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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 27 to October 3, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Welcome to the ecliptic. This morning we wake up to Void Moon in Pisces. She remains Void until entering Aries at 3:30 PM EDT. Immediately after entering the sign, she begins waxing into a grounding trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (4:40 PM). At 6:17 PM, she meets Mars in Virgo by inconjunct. Then, at 10:52 PM at 4 Aries/Libra 40, our Full Blood Hunter's Moon in Aries Eclipse perfects.

Sabian for the Moon at 5 Aries: A white triangle with Golden wings on its upper sides. Evolution of values in the sphere of inward self, but at a stage NOT YET SUBSTANTIATED. Eagerness for a spiritual goal.
Sabian for the Sun at 5 Libra: Inspired disciples listen to the words of their teacher. Knowledge and experience put to the test. Greatness calling its own to itself. Ordered seeking. Distrust of appearances.
Sabian for the Moon's ruler, Mars, at 2 Virgo: A large white cross stands alone on top of a hill. Dominance of environment through individualistic self-realization. Eminence at the cost of struggle. Full self-assurance.
Sabian for the Sun's ruler, Venus, at 23 Leo: The bareback rider in a circus thrills excited crowds. The supremacy given to the man who has mastered his senses and his emotions. Full utilization of inner powers. Audacity.
(Sabian Symbols and their delineation were retrieved from Dane Rudhyar's book The Wheel of Significance.)

Our warrior, Bloodmoon, herself is inconjunct to her current ruler, Mars, newly in Virgo. The sun...our ego body, is not only cut off by the Earth, but also softened by an inconjunct to Neptune. What this says to me is that emotions (Moon) are fueled by practicality, a desire to serve, fix, help, clean up (Mars in Virgo) during a time in which we are softened, compassionate, empathic, gentled (Sun/Neptune). The emotions of the whole thing are personal but the we are less inclined to think only of ourselves and more inclined to reach out in that Virgo way with a Libran sense of balance and fairness...equality...concern of other. Do you see? The opening up is beautiful. And, there will be an opening up both internally and externally, literally and metaphorically. Let us not forget that this eclipse aligns with the Super galactic Center. That massive black hole the swirls at 2 33 Libra. The feeling of “pull” towards something is very, very strong.

Jupiter in Virgo sits in opposition to both Chiron and Neptune. It's barely any more distance from one than the other. This connects the energy bringing awareness to where our hurts are (Jupiter/Chiron) but anesthetizing them at the same time (Jupiter/Neptune). It's like being in twilight...not completely unaware but still comfortable. Floaty and a bit disconnected and dreamy. But, we aren't floating too high. Saturn has thrown a leash around the Moon to keep it grounded throughout this process.
We are accountable and inspired...look at the proximity of the Bloodmoon to Vesta! She is moving rx toward this eclipse! Our bloodthirsty vengeful nature is also subdued. Lilith has been subdued, softened, refined due her proximity to the Sun at this eclipse while Juno's presence next to the Sun experiences the same and has us questioning our commitments and exactly what the heck is right or wrong with them. Are they misplaced all together? Venus, the Sun's ruler, is in waning trine to Uranus and waxing square to Saturn. Freedom (Uranus) comes with a price (Venus) and an assload of responsibility (Saturn in Sagittarius).

There are enough t-squares in this chart to cause just enough circumstantial pressure to cause us to act. But, in which direction do we aim?
The Cardinal t-square between Sun, Lilith, Juno, Mercury, the Moon, Vesta , Pluto and by wide orb Uranus finds outlet in Cancer. Bam..points right back to the principles of the Moon, nurturing, life sustaining essentials like food, water and shelter. How you handle and process emotions. Our roots.
The t-square between Mars, Saturn and that whole twilight ball of energy between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron finds outlet in Gemini which points to Mercury who is reviewing how we think about our connection to everything and everyone through relationship. When I first saw that configuration, I thought...well, the answer is to be social because? Misery loves company? But, yes we are called to connect with others moreso than disconnect but don't expect the discussions to be light with the current position of Mercury. Do pay close attention to clarification and what have you with him wobbling backward. Prepare to revisit these discussions again when he turns direct. But, the main thing is to start the dialogue or at least begin to re-consider your point of view and how you perceive certain things. Be open to changing your mind and re-adjusting your perspective which is hard to do when you are flailing about like a wounded animal. Revert to those places that are so deeply seated that the sunlight can't get to them and heal thyself. Let go of what prompts division. Embrace what brings us together, connects us and supports living...nurture those them and strengthen the connection instead of weakening it.

By the way, it may be hard to sleep tonight. Ecliptic and Full Moon energy are both itchy. Being physically active during the day in an effort to burn off excess energy and ground may help with this. So will cutting down on caffeine and drinking more water. I would steer clear of over-stimulation if at all possible. Or, at least work to burn that energy off. The eclipse is today, but tomorrow is pretty active too. Proper rest will help us to better meet that call.

Monday, September 28, 2015
This morning ecliptic energy is still prickly plus, we wake up the the Moon in opposition to Mercury Rx in Libra. This aspect can cause nervousness and indecision. It can bring emotional messages, even echoes from relationship's past. It could mean your alarm didn't go off properly and you didn't get up on time. It can mean you go to your car to drive to work in the morning and find it is non-operational for one reason or another. It could mean you've lost your keys or broken your phone. Plenty of ways this can play out.

If, you managed to rest last night; then, you may be able to wrangle this oppositional energy more effectively. If you can, get up a little early and double check everything so you can start your Monday off on more steady footing. If, you prepared last night by doing things like packing your lunch for the day or laying your clothes out, then you will be one step ahead of the game. Jupiter in Virgo beams with pride when you are prepared and have double checked to make sure all your I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

By about Noon, the Moon is in square with Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings run deep and at lunch time we have a voracious appetite. Cravings and temptations...of certain foods, emotional fulfillment, exertions of personal power...all are possible. Be wary of attempts made to control you through your emotions. Instead, deeply assess what you are feeling and suss out the root of temptation. What is really missing in your life? For example, if you are craving vinegary salty things, is it because you are slightly anemic? Suss out the root cause and address it instead of just placating the situation. Treat the underlying problems instead of just paying heed to the symptoms. Dig deep.
At 9:31 PM, the Moon is conjunct Uranus which is ANOTHER aspect that is not very conducive to restful sleep. Same suggestions apply as yesterday. Be physical to deliberately burn off excess energy. Veer away from stimulants and veer toward clean water. Relieve anxious feelings by preparing for the next day ahead of time. Two days in a row of non-restful sleep can make for a cranky mistake ridden Tuesday. Try to avoid that if at all possible. We could all be a little anxious as we could still be suffering from ecliptic aftershocks.

The conjunction to Uranus can bring a feeling of things loosening up or pressure being released after we've spent the afternoon with a lunar square to Pluto. Just don't preempt the situation and blow things up on your own just to relieve the pressure. This is a “thing” with any aspect to Uranus. Absorb the shock and take time to properly respond to the situation instead of just impulsively reacting.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Overnight, the Moon in Aries did find some ease with a trine to Venus in Leo at 3:46 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 2:58 PM. This morning is great for tying up loose ends and toiling in general. It is not so geared toward starting new things. The Full Moon has crested, after all. In the following weeks she will darken and release her constant gaze upon the Sun. We should do the same by winding things down and releasing, too. This is also a good morning to take things sloooow and easy.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. And, now that her ruler, Venus, is direct the cows are not so grumpy anymore. Early to mid-degrees transits in Taurus hit a sweet spot within the Universal energy as well since it trines Jupiter, Mars and Pluto while sextiling Neptune. Not only are the cows glad Venus is direct; but, they are also relieved that Saturn is out of Scorpio. Shew! Nice to have that pressure gone.
At 7:52 PM, the Moon perfects in a nice grounding Earthy trine with Mars in Virgo. She crosses by Saturn by inconjunct at 4:25 PM. The pressure experienced between the Mars/Saturn square is waning.
This is a great evening to rest and refuel. Nurse your ailing parts and feed your body well. Solid energy sustaining and healthy food. Bounty of the Earth is needed to restore our bovine bodies.
The Moon spends the rest of the evening waxing into a softening sextile with Neptune in Pisces. Our bellies are full and we are comfortable enough to sleep soundly. That could equate to feeling a bit better in the morning.
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Taurus Moon in a nice solid trine with Jupiter in Virgo. Why yes, we could really feel better this morning. Restored and ready to get down to business. The mental wheels are churning too as the Mercury RX finds the Sun in Libra by conjunction at 10:39 AM at 7 degrees.

Sabian for 8 degrees Libra: A fireplace blazes mysteriously in a deserted farmhouse. Constant presence of unseen, sustaining agencies in every worthwhile activity. Great depth of initial effort. Providence.
By Noon, the Taurus Moon is in deep Earthy rich trine with Pluto in Capricorn. Again, cravings come and our appetites are voracious at lunchtime. Feed your body sustaining food instead of something that will leave you feeling flat in a few hours. Hopefully you've made your grocery store run because you are going to want hearty food and plenty of it under this Moon. We are past the equinox, remember? That means colder darker days are approaching and it's time to start fattening up just a little...just that we are well insulated and prepared for the winter. Heed that call in a healthy way without tripping over body image issues. We are SUPPOSED to put on a few pounds this time of year. There is a natural reason for it! Venus ruled Sun? Venus ruled Moon? Yeah, we are getting more round and that's ok. Just don't go overboard with it. Balance it out.

By 8:43 the Moon is ready getting ready to rest again following a sextile to Chiron. Meanwhile, the Sun perfects in an inconjunct to Neptune at 11:05 PM and many will be snoooooring in restful sleep. Nice. At midnight, we will call an end to September. In the morning, we wake up to a brand new month on the calendar. This excites Jupiter and Mars in Virgo. A fresh page to fill with to-do lists and a whole new month to schedule! YAY! Yeah, Jupiter and Mars in Virgo are geeky like that. I happen to like it. I suggest you go with it.
Thursday, October 1, 2015
This morning, not only do we flip to a new page on a calendar, but we realize that in three months we will need a new one altogether because we will be entering a brand new year. Wow. That's crazy to fathom. Right? But, true none-the-less.

We find the Moon still in Taurus early this morning and in square to her current ruler, Venus in Leo. We are plodding and not moving really quickly. The pace continues to slow as the Moon reaches Void status immediately following this. She remains Void until entering Gemini at 4:04 PM.
Heaviness finds us under that lunar shift as the first aspect made is a heavy opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. This tempers the Gemini Moon's tendency toward fickleness. We are grounded and can feel the weight of the work we have before us. Plus, there is a lunar square to Mars in Virgo waxing in the rest of the evening. Triage and prioritize tasks and schedule them all out. Make a plan of action so that the tasks do not veer toward overwhelm. Clean something. Purge something. Clear out gunk either internally or externally. It's time to get back into some sort of sustainable routine now that the Universal weather is starting to settle down a bit.

The outlet for this mutable t-square falls in Pisces. So, grab a glass of wine and turn on some tunes as you get started on your Fall cleaning list. Also, don't work yourself into a deadened frenzy. Remember, proper rest helps you be more productive. So, if the weight and frustration got the better of you today, then cash in your chips and get some sleep.
The Moon trines her current retrograde ruler in Libra at 1:09 AM and then squares Neptune in our early morning hours. We may wake up tomorrow to drizzle and fog. But, that haze leaves us as tomorrow moves forward. We may be feeling a little emotional and/or drained at the end of this night.

Friday, October 2, 2015
Today, the we wake up to the Moon still in Gemini. She has moved away from her opposition with Saturn and subsequent square to Neptune and waxes into a light and airy trine with our Sun in Libra (7:07 AM). This is social and can be a bit chatty. It's conducive to a check in with friends and partners. Mercury is still retrograde so be mindful of the opportunity for miscommunication and ask for clarification if you need it.
At 11:07 AM, the Moon is in square to Jupiter in Virgo and we are either feeling really, really good or really, really bad. Jupiter has a tendency to blow emotions out of proportion one way or another. Again, if you meet a point of overwhelm, sort the details of the situation out into a workable order. Take all the things and categorize them. Then, diligently deal with them one piece at a time instead of trying to do everything at once.

Overnight, the Moon will square Chiron and sextile Uranus. Again, not all that conducive to sleep but it is you could stay up late visiting with friends know, remembering how to have a good time for a change.
Saturday, October 3, 2015
This, my friends, is the nice and relaxing Saturday we've been yearning for. We wake up with the Moon still in Gemini and waxing into a sweet self-indulgent sextile with Venus in Leo. Treat yourself. Gather your friends and seek out creature comforts and entertainment. It's a good day to be social or just to withdraw into comfort. Aim to do something you enjoy and take proper advantage of this blessed point of ease. It's Fall Festival time! Pumpkins and hay bales and scarecrows and OOOOH FUN! Get in on some of that!

Following the sextile to Venus at 1:19 PM, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 8:23 PM. Comfort food should be on the menu tonight. Something made in a slow cooker would be awesome. Hearty stews. Sauces simmered to the perfect consistency. Stuff that you make from scratch and take plenty of time to imbibe with love.

This is really a nice to day to earmark for relaxation and enjoyment. It's great for homecoming celebrations and family gatherings. I don't recommend starting a new check off activity on your to-do list. Instead, let the list rest too and partake in some R&R. This is the Universe's only directive today and you better bet we deserve it!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 20 to September 26, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Sagittarius Moon in sextile to Mercury in Libra at 5:29 AM. Mercury is, of course, retrograde in Libra. Collectively we are steeped in a bit of a mental review. Relationships are on the discussion table. The type of relationship being reviewed depends upon which house you find Mercury running backward.

Mercury's Relationship Review by House Position
1st house-reviewing how you think about the relationship with yourself, your anger, your motivations/drive
2nd house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with your values, stability, self-worth and tangible goods/money
3rd house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with your siblings, peers and information gleaned from the outside world (perspective)
4th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with home, family, emotion, mother
5th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with children, romance, your ego, play, risk-taking, creativity
6th house-reviewing how you think about your working relationships, your relationship with your health, your doctor, your daily routines
7th house-reviewing your how you think about relationships in general..partnerships, known enemies, how you think about the terms fairness, justice and balance
8th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with death, sex, intimacy, your shadow, debt, the way in which energy/power are exchanged within your relationships
9th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with news entities, the judicial system, sports, preaching/religious factions, reviewing your relationship with what you think you know or what you have been taught
10th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with authority and the public, your father, your career
11th house-reviewing how you think about your relationship with technology, higher medicine/specialists, your friends and social networks
12th house-reviewing how you may trip yourself up unwittingly in relationship with anyone, how you think about your addictions, your dreams/imaginings, your ability to forgive and absolve, how you think about your relationship with spirituality and empathy, how you think about your boundaries or lack thereof

After the check-in with Mercury, the Moon dances in a lovely fire trine with Venus at 10:05 AM. Love is alive and at your breakfast table. This aspect feels pretty good. Free. Easy. Boundless and expansive. You can definitely tell the Moon is out of Saturn's reach for a moment. This feels open and free. Comfortable. Joyful. Hey...who needs some joyful? raises hands and jumps up and down OH OH! PICK ME! PICK ME!
Oh, but...ouch, there is a square to Chiron at 11:43 AM. Twinge. Maybe we should go for gentle joy? Easy does it. Shake it but don't break it, you know? Start slow and easy.
The fire is seriously stoked right after noon, though. The Moon finds Uranus in Aries by trine as the square to Chiron begins to wane. Pain? What pain? I'm not going to let that ruin a perfectly lovely day. ARE YOU? Get out and shake the dust off. Expend some of the energy of angst that may have built up on your shoulders during the past week and break free.

From here, the Moon waxes into a 3rd fire trine with Mars perfecting at 4:13 AM tomorrow morning. The fun could last all night if you want it to. There's only one itty bitty problem with that. Our First Quarter Moon also perfects in the AM at the 29th degree of both Sagittarius (Moon) and Virgo (Sun)...and, I don't know about you; but, I'm just waaaay too old anymore to deal with a Monday after an all nighter.
Enjoy this active and fiery day. Just don't forget that a new work weeks starts tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2015
This morning we wake up under our First Quarter Moon (5:00 AM). The Sabians for this square are as follows:
For the Moon at 29 Sagittarius: Perspiring fat boy, eager to reduce is mowing a lawn. Desire for fitness inherent in all living being. Consciously built, thus dependable determination. Persistent endeavor.
For the Sun at 29 Virgo: Archaic manuscript discloses to scholar the old mysteries. The understanding which is built on patient steady work and persisting aspiration. Fecundate power of ancient wisdom.

Ahh...I get this mix. Do you? First we have the overweight boy who is ready and determined to get back into shape. There is nothing wrong with a little cardio obtained while also doing something, like mowing grass. The problem comes when the boy gets a bit too ambitious and ends up giving himself a heat stroke by overdoing it. He didn't get out of shape overnight. So he can't expect that killing himself for one day mowing the lawn will fix it. The Moon in Sagittarius can have some pretty overblown expectations. This is where the Sun in Virgo comes in and says, “Hey...don't be stupid about this. Put some kind of healthy cardio into your everyday routine while realizing you'll need to pace yourself. Keep your HEALTH in mind more than just your body image. This is going to be work that involves steady diligence, persistence and it will have to be something you continually work toward not just something that we both think of and obtain in an instant.” Now, know this doesn't have to be just about weight loss. Many have woken up to a list of things they would like to change. Ok, that's great! But, don't think that just because you see the need for change that it can be fostered in one big whack or in the course of a few hours. This is progressive change that requires clear steps and diligence. Change that trickles through our every day by fostering a new perspective. Take the long view and work to foster SUSTAINABLE change.

After the First Quarter perfects the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 8:33 AM. By 10:52 PM she is in sextile to Neptune. Softened and subdued. Progress can be made in this day. But it is not achieved by force. It's gentle, compassionate, imaginative but, also, responsible. Moon in Capricorn in sextile to Neptune creates a nice malleable and shape-able clay. Not too much water. Not too much dust. Productivity is possible. Whistling while you work or setting your daily tempo to some nice motivating or flowing music is suggested. Aim for gentle, flowing production as well as aiming to lead with compassion.
When we lay our heads down tonight, we are liable to feel pretty good about what we've managed to accomplish. The grounded Moon in Capricorn meets the glory of keeping all the ducks in the right order, Jupiter in Virgo. Our steps forward become more clear and we are inclined to believe we can manage them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
This morning the sky is dark and heavy. What the heck happened? Last night everything felt fine so what is this ominous feeling hanging in the sky? It is the Moon perfecting in conjunction to Pluto at 8:05 AM. Hey, you made quite a bit of progress yesterday by being FLEXIBLE! Don't turn into a greedy control freak today. Remember where your benefit Virgo. Retain your practicality and don't be afraid to get your own hands dirty while involved in the work ahead. One diligent well thought out step at a time. Also, don't forget to assess your true motivations behind what it is you want to achieve. Peer into that shadow (they are growing longer these days) and ensure that you are the one steering this boat.

The Moon crosses over Pluto once a month. But, this passage is likely to be felt a bit more strongly than the routine conjunctions; because, Pluto is stationed. His powers are heightened. We've got a lot to rebuild and that is likely strongly felt this morning. We didn't get in this hole overnight so don't let the weight of the work crush you. Vow to survive it and incorporate the need for change and rebuilding into your daily routine. This ain't one and done. For sure.
By 10:56 AM the Moon is square Mercury Rx in Libra. The second square between Mercury and Pluto is tightening, due to perfect again on the 24th. Not only are we feeling emotional pressure but we are feeling mental and social pressure too. You may receive outside criticism today that informs you that you are going about things all the wrong way. I'm not telling you to totally dismiss these conversations. Listen to what the person is saying while realizing, in the end, the consequences of your choices fall on your shoulders. In other words, hear what they have to say but reserve the ability to make a decision on your own. Take your time and weigh out the facts and the opinions. But, think for yourself. OK?

Over top of all this darkness in the morning and mental conflict in the late morning, there is a bubbling and gurgling occurring in our hearts. Venus is waxing into liberating trine with Uranus giving us the ability to break free from some of our feelings of being beholden to others. It's my life. It's my choice.
The trine perfects at midnight tonight and it follows a square from the Moon to Uranus. Some of those folks doling out friendly advice might get a lightening bolt hurled at them in response. Don't freaking tell me what to do or how to feel! WHAPOW! Our give a damn breaks and we realize and are inspired by the fire trine between Venus and Uranus. Independence and the ability to assess what is important to you without someone telling you what that should be reigns supreme.

There's a chance for conflict in this day. There is a chance that some folks will get told to go fly a kite. Oppressive relationships could be released or blown apart under this sky. Remember who the boss of your life is. If you can't answer that question by assessing the reflection you see in the mirror, then something is horribly wrong. Yeah. Fix that.
Following the square to Uranus at 7:13 PM, the Moon is Void for a loooong time! She doesn't enter Aquarius until 1:56 PM tomorrow. Let the pot simmer for now. We wake up to a new atmosphere tomorrow.
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
This morning, we wake up to LIBRA SEASON! I do hate to see Virgo season go, frankly. But, as a Libra, I'm also inclined to welcome this time of year. Autumn is my all time favorite season. And it begins today! The Fall equinox, Mabon, pumpkin spice everything, warm apple pies, lovely vividly colored leaves, cooler nights, scare crows and fodder shocks, hay bales and campfires....yes...yes...yes! Happy Birthday Fellow Librans! The Sun entered the sign at 4:03 AM.

The Moon, however, is still floating around in Void status. So, none of this may tickle our fancy until later on in the day. The lights on the Moon come back on as she enters Aquarius at 1:52 PM. The wind starts picking up at this point as we have a nice Air Trine between the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun newly in Libra. Things are light and breezy...not to mention well grounded. The Sun is also waxing into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon finds the same by sextile at 2:35 PM...the same time it finds the Sun. So, yeah the wind is really whipping but the day is solid and grounded. Air feeds fire but fire is subdued and grounded by Saturn right now so steady forward progress can be made if you can deal with Mercury Rx. Saturn in Sagittarius prompts us to do something instead of just think or talk about doing it. What this set up does is create a wonderfully supportive mini-trine between the Sun, Moon and Saturn. I like it. I really, really, do. I think most everyone else will too. Here we are at the mid-point of our week and we meet with a feeling of balance and stability. Uh huh...I'll take it!  Of course, this also means the Sun is headed toward a conjunction with the Nodes, BML, Mercury, a square with Pluto and an opposition with Uranus. But, eh, we can talk about that later. Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Windiness continues into our Thursday with a lunar trine to Mercury Rx in Libra at about noon. All those “reviews” set forth via house position are assessed on an emotional level. It's not a watery affair. The Aquarius Moon is quite analytical and can do it's assessments with a bit of detachment. Plus, it's inclined to experimentation and taking a nice well thought out view of the situation as a whole. This is an amicable aspect that occurs in Air. So the brain and the emotional body are busy places; but, many will be holding their thoughts close to their chests for now. We may talk to our closest friends or perhaps consult an expert; but, we are still basically thinking things over for now. Weighing our options. Checking out the other side of the fence. Rewiring and reviewing before we decide how to move forward.

Mercury is in square to Pluto, again, at 6:32 PM and he takes the windiness and puts weight on it. Information is held even more closely to our chests because at this point. We've decided we don't really know who we can trust. The mental pull is deepened and risks turning paranoid and obsessive. Are your thoughts being controlled? Are you looking at this too closely or not closely enough? Are you being influenced by folks with an alternative agenda? Are you missing a key part of the puzzle? Hang in there. Help is on the way through a lunar sextile from to the Moon's current ruler, Uranus in Aries at 10:05 PM.
Something “stuck” is jostled loose at this point. We remember our “give a damn” and how it keeps breaking. Release yourself from the opinions and judgments of others and do your thing. Know that mental “weight” is likely to be a “thing.” Prepare for the rebuild to begin as Pluto FINALLY turns direct at 10:17 PM. Then, prepare for motivations to make a shift from what you can do for you (Mars in Leo) to how you can fix the situation, help or serve others (Mars in Virgo). Mars passes into Virgo at 10:19 PM. Shifting is happening. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and wait for the dust to settle. Then, grab your broom and sweep that dust up! Mars is in Virgo, I said! Dirty life? Clean it up!

Friday, September 25, 2015
Overnight the Moon in Aquarius opposed Venus in Leo. We assessed the needs of the many (Moon in Aquarius) in contrast to our personal desires, values. Our own self worth is a large part of that equation. If we feel we are not “enough” we may try to supplement that with material things, for example. The Aquarius Moon is detached from this. Venus, herself, is in a period of detachment as well still lingering in trine to Uranus. She wants to cut the chord in a way. She wants to be herself and be more to express herself more freely. Those feelings tug, pull and swirl in our hearts as we sleep. The Moon is Void until entering Pisces today at 3:44 PM.

It's quiet. Subdued. Many are in deep contemplation about their current life circumstances. But, it's quiet. Contemplative. Introspective.
As the Moon enters Pisces mid-afternoon, she immediately meets Mars in Virgo by opposition. Well, isn't this a nice steamy hot emotional soup. It's diffuse, suffocating and overly expansive at the same time, restrictive and boundless..yes, all at the same time. Real/unreal/right/wrong...swirl, swirl, swirl, steam, steam, steam....bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...
Have you ever watched a movie that had a “flashback” scene? The edges of the picture frame start to blur and they play that weird throwback music and the scene fades from present day back to past? Yeah! It's a lot like that.

This is how the aspects roll going into that:
Moon opposite Mars in Virgo at 4:31 PM
Moon square Saturn at 4:41 PM
Mars square Saturn at 9:14 PM September 25th.
Those aspects, that's the real. The present day. Current life events. What is solid. Ambition is regulated and responsible. It is beholden to securing (Saturn) the truth (Sagittarius). It does solid work for solid pay. Day by day. Week by week. It's the solid daily grind of routine and answering to being accountable for our actions. Solid. K?
But...(cue the flashback music)
Saturday, September 25, 2015
We are in the “real” as illustrated at the end of Friday's write up. We are trying to take care of business. The brick walls we are hitting in those efforts are real. We might be a little grumpy and tense. We want to relax but there is work to do. So, we toil. Keeping it real and as Mars waxes into square with Saturn tonight, that real could feel really heavy and really hindering. Grind. Grind. Grind. Everyday. All day. For...what? Exactly? Is my security worth this dead and dulling burden? Harumph. We fall exhausted from the weight into bed as the Moon leaves Saturn and begins to wax into conjunction with Neptune at 4:12 AM. The “real” we are carrying around dissolves like a bouillon cube...diffusing, blurring, melting away. Frustrated tears are possible. So is release, acceptance and forgiveness.
Sunday morning, we wake up with this soup under the spotlight through a lunar opposition to Jupiter. Our benefit lies in cleaning up the soup that has boiled over. All the while, we assess the damage and remember how we got here in the first place through a lunar inconjunct to Mercury Rx in Libra and a sextile to Pluto that covers up the majority of our Sunday. What can we do differently? Can this be fixed? Where do we go from here? Swirl...swirl...bubble...bubble...keep your pot on a slow simmer. Prepare for the unexpected. The answers will come. Some blocks may amazingly dissolve. The unexpected is due to occur...under the eclipse coming to our sphere next week. Hold steady. Deal. Get ready for perspective to shift and for things to start popping loose at the seams (not all in a bad way either) in the week to follow.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 13 through September 19, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

This morning we are enveloped with ecliptic energy as the Sun and Moon perfected in conjunction at 2:42 AM. It's been a fairly eventful week in regard to world events.'s probably going to continue to be eventful. Hopefully, however, most heard the call to unplug and withdraw from the world in an effort to find some sort of ground. All the commotion in the outside world echoes within our own bodies whether we fully realize it or not. In other words, our personal headline stories have been just as pivotal and emotionally catalyzing as the global headline news.

This morning we spend the day with the Moon waxing into a grounding sextile with Saturn in Scorpio. Emotionality is stabilized to a degree. Or at least, that is what we are working toward the majority of the day...bringing it to ground. This aspect perfects at 10:08 PM and, is the only major Astrological movement we have going on during this post-ecliptic day. Folks are quietly and introspectively trying to put the pieces of information connected with all these personal and global happenings into proper order and perspective. We come to ground and ponder what to do next. This sextile comes at the last degrees of both Virgo and Scorpio. Let's peek at those Sabians.

Virgo 30: An emergency call frees householder from routine duty. Joy of enlisting in a task which broadens the life-horizon. Willing rising to the occasion or escape from narrow destiny.
Scorpio 30: Halloween gives social release to youthful impishness. Need for giving free rein to unsocial instincts within the pale of social traditions. Planned release of inner pressure.
Both Sabians set forth a call from the mundane and the routine. An emergency—an unexpected event occurs calling us from our regular day to day routines. Saturn calls us to stand on what may not be traditionally socially acceptable. The nth degree of extreme change. But, it also calls for planning; meaning, we also need forethought. Saturn is not inclined toward the non-traditional but at the 30th degree of Scorpio he is preparing to be re-birthed in Sagittarius...complete with a newly transformed perspective. During his stay in Sagittarius, theology, philosophy, perspective, foreign policy, government affairs, sporting factions and all that falls under Jupiter/Sagittarian reign will be highly scrutinized. With Jupiter in Virgo, the details and particulars of all these entities will be HIGHLY scrutinized...all the little details picked apart and any error or conflict within these entities will be brought forth for further scrutiny. Exposed. Criticized. Corrected. But, there is also Neptune in Pisces. This scrutiny is imbibed with compassion. The lines on previous judgments/laws/standards of belief are they should be. This is a different world than when these entities were originally fostered. It's time to adapt them into something more encompassing, more compassionate, more applicable to the world today. This is the Universal job coming to our collective spheres.

With Mercury turning retrograde in the sign of partnership and negotiation, much of what has been previously discussed will be revisited. We re-negotiate because the terms have changed. We assess all sides of the fence and aim our efforts toward trying to be fair according to the facts at hand. Our brains judge, assess and weigh the mental concepts of what is going on...rather dispassionately. One plus one is two and I don't care if you are a high ranking public official, you broke the law so there you go. Fair is fair is fair. Or at least, that is the mental inclination. It works the other way too. People will likely ask, “If so and so can do this and get away with it, why can't I?” Or, “If so and so can live happily in the way they choose why can't I?” There is lot of discussion and coming to the table at the dinner call of our partnerships to discuss what's fair and just as well as what is unfair and unjust. We aren't doing anything about it just yet. But, the floor is open for input during the entirety of this retrograde. That's the jist of our incoming week. There is a lot to talk about and discuss. There is a lot of recent happenings that need to be reviewed and revisited. There is a lot of change to incorporate and we will likely talk it all out until we come to a sensible resolution or get tired of talking. There is a chance that some of those discussions will become heated. Many folks will waffle on deciding which way is best. That's ok. Let those heated discussions occur and see what comes of them. We are not being called to make final decisions at this point. We are only to review what has occurred and bring all the cards to the table for discussion. I'm thinking of the Republican debate set for mid-week and I'm hoping...hoping...we can steer ourselves away from the catalyzing flash-bang commentary that distracts from the true issues at hand and HOPING we can actually hear about those real issues instead of turning it into some twisted reality show. Please. We'll see. That's a call within the collective too. Stick to the REAL issues. Deal with the emotions but don't forget what the goal is or what the REAL problem is. Keep boiling it down and bringing it back to topic.

Following the Moon's sextile to Saturn, she is Void for a very brief 40 minutes or so before entering Libra at 10:42 PM.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Today is a quiet and demure Libran Moon day. There are no major aspects headed toward us in the meat of it. There is, however, a square from the Moon to Pluto waxing in overnight (1:11 AM). Before we get to that point, the Moon makes minor aspect to both Venus and Mars in Leo while also forming an inconjunct to Neptune at 3:04 PM. We may be a little groggy and unfocused during this time. But, our focus is due to come back to us as we move forward through tonight and into tomorrow.
Most folks will be wearing a placating smile over the mess they find within themselves today. Many are assessing others to see who can be trusted and who cannot. These are not things we want to discuss out in the open just yet. We are still feeling our way around.

The mood deepens as the day moves forward due the waxing square from the Moon to Pluto which is followed by a conjunction from the Moon to Mercury in the morning. These are important check ins. Both Pluto and Mercury are due to switch direction soon. Both energies are locked in square as each quiver in their station points. Pluto will slowly traverse only two more minutes before he turns direct on the 25th at 12:58 Capricorn. Something is about to give way or break loose...but not yet. Hold steady in this day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This morning, we wake up under mental pressure due the Moon's passage in square to Pluto overnight and her conjunction to Mercury this morning at 6:35 AM. There is some ease brought to the equation with a softening sextile from the Moon to Venus in Leo perfecting at 7:08 AM. We are mentally pressured but inclined to be accommodating at this point. But, the afternoon has something a little different in store.
At 1:30 PM the Moon finds Chiron in Pisces by inconjunct. About an hour later at 2:28 she finds Uranus by opposition. A trigger is tripped. We are prone to respond erratically or impulsively. Unless this poking by Chiron requires you to act instantly...don't. Absorb the shock and THINK about what you are going to next. RESPOND. DO NOT JUST IMPULSIVELY REACT. If it's emergent, put out the fire, stop the bleeding. But if it isn't, breathe. Deep. Then, decide.

The dust settles as our evening hours click by on the clock. It could feel as if the afternoon's explosion of energy is still ringing dully in our ears. Keep breathing. Keep dealing.
Overnight, the Moon is in sextile to Mars in Leo (00:22 AM). We are restless sleepers tonight, potentially. A little on edge. If you are falling under the influence of the waxing Jupiter and Neptune opposition, you could be at the complete opposite end of this spectrum. But, for those on the other end, the details of everything stall and, then, churn in our brains as we weigh the options of what we should do next. Write it out if you have to. Get up. Grab a notebook and lay whatever is in your head out onto that paper. Jupiter is in Virgo. Don't miss a single detail. The first way to make order out of chaos is to get organized. Separate. Categorize. Prioritize. Might as well use this restless energy for something productive. There is a very clear division of the populace here, in other words. Those that are awake and those that are asleep. That DOES NOT MEAN that if you sleep well on this night that you fall in either metaphorical category. You know where you are, remember?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This morning, the Moon is Void in Libra until entering Scorpio at 11:43 AM. Faces are blank. We are emotionally unresponsive. But, around us, intensity grows. The plot thickens.
The opposition between the powerhouses of Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo tightens. It is due to perfect at 2:55 AM. Storms are churning. Internally and externally. The wind is howling. The night is foggy and dark. Shh...listen to the wind blow.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tidal waves roll this morning as Jupiter and Neptune continue their tug of war. At 3:47 AM the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune. At 3:48 AM, she is in sextile with Jupiter in Virgo. We are deeply underwater. The morning is wet. Emotional. Draggy. Weird. Don't fight the flow. You could feel a little...disconnected, drunk, wobbly for one reason or another. Slow down. Take it slow and easy. Lean into the flow.
By early afternoon, our watery-ness finds an oasis of solid ground through a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn who is stronger than ever as he continues stoically holding in station. Mercurian power is also shooting across the sky as Mercury stops moving forward at 2:03 PM and begins to retrace his steps.
So. Basically what we have here is the set up for the perfect nightmare. Mercury and Pluto energy in square and both heightened. Jupiter and Neptune the dual rulers of dreams are in a tight tug of war. The Moon is swallowed by darkness and swimming in deep primordial waters in the sign of Scorpio touching all of what is going on out there. Swamped. Steeped. Are we even awake?

By the time it's dark out, we could be a little sea sick. The Moon squares off with Venus in Leo at 9:35 PM. It's not the most comfortable feeling in the world. What we need is not what we think we want. What we want is not necessarily what we need. It feels pretty shaky, overall. The ground may actually shift a little under our feet as our sense of solidness through Saturn shifts into Sagittarius at 10:48 PM.
Some may cry themselves to sleep tonight. Some may medicate themselves to sleep tonight. But, many will withdraw to lick their wounds. It's been a weird day at best. We are tired, injured or justifiably confused. The Moon meets Chiron by trine at 1:43 AM. Sleep. Heal.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Folks are still pretty quiet this morning. The conversations going on within a person are much more colorful than those taking place externally. We are busy putting our pieces of personal perspective together. This is supported by the waxing sextile from the Moon in Scorpio to the Sun in Virgo which is due to perfect at 2:46 PM. This is where we should be right now. Sorting out everything for ourselves. Where do we start cleaning this mess up? Place your right hand over your heart. Right. There. That's the big red X that marks the starting spot.

Motivations and the current emotional perspective find themselves at odds as the Moon squares off with Mars at 3:49 PM. From here, the Moon is Void for several hours. She passes into a chance to grab a new perspective when she enters Sagittarius at 11:32 PM. She is sobered, grounded and weighted down with the reality that there is a lot of work ahead as she immediately bumps into Saturn at 11:40 PM. The clean up efforts on an individual and collective level are due to commence soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

We are still under the weight of pressure as we wake up this morning. But, as the day moves forward and we toil our way under this weight, we grow tired again. Emotional again. The Moon is waxing into sloggish square with Neptune in Pisces at 2:53 PM. Do we engage in the world or withdraw in solitude. Where is the peace? If you know, then that's the way you should go. It's what we are all ultimately searching for anyway, isn't it?

The need for expansion finds itself at odds with the expanding call to simplify. The Moon in Sagittarius meets Jupiter in Virgo by square at 4:03 PM. Take care of the simple first. Avoid blowing things out of proportion and instead boil everything down to core basic elements. Be practical. Methodical. Take tiny steps on a bigger staircase. But, only pay attention to one step at a time. Aim your overall trajectory toward doing the right thing not the self-righteous thing. Separate fact from distraction. Grow steadily and strongly instead of trying to grow quick and spindly. Fortify your ground, which Fire, Earth and Water can come together to do when mixed in the right proportion. Gather your tools and use them.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Morning Star: Astrology for the week of September 6 through September 12, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015
This morning, I'm happy to say, we wake up to Venus direct. She began to wobble forward and retrace her way out of her shadow at 4:27 AM. As a Venetian native I'm exceedingly grateful for this fact. Enough of the love life in review and social awkwardness; though, we mustn't get too accustomed to not re-visiting our past loves. Mercury does retrograde in Libra, the sign of partnerships, soon. On top of that, he stations RX while in aspect to Pluto. The story of undead loves and desires is not over just yet. There is more territory to explore there...for sure.

The Moon is also Void this morning after a sextile to Uranus at 7:05 PM last night. She remains Void for several hours before entering Cancer in the early afternoon (1:41 PM). I'm hungry already. As a matter of fact, my appetite has been veering toward the insatiable side lately. I'm hoping Venus direct will be conducive to some type of ease to the insatiable discomfort.
At the end of the night, the Moon makes a nice sextile with Jupiter in Virgo (00:28 AM). This is followed by a trine from the Moon to Neptune at 5:02 AM. Sleep well, my pretties, and pleasant dreams. This is a seemingly quiet, subdued and relaxing day. Sink into that if you can. All those things you have been denying yourself? Entertain them today. We all deserve a chance to withdrawal and retreat from the madness of the world and today's set up says, “Here is your opportunity.”

Monday, September 7, 2015
This morning we are under the umbrella of that waning trine from the Moon to Neptune. It's a good day to sleep in if you live in the United States as this is a day when most folks who labor get to stay home for an extended weekend. Those are the best kinds of Mondays in my opinion.
However, there could be a bit of agitation wrapped up in the fact that the Moon will square Mercury at 11:02 AM and subsequently oppose Pluto at 2:06 PM. Mercury is due to square off with Pluto officially on September 9th. However, the Moon's movement through this currently waxing square gives us a peak into the mental abyss that will soon open for our full view. The outlet for the energy of this waxing Cardinal t-square lies in the sign of Aries. Self-assertion is called for. With Mars in Leo, you would think there would be much opportunity for selfishly driven action...acts driven purely by the needs of one's own ego. However, Mars is also waxing into trine with Uranus. We are being called to act in ways that support social justice and welfare. We are called to do (Mars) things differently (Uranus) and to act (Mars) upon our higher intelligences (Uranus). Not one of us, as individuals, can be free...truly...until we are all free. That's an accomplishment, as the human race, that we have never been able to achieve. So, even though you may be putting your best foot forward toward those efforts, know we are blazing uncharted territory. The gap is larger and more encompassing than anyone can truly imagine. But, we've got to start somewhere. Mars in aspect to Uranus is also very independent. Don't wait for someone to tell you what the right thing is to do. Just get busy doing it.

And, there is only one problem with that. Pluto. Used at the lowest vibration, this Cardinal t-square set up can cause paranoia, greed, steerage by the shadow and efforts to control the thoughts and opinions of others. Don't get lost in attempts such as these directed from you or toward you. Instead, use the searing transformative energy of Pluto to purge the more negative calls to control and the potentially negatively focused mental energy to rebirth your perspective. Grasp on to the true reigns of control..the one's of your life without worrying about what everyone else's agenda may be. Use the excoriation power of Pluto to rid yourself of your own demons instead of trying to exorcise the one's you think everyone else is carrying around. Both, the call to independence and the inkling of being controlled through various forms of media and social conditioning are growing as the trine from Mars to Uranus and square from Mercury to Pluto tightens. There is heavy mental pressure and a growing desire to wriggle away from it. Stop letting “them” tell you what you should be thinking about or what you should be giving priority to. It's your brain. Use it.

Thankfully, a lunar sextile to the Sun is also waxing into our energy sphere (5:42 PM). Our intuitive Cancer Moon is imbibed with the down to Earth practicality of Virgo. We want to nurture and help...even if we are unsure about which alliances we should be feeding. The addition of practicality and grounding mixed with compassion and empathy is of huge benefit under a sky that is otherwise building in pressure.
Overnight, the Moon trines Chiron as Mars meets the same by inconjunct. Can we overcome our pain and act in ways that no longer agitate those wounds? Or are we going to continually allow ourselves to be directed by it? We are soon due to find out. As the Universe continues to put the squeeze on us, our true natures continue to trickle out. Ecliptic symptoms are still happening. And, there is a good chance that we may meet with the unexpected as we wake up in the morning. The Moon squares off with Uranus at 2:54 AM. An unsettled night of sleep is definitely possible as our intuitive body responds to a sensation of “Something...wicked...or not...but, SOMETHING...this way comes.” At this point, we are largely unsure of what that “something” is but we can certainly feel the preceding electric static in the air.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
The popping and crackling anticipation of the Moon in square to Uranus is fading as we wake up this morning. But, the intuitive hits we have gotten are not forgotten...they continue like unsettling aftershocks to our emotive bodies. As a result, we may be anxiety ridden and reactive today. Par for the course, as Mars perfects in his trine to Uranus at 3:53 PM. Ground out the nervous potential here...literally. Work to get past the itchy and act (Mars) smart (Uranus) instead of being (Mars) reactive (Uranus) and impulsive. You have to think consciously about what you are doing instead of allowing unforeseen circumstance to catalyze you into doing something you may regret.
The ability to ground is accessible, as well, under a NICE waxing trine from the Moon in Cancer to Saturn in Scorpio (9:29 PM). Man, is Saturn EVER strong these days lingering on the last degree of Scorpio. Grab onto to some of that power! You can bring stability and independent action into your sphere. The sense of stability is likely to be largely welcomed.

This energy is great for humanitarian efforts that have no hidden political agenda. Instead, focus on the true problem at hand not the politics or situations surrounding it. For example, if people are suffering, the “why” of it matters little until the immediate problems are addressed. Get them to safety. Get them to ground. Get them what they need first. Then, we will decide what to do from here. Stabilize the people in crisis and then, in retrospect we can figure out how to prevent something like this from happening again. But, the IMMEDIATE needs of the suffering should be addressed first before we go pointing fingers of blame or trying to figure out how to move forward. So, that, in a nutshell, is the Universe's main task for the day. Suss out the TRUE issue at hand and deal with it. Stabilize then come together and decide where we go from here. Yet, each of us needs to be aware of the fact that “it” is about more than what is happening to us personally. It's about what is happening to all of us and it's about how we can collectively and effectively deal with our ever changing world. We can't come together and address that until the dust from the ongoing catalyzing circumstances has settled. Deal with the emergent first. And, that may be the hardest pill to swallow...accepting the reality that is after all the chaos subsides. But we might as well give it a shot. The new is coming. Deal with it. I don't care what it was like in 1492 or whatever other point in time folks want to point to. We need to learn from our mistakes, the mistakes and misjudgments of our ancestors (instead of trying to stand in denial, destroy elements of our history, looking back with rose-colored false hero worship or bury our feet in our antiquity) and deal with where we are right now. So deal...if I haven't said that enough already. The old paths aren't working anymore. Time to blaze new ones.
After the trine to Saturn, the Moon is Void for about an hour until entering Leo at 10:37 PM.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Seething paranoia is blossoming as Mercury closes in square to Pluto at 3:22 PM. Talk about embarrassing. Mercury in Libra is embarrassed by the potential slippage of the tongue under this pressure. And, oh the shadow of Mercury in Libra, is certainly due to make an appearance under this sky. We care about the opinions of others under this placement. That “caring” could lead to being controlled or led by what others think we should do. Plus, Mercury in Libra is really...really...good at staying calm and even keeled while it pokes at you to go completely off. Then, Mercury in Libra sits back and smiles saying, “You were the one that lost your cool..not me. I'm just the one that passively led you there but you've got no evidence to support that. Not that you would even look for it because you are too busy blowing your stack.”

On the other hand, Mercury in Libra in square to Pluto in Capricorn can also herald extreme measures in the name of Justice. Our judgmental swords are sharpened and falling quickly, swiftly and without mercy. There is potential for overkill here. There is potential to loose sight of what needs to be done because we are buried up in over-thinking and over-weighing the facts. Aside from that, Virgo can be a consistent worrier while Leo can be a bit too self-centered. Take a worrier, imbibe them with a sense of self-importance and watch as their eyes darken because they think everyone is out to get them. However. Flip that toward the positive expression of Virgo and give someone a bit of humble practicality (Virgo Sun) and a feeling of openly loving generosity along with the optimism and enthusiasm of a child (Moon in Leo) and...well, instead of being swept up in the horror film of Mercury/Pluto, they can see the rhetoric for what it is.
It is our emotional body today that bears importance over and above everything else that may be going on. The Moon passes through a powerful Yod with Pluto and Neptune just as Mercury squares off with Pluto. It's the emotive body that checks in with Mercury by sextile at midnight following this mentally pressurized day. Work to remain humble and generous instead of being self-aggrandized, paranoid and greedy. And, that should be work that grabs our attention for the entirety of the day because it is that large and difficult of an undertaking. Don't let the demons of your mind win today, in other words.

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Last night, the Moon caught up with Venus in Leo (3:25 AM) hopefully bringing a bit of ease to our emotional bodies. Today, however, is less about ease to the physical and more about movement. Mars is now waning out of his trine with Uranus. However, the Moon's passage through this waning trine fires the aspect back up. The physical body is again, reactive. Nervous. Anxious. We want to MOVE.
The Moon meets Uranus by trine at 1:21 PM. She meets Mars by conjunction at 4 PM. I encourage you to move instead of trying to sit still with this energy. However, we should focus less on moving ahead and more on dealing with the pile up of situations we already have on hand. The time to move forward comes soon enough as windows continue to fly open under this impending eclipse. A rip in the fabric of time occurs and many will unexpectedly fall through it. Some, to never return. Some making their debut appearance. It's all in how you look at it and from which side of the fence you make your assessment.

In the midst of all this potential busy-ness and “dealing with it,” darkness falls upon us while reality smacks us in the face like a brick wall as the Moon squares off with Saturn in Scorpio in the morning at 9:04 AM. This is the last lunar square to Saturn in Scorpio that we will experience for the next 29 years. Thank fuck, right? The next lunar square to Saturn comes with the planet in Sagittarius. The last lunar conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio has already occurred. By the time the Moon gets to Scorpio in this lunar cycle, Saturn will have already been chased out of the sign for good...or, at least for a good while. There is one final, FINAL amicable check in with Saturn in Scorpio from the Moon as she leaves Virgo on September 13th. Saturn re-enters Sagittarius on September 17 just after Mercury turns retrograde. The Moon finds the relocated planet midday on the 18th. There is a lot of jostling of energy between this set of eclipses. Not that we would/could expect anything less. Jostling is what eclipses do best. Especially when we are not prone to take the needed jostling upon ourselves. Eclipses give us no choice. The energy picks us up and plop us down where it wants us to be without much concern in regard to whether we WANT to be in this new place or not. Change happens. And, regardless of whether we assess the change as “good or bad” there is some element of grief associated with it. We are called to deal with that head on while leaving our perspective open to the possibilities of what can occur within this change instead of holding on to what was. Still yet, the grief must be traversed and dealt with appropriately which is anything but easy. However, in these days of a waning Moon, we are called to let, I encourage you to deliberately do so. If you are holding on too tightly, the Universe will just try harder and more ferociously to rip it from your grasp. So, let go willingly and reserve your energy for the entrance into the new.

Friday, September 11, 2015
No, we have not forgotten. How could we. The legacy of our past is hanging right in front of our faces as the lunar square from the Moon in Leo to Saturn in Scorpio (9:04 AM) waxes in threatening to darken our morning sky. Remorse, regret, sorrow and the staunchness of hard core reality is staring us in the face if not knocking us upside the head. It's hard. It's dark. It's cumbersome. And the emotions of all that echoes deeply within our cores. Just as this aspect perfects, the hollowness echoes as the Moon reaches Void status for about an hour before entering Virgo at 9:56 AM.
The edges of the harshness we find ourselves in this morning is due to start dissipating as the Moon switches signs and begins to wax into a conjunction with Jupiter and an opposition with Neptune. Can we finally lay the past behind us and turn our faces toward a new day while allowing the edge of our criticisms and desires for perfection to soften a little? We are soon to find out. Though, I've little doubt that the Universe is going to leave us much choice.

The Moon meets Jupiter by buoyant conjunction at 11:46 PM and then opposes Neptune at 2:15 AM. Perspective zooms in and and out and reality is blurred only to come back into focus for a few illusive seconds giving us intuitive preview that the world is moving forward with or without us. As this occurs, the Sun also opposes Chiron and we face off with our ever elusive inner pains. It hurts. We feel it. We have incorporated it into our psyche and the only thing left to do is learn how to move forward in light of it or decide to continually be handicapped by it. It's an individual choice and the ramifications of that bear impact upon the entire world. Yes. It's that important that you heal thyself. Take respite if you need it. But, leave space for your own healing before you rush out to save the rest of the world.

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Today, we spend a lot of time in personal restoration...or at least we should. Coming to the conclusion of what is done is done is greatly accentuated under this waning and darkening Moon. The Moon waxes into a very fortifying trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 12:11 PM. There is no mistaking the big gaps of the abyss for anything but because we are staring directly into them. However, in such cloaking darkness it is very easy to see what continues to shine brilliantly. As a matter of fact, under this dark cloak what is still shining seems to be doing so relentlessly. The choice is ours as to what we focus on..the ever enveloping darkness or the brilliant alluring shine that remains. Hope or desolation. Make your choice deliberately.

Meanwhile both the Sun and the Moon find Uranus by inconjunct as each also oppose Chiron. The Sun's opposition is waning to Chiron at this point but the lunar opposition to him is just now waxing into our sphere asking, “Are you going to keep shooting yourself in the foot? Or have you had enough and are you willing to do things a little differently now?”
Most of the pre-ecliptic dust is settling into our lives at this point. There are still a few windows due to fly open but most of what was due to occur has already happened. Those dramatically inclined may be disappointed with that. But, they'll be redeemed in this in-between time as the Moon builds for another more powerful and more emotional eclipse at the Full Moon. It's under that Moon that doors slam turning back. Today, though, we have already started releasing our grip on some of that and have begun to come to the conclusion that sometimes change just happens and we can either get on board with that or be left behind. Again, a very personal decision. One that no one can make for you. I'd rather be the first one jumping through that open window, myself. That way, I can shout behind me to the folks who are lingering saying, “Hey..look out for that tree stump and the pot hole in the road just ahead of you! I tripped on that shit and nearly broke my nose!” That's MY life, not yours. You choose your trajectory based on your best abilities. I'm a catalyst and a pioneer and I'm ok with that. But, you may be something else...are you alright with that? That's the important question, right there. If you want to change, there is no better opportunity than right now. But, if you want to stretch and grow what you already are, there is also no better opportunity than right now.

Our New Moon eclipse waxes in at 2:42 AM overnight. That ecliptic energy holds through the night and all day through Sunday. The only other thing going on is a sextile from the Moon to Saturn at 10:08 PM which occurs just as the Moon reaches Void status tomorrow night. We are left with the change and reality that is while tossing the possibilities of what we can do from here up in the air under a Mercury in Libra who isn't really keen on jumping to a quick decision. I highly suggest you don't rush to conclusion in regard to your next step since Mercury is in his shadow and all the details have yet to be revealed. Take forward steps slowly and under caution. Figure out what you can do to help the situation at hand instead of trying to figure out the end to the entirety of this puzzle. Be right here. Right now while aiming your efforts toward entertaining all the possibilities without settling on one thing just yet. I'm here and I could do this or this or this and follow those potentials aaaaaaaall the way through before deciding. And, in true Mercury in Libra form, if you can't make up your mind...give it time. Procrastination could make the decision for you. It's alright to hold yourself steady and let things develop as they will...since they are going to do it anyway. Silly human. What makes you think you can really control anything anyway?

The New Moon perfects at 20 Virgo 10. The Sabian highlighted under this eclipse says: “Two teams of girls engaged in a contest of basketball. Physical wholesomeness as prelude to inner integration. Self-evaluation, or refusal to face self. The rhythm of instincts.” I suggest facing yourself in this situation. It's much easier to engage in a physical game if you know what your true strengths and weaknesses are. So, focus on figuring that out while being mindful of your individual job within the team. Only then can you truly know what you are capable of working both within your personal handicap and along with your natural abilities. Reality is reality is reality. Realize your only true competition is with yourself. So, what kind of opponent do you make for yourself? Can you beat your own personal best? Are you willing to try? Or, are you going to remain in self-denial and keep shooting your best interests in the foot because you are unwilling to see where you have room to improve? Or, better yet, are you going to keep beating yourself up for not being a fish that can climb trees? This isn't about doing better than everyone else. It's about doing the best you can with what you have. So...what have you got to work with? We've had plenty of time to figure all that out with all the focus that has been in Leo for so long. Now is the time to put that knowledge to use. The window of insight is wide open for you to look into right now. So take a long, hard, honest look and be sure to note what you see. We move from the “I am” intention of the Leo New Moon and the logistical realization of the Pisces Moon that said, “I am here” and toward the call of “I can..” So, you can do...what? Exactly? Figure out whatever that is and lean IN to it instead of focusing on the “can't.”