:51 PM, the Moon is in sextile to Neptune. Eyelids are heavy. Some may cry in remorse. Some may just feel fatigue. But, many are subdued in one way or another as bedtime approaches.
Overnight, Mars in Libra meets Saturn by sextile (00:19 AM). Motivations stabilize. Actions are supported by responsibility. A feeling that will carry over into our tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today, the Moon receives tremendous support. We awake with our Taurus Moon in trine to Pluto in Capricorn (9:56 AM). Fortitude and emotional strength wax over the collective. There is not much room for denial. But, there is a certain air of determination in play. The Moon's condition combined with the energy coming from the waning Mars/Saturn sextile says mountains will likely be moved today. There is just that much strength and grunt involved in this sky. The bull is pulling a heavy plow with its blade wedged deeply in rich Earth successfully leaving a large mark upon the surface behind him. No one is going to be willing to budge much.

At the end of our work day, the Moon receives support from fastidious, diligent and practical Jupiter in Virgo. Sweat, callused hands, tired bodies and satisfaction are the rewards awaiting us at the end of this trudging day. The evaluation of our progress comes as Mercury finds Saturn in Sagittarius at 11:58 PM. Will you hear, “Job well, done” or “You are not fully working to your true capacity”? Well. That depends on you. Doesn't it?
Progress will be slow but sure today. Keep trudging forward. One chunk after another chunk. Move forward with resolve but realize it's a waste of time trying to push someone else off their rut. Focus on the our own path and continue plowing forward.
Overnight, Mercury squares off with Neptune (2:15 AM). Dreams are certainly in vogue. As are deliberately created mirages and veils. Entertain the positive expression of this energy and sleep, dream, listen to music, be entertained by fiction or manifest a vision of your own through your powers of artistic expression. But, know the entire time, that all information being delivered right now should be fact checked and tested before it is to be believed. Watch for what is not being said.

Also? With Mercury waxing into square with Neptune all day and perfecting overnight...expect some news about wet and potentially severe weather. That usually happens when these two clash. It's not likely to be a bright sunny day in many areas today or overnight. Matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Mother Nature revolts a lot from the middle through the end of this week.
The Moon in Taurus is Void following her trine with Jupiter at 8:26 PM. So, at least our emotional body can rest for just a bit.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This morning the Moon in Taurus is still Void. However, Mercury has been quite the busy body. After his conjunction with Saturn and square with Neptune last night, this morning he is waxing into sextile with Mars in Libra. Plans are being made. Given that Mercury is in Sagittarius and Mars is in Libra, some of those plans may involve international military strategy. Yeah...that phrase fits the bill. The motivation? Action taken by allies (Mars in Libra). To work together. To find a common ground. To build a strategy. And, I assure you, the talks are rather serious but there is an element of confusion, concern, uncertainty and compassion mixed up in them, too.

These conversations become influenced by our emotional body as the Moon enters Gemini (a Mercury ruled sign, no less) at 12:16 PM. From here, emotionality becomes a huge factor as a matter of fact because the next movement is the perfection of our Full Moon in Gemini at 3 Gemini/Sagittarius 20 perfecting at 5:45 PM EST. Few skies will be clear enough to see this Moon, I'm betting.
The question I see in this Moon? How will the actions of the foreign and the International affect my neighborhood (Gemini)? My home (Moon)? These are answers that the collective wants in response to any action leadership may make. What changes the world (Sagittarius) eventually comes home to roost (Moon). And, lord knows the Gemini child is the one that is always questioning “why” so, there will be lots of those tossed around today. The problem with that is, no one really knows. We won't know until we know. We can assess, predict and project but that doesn't mean that's how it's going to play out, right? Nobody knows.

The Sabian for the Sun at 4 Sagittarius: Watched by happy parents, a child takes his first steps. Life's kindliness in creating safe opportunities to growth. Full appreciation of opportunity. Crisis in self-development.

The Sabian for the Moon at 4 Gemini: Holly and Mistletoe bring Christmas Spirit. Holiday spirit as an attempt to preserve for individuals the wealth and power of racial background. Social warmth.

Look, man. Before all this “real serious shit” broke loose in the world, lots of folks were upset with a coffee cup. By any chance, did anyone learn anything from that? Can we stop the Holy-Holiday Wars already and realize the point of this entire season that falls with the Sun under the rulership of Jupiter means to foster a sense of gratitude, wisdom, generosity and warmth regardless of the path you use to find to get to that place? Jesus, Mary, Zeus, Athena, Odin and the Apostles! And, their three little wise men too! Santa and Muhammad, and all the other Gods and Goddesses or non-Gods and Goddesses! If I'm going to blaspheme I want to cover all my bases. Hu-fucking-ray for whatever raises your faith and makes you feel like you are connected to something larger than you are. Go forth and celebrate, or not, however you feel that celebration should look like but don't be a pontificating asshole because there is NOT ONE..NOT ONE SINGLE TRUE BELIEF SYSTEM THAT TELLS YOU THAT BEING A PONTIFICATING ASSHOLE IS ALRIGHT. I have a Budda statue sitting right next to my Christmas tree. Do you think that makes sense to anybody but me? Do you think I care or that I think you are doing something wrong if you don't have a Budda next to your Christmas tree? Ahem. Sorry, found one of my own soap boxes right there. But, seriously. I wish the world would get over it. If you cannot see how that mentality of “my way is the only way to righteousness and the truth” is part of the damn problems we are having in this world then...I don't what to say to you...other than SURPRISE! Because, it is.

This Full Moon brings an element of launching something, taking a risk, letting go enough of something to let it grow and being cognizant of how to live in a world of diversity without constantly pitting those diverse elements against each other. It's about finding the truth and sharing it with others without forcing your beliefs over the whole situation. It's about being open and responsible. It's about engaging in conversations that seek solutions to larger problems. It's about finding grace in tough times...singing “in the Spirit” even when there is a lack of material blessings at hand. You know, like the Who's in Whoville. Find the true Spirit. Share the essence of that Spirit as it was meant to be shared...warmly and generously. Not with force or conditions.

Saturn and Neptune are tight. Some will be martyred for their beliefs under that aspect. Some will volunteer for the opportunity. Others will not. Is the extremity of forcing our beliefs upon others THAT important? Look at what it is causing people to do. No, folks, its not worth it. But, every time you cling in fear to your belief system and your foundation is rocked because someone else may believe something different from you then you send forth the same types of ripples into the world as some of these more violent entities.
Immediately after the perfection of the Full Moon, the Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. It's quite sobering (11:47 PM). The weight of our responsibilities is great. The path ahead is hard and nothing less than a test of faith. We cry and tire easily under this load. The Moon finds Neptune by square only minutes after (11:50 PM).

Overnight, the Moon finds Mars by trine (1:24 AM) and Mercury by opposition (2:26 AM). If your phone rings in the middle of the night, answer it. If you feel like you need to reach out and touch base with someone just to tell them how much you love and appreciate them, don't hesitate.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans. I kind of chuckled over that as I typed it. That, too, will likely be a phrase that kicks off some interesting triggers. Holidays, in general are like that and I believe I've harped on that enough. There is not a thing wrong with bringing people together around a table to eat and for good fellowship regardless of the occasion. I will say that.

This morning, the Moon in Gemini is still active as Saturn perfects in square to Neptune at 7:13 AM. This energy overlays much of the day. I don't know how to describe the feeling of Neptune and Saturn to you other than to say reality is questionable and boundaries are permeable. What seems real one minute may dissolve the next. What once felt like a dream or a nightmare manifests as reality. It's weird and shape-shifting...perspective changing and at times can be quite uncertain.
The Moon is waxing into a brightening sextile with Uranus while squaring Chiron at the same time (4:16 PM and 4:18 PM respectively). Community support is important. We need to gather our friends and engage in our social networks. Your “tribe” is calling out to you and you are inclined to respond to the steady beat of their drums.

At the end of the night, the Moon in Gemini is square to Jupiter in Virgo...meaning everyone should pitch in and help with the clean up (10:24 PM). A trine to Venus from the Moon accentuates this coming together vibe only a few minutes later (10:36 PM). From here, the Moon rests...rather comfortably and for an extended amount of time, too. She doesn't enter Cancer until 2:27 PM tomorrow. That's right. She skips the “Black Friday” madness completely. I don't blame her. I plan on skipping it too.

Friday, November 28, 2015

This morning, the Moon is Void. She remains void until 2:26 PM. The Mood is subdued and many are inclined to stay home and rest. Chiron will station direct at midnight in Pisces. Shortly following that, the Moon finds Neptune by trine (2:38 AM). Not many will be about and about today. We would rather stay home next to our warm kitchen fires and isolate in quiet. If you are able to do that...if you have a warm home to relax in..I suggest you thoroughly enjoy that blessing today.
Sleep. Rest. Eat. While realizing what a gift the ability to do that truly is.

Saturday, November 29, 2015

This morning, the energy changes from subdued to irritated. The Cancer Moon squares off with Mars in Libra at 6:34 AM. Then, she spends a good portion of the day waxing into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn (2:49 PM). Then, she is upset again by an uncomfortable and rambunctious square to Uranus in Aries at 7:58 PM.
Things at times could feel pretty intense. We may be nervous, collectively. Jumpy. Moody. Scrambling for control. Our core emotions...our roots and our heritage..are at odds with the compromises we are being called to make, the changes coming forth from the collective and, in some instances, blatant outright abuses of power. It's a lot to contend with under a very sensitive Cancerian Moon. We feel every energetic blip and that can be quite emotionally taxing.

By 8:05 PM we return home to lick our wounds as the Moon finds Chiron in Pisces at 8:05 PM. Our dreams wax prophetic under an overnight lunar sextile to Jupiter at 3:04 AM. Sleep is restorative and welcomed after the potential heightened sense of emotionality found in the meat of the day. The Sun is strongly waxing into a conjunction with Saturn and a square to Neptune that perfects tomorrow. Rest and get ready for the opportunity to reshape yourself under that sky.
Following an uncomfortable square from the Moon to Venus in Libra at 7:46 AM tomorrow morning, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 7:48 PM on the same date. I know things are uncertain. I know not many know what to believe or who they can trust or what the next right answer is. The “answers” are not out there in the world for you to find. The “truth” is found within you...where it has always been...all along.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of November 15 to November 21, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Capricorn Moon creating a softening sextile to Neptune (who is stationed to turn direct, intensified!) in Pisces (8:27 AM). The Moon also makes a somewhat uncomfortable square to Venus in Libra this morning (9:34 AM). It doesn't appear as if many will be inclined to jump out of bed and dive into their household chores, today. We are more likely to linger in slumber, emotional hangovers or grief.

As we traverse further into this day, the mood deepens and intensifies. There could, surely, be grief, remorse and heavy weights on many hearts and shoulders as the Moon finds Pluto by conjunction at 8:39 PM. Many will be inclined toward efforts of control. Control of their environment. Control of their emotions. Control of what everyone else does or feels in regard to whatever. That happens sometimes when chaos occurs. Please. Nurse and care for your emotions in a way that feels best to you. Please. Don't dictate to someone who, what and how they should mourn or not. Please. Do not belittle someone for how they feel or try to dictate to them how they should feel. Remember the stages of grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Know that folks will likely be in various stages. Let people work through from where they are. Sometimes a silent witness...someone who is willing to just listen to how someone feels in their moment of the best help for someone plunging these deep waters. You don't have to agree or disagree. Just be present, if you can, and provide a safe space for folks to discuss their feelings. That space you create could allow someone to heal a bit and come to ground on their own. That being said, if you need to create this kind of space just for yourself, if that is all you have the strength to do; then, I greatly encourage you to do so. Just don't waste your time or energy picking apart someone for how they feel; because, basically that is none of your business.

Overnight, the Moon finds Chiron (2:50 AM) by sextile and Uranus by square (3:11 AM). In the early morning, she finds Jupiter (6:47 AM) by trine. Triggers tripped and sore fresh wounds can cause some to react impulsively. Those impulsive reactions will likely make morning headlines. Do not allow the actions of others (Mars in Libra) to dictate how you respond to a situation. The world is hurting right now. Do not mirror (Mars in Libra) the actions that you observe which can only make the hurting worse. Search for your own answers, in your own way.
If you want to do something to help, and many will especially under Jupiter in Virgo, but you don't know what to do...prayer has never hurt a situation. Neither has being supportive. Look for the real issues at hand. Don't just swallow what is being delivered to you. Come to your own conclusions in your own time while allowing others to do the same. Even though I publish information on Facebook and the Internet, I strongly advise withdrawing from these entities for awhile to find your personal point of center.

The Moon is waxing. This means emotions are building. Frequent periods of re-centering and effectively dealing with these growing emotions (instead of ignoring them) is of great importance on a personal and collective level during these days.

Monday, November 16, 2015
This morning we wake up to the solid Earth trine between the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. The meat of the day is spent by most as a collaborative and information seeking mission. Most opinions delivered are strong and rooted deeply. Extreme measures are being evaluated. Don't forget the middle ground. The Moon finds Mercury in Scorpio by sextile at 3:00 PM. Then, she finds the Sun in Scorpio by sextile at 3:54 PM before reaching Void status. Question everything you hear and read. Again, look for the real issues not what you are told is at issue. Know that folks may be a little skittish and even a bit paranoid today. Lean in to your sources of true support.

The Moon remains Void until entering Aquarius at 2:26 AM on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
This morning we wake up to a mood of social consciousness and perhaps a bit of detachment from our personal emotions. We need our friends and supportive social interaction. The Moon entered Aquarius at 2:26 AM. As grief begins to wane, we are called to pulled together collectively.
This “come together” vibe continues as the Moon finds Mars in Libra by trine at 7:24 AM. Plus, many a mind is buzzing as Mercury in Scorpio finds the Sun by conjunction at 9:53 AM. All that has been revealed in regard to information is currently being incorporated into our collective psyche. Still yet, much of that information is incorporated in quiet. Scorpio is not the type to shout information from the rooftops. It's mainly held close to our chests and shared only in circles we have deemed secure and trustworthy. Either way, this is a deep and personal rectification of information the incorporation of which has the potential to change everything on an individual level. Priorities are reset. Trust is strengthened or taken away. We come to a point where we realize who we can work with and who we cannot. It is likely to be a windy day. I wouldn't be surprised if there were several severe storms across the world.

Emotions do have a chance to stabilize and come to ground due a sextile from the Moon to her traditional ruler, Saturn (currently in Sagittarius), just after midday (1:12 PM). From here, the Moon waxes into airy trine with Venus in Libra at 9:00 PM. Touch base with the folks you care about. Get your feet underneath you. Collaborate with others who have similar values (Moon trine Venus) and come together to try to create a solid plan (Moon sextile Saturn) for the future. Show appreciation and gratitude where you can. Hold yourself accountable for the ripples you send out in the world. Yes, how you feel and what you “publish” do bear importance. Keep that in mind as you continue through this day. Remember our priority should include the “needs of the many” not just the “needs of a few.” We are being called to be smarter, more wise, more encompassing, more aware of what kind of impact we make on the world and within our personal relationships. Also, remember you have to get things “right” with you before you can do anything to effectively help a situation. Inside job first. Then, reach out to help others.
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
This morning, Neptune changes direction. He is still quivering a bit since he does move rather slowly. However, he officially turns direct at 7:33 AM. Don't underestimate this movement. Neptune switching direction often packs a punch. Rarely, though, are we expecting it. It just kind of sneaks up on us.
Our Moon is still lingering in socially conscious Aquarius and waxes into sextile with it's modern ruler, Uranus in Aries, at 8:56 AM. Folks are likely gathering and exchanging ideas rapidly under this sky.
As the day moves forward, the tension of a waxing First Quarter Moon develops. In this lunar movement our Aquarian socially conscious emotional body meets with the Sun in the depths of Scorpio at 26 degrees and 36 minutes. This is not a light and gentle battle. As a matter of fact, in a way, it echoes the Uranus/Pluto squares of our most recent past which were anything but light, gentle or comfortable. The battle between “how we've always done things” and “how we can change our responses in an effort to improve” continues. This is NOT a good day to be trying to boss folks around. Aquarius nor Scorpio respond well to this. Plus, they are both fixed signs which could indicate a deadlock of disagreement on some issues. Social pressure is on hardcore. Be strong enough to not be a lemming. Don't just follow the crowd that has the greatest number. As a matter of fact, I recommend taking efforts to change into your own hands. I'm not talking vigilante efforts here. Though, we may see some of that. I'm speaking of fostering a new awareness for yourself while incorporating this awareness deeply into your core. Then, walk the proverbial shit out of it. No verbiage required. Just doing. Walking the change.

The Sabian for the Moon at 27 Aquarius: Amid rare books, an old pottery bowl holds fresh violets. Reality of spiritual or esthetic values, linking generations of seeks for the highest. Addition or commitment to value.

The Sabian for the Sun at 27 Scorpio: A military band, flashy and noisy marches on pompously. Desire to impress upon others the glory of one's social eminence. Materialization of normally subjective values. Show.

This hardcore and tension riddled First Quarter Moon perfects at 1:28 AM.

Thursday, November 19, 2015
The tension brought forth from last night's First Quarter Moon continues as Aquarius and Scorpio energy stay locked in battle due a subsequent square from the Moon in Aquarius to Mercury in Scorpio. I can hear Jack Nicholson staunchly delivering his speech from a Few Good Men. “You can't handle the truth.” In some instances, this will be so. The truth that IS delivered under this sky will certainly ring bells for many and echo for some time. After the perfection of the lunar square to Mercury, the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 7:22 AM. Yes, Pisces. Tears, heightened emotions and extreme sensitivity follows this battle between Scorpio and Aquarius.

At 6:09 PM reality faces off with the elusive ideal. Acceptance is forcefully fed to us. What is real cannot be denied. This is a very sobering and quite potentially depressing aspect. No fun. No fluff. No escape. That well of undeniability only gets deeper from here as we waffle and wane between what is solid and true and what is vapor. At times, it will be hard to tell the difference.
At 7:27 PM the Moon finds Neptune by conjunction. The wall of reality knocks us back into emotionality. That emotionality begins seeping from our pores and most certainly makes many eyes leak. Again, we are uber sensitive. Find a quiet place and keep your boundaries up. In general, this is likely a pretty tough day for most...with the exception of those who can effectively deal with Saturn and Neptune in harsh mixture. Use your physical body as a porous and filtering structure. Allow negativity and swamping emotions to flow through you without any effort to hold on to them. Filter what you expose yourself to. Be a conscientious warden of your own perspective. Be cognizant of the truth found in your emotional body.

Friday, November 20, 2015
This morning our emotional body finds tremendous support from a lunar sextile to Pluto at 6:55 AM. There is a feeling of resolve fostered here. And it's likely we will need it since the Moon also finds Chiron by conjunction later today (12:22 PM).
Then, tongues and minds are unleashed with ferocity as Mercury enters Sagittarius at 2:44 PM. There will be folks standing on their soap boxes proclaiming to have all the answers. Yet, the truth and the answers are found within quietly acquired wisdom. The truth doesn't get stronger when you scream it. I encourage you to be mindful of what you say. Mercury is on his way to a conjunction with Saturn. What falls out of your mouth today could meet with harsh judgment in the days to come. Be reticent and wise in your speech. We are all searching for answers and truth. NO ONE has the answers all tied up with a pretty bow. Folks who say they do are only trying to regain a sense of control in times when everything feels uncertain, unsteady and somewhat scary. That is an ineffective coping mechanism.
Emotions meet with expansion as the Moon opposes Jupiter at 5:07 PM. For better or worse, where we stand emotionally falls under a spotlight, bakes and grows.

That being said, used effectively the higher vibration of Virgo holds the answers that Pisces needs. Virgo offers a chance to separate what is of true importance and priority in a sea of confusion and chaos. Again, this is not something that you can be done on a collective level. It has to be an inside job. Heal thyself. Pay yourself first. Effectiveness and logical answers cannot be found in heightened emotionality. We have to save ourselves from the wash out as it occurs before we can reach out to save a fellow drowning man. So, start helping the collective chaos we find ourselves in by addressing yourself first.
The day is not complete yet, either. Hearts are set aflame by a square from Venus in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn at 8:59 PM. Know that this energy builds and overlays the entirety of the day. Again, efforts put forth to control, gather all the goods for oneself and dictate where other people's values should fall continue in our atmosphere. The higher use of this energy has us recognizing what is of true importance. But, even in that realization, it is not our privilege to hold and control these things. It is more important to honor the moments we were given the opportunity to be with them. This is Venus' closing square to Pluto indicating the beginning of the end of a cycle. Values mutate, deepen and bear great importance. In a waning cycle, we are called to let go and allow for transformation to happen...not to cling and take desperate measures in an effort to maintain out of fear. This square occurs at 13 Capricorn/Libra 46.

Sabian for 14 Libra (Venus): Rich landowner takes a siesta in his tropical gardens. Proper adjustment to the rhythm of nature. Faith in the ordered scheme of things; injudicious dependence upon others.

Sabian for 14 Capricorn (Pluto): In a dense jungle, a perfectly preserved Mayan bas-relief. Man's power to leave permanent records of his achievements. Personal immortality. Fecundation of future by past. Assurance.
We are making a mark on history folks. Take time to think about what your ancestral legacy will look like (what bears true importance/value) and do it on purpose.

Saturday, November 21, 2015
The Sun and Moon meet in watery harmony this morning. The Moon in Pisces checks in with the Sun in Scorpio one last time. The next time they meet, each will be in different signs. After this trine (8:24 AM) the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 10:13 AM. Hopefully we can get our emotions under control because the pace of today picks up speed rather quickly.
At 12:36 PM the Moon finds Mercury in Sagittarius by trine. This is followed by an ambiguous me against we battle due an opposition between the Moon and Mars in Libra. Some want to go to war and take action. Others still want to accommodate and placate the situation. Don't forget to look for the middle ground and don't be afraid to pay heed taking the action YOU feel is right instead of just “following the leader.” Be the leader instead. Be the pioneer willing to cut through the wilderness of the untried and undiscovered.

At 9:01 PM these efforts of exploration and pioneering meet with forward moving and progressive support from a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. Solid steps forward can be made here even after the ambiguity brought forth form the previous Moon/Mars opposition. Remember. All you have to do is the next “right” thing. Not the self-righteous thing. The tough part will be figuring out what that “right thing” is for you. And, yes, individual efforts matter...this is an Aries Moon. Take the lead on paving new and potentially beneficial territory and you cannot go wrong. Don't just talk about doing it. Get busy doing it. The Universe is surely supportive of those efforts today.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of November 8 to November 14, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015
Our first major movement in the sky today comes as Venus transits from Virgo to Libra at 10:31 AM. Venus is ridiculously well placed here; she rules Libra. What this will herald, eventually, is her closing square with Pluto and opposition with Uranus. This occurs on November 20th and 23rd respectively.

Today, though, the Moon will lead us through these aspects, squaring Pluto at 1:40 PM and opposing Uranus at 9:43 PM. Arguments within our relationships are entirely possible today. This is partially due what is going on in Libra with the Moon as that sets our mood...dark (Pluto) and potentially jumpy (Uranus). But, it is also due what is going on in the rest of the sky. The Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio. There could be some matters or emotions held in resentment as we could have been tight lipped about voicing complaints while Mercury was forever in Libra. While the Sun was in Libra, that “putting up a face” of everything being hunky dorey inclination could have been reinforced. However, now that we are in the depths of Scorpio season, the ugly is squeezed forth and brought to the surface...this includes any feelings of resentment, greed, power abuse/control and what have you.
Problem is, we still want things to be amicable. We want to negotiate and make amends under Venus in Libra. While the Moon is under pressure, though, apologies could be met with rejection or just stir up old wounds. If you are truly trying to make amends, negotiate and/or compromise, don't let the other person's over the top emotional reaction or dismissal of your efforts dissuade you from doing the right thing. You can only be sincere in your efforts and control what you are doing. Know that if you are on the receiving end of an apology and are not ready to play nice, you have that right. But, in the meantime, I highly suggest introversion to personally deal with what is happening in your emotional body in an effort to release bitterness and rage. Forgive if and when you are ready. But, definitely deal with yourself so that this poison doesn't run the risk of affecting your other relationships or tunneling into your system making things worse on a personal level. Even with the Moon and Venus in social airy Libra, it could be quite an anti-social day.

After her opposition with Uranus, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 11:04 PM tomorrow.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Moon is Void in Libra for most of the day. Meanwhile, the Sun in Scorpio perfects in trine to Chiron (3:06 PM) and inconjunct to Uranus (10:16 PM). We are likely quite emotionally numb or non-reactive while the trine between the Sun and Chiron allows us to slowly assess our pain and imbibe our “hurt” with the tremendous healing power of the Scorpion. The inconjunct from the Sun to Uranus may provide opportunity to release and become free of these pains.

The Moon is re-activated when enters Scorpio at 11:04 PM. If you thought Scorpio season was dark before, know that we are headed to the darkest of the darkest nights under our incoming new moon. Don't mistake “dark” for evil. I'm talking in literal terms here. As in, void of light darkness. Folks are likely going to respond to this darkness by becoming quiet, introverted, subdued...many are stewing as Mercury is also waxing into a deepening sextile with Pluto which perfects tomorrow morning. The Sun remains in waning sextile to the Dark Lord as well. Things could feel a little “snakey.” Paranoia could be a thing. Plus, you know, some folks are afraid of the dark so that could be a thing too. But, for those who are unafraid to peer into the deepest of velvety dark nights, tonight features prime opportunity to sink in deeply. Also, know that there is plenty being said without words right now. Be mindful of non-verbal communication and intuitive hits. Overall, it is a quiet, subdued, introspective, watery and deeply introspective day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
This morning we wake up to the perfection of Mercury in sextile to Scorpio. Minds are stewing and tongues are...well, we aren't inclined to be telling jokes, I'll put it that way. Unless they are dirty jokes or even cutting vindictive ones. Many are investigating serious business. Some are putting the finishing touches on their latest “evil plans.” I'm telling you if you need to get to the bottom of something, today is the perfect opportunity. Not only are brains geared toward deep investigation, but the emotional body is picking up on undercurrents of information that we may not be able to note through direct visual observation. The Moon in Scorpio (which is intuitive and able to pick up on non-verbal subtleties all by itself) is in trine to the Lord of the Seas at 1:07 PM. This puts a serious uptick to our ability to pick up on what is not being said.
Later tonight, the Sun finds Jupiter in Virgo by sextile at 9:18 PM. Then, the Moon also finds Pluto by sextile at 1:59 AM (early morning on the 11th).
In Scorpio season, particularly while Mercury is in Scorpio and Pluto is aspecting everything in the sign, we are inclined to extremes. Extremes of thought. Extremes of emotion. Extremes of personality expression. All of this. Remember that your choices are not limited to these extremes. It doesn't have to be a metaphorical choice of kill or be killed. Ok? There are other options.

Venus in Libra is begging us to remember this. She honors compromise and negotiation. Both of these require finding a middle ground instead of veering to one extreme or the other. Don't forget the middle ground and don't forget that it does not have to be all or nothing even though we will likely be inclined to feel that way.
Speaking of extremes what I see here is the potential for a person to really become burned up by their own anger, resentment and rage. But, the highest use of this energy involves release of those feelings more than holding on to them. The Moon is waning, darkening. Pluto is offering us a chance to restore and rebirth our perspective. Through serious introspection we can find exactly what is making us sick (or has the potential to make us sick, mentally, physically or emotionally) and purge those toxins in an effort to heal. The Moon in trine to Neptune makes us sensitive and gives us the ability to forgive and let go...accept. Remember, salt water heals everything either by dissolving it in the ocean or purging it through tears. Break your personal emotional dam and let the dirty water release allowing your well to be refilled with more fresh water. Let go. Release. Purge. Detox. DRINK MORE WATER. REST.

Handled correctly and at the end of the day you could feel restored, perhaps a little humbled and more resilient through the Sun/Jupiter sextile. However, if you allow these toxins to keep poisoning you by continually martyring and victimizing yourself, then the sextile between the Sun and Jupiter could steer you toward which you become viciously self-critical or critical of others leaving lasting cuts in both places because you have lost the ability to look beyond your own pain. So, introspect and find it. But don't play with it or wallow in it...let it go. Not for them. For you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Oh, darkest of the dark days when the Moon (the Queen of the Night) hovers in the sky during midday. No really. Our New Moon perfects at 12:49 PM...from a high noon position right in the middle of the day.
The Sabian for this New Moon reads as follows: 20 Scorpio: A woman flings open dark curtains closing a sacred pathway. Courage needed to enlarge sphere of being. Readiness to press beyond self. The “woman” within, opening the gates to Spirit.
As far as I'm concerned, that sums up the energy in the sky quite nicely all by itself. At this New Moon, the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all within orb of sextile to their current ruler, Pluto. Each are also within orb of a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. PLUS, they are all inconjunct Uranus and trine Chiron. Jupiter is also within orb of an inconjunct to Uranus creating a Yod. Zip. Bang. BOOM!
What we need is courage and readiness. Willingness. Fortitude. Strength. Practical wisdom and optimism. We have to be brave enough to start over, in other words. Can you muster up the courage to peer beyond the veil and assess what is really going on in terms of the long-term trajectory of your life? Why are things the way they are? How can you change that around in an effort to make them better? Where are all the answers for this? Where are you accountable? Where are you not? Can you forgive yourself for your perceived "Backsliding," "missteps" or attempts to self-destruct (yeah, it happens. It's ok. We are all human like that."

The High Priestess answers this for you at the entrance of the veil. She says, “The answers are where they have always been. Inside you. In those dark recesses where you've always been afraid to look.” It's time to be brave enough to sweep the cobwebs and gunk out of those corners.

Courage needed to enlarge sphere of being.

Readiness to press beyond self.

This New Moon calls us to cut dependencies. Become more resilient. Dig and look for any spare scraps of strength. Be resourceful. Be brutally self honest and, then, push forward with fewer baggage. We are vowing to survive the circumstances of our life while realizing our accountability for the same. We are engaging in activities that offer an equal exchange of energy versus those that continually seem to only deplete us. We are being called to cleanse ourselves inside and out in preparation to begin again...stronger, more self-aware, more weathered and wiser. In that, metaphorical intention ground is rich and fertile. Plant a good seed.

We've learned a lot over the course of the last few months. Some stuff we would have rather not know about ourselves or the world. But, you cannot fix or repair something you did not realize was broken. Awareness is key. Now, you know. We are given an opportunity to employ that wisdom in our future endeavors. Forgive yourself of past ignorance. Our lives are basically a series of learning events. You cannot act on what you know until you know it. “When I was a child, I spake as a child; understood as a child; thought as a child; but, when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Now that you know, forgive yourself for not knowing and vow to be stronger, more resilient, thorough and focused. Also, realize that there are some folks either behind you in maturity and development or in front of you in the same. Allow them to be where they are and worry about where you are instead. Don't try to pull someone back or forward. Focus on you. Where you are. What you know. Move forward from there. No comparison to the progress or perceived non-progress of others necessary.

The seemingly endless roll of aspects in today occur like this:
Moon sextile Pluto 1:59 A
Moon conjunct Mercury 4:51 AM
Moon trine Chiron 8:59 AM
Moon inconjunct Uranus 9:32 A
Moon sextile Jupiter 11:43 AM
New Moon in Scorpio 12:49 PM
Moon sextile Mars (from the critical 29th degrees of both Scorpio and Virgo) 9:56 AM on the 12th. This will kick start the coloring of our energy tomorrow.

I will give you one more hint in regard to this New Moon. It calls for a release of control. A sort of “surrendering yourself” to life in a way that says, “Ok, here I am. Put me where I need to be. I'm done fighting now.” It's not giving up or giving in. It's fostering a sense of trust in the fact that the Universe is not out to get you. And, yeah, you've got to be pretty damn brave to do that. Also, know that the powers of attraction and repulsion are strongly in play. Manifest destiny is entirely possible. Our ego's, mental and emotional bodies are pulling in exactly what they are focused/fixated upon. So be mindful of where you let that wander.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

This morning the Moon and Mars meet at critical degrees by sextile. I feel this aspect is fairly important as Mars is the traditional ruler of the Moon in Scorpio. Immediately following this aspect, the Moon is Void for a mere 20 minutes before entering Sagittarius at 10:15 AM.
The Sabian for 30 Scorpio (where we find the Moon during this sextile): Halloween gives social release to to youthful impishness. Need for giving free rein to unsocial instincts within the pale of social traditions. Planned release of inner pressure.
The Sabian for 30 Virgo (where we find Mars during this sextile): An emergency alert frees householder from routine duty. Joy of enlisting in a task which broadens the life-horizon. Willing rising to the occasion or escape from narrow destiny.

Halloween may be officially over. But, from the sounds of it, we are called to don our Superhero capes today. Remember, the Moon moves to Superhero inclined Sagittarius immediately following this sextile with Mars. We duck in the closet during the brief VOC period, ditch our “everyday” clothes and emerge as...

Or. We could foster some self-created drama to get us out of a feeling of being surrounded by the mundane. I hate it when that happens. Don't you? Some folks could “shake things up” on purpose. As a distraction. As a tactical ploy to catalyze you into losing your proverbial shit. If that happens, remember you have just much ability to be the heroine of your personal story as you do to be the martyr.
After the Moon enters Sagittarius, Mercury perfects in trine to Chiron in Pisces (11:47 AM). Are you allowing your triggers to pollute your perspective? Or are you learning how to bravely face the reality of them?
At 4:41 PM, the sky shifts again as Mars enters Libra. Mars is not well placed here. But, to use him to his highest potential, you want to imbibe your movements with grace, be driven by justice and fairness, keep your actions balanced and remember their potential impact upon your relationships. The negative expression is competitive, passively attacks and has the potential to sit back and push a persons buttons in that passive-aggressive way that eventually pushes them over the edge...while the instigator sits back and says, “I was calm cool and collected. You were the one who lost your shit. It's not me. It's you. Not my fault.” Don't you love that? Thing is, though, they are right. If someone “causes” you to go off the deep end, in the end it was YOU who allowed them to do that and made the choice to lose it. Yeah. That realization sucks too; but, it is true none-the-less.

We do meet with a potential point of ease as the Moon sextiles Venus at 7:28 PM. But, this subsequently followed by a conjunction from the Moon to Saturn (8:48 PM). Make sure your values are solid and geared with a long-term perspective. Walk your truth gently. Be responsible and truthful in your negotiations. There is chance to dissolve, forgive and accept as the Moon squares off with Neptune at 11:49 PM. There is also a potential for a complete emotional washout here. We are UBER UBER sensitive emotionally. We are also inclined to over-react. So, take a step back. Isolate yourself. Rest. Rehydrate. Encapsulate if need be. Sleep on it.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Today the Moon is still active in Sagittarius. And, she has the potential to feel a bit better today. It's all in how you can wrangle your perspective.
At midday, Venus finds a solid sextile with Saturn (12:12 PM) stabilizing our values, what is left of our relationships and sealing the deal on our attempts at negotiations and compromise. The tendency toward optimism increases as Mercury finds Jupiter by sextile at 1:18 PM.
Remnants of our pain do persist, though. That point is brought forward by a square from the Moon to Chiron at 6:57 PM. However, a strong sense of resolve, a realization of what is truly important and a long-term perspective can set us up for potential freedom of movement through the waxing trine between the Moon and Uranus which perfects at 7:24 PM. It's all in how you choose to look at it. It's all in your ability to stand strong and pull yourself up. It's all in your willingness to keep going...which you will have the power to do.

Wherever you find yourself emotionally grows as the Moon squares off with her current ruler Jupiter in Virgo at 10:20 PM. So work hard in this day to keep your perspective in check.
Following the square with Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 7:22 PM tomorrow evening.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today, the Moon in Sagittarius is Void most of the day. She doesn't enter Capricorn until 7:22 PM. This gives us a chance to settle and rectify (not to mention rest) our emotional bodies. It's a good day for rest in general or toiling in projects that have loose ends. There isn't much excitement wrapped up in this day. I see that as a good thing. We've had enough excitement to last us for awhile. Take advantage of the opportunity to get your feet underneath you and settle your inner waters.
After the Moon passes into Capricorn, our emotional body does meet with a chance at ambiguity and potential conflict between work and relationships...standards and leisure...power plays in partnerships could be a thing. Remember, keep your actions wrapped in grace and well balanced leaning not too far to the left or right but solidifying your footing in dead center. Balance this square out. Be responsible and accountable for actions and their subsequent consequences. We should be on solid emotional ground and able to do so.