Morning Star: Astrology for the week of October 18 through October 24, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015
This morning the Moon in Sagittarius made a nice sextile with the Sun in Libra. From here, she is Void until entering Capricorn at 2:53 PM.
Mars and Jupiter are still huddled up in Virgo while trining Pluto. Venus is pulling out of Neptune's orb but may still be a little drunk.
What this means is we will have this energy to work with, without the power of the Moon until our late afternoon hours. The first aspect the Moon makes today from Capricorn is a sextile to Neptune in Pisces at 4:26 AM on the morning of the 19th.

You can earmark this day for just about anything you would like except for starting something new (unless it is in the early evening) or engaging in something that requires emotional influence. Emotions are largely subdued and it's hard to “get into” what we have planned for the day. But, toiling? Yes. Tidying? Yes. Resting? Yes. Social affairs are not contra-indicated but they may lack luster in the early part of the day. “Meh” illustrates it nicely. Sometimes a boring day ain't so bad to have.
It's also a good day to eat cake...because it's my birthday!

Monday, October 19, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Capricorn Moon in square to Mercury in Libra at 6:15 AM. This can cause friction between information and emotion as they are currently at cross purposes. Perhaps we are trying to figure out an amicable way to address a work issue. Perhaps we are trying to work but our friends keep blowing up our phone. It could be that we need to engage in something but we are having trouble making up our mind about what to do first. Maybe we are procrastinating or trying to over-perfect while getting swamped in the details.
At it's worst, this energy can cause arguments or even manifest as nervousness, anxiety or headaches. To use it at it's highest expression, be mindful of your overall plan and sort the details out responsibly and diligently. Deal with your emotions before you deal with the information. Be responsible in your speech and don't over fluff...keep true to the facts even if the facts may not be readily welcomed. You can still deliver them with a smile. With Mercury in Libra, the expression you “reflect” on your face is just as important as the words coming from your mouth. Be wary of projection with planets in the sign. But, also know when to recognize when it is a good time to mirror someone's behavior or counter-balance it (anger counter balanced by love or love meets love, for example). But...lots...and I do mean LOTS depends on the presentation. If you want, you can strategically choose the mask you need. Also, know that things smooth out and get revved up as the day moves forward. So don't allow this aspect to trip you up too much.

By 8:38 AM, the Moon is in trine to Venus in Virgo. This is steady eddy Earth energy that can be just as smooth as melting chocolate. What Capricorn and Virgo can do together is suss out the details of a workable and far reaching plan. One of the main focuses? Caring for your health (Venus in Virgo) in the interest of your longevity (Moon in Capricorn). Getting organized or buying new organizational tools (Venus in Virgo) to help with the “business of your life” (Moon in Capricorn). There is also a call to get down to the nitty gritty details of what needs to be done while clearing out anything that may serve as a distraction to what you are trying to do. Streamline. Organize. Make your work space clean, comfortable and make it easier on yourself to find what you need when you need it.
Just don't go all control freak about that. The Moon is also due to meet up with Pluto by conjunction at 3:13 PM. That could bring control in as a factor. It could also mean we are looking at things too closely or becoming obsessed over the details. We could also feel overwhelmed with the amount of clean up we have ahead of us after Venus' recent washout.
There is no need to be overwhelmed. Look at the situation practically and know that you will have the energy to get stuff back together through the Moon's trine to both Jupiter (5:51 PM) and Mars (7:27 PM) in Virgo later today. Small precise diligently paced steps toward a larger goal are key. Jot down the end goal and delineate the steps you need to get there. All the while, we are tossing out things that are not conducive to that end goal and cutting away distraction. Obsession and a desire to control every little thing are distractions. So, steer Moon/Pluto's energy toward focus and endurance instead.

This is mountain moving energy right here. Serious strides forward can be made if you know where you are going. Having a goal or something to shoot toward is of great importance otherwise you could run around chasing your tail most of the day. Set your goal, long term or short, even if that goal is only “I'm going to clean this kitchen today!” And, yeah, par for the course, with a stellium in Virgo the energy is always there to clean something. As without, so within. External organizing, cleaning and sorting helps the emotional body follow in tow. There isn't much space for floating around in this day. Work to keep your feet firmly on the ground while fostering common sense and practicality. No all.
We end this day with a lunar sextile to Chiron at 11:47 PM followed shortly after by a lunar square to Uranus (12:26 AM). The lunar square to Uranus can be emotionally catalyzing...shocking even. However, if you've maintained a sense of grounding (which is blessedly gifted through these magnificent Earth trines), then you'll be able to greet this catalyzing energy more effectively. Cleaning and sorting could open room for epiphanies of inspiration through this square. It could be something that brings new and inventive approaches (Uranus in Aries) to long standing problems (Moon in Capricorn). But, we are going to have to reach for the grounding in the atmosphere to swing it that way. Know some may have trouble sleeping tonight, though, for various reasons...anxiety and nervousness being one of them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
This morning we wake up with the Moon still in Capricorn and waxing into square with the Sun in Libra to create our First Quarter Moon. The pressure is on, basically. This aspect perfects at 27 Cardinal 08 at 4:33 PM.
If you got down to business yesterday, this square is going to be managed much more easily. However, if you are procrastinating or waiting for someone else to do the work you are really going to feel pressure here. The Sabians for this first Quarter Moon read as follows (From Dane Rudhyar's book, The Wheel of Significance):
For the Moon at 28 Capricorn: The aviary of a rural mansion filled with singing birds. Enhancement of personality by familiarity with spiritual values. Joying in the significance of things; or mental confusion.
For the Sun at 28 Libra: A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed angels come to his help. Spiritual sustainment given to him who opens himself to his full destiny. Slow realization of betterment. Unsolicited help.

Ok, given that this Quarter waxes in all day we are likely to feel the pressure pop as it perfects. Sometimes, things seem insurmountable and impossible to manage. Maybe you weren't procrastinating but just have waaaaaaaay too much on your plate and don't know what to do with it all. You've whittled things down and toiled...but still, there is an overwhelming amount of stuff left to do and you aren't sure how you are going to manage it. There are missing answers, perhaps. Bear in mind that as soon as this First Quarter perfects, the Moon reaches Void status until entering Aquarius at 9:39 PM.

With the Sabians mention of “angelic help” and “spiritual values” this Lunar movement would be great for listing out all the unresolved stuff you have and metaphorically handing it over to the Universe to deal with...surrendering it. With all this energy in Virgo, we are very to be “ DIY fixers” right now. However, there are some things that need to be fixed whose solution may be elusive at this point. Don't be afraid...dear Virgo, inclined, to ask for help either from friends of the Earthly or Ethereal type. Admitting you need help may be the hardest part in that. If you do toss the remainder of your unmanageables up to the Universe to deal with, then subsequently foster a sense of trust that it will deal with them accordingly. Remain open to accepting help and watch for it arrive.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Overnight we were steadied by a sextile from the Moon in Aquarius in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (2:50 AM). From here, the Moon makes a windy trine with Mercury at 6:13 PM.
This is a great day for collaboration and socialization. Thoughts can be exchanged at a rapid pace and analyzed dispassionately for the most part. It's a great day for hanging out with friends. But, chances are your brain and your ears could be tired by the end the day. Falling leaves are whirling and swirling in the wind, today. A nearly tribal call stirs beneath the wind that beats for a sense of responsibility in our storytelling and history making wrapped up in sense of social consciousness.

The rest of the evening, the Moon makes inconjuncts to Venus (6:23 PM), Jupiter (11:49 PM) and Mars (3:04 AM). This cluster in Virgo is now packed between 11 and 16 degrees. Venus and Jupiter are almost close enough to Uranus to make a second inconjunct and create a Yod, but Mars is already close enough. He sits at the apex with Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries forming the base. If you have planets between 11 and 16 Scorpio, you have a 2nd Yod in this set up with the Finger pointing at the Moon.
How do you use a Yod? Work the energy in the base sextile to it's highest expression in order to guide/operate the Apex planet. The base in this equation says, the way we feel about innovation, change and freedom (Moon/Uranus) subsequently directs our actions (Mars). The higher we can push our emotional intelligence (Moon/Uranus), the more able we are to bring practicality to our motivation, engage in the clean up or serve the collective (Mars in Virgo). The more socially aware and conscious we are (Moon/Uranus), the more we are willing to pitch in to help fix things (Mars in Virgo). On the converse (negative pole) the more emotionally reactive (Moon/Uranus) we are, the more self-critical and immobile, due our obsession with perfection, we become (Mars in Virgo). On a really simple level, in this instance? Mixing Uranian and Virgo energy is like Spock teaming up with Yoda. Let those two modern day archetypes roll around in your mind and figure out how those two would come together and make something happen.

For a less theatrical and more practical take consider this: If, in change, you can see opportunity; then, you can present your best efforts to serve that change. It makes me think of a person who has been a nurse for a very long time. Now, at the hospital where she works, they are introducing a new computer program. If, the nurse can see that this technological change can become a tool which she can use to better serve her patients; then, she can use the technology (change/Moon/Uranus) to enhance her service skills (Mars in Virgo). However if she becomes nervous, anxious, rejects or rebels against the change (Moon/Uranus), she could miss the opportunity to expand her skills and abilities (Mars in Virgo). She could quickly fall behind in her currently evolving field. See how that works?

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Early this morning the air crackles beneath a sextile from the Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries. The Yod has fully blossomed calling us to hold our duty to service (Mars in Virgo) at the forefront as we imbibe that duty with a push toward social service (Moon in Aquarius) while using our own unique approach (Uranus in Aries). There is no need to make this a debate over what needs to be done. The only call here is to get started doing something to help. It's not too hard to figure out where you need to put your best efforts.
By 5:20 PM, though, Mercury's perspective is darkened and deepened by a third square to Pluto in Capricorn. There could be mind control tactics in place or forceful words exchanged. Paranoia may become a factor as well as mental obsession. The worst of the worst? Our polite Mercury in Libra may slip and drop an F-bomb or two. That fact makes me smile but for some it could be offensive or embarrassing.
The best way to swing this square is to foster a sense of focus. Use this energy to squeeze the negative thoughts right out of you. Release them instead of letting them swirl around in your head. You could also dig deeply into any issues you may be dealing with while researching for answers. Investigation to either support or dissipate your paranoia is possible. Conversations between folks of power and deals with the Devil can also be made under this sky. Most folks will be holding information quite tightly to their chests, though. I suggest reading a good mystery novel in lieu of selling your soul. But, it is also an EXCELLENT day to tweak your scary Halloween costumes and/or d├ęcor. Tonight would also be a good night for a horror flick. Double bonus if you get to the theater early enough for the cheap seat matinee. This makes our Sun at the end of Libra very, very happy. Friends and a good deal! Sweet!
Our Day of Thor comes to a close with the Moon in Aquarius making a nice air trine with the Sun around midnight. This is the Moon's last check in with our Sun in Libra. By the time these two bodies make direct contact again, the Sun will be in Scorpio.
As the Moon in Aquarius kisses the Sun in Libra goodnight and goodbye, she reaches Void status until entering Pisces at 1:19 AM.

Friday, October 23, 2015
Wow. At first glance, this day looks pretty eventful while also being quite deep and intense. WELCOME TO SCORPIO SEASON! Ok, the Moon is in Pisces this morning so the waters may rise in the realm of emotions. Intuition is kicking. “Swampy” is the word the Universe is giving me right now in relation to this.

Venus found Pluto by rich decadent trine at 3:39 AM. I have a love/hate relationship with Venus/Pluto. And, that's pretty much par for the course with these two in aspect. There is both a magnetic push and pull associated with the energy. This is rich and Earthy. We may unexpectedly run into old friends or past lovers. But, the aspect isn't forceful so this could actually be a good thing. Relationships can be restored and repaired under this aspect. Existing strong relationships are imbibed with tremendous power that enhances intimacy. And, we may just be able to attract exactly what we've always dreamed of attracting under this sky. However, this sky is not just all about reaping the rewards (Venus in Virgo) of the efforts of your hard work (Pluto in Capricorn). There is more going on than just this. Venus trine Pluto is an important component of this sky though, so don't forget that no matter what else is going on your deepest desires are swirling and swirling. Are you attracting or repulsing? Are you afraid of getting what you want? That's repulsing. Or, are you willing to do your part in obtaining the stirrings or your heart? That's attraction. Alluring is strongly alluring these days.

Mars opposes Chiron (ouch) at 4:47 AM. Hearts are restored (Venus/Pluto) but our physical body may be hindered, in pain, sick or washed out. There is also a chance for triggers to be tripped which kicks up our ire. Mars in Virgo is a Mercury/Mars aspect in and of itself. Be wary of clumsiness and distraction that can result in true physical injury with The Trickster and The Warrior in play. To best swing this opposition, balance out the two sides. Recognize where the pain is (Chiron in Pisces) and work to nurse it back to health (Mars in Virgo). Fevers due illness are also possible here. So are stomach and digestive issues (ulcers, stomach flu, etc). Whether you suffer from physical illness or from the pains of remorse, worry and regret, treat the sickness accordingly. You can anesthetize the pain a bit but don't ignore or deny its existence. Treat the underlying cause instead of just trying to mask the symptoms. Get to the root of the problem.
By 6:36 AM, the Moon is in square to Saturn (if you've noticed, we haven't even made it to sunrise yet). This square can be ridiculously depressing. However, used at it's highest, it can be very grounding and assist us in forming emotional boundaries. It is definitely sober and that's kind of disappointing to Moon in Pisces. Yet the grounding potential brought forth by Saturn, here, could be the traction we need to start our morning. It could also be the aspect that keeps us hiding under the covers too. Not in fear but in withdraw. Pisces Moon likes the peace, solitude and quiet found in the dark.
By midday, that pull to withdraw and seek solitude may increase as the Moon in Pisces finds Neptune by conjunction (1:18 PM) just before the Sun dives into Scorpio (1:47 PM). Gosh this has the potential, weather wise, to be a dark, potentially stormy and gloomy day. That sounds pretty sweet to me. But, for some, it may work only to increase the tendency toward depression. Please be easy with yourself if you are suffering under this sky.

Know that if you are suffering from illness you have not failed! It's not that you have not swung this energy appropriately or done something wrong. Sickness sometimes just happens, you know? The only thing you will be doing wrong in this equation is failing to pay heed to the needs of your physical body and, instead, punishing yourself either physically (by not resting, for example) or emotionally (by becoming swamped in the isolation). If you are sick, don't become Typhoid Mary. Stay home and take care of yourself. You can afford that service to yourself instead of beating yourself up for what you cannot physically achieve right now. Be pro-active in your own self-care. All people who are able to provide the highest level of service to others know this. You must give yourself the same consideration you would give others or your ability to serve sours.
By 11:08 PM, our emotional bodies have a chance at restoration with a lunar sextile to Pluto. Supportive grounding, endurance, emotional forbearance and fortitude are delivered here. We may just survive after all.
The day ends, though, just as deep as it began. However, there was a chance to rebuild, restore and treat our wounded areas. This, of course, is solely an inside job. Hopefully you took the opportunity. This is by no means easy work; but, it is definitely worthy work.
Overnight the Moon continues working opposing Venus at around midnight and subsequently Jupiter at 2:42 AM. Overcome swamping emotions by seeking practical comforts. Sort out the facts and details of the situation while examining your emotions attached to each. But, you've got to calm the heck down to do this. This also calls for a balancing between want (Venus) and need (Moon). Let loose of any martyring or self-victimizing tendencies you have. Instead of wringing your hands in worry, put them to work finding solutions. If you are sick (mentally, emotionally or physically), get thyself treatment.
How all this activity is handled will determine how Moon opposite Jupiter is experienced. Whatever we are feeling grows. Keep that in mind as we traverse this day. I'm seeing the potential for drug overdoses in this mix either by accident or deliberately. Of course, this potential exists EVERY DAY, but the sky delivers quite a toxic set up for it to be “thing” today. Be mindful of your addictions; because, they certainly could make you sick. If you are physically sick already, take the proper dose of medication and be mindful of what you mix together ESPECIALLY if you are taking OTC cold/flu remedies and herbal supplements. Check for potential adverse interactions. Please, please, please be easy with yourself today. We are certainly plunging the deepest of the deep here. With the dawning of Scorpio season, I would expect nothing less. The Universe wastes no time in pushing us into the deep end this year.

Saturday, October 24, 2015
Early this morning, the Moon lights up the waning opposition between Mars and Chiron between 6 and 7 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 2:23 AM. We are left to quietly address our personal dis-ease. Again, be proactive in your self-care whether that care needs to be directed at your physical, emotional, logical or psychic body---or the whole of you. Either way, whether you are sick or not, today should be earmarked as a day of rest and restoration in preparation for the more active Aries Moon we will encounter tomorrow and Monday. Noting where the periods of rest occur within the Universe is just as important as noting the active times or getting heads up about potentially volatile times. Usually the opportunity to rest is delivered exactly when the Universe knows we will need it. So take the heads up and catch up on some rest and relaxation...healing and the window opens wide for those opportunities today.