Ecliptic preview: The Skies of September

New Moon Eclipse
September 13 @ 2:42 AM @ 20 Virgo
Sextile Saturn in Scorpio
Opposite Chiron in Pisces
Inconjunct Uranus in Aries.
WIDE trine to Pluto in Capricorn.
BML is just leaving a conjunction with the North Node (Sept 9)
*The orb between the New Moon eclipse and the nodal axis is nearly 11 degrees. That's a pretty wide orb. Some Astrologer's wouldn't even consider it an eclipse. However, I disagree. That is close enough to be impactful. The Full Moon eclipse in late September? Tight to the nodes. And with BML conjunct the Sun/NN during. So...emotions are definitely set in motion in the space in between the New and Full Moon. This is likely to get pretty wild.

Sabian for Virgo 21: Two teams of girls engaged in a contest of basketball. Physical wholesomeness as prelude to inner integration. Self-evaluation, or refusal to face self. The rhythm of instincts.

Sabian for Mercury @ 15 Libra (previous eclipse point): A stack of machinery parts: All are new and all circular. Perfect and effortless participation in the universal order. Smooth approach to self-expression; inert self-satisfaction.

Note: Mercury stations RX at 15 55 Libra on September 17. He is in his shadow and on his station point during this eclipse. Also on the 17th Jupiter in Virgo perfects in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Both are also aspecting the Moon in Scorpio by sextile and trine respectively. This all occurs at 7 degrees.

Sabian for Jupiter at 8 degrees Virgo: Aristocratic 5 year old girl takes her first dancing lesson. Early social conditioning of superior elements of being. Proper start in self-discipline. Conventional development.

Sabian for Neptune at 8 degrees Pisces: Girlscout, in camp, blows her bugle triumphantly. Fullness of life as it manifests in service to the whole. Spiritual socialization. Call to participation in the race work.

Sabian for the Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio: A high mountain lake is bathed in the Full Moonlight. Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quiet touch with cosmic strength; or wayward moody effort at greatness.

Full Moon Eclipse
September 27 10:52 PM at 4 Libra/Aries 04
This is the Full Hunter's Moon and the orb between it and the nodal axis is a mere 4 degrees. That's pretty tight. BML is at 3 Libra HIGHLY involved in this Moon.

TIGHT conjunction to BML/Nodal Axis
Wide conjunction to Mercury
Tight trine (from moon)/sextile (from Sun) to Saturn in Sagittarius
Moon inconjunct Mars
Loose square to Pluto (8 degrees)
Sun inconjunct Neptune—Mercury is also inconjunct Neptune

Mercury is in the midst of his RX during this Moon. He falls at a wide conjunction to this Moon from 11 degrees. He meets with the Sun by conjunction at 7 Libra degrees on the morning of September 30. Both Sun and Mercury hold at an inconjunct to Neptune during this time. He then meets with BML in Libra on Oct 3 at 4 degrees. He turns direct on October 10th at 0 degrees Libra and meets BML again on October 15th at 5 degrees.

Sabian for Sun in Libra @ 5 degrees: Inspired disciples listen to the words of their teacher. Knowledge and experience put to the test. Greatness calling its own to itself. Ordered seeking. Distrust of appearances.

Sabian for the Moon @ 5 Aries: A white triangle, with golden wings on its upper sides. Evolution of values in the sphere of inward self but at a stage not yet substantiated. Eagerness for a spiritual goal.

Sabian for the Moon's ruler, Mars (who squares Saturn in Sagittarius on September 25) @ 2 Virgo: A large white cross stands alone on top of a high hill. Dominance of environment through individualistic self-realization. Eminence at the cost of struggle. Full self-assurance.

Sabian for the Sun's ruler, Venus (direct) @ 22 Leo: A carrier-pigeon alights at dawn before his owners. The return of the soul-energies to the central Self after a significant experience. Adventuring. Practical enlightenment.

Bonus info: Between December 26 2015 (when Uranus turns direct) and January 6, 2016 (when Mercury turns Rx in Aquarius) ALL PLANETS ARE DIRECT.

Also, I'm noticing repetition of numbers, if you are into numerology. 7's are repeated throughout the opposition of Jupiter to Neptune (7 Virgo/Pisces 07). Mercury stations with a ton of 5's at 15 Libra 55. Full Moon is at 4 Libra/Aries 04. And Mars, during that eclipse, is actually at 1 Virgo 11. So there's 4, 7, 5 and 1 with 3 sneakily put in because of the amount of repetition (1 three times with Mars/Saturn, 3 bodies at 7 degrees, 5 three times at Mercury's station point)

All references to Sabians were obtained from Dane Rudhyar's Book The Wheel of Significance. Click the link to the book title for purchase on Amazon or free download on your Kindle.