Morning Star: Astrology for the week of August 31 through September 5, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015
This morning we wake up to a large but waning Aries Moon. Luna entered the sign this morning at 4:34 AM. Her first aspect waxes in at 12:06 PM, an opposition to Mercury newly in Libra. This occurs at 4 degrees Cardinal, just past our nodal axis and BML.

Mercury entered his shadow last Friday. Emotionally affective information could be received that gives hints toward what the incoming eclipses may hold. Also, be wary that information encountered now will likely be re-visited, reviewed and assessed from the “other side of the fence” before we are done with it. Pay attention to what you are hearing and the topics of the conversations you are having. Try not to jump to conclusions, while realizing dealing with the information at hand may not be a one shot deal. It's ok to take your time in decision making, right now even if our Aries Moon may be inclined to do otherwise. A smart warrior is mindful of his timing anyway.
The big news, of course, is that the Sun perfects in opposition to Neptune (11:38 PM) today. This can play out in a million different ways. People may not be as they originally appear. Identities can be obscured on purpose or our own judgment could be impaired in the assessment. With Mercury in his shadow, pay particular attention to emails, phone calls or correspondence received from folks who may be pretending to be something they are not. Check identifying information carefully and with scrutiny.
We could also, ourselves, be working under cover. Acts of anonymous charity can occur, as well. We may meet with a bit of confusion about who we are. Or, some could be suffering from an uptick in seasonal allergies or perhaps a case of the sniffles or a bit of a stomach flu. If you aren't sick, step up your defenses in protection. If you are, be sure to get proper rest and hydration.

The best expression of this energy is to soften the hard edges and drive of the ego and attempt to foster a more compassionate and empathic approach to whatever situation we find ourselves in. Taking a hard stance is not indicated...again, this may be perplexing to our initiating emotional body. Know that there is a high probably of being misconstrued, underestimated, overlooked and maybe even taken advantage of from folks that play purposely upon empathy in an effort to pursue an alternate agenda. Folks could be cloaking their true agenda. At the very least, by the time this energy perfects we could be some pretty tired people. Physical energy could be drained and some may feel like they are just floating aimlessly through this day unable to pinpoint any true direction. Remember, you cannot fist fight Neptune. It's best to surrender to his waves when they come and follow the flow instead of fighting in resistance. This week's motto looks to be “Man plans and the Gods laugh and laugh and laugh.” And, they are laughing because they know we are putting forth our best efforts to get where it is we think we need to go; but, they have a few tricks up their sleeves that we don't know about. That hand will be dealt during the eclipses and, as a matter of fact, ecliptic happenings could be occurring as I type this. Ecliptic events have a tendency to happen on their own time schedule.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Overnight, Venus Rx met up with Mars by conjunction in Leo (1:04 AM). This aspect holds throughout the day and brings a re-assessment of personal worth and value. We could become angry due our past missteps or we could be catalyzed into action in an effort to obtain what we want. We are acting upon personal desires. But, with Venus Rx, the actions we take could be socially awkward.
Assessment of our true motivations is at an imperative as the Moon squares off with Pluto Rx at 1:33 AM. But, it's important to remember that all this happens under the energy of the Sun opposing Neptune. We've spent a lot of time in self-reassessment under Venus retrograde. Our own sense of identity can be confused or influenced. Pay particular attention to dreams and hits from symbolism. There could be valuable information in each for you.

By the time we wake up, the Moon is dancing in a Fire trine with Venus (4:25 AM) and Mars (4:37 AM). The energy to move forward is present. But, do so smoothly and cautiously as we still have some Astrological “funk” going on due the fact of Sun/Neptune and Mercury in his shadow.
By 12:38 PM, the Moon is conjunct Uranus and we are BUSY and perhaps emotionally catalyzed into action. Take some deep breaths and don't allow this itchy energy to trickle over into impulsiveness. Nervousness and anxiety could be undeniably present. Triage the situation and keep a cool practical head just like a well schooled Virgo.

Know that Monday and Tuesday could feel quite unsettled. We may try to engage only to have those efforts fall flat. Plus, after the Moon hits her conjunction with Uranus, she is Void until entering Taurus at 5:03 AM tomorrow. Starting something new is not so much indicated as working to wipe the slate clean of unfinished business. When in doubt, clean or organize something. As without, so within. This can help bring some order to your feelings of personal chaos.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Taurus (5:03 AM) which hasn't been much fun since Venus flipped retrograde. Comfort is elusive and that just isn't something that cows look forward to. Plus, Venus Rx is still reeling from her dance with the Moon and Mars yesterday. What we want could be just far enough out of reach that we are frustrated. Work to release some of your attachment to that. Focus on what you have instead of obsessing about what you don't have. Focusing on self-care and expressing gratitude helps bring ease to the fact that our Moon's current ruler is retrograde.

A sense of solidness does enter this day as lovely and grounding Earth trines shoot through the sky with the Moon in aspect to Jupiter (1:02 PM), the Sun (10:07 PM) and Pluto (2:51 AM). Hold yourself on center but steer away from being overly stubborn and singular minded. Allow yourself to be restored by both Jupiter and Pluto. Remain practical and put to use the flexibility brought by the mutable energy of Virgo.
Overall, the day looks fairly smooth and steadfast especially since we are coming off a potentially unsettled start to our week. It could be business as usual and, quite frankly, we may be ready for something like that. Yet, feelings of satisfaction could still be quite elusive. We could be a group of grouchy Eeyores even if our feet are solidly on the ground.

We are in the days of a waning Moon. We are encouraged to wind things down and wrap them up instead of starting anything new. That doesn't mean new initiatives are doomed to fail. That just means if you truly want to tap into the flow of our current energy you should instead, be focused on letting go, culmination and wrapping up loose ends. Regardless of what you find yourself engaged in, enjoy being imbibed with this strongly grounded energy. But, also refrain from becoming overly stubborn while realizing you may run into some folks who are. Use this energy to get down to the nitty gritty details of what you need to do. No fluff. Just the basics and the core elements of what you require are at necessity. But, know that some will may be in search of more of that...greedily grabbing up whatever it is they think they may lack. For the most part, though, it's a pretty stable day in which quite a bit could be accomplished.

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Yesterday's Earth Trines are replaced with friction today as the Bull Moon squares off with our Lion Hearts. This isn't as bloody a battle as the Lion vs the Scorpion. However it could be indicative of a stalemate or a serious standoff where neither party is willing to give or negotiate. I see angry snorts here along with a sense of discomfort. I also see a chance for frustration and a feeling of being in gridlock. Stalled. Held back. Blocked. And, that all occurs in our early morning hours as the Moon squares off with Venus at 5:20 AM and then Mars at 8:25 AM. It could feel as if we are working against ourselves and, you know what, we could be!

This feeling of tightness continues through the day as the Moon also waxes toward an opposition with Saturn which perfects tomorrow morning at 6:21 AM. Do yourself a favor and don't bloody your head by continually ramming it in a wall. Alright? Tenacity is one thing. But, sometimes tenacity runs over into being overly stubborn and comes with an unwillingness to bend. In some instances, not bending may be a good idea. But, know when to give the thing up for dead and focus on something else. Practicality, common sense and holding yourself accountable are highly indicated under this sky. Expect to trip over block and move slowly in anticipation of them while never failing to assess your true intentions and motivations. Get a good handle on the steering wheel of your life and if you are caught in a dead lock see if you can find a detour or a more scenic route. Otherwise all you are going to feel is impatience and frustration.

Friday, September 4, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Moon in opposition to Saturn (6:21 AM). An aspect like that first thing in the morning can suck some of the enjoyment out of the fact that today is the last day of the work week. Lots of folks are carrying big burdens around on their shoulders and none are likely to be very happy about it. Just as this aspect perfects, the Moon reaches Void Status and remains there for about an hour before re-igniting in Gemini (7:49 AM).
This lunar movement is where the harder edges become a little softened. We are imbibed with flexibility and that is of great assistance after the trudging we've just endured. As a matter of fact as much as we may have cursed the potential gridlock of yesterday, we may miss some of that stability as a mutable t-square waxes into our evening hours with a Lunar square to Jupiter (5:06 PM) and Neptune (10:24 PM). Hard lines dissolve in light of new perspectives. Ecliptic symptoms (uncertainty, feeling as if the other shoe is about to drop and anxiousness) are happening. We are encouraged to get out and shake the dust of this week off. Lean toward social activities that have not the first dang thing to do with work. Sagittarian energy is the missing leg of this mutable energy. Lean into optimism, perspective adjustments and wisdom while realizing you can't always have all the answers; because, the questions have a tendency to change. Realize that even though things can feel uncertain, that means that anything can happen...even good stuff! Give yourself permission to have fun while the puzzle pieces take shape.

Things are certainly more loose and uncertain today. Some could throw in their towel because they are frustrated with all the starting and stopping and starting and stopping we experienced through this week. That's alright, it may be time to let go of what we originally had in mind and, instead, try a different approach. Or, just take a freaking break, man. It's Friday. Let the pot simmer and enjoy yourself. Focus is likely to be a hard thing to foster under this Moon, anyway.

Social activities are accentuated in our late evening hours as the Moon makes a nice trine with her current ruler, Mercury in Libra, at midnight. Gather your people around you and collaborate. Get out of your head a little bit and chat things over with a trusted friend while attempting to also keep things light. We've had enough heaviness this week.

Saturday, September 5, 2015
This morning we are still under the influence of the Gemini Moon who is now in the Last Quarter phase. Luna and the Sun square off in our early morning hours. This is a call to keep letting go as we remain focused on the details of what is happening. I'll remind you, the next lunar movement is an eclipse so be prepared for the unexpected and some potentially hairy plot twists. Though for the most part, I see windows of opportunity being opened during these eclipses. Unexpected good is JUST as likely as unexpected malefic so keep your options open.

Aside from the tension brought forth from the Sun/Moon square, the rest of the day looks pretty light and busy. The Moon meets both Venus (9:16 AM) and Mars (3:28 PM) by sextile. This is great for running errands or just getting out and about for pure enjoyment purposes.
The Moon also meets Uranus in Aries by sextile at 7:05 PM which could help us to release some of our attachment to overly swamping emotional gunk. It's a great day for trying something new or for seeking out alternative answers to otherwise stoic questions. Embrace the new and let go of the old while keeping your mind open to the possibilities. Know, however, that your ducks will be highly mobile and hard to convince to get in an orderly row. Leave those ducks alone. They will get in line in due time.

Meanwhile, the Sun waxes into a fortifying and restorative trine with Pluto (7:07 PM). Some of our personal power is restored and, this, my friends is a good thing. Plus, this is the LAST DAY of Venus Rx. She turns direct overnight at 4:27 AM. If that isn't enough to call you to celebration today, I don't know what else it would take.

Earmark today for fun activities. Lay the work load down and stare industrious Virgo in the face letting her know that today your job is personal enjoyment and, then, engage in that job with relentless joy. In the U.S., this is a holiday weekend geared to honor the laborers of this country. That means all heavy burdened employees are encouraged to take the weekend and Monday off. The energy in the sky supports this so take advantage of it.