Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 25 through October 31, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our subdued Void Pisces Moon Saturday is over. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aries creating a nice stabilizing trine with Saturn in Sagittarius at 7:48 AM. This is good news. Mercury and Venus are fairly active today. It will be nice to greet their energy from an energetic but stable position. At 11:30 AM, Mercury creates an inconjunct with Chiron in Pisces. This is followed later in the day by a conjunction from Venus to Jupiter (4:04 PM) and an opposition from Mercury to Uranus (7:00 PM).

I'm getting visions of the cartoon marketing character “Mr. Clean” when considering these two aspects. Venus conjunct Jupiter is indulgent and relaxing for the most part. But, consider their current placement in Virgo. How would someone with an appreciation of Virgo relax? With a good book, perhaps? By checking things off on their to do list? By organizing and cleaning their space? That is relaxing? For me it is. I have Venus in Virgo. Cleaning brings a certain type of inner peace and comfort to me. But, that is not the only way to use the energy. You can indulge in whatever pleasure appeals to you but I recommend keeping it practical. You know? Indulge in a piece of cake if that is your cup of tea; but, don't eat the whole dang thing. Don't over-indulge, in other words, to the point that you make yourself sick. Another way this can play out is bringing joy (Jupiter) to service (Virgo) and benefit (Jupiter/Venus) from being practical and orderly. Your Virgo skills pay off here. You see? We reap and enjoy the fruits of the final harvest. Indulging for Venus in Virgo could also include buying new school supplies. Pens, notebooks, books...or even just visiting the library are practical comforts this placement enjoys. Finding comfort in the “everyday” and the “routine” is also a nice way for this conjunction to play out. Small pleasures. Practical comforts. Joy in the simple.

Mercury is in brand new territory, now, having left his shadow and finishing his 3rd square with Pluto last week. Now, in opposition to Uranus in Aries, the Me/We continuum is re-ignited and brought forth into the equation in a new way. Uranus in Aries is the monicker of self-reliance and independence. Sure, it can be the angry rebel, the furious inventor, the catalyzing force of change. But, his highest main objective is to encourage us to cut the cord on our dependencies as much as we can. Examples of this? The tiny home trend (which makes Venus/Jupiter in Virgo do joyful back flips) that allows folks to operate without the weight (dependency) of a mortgage. Solar energy and other ways to become independent of public utilities is another agenda this placement pushes. It's also in charge of progressive social groups and motivated individuals who are determined to bring change to the world (some with wonderful intent, some with subservient agendas...but all change pushers just the same). So, what does an opposition to Mercury bring to the equation?

On a positive level, collaborating with others in an effort to foster creative change through brain storming and friendly exchange of ideas is a wonderful way to express this energy. What doesn't work so well is putting too much emphasis on the opinions of others to a degree that it debases your ability to think for yourself. This opposition can also pack some nervousness and anxiety. However, if you've leaned into the wonderful practicality brought by Venus/Jupiter and taken full advantage of the grounding potential brought by Moon/Saturn, you'll handle that potential with much more ease. Inspiration can bring nervousness in a good way through anticipation.
Yet, if you allow the Venus/Jupiter energy to steer toward the negative...becoming overly critical (of self or others) or overly selfish in regard to your own agenda then the opposition of Mercury to Uranus could spark arguments. Channeling the positive expressions of each, though, can spark fresh new ideas for the future in which we collaborate while maintaining an air of decorum within the discussion so as not to debase the original purpose.

At 11:28 PM the Moon is in square to Pluto in Capricorn. If we've managed the energy in the meat of the day to it's highest, then this square can provide insight into the depths of our problems at hand and give us opportunity to apply some of the solutions we obtained during collaboration. Yet, the negative swing of these energies could turn us into blood thirsty control freaks under Moon/Pluto. Paranoid. Greedy. Plus, the way we handle today's energy has a tendency to trickle and flow over into our tomorrow. So, work diligently to keep your feet on the ground and err toward the practical. Retain your ability to think for yourself but don't be afraid to collaborate with others in an effort to gather more information that may be applicable to your situation. Clean and organize your external space and allow “as without; so within” to play out in your personal sphere as that “clean, organized and practical energy” enters and affects your body, mind and spirit. Mercury and Uranus produce electrical current. Be sure you have your “wires” well insulated and grounded to make an effective circuit. There's plenty of opportunity to do that today.

It's also a good idea to really focus on grounding today due the fact we have a Full Moon waxing in due to perfect on Tuesday morning. Emotions are growing along with the blossoming Moon that is coming to the sign of Taurus. Get thy feet firmly on the ground. Literally, even. Like take your shoes off and let your feet touch the ground.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Wakey, wakey! Rise and Shine! Another Monday is calling! Loudly! This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aries conjunct the Lightning God, Uranus at 6:58 AM. The alarm clock rings clearly and loudly shocking us out of our slumber. Time to get up and go! Yes, anxiety and headaches are possible. But, so is a fire being lit under our collective arses to get up and do something.
This aspect also re-ignites the waning opposition of Mercury to Uranus which perfected yesterday. The Moon opposes Mercury in Libra at 8:26 AM bringing punctuation to the importance of yesterday's grounding/organizational efforts (or non-efforts). You'll definitely feel the difference this morning.
After this early morning opposition to Mercury, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus tonight at 2:08 AM. So, how we start the day does bear importance because the echoes of that “start” resound dully throughout the rest of the day. We are poked by a cattle prod early. How we handle it depends on how well we can absorb and process that collective “shock.” Don't forget, the main thing is not to get overly excited. Ground it out.

In the most practical sense, if you can escape the potential of anxiety and headaches, this is a great day to get a running start on projects that have frayed ends. Nip and tuck. Sew and stitch.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Full Moon blossoms this morning at 8:06 AM in the sign of Taurus. The Sun/Moon opposition occurs at 3 Taurus/Scorpio 45 and is dubbed “The Full Frost Moon.” This officially heralds the end of the “harvest” in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Night is overtaking the daytime. It's time to turn the dirt over and let it rest until next years' Spring planting. Overlay that metaphor onto your life. What did you grow? What did you learn? What brought bountiful harvest and what efforts fell flat?
Venus, the Moon's ruler, in opposition to Chiron punctuates this assessment allowing us to take a clear and practical look at our shortcomings. Where can we put forth better effort? Where are we wasting our care giving and serving energy? How are we hurting ourselves by being overly self-critical? Are we over-doing in our “helping” because we believe it will fill some empty hole inside of us? Or are we completely filled up so that it trickles over giving us extra to share? Only you can answer that question. But, the answers to those questions are hugely informative on a personal level.

At 1:32 PM the Moon is sextile to Neptune bringing softening to our Full Moon. This creates metaphorical land. Wonderful shape-able clay that can be used to create just about anything we want. The energy brought forth from the Full Moon brings what is deeply inside us out into tangible reality. Regardless of what that inside out product looks like, the energy from Neptune will help us smooth out the rough edges and shape it into something we can eventually use. Of course, emotion and creativity are called for in that exercise. Put your hands in the mud. Shape it. Mold it. Create in the tangible world.
By 11:16 PM the Moon is in rich trine with Pluto. The potential of expression and creation is accentuated. Our creation is taking solid form. The Moon is also waxing into trine with Jupiter in Virgo (3:50 AM). Such grounding, uplifting and supportive Earth energy is on hand. Taking advantage of that includes getting real. Smoothness. Diligence. Practicality. Grounded efforts with sustainable results. Cutting through the bullshit and getting down to the true business at hand are the ways to go. Overcoming fear and dealing in the realm of reality. the's a really good day for sex magic. It's a really good day for sex, period, and indulging in pleasures of the body and of the tangible. Manifestation is also entirely possible. Fertility is likely high. It's the deepest of the deep and the highest of the high when viewed from a stable emotional position. Act on the massive grounding support of the rich dark Earth energy accessible here. It holds tremendous healing and regenerative potential.

All in all, I see a lot of mud in today. In the real world, we could hear of actual mudslides. Why? Remember this metaphor? “It's time to turn the dirt over and let it rest until next years' Spring planting.” Well, Mother Nature already knows this. Deterioration will become apparent with the Sun in Scorpio and Pluto re-tracing the final few degrees (for a third time) he has to go before he exits his shadow and officially enters brand new territory. Decay is brought to focus. Jupiter's involvement shines a spotlight on the fistula while the Moon stands strong in assessment from her knee deep position within the mud. It's all real. The effects are tangible. What will you make from it? Will you allow it to embitter you? Will trial make you stronger? Will you learn from your mistakes? Scorched Earth has the potential to eventually be wonderfully fertile ground. What has happened has happened. All that is left for us to do is fix what is in dis-repair and heal as we continue to move forward...through the rich full moonlit swamp.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nighttime is chased away in the swamp by daylight this morning. The Moon in Taurus meets Venus in Virgo adding to the Earth Trine energy an appreciation for helping others, making order out of chaos, sorting through via triage and remaining practical (7:23 AM). Motivation follows desire as the Moon subsequently finds Mars in Virgo by trine at midday (11:21 AM). We aren't moving quickly. But, we are moving steadily...bringing completion to tasks one at a time. Step by step. Trudge by trudge. Progress is slow but sturdy.

Follow the momentum. From the trine with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini at 2:25 AM.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

We move from yesterday's slow plodding clean-up into today's potential for overwhelm. We wake up to the Moon in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. It's a long hard journey ahead. There are many tasks requiring your attention. There is a part of you that wants to rush in and tackle them all at once. There is another part of you that wants to throw a blanket over it and pretend it isn't there. There may be a third part that just wants to melt into the ground in tears and exhaustion because it's

Deeeep breath. Find your truth. Find your faith. Find your patience. And, put all that to work. Deal with what is right in front of you first. Then, move on to the next thing. Then, the next thing and whatever. But, don't worry about the next thing until you deal with the thing at hand first. Pull your focus in on what needs to be dealt with first. Keep your long-term goal in mind but be able to pull yourself into the step you are in right now in order to get there. Remain flexible and practical. Remember where our “benefics” are (Venus and Jupiter) in Virgo. Take everything and put it in order according to priority. Line it out instead of letting it all pile on top of you.

The Moon moves from her opposition with Saturn into a square with Neptune in Pisces at 2:11 PM. Boundaries blur. Rules bend. Compassion comes with boundaries while some boundaries are blurred by compassion and empathy. Perspective shifts. Gray and uncertain areas appear. Questions arise. Dizziness and a general feeling of depressed malaise is entirely possible. On the same note, blockages could be dissipate. Or confusion could meet with stabilization. The veil is not even paper thin. Reality is completely transparent. The Moon subsequently waxes into square with Jupiter overnight (5:49 AM). Whatever Saturn/Moon/Neptune grows exponentially under the cover of night.

Friday, October 30, 2015

This morning a sextile from Uranus to the Moon right after dawn fosters a sense of hope and potentially, inspiration (8:04 AM). We still have the brief sense of potential overwhelm to deal with but our give-a-damn breaks just enough to enable us to handle it more effectively.
By early afternoon the Moon is in square to Venus in Virgo (12:49 PM) reminding us to steer away from fickleness and steer toward the practical. Keep sorting. Keep up the triage. Keep dealing with one mess at a time instead of trying to tackle everything at once. Help where you can. Ask for help when you are in need. Remain humble and focused.

Airy Mercury and Earthy Mercury energy continues to mix and swirl as the Moon in Gemini next finds Mars in Virgo (3:24 PM). Again, motivation follows desire. Don't just think about fixing something. Get busy doing it. Whittle down your options.
Meanwhile, the Sun perfects in trine to Neptune in Pisces today (5:06 PM). We are dreamy, creative..perhaps a little sleepy, even. Subdued, at least. Softened. Intuitive.

By late evening, there is wonderful opportunity to reach out to friends and sink into some social pleasures. A few drinks. A few ghost stories. Good music. The Moon finds Mercury in Libra by trine at 10:52 PM. From here, she is Void until entering Cancer at 5:08 AM Halloween Morning.
The veil of reality is still holding transparency. Would be a good night to really entertain ghosts, spirits and dwellers of the Netherworld if you are into that type of thing. Tis definitely the season.
Meditation. Hypnosis. Sleep therapy. Drifting around in graveyards or out in the misty night like a vaporous creature yourself. Haunting. Costume wearing...ah, just in time...are all also wonderful expressions of tonight's energy. It's deeply, deeply feminine, though, and that energy expands as we reach Halloween.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! Today, rich feminine energy seeps forth through the Earth. We are greeted this morning by the Moon in Cancer waxing into a glorious water trine with the Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This flowing, intuitive, deep and enriching water trine flows over the entirety of the day allowing us to get in tune with our most deep inner stirrings.
It is imaginative. It is creative. It is intuitive. It is feel more than it is “know.” It is ethereal more than it is “tangible.” It is mysterious and subdued. Alluring and comforting. Soft, yet powerful. Flowing. Don't fight it. Surrender to it. Sink deep or float...but don't resist following where the flow takes you.

It's a perfectly bewitching night. So, if you are good at being witchy....(wink, wink...haunting giggle)