Morning Star: Daily Astrology for the week of August 16 through August 22, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015
This morning we wake up the the Virgo Moon conjunct Mercury while both trine Pluto (8:49 AM). The plot from last light is still simmering and stewing. Now, it's getting a bit thick. Most of the day is pretty demure even if the mental and emotional bodies are running deep. Though we are under a waxing Moon, it is still in Virgo which makes this morning great for cleaning, decluttering and clearing out dark and dusty corners. It is also wonderfully supportive of deep meditation, research, reading, laying the week's schedule out in practical order and getting prepared for the same. Virgo, like Capricorn, likes to have a plan. The Virgoan planning method reads much like a flow chart giving it adaptability, flexibility and mutability. To do lists, grocery/supply lists and the marking of events upon the calendar abounds today. Many can already feel that the week ahead is going to be busy. The suggestion for that is to prepare appropriately.

At 8:49 PM the Moon passes by Chiron in opposition. There is a little heart tweaking reminder of the hurts we are nursing. But, sleep and rest may be the best way to deal with it for now.

Monday, August 17, 2015
The Moon shifts from Virgo to Libra today after a nice, grounding sextile to Saturn at 1:17 PM and a short VOC period. The Moon officially enters Libra at 4:24 PM. Her first aspect is a sextile to Mars in Leo which doesn't occur until 4:45 AM on the 18th.

Today has grit and grounding. The mood is Earthy and practical. The first day of our work week finds us getting things done or, at least, diligently working toward that end. As the Moon enters Libra, it's time to relax a bit. This makes the evening wonderful for social activities, couch lounging, sharing the harvest of the day and other forms of leisure. This is another day of quiet toiling that ends on a comfortable note. Take advantage of that. The week grows in heaviness as we move more deeply into it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
The Moon in Libra is leaving a sextile with Mars in Leo this morning (4:45 AM). We may spend more time that usual preening and primping in preparation for our day. Leo combined with Libra energy is a good mixture. But, it can be a bit on the “mirror addicted” side. Regardless, most will step out to greet the day wearing their personal best like proud little peacocks. Smiles abound.

The morning is mostly social and active. This is great energy for meeting your friends on your lunch break. Reconnecting with folks you've not spoken to for awhile. It's also great for self-checks in regard to your ability to express yourself genuinely within your relationships. Are your relationships supportive of “all of you, as you are” or do have to sacrifice, surrender or hide parts of yourself in order to maintain amicable relations? Adjust where you find appropriate.
The light airy amicable mask of the day begins to fade a bit later tonight as the Moon finds Pluto in Capricorn by square at 7:31 PM. If you've discovered that your relationships were lopsided this morning, there could be conflict over that this evening. Remember the only person you can control in a relationship is you. And, if your partner has a hard time remembering that, you may want to remind them. This could be the set up for a power struggle within relationships. Keep your intentions packed with integrity and all cards on the table while working to even the playing field. This is going to become a bigger deal as Lilith moves into to Libra. However, the set up is being made now. If there are control issues, uneven power distribution or other ugliness affecting your relationships then you are likely to be made aware of it today. Don't expect this stuff to just go away unaddressed.

It is obvious that the Universe is on a mission to make stuff like this a very uncomfortable “thing.” On the extreme end, I'm talking abuse, enslavement, oppression, subservient use of power in partnerships. We will likely see much revolt from those who have been held against their will and their advocates during Lilith's stay in the sign of relationships. She plays an integral part in the re-writing of relationship standards that we will encounter during the eclipses in September and while Mercury is retrograde in Libra. The part she plays is anything but accommodating, patient and kind. Lilith doesn't request justice. She demands it.

On a smaller, less extreme scale, we may begin to hear more about how dismissing gender roles in relationships in favor of allowing each person to decide what their strengths and weaknesses are based upon personal preference and affinity rather than whether they have a penis or not. We are likely to see more paternity leave for expecting or new fathers, for example. There is also a corporate trend leaning toward extending maternity leave to up to a year. These are all welcome changes that serve as positive examples of what can come of this. But, don't fool yourself, some of the battles for equality will be bloody. In that, I'm thinking of the ISIS sex slaves, the kidnapping and subsequent abuse of indigenous women, abuse victims in general and those treated unfairly and unjustly based on old standards of belief that need to find their way OUT of our culture. Lilith definitely doesn't just send a note along with a bouquet of flowers. That's not her mode operandi. I can't say this stuff is going to become a big deal, because it already is a HUGE deal. However, mark my words, we will hear much more about stuff like this as we move forward. In order for change to happen awareness has to occur first. Lilith in Libra will bring this awareness in an undeniable fashion. Basically, what I'm trying to say is abusive and misogynistic folks, get ready. Your day is about to dawn. I'm not the least bit sorry about it either.

At any rate, we start the day all preened up and worry free. But, by the end of the evening, the sky grows darker and so does the mood. If your relationships are solid and even, then tonight could be the perfect set up for deepening intimacy within those relationships. There could be some bow-chica-mow-wow, if you know what I mean. However, I don't recommend cat-calling and assuming just because someone is all dressed up that they are out hunting for their next lay because shit like that is going to meet with backlash. I also recommend that you be wary of safety measures if you are out and about. There could very well be wolves lurking near by. Many will wear a smile to cover their true feelings and/or their agenda. Don't take anything at face value.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
This morning the Libra Moon is in opposition to Uranus in Aries (9:42 AM). We are awake and shooting out of the gate to meet the day. The Moon also finds Venus Rx in Leo by sextile at about the same time (9:51 AM) drawing attention to the fact that Venus and Uranus are holding in trine as both move backward through the sky. This trine perfects at 12:45 PM. Plans for liberation are being made by oppressed folks as I type this. Those plans are held close to the chest for now. But, the details are being filled in quickly and astutely.
On the surface, though, it is a busy and social day. There is quite a bit of movement and folks are inclined to become more and more comfortable in their own skin every day. In this budding self-acceptance we, in turn, become more accepting of the differences of others and our fear over the dissimilar dissipates a bit. This self-acceptance is gently fostered, though. Venus holds at an inconjunct with Chiron while in aspect to Uranus (12:53 PM). There is still a bit of pain in our hearts in regard to many things. In that, we can allow that pain to embitter us to empower us. The choice is upon the individual.

The day ends with a fiery sunset as the Sun finds the Moon by lovely trine at 10:57 PM. This is likely to be (weather-wise) one of those perfect late summer days. I encourage you to get out and enjoy that if you can. Windows down, music up...yes, please.
After the Sun/Moon sextile, Luna is void until entering Scorpio at 5:25 AM tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 20, 2015
Under this Scorpio Moon, things get gritty. The smile drops from many a facade as we turn our faces to the abyss. Emotions deepen and the sparkle we had in our eyes under the light Libra/Leo energy of the recent past is replaced with deep dark reflective pools.

Mercury is secretly busy in the background making an opposition to Chiron at 5:44 AM and an inconjunct to Uranus at 6:02 AM. Uranus and Chiron are locked in a semi-sextile at the moment. Uranus is encouraging us to liberate ourselves from our pain instead of continually allowing it to control so much of our lives. In order to be able to do that, we must become aware of our pain and how it is controlling us in the first place. These “pains” can be addictions, conditioning we may not be aware of, sickness, being overly passive and accepting of circumstance because “that's just the way it is”, lack of boundaries, an inability to embrace differences in others and many other things. You will likely know what I'm talking about by the end of this day. Mercury is here to ensure that and he is attempting to bring this to our awareness to help us heal not to wound us further. However, as he brings this stuff into our conscious awareness it will hurt. Keep the reason for that in the back of your mind. You have to become aware of where the thorn is before you can pull it out. Pain does have a purpose, at times.

You will be astutely inclined to know how to deal with this stuff as it comes up too. The Scorpio Moon finds Jupiter in Virgo by sextile at 9:23 AM. Let me tell you something, Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo is a world different than Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo. Anytime you have a mixture between Scorpio and Virgo the result is ridiculously astute bringing the ability to get down to the very root of any problem and build a sturdy staircase out of that hole eventually. I love this mixture of energy. This is where solutions are found. And, Virgo holds the key to manifestation of beneficial changes. Just don't expect these changes to manifest without effort. With Virgo, you have to get in there and do your part. Those willing to roll their sleeves up and dig in will benefit greatly, though. So don't be afraid to give it a shot.

PS: This mixture of energy is also lovely for sewing a late summer crop, cover crop or setting out perennials/bulbs to root and flourish in the next growing season. It's also time to start thinking about stocking some of the harvest away for winter. Gathering seeds and preparing for the future in general. That's right my squirrely friends, time to gather acorns. My husband and I, as an example, are putting together a savings plan with the end goal of buying a generator and a source of heat that is not dependent upon electricity before winter hits because...I just have this feeling we are going to need it. Josi has learned not to dismiss her intuitive inklings. Even if they do not manifest, there isn't a darn thing wrong with being prepared. Jupiter in Virgo blesses such actions. So start thinking along those lines and expect the call to such to increase as the Sun ingresses into Virgo on the 23rd.
By 9:03 PM the Moon is in a conflictual and irritating square with Mars in Leo. This can cause ambiguity and friction. Find an amicable balance. But, know that is hard to do because emotionally we are swimming in the depths. At the same time, we may be driven toward acts of showmanship as well as dramatics. Sex on stage. That's what I see between these energies. Also, actions may allude to deeper motivations. What we do may reveal the secrets we are holding tight to our chest. Many walk on eggshells as a result; because, the time for exposure is premature. That being said, while you are being wary of your actions, note the actions of others. This energy definitely swings both ways.
Mainly the day is deep and serious. There are some smartasses and pranksters that can emerge under Moon/Jupiter but mostly the humor is squashed because folks are busy minding the details of their personal lives.
Deeper into the night the Moon finds Neptune by trine (10:54 PM). Sleep blessedly follows. Rest well, kittens. Tomorrow is a day of heavy lifting.

Friday, August 21, 2015
This morning we wake up slow and determined. The Moon is in an enriched sextile with her ruler, Pluto in Capricorn at 7:58 AM. We are ready to get down to some serious business. That attitude is anything but light and jolly. That point is driven home as the Moon waxes into square with Venus Rx in Leo (7:14 PM) who is ready to take a break already! But, a break may not be available as our responsibilities are hanging heavily over our heads.

The Sun in Leo finds Saturn in Scorpio by square at 7:41 PM. Now is not the time to rest or frolic. There are going to be some folks who are quite grumpy about it. However, putting your nose to the grindstone and getting stuff done carries great reward but not in the realm of immediate gratification. This is an extended process with results that pay off in the long-term. So set your perspective appropriately and do what needs to be done. Take advantage of this sky instead of allowing it to over-power you. Yes, there is a lot to be done but don't forget to mark your progress along that route. It may feel like you are trying to fill an very deep hole but you've got to start somewhere, right? Take your time and do it the right way. This is definitely not race. Tackle it bit by bit, piece by piece. The energy to support such efforts is present but we may wish we were at the end of this long journey instead of just now crossing the threshold. Hang in there!

We end the night with a lunar trine to Chiron (9:36 PM), inconjunct to Uranus (9:42 PM) and sextile to Mercury in Virgo (2:58 AM). Mercury is holding his inconjunct to Uranus and while the Moon hangs in sextile a Yod is created with Uranus at the apex. A sense of responsibility hangs HEAVY over this day and I suggest you meet that as best you can. Tonight, the mental body is busy but the physical body is tired. So rest and let your personal plot stew. Under this Yod, intricate strategy can be formed. Meditate on that. Write down your plans. Put things into chronological steps and in order of priority. Deny not the fact that you are going to have to work for whatever you have planned. Under this sky, that, my friends, is a given.

Saturday, August 22, 2015
The day of Saturn holds true to its name as we wake up under the tense umbrella of the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn. This doesn't perfect until our early evening hours. However, the waxing pressure begins as we start our day and the banjo strings in regard to that feeling are pulled tighter as we move forward. Personal responsibility still hangs heavily in the sky.
At 3:32 PM our pivotal First Quarter Moon perfects with both the Sun and the Moon hanging harshly around Saturn. Yeah. HEAVY. Deep. Dirty. Serious. Blocks to our intentions set at the New Moon in Leo crop up like brick walls. That's alright. We'll remove that wall brick by brick, blow it apart or find ways over or around it. But, today, we run face first into them. At least you'll know what you are up against. Don't let it overwhelm you. But definitely assess everything about that wall after you peel your face off it. Look for holes in the chinking. Weak spots. Refine your method of attack. Giving up is a non-option.

The mood of the day is dark and serious. We still realize we have a lot of work to do and and are VERY unappreciative of anyone who decides to pile more responsibility onto our plate. Especially if the work they are giving us is stuff they need to be doing themselves. We are inclined and rewarded for helping others; however, being a doormat is not something that Jupiter in Virgo is comfortable with. DIY and making an effort to help yourself instead of expecting everyone to cater to your needs is highly accentuated. At the same time, set realistic expectations for yourself. Aim to do your best and realize that there are going to be times when “your best” is not going to feel like it is reaching the designated mark. Perfection IS NOT the goal here. Forward diligent progress is. Getting your shit together is the ultimate goal but that is not going to happen overnight. You know? We didn't dig this hole overnight it's not going to be filled so easily.

Remember that more mountains can be moved with combined energy in comparison to what a person can do alone. Strong relationships pay off in spades right now. Collaboration is a good idea but be prepared to do your part. If you aren't holding up your weight of the load, expect to be called out on it. Expect that calling out to be not so gentle, either. Find your grit and employ it appropriately. Weak knees and lazy constitutions will suffer.
After the First Quarter Moon perfects, Luna is void until entering Sagittarius at 4:42 PM. From here, she waxes into a square with Jupiter in Virgo which perfects at 9:31 PM. May the Gods help you if think you have all the answers because Jupiter in Virgo is going to pick that feeling to shreds. Broad encompassing solutions don't fit with this sky. We must be mindful of the details and be aware that situations and how they are addressed differ from person to person. There is no one size fits all solution which may be disappointing to this broad and encompassing Moon. Jupiter in Virgo humbles the “know-it-all” Moon and suggests that if it doesn't have something helpful to contribute it best just keep it's trap shut. No one has all the answers right now because the questions are in the process of being changed. Steer this Moon toward openness and expansiveness instead of trying to pigeon hole things. Open your mind. Open your heart with generosity and benevolence instead of desperately trying to secure your place as the person with all the answers. That is the shadow of both Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius. Don't blow things out of proportion. Keep it real. Keep it humble. Keep things open to new experience and perspective. A point of ease is coming, but it ain't coming today. Continue to pare and prune things down instead of allowing stuff to blossom into an overwhelming task list.
Remember, Jupiter and Saturn are in a waxing out of sign square. They meet in the signs of Sagittarius and Virgo. The square wanes a bit as Jupiter pulls ahead in Virgo but the pressure of these continually lingers for a very long time. Through the end of the year, as a matter of fact. Today's feel gives inkling to the workload and attitude needed for that heavy lifting aspect. There will be plenty of work to do in the very near future. Yes, your plate will be full so toss off any extraneous crap now. No fluff. Bare necessities, resourcefulness, and hard work will be called for. The sooner you accept that, the better prepared to handle it you will be. The two don't officially meet until both planets are Rx in early April 2016...see, the path ahead is long and has many twists and turns but our efforts now will surely be assessed under that sky. You can bank on it. So, gather your nuts...yes. Preparations made now reap pay off in the Spring. It is, however, a long road ahead and no one will have to be told that. Most likely, they already know and if they don't they are soon to find out.