Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 26, 2015 through August 1, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Scorpio leaving a square with Jupiter in Leo (1:56 AM). Mars is trine Chiron (4:06 AM). Uranus (4:10 AM) and Venus have turned retrograde (5:27 AM yesterday). At 5:16 AM, the Moon met Saturn in Scorpio by conjunction before reaching Void Status, which is where she will remain until entering Sagittarius at 8:26 AM.
The Moon's first aspect from Sagittarius is a square to Venus newly Rx at 9:50 AM. Then she makes a harmonious trine with our fiery Sun in Leo at 2:57 PM. Next up is another fire trine with Mercury in Leo at 10:27 PM. And, finally we wind out the energy of our Sunday with a Moon/Neptune square at 1:45 AM which should help us to sleep soundly in preparation for Monday.
What we have here is a set up for a fairly active day. The weather, in most parts, looks as if it is conducive for being outside and perhaps adventuring a bit. Uranus turning Rx may put a monkey wrench into some of those plans, though. Certain machinery may misfire; electric service may flicker and anxiety could also be a factor as the Lightning God's energy is agitated. Expect the unexpected and roll with it.

Overall, after the conjunction from Moon to Saturn wanes, the day is fairly light. It's a great day for going to the movies, theater or some other entertainment venue. An outdoor theater? Even better. Lay your heavier burdens down for the day and allow some space for play and recreation. Wear yourself out with it. Fun and laughter are good medicine.

Monday, July 27, 2015
This morning, the fog lingers a bit as the Moon wanes in square to Neptune and Mercury lingers near the same by inconjunct (7:06 PM). Yesterday's sunshine is met with today's pop-up thundershowers. I don't see it as that big of a deal...and neither is the Astrology of the rest of our day. The only other lunar aspect we deal with here is a liberating trine between the Moon and Uranus at 10:01 PM.

The mental body may be a little mixed up today due the inconjunct to Neptune. We could be forgetful, distracted and not really “into” whatever task we have before us. Uranus is still quivering a bit before he steadily starts moving RX so the trine to him from the Moon tonight may make our emotional body a little shaky. But, overall, this isn't a harsh day which is a nice way to kick off a new week.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
This morning we wake up under a buoyant and active trine from the Sagittarius Moon to Jupiter in Leo at 9:38 AM. The sun shines brightly through our windows beckoning us to rise and shine. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 2:49 PM. This is a great time to make progress on unfinished projects or just enjoy the break from emotionality for a bit. It's not passionate. It's not emotionally pointed. Most of us are even keeled and just having a regular old day, which could be quite nice for a change.
The point of ease continues as the Moon in Capricorn creates a trine with Venus in Virgo at 3:45 PM and then begins waxing into a softening sextile with Neptune in Pisces (6:50 AM). Today is largely subdued. The evening is geared for unwinding. Yep. I'll take it. Moon/Venus in Earth by harmonious aspect is wonderfully grounding and the alchemy of gentle, pleasing work can be like a balm to your soul. This isn't fast work. It's slow methodical work that can also benefit from engaging our imagination/creativity in a practical and useful way. Set your pace on slow and enjoy the gentleness of this.
Wednesday, July 29, 2015
The pleasant sextile between the Moon and Neptune lingers in our morning hours. We are slow to wake up and it takes a little while for the fog to dissipate. However, as the day goes forward, the sky grows in heaviness with a Moon/Pluto conjunction occurring at 2:24 PM. The pressure to perform is on. Many are skeptical; because, they can “feel” this darkness creeping in. The gentle musical feel from the first of the week turns into something that sounds like “monster warning” music from some cheesy horror flick. Keep on keeping on until you have reason to truly be paranoid. Otherwise, don't let your fear of the unknown knock you off track. Moon/Pluto can be just as ferociously brave as it can be debilitated through paranoia. Keep your radar up; keep walking.

Paranoia can definitely be a thing as well as obsessive thinking or getting stuck on a thought loop through a sneaky inconjunct from Mercury to Pluto at 11:20 PM. Some of those paranoid “inklings” could be valid as a shocking Lunar square to Uranus enters our late overnight hours at 1:52 AM. If there are really monsters outside your door then do whatever you need to do to deal with that. But, don't let imagined fears or out of control paranoia keep you awake all night...though, that is a possibility too. The night is bright under a nearly full moon. Don't let her light play tricks on you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Today starts out under an umbrella of ambiguity. We've got plenty of work to do in our official jobs; but, there are priorities that need to be addressed at home, too. The Moon opposes Mars in Cancer at 7:25 AM. Which responsibility are we supposed to attend to first? It can feel like standing in two worlds at once while both are calling for your attention. Balance it out. Working to provide income for your household IS meeting your household responsibilities. The dishes can wait. However, immediate needs of family/children attain priority over daily grind work. Let your chips fall where they may.
Some of this ambiguity evens out as we move forward into our day with a super supportive sextile from the Moon in Capricorn to her current ruler Saturn in Scorpio. Whatever you decided to focus your energies upon can be accomplished with diligence. Serious headway can be made here in the area you choose. We are well grounded and responsible engaging in our life as if we own it...which is good. Because, we do.

After the sextile to Saturn, the Moon is Void until entering Aquarius at 5:41 PM. The Moon is at its fullest point as we enter our nighttime hours. The Full Moon perfects in the morning at 6:44 AM at 7 Leo/Aquarius 56. Individuality meets social consciousness. We see how our unique talents can help in group activities. We let go of potential selfish and single sided thinking in favor of the long view for our culture at large. We see what individual changes need to be made in an effort to engage in the New World opening before us. This Full Moon falls in the sign of hope, friendship, social networks and wishes. Shower yourself with some of that. Let shimmering Moonlight trickle over you and across your window sill. This is a SWEET Moon to pull out all your spiritual equipment for a good cleansing and recharging, if nothing else. It's great for gathering in groups for mutual support and exchanging of ideas in social circles with a common agenda. This is the Come Together and Make a Wish Moon, to me and the Full Sturgeon Moon in everyday language. This is the time of the year that native tribes focused on fishing as sturgeon patterns were often conducive of a bountiful catch. Whether you are the fish or the fisherman, you are gathering with folks of your tribe. The Sabians for this Moon are as follows:
For the Sun at 8 Leo: Proletarian, burning with social passion, stirs up crowds. Leavening of the inchoate materials of a new order by a forceful vision born of repression and misfortune. Revolution.
For the Moon at 8 Aquarius: Wax figures display beautiful gowns in store-windows. Need for public presentation of virtues and life standards. Exteriorization of value, that may be shared with others.

So, there may be efforts made out there to stir folks up. But, mostly, we look at the act dispassionately and are unaffected...mannequins have a tendency to react like that. If faced with a rousing speech, retain your ability to think for yourself. Don't follow the other lemmings off the cliff even if that is traditionally what everyone else does. Boundaries up, game face on and remember it has no meaning until you ascribe meaning to it.
Friday, July 31, 2015
The Full Sturgeon Moon hangs like a sparkly umbrella over most of the day. Emotions are logical..nearly Vulcan in manner. But things are due to become a bit more personal as Venus Rx crosses back into Leo at 11:27 AM. Plus, the Moon is waxing into an opposition with Mercury which is due to perfect at 10:27 PM. Who is that lion over there roaring and making such a racket. Has he no decorum? You don't have to shout and carry out dramatics in an effort to accomplish what you want, do you? Surely this Moon understands that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few so why is this person over there whining about being shafted when it's clear that it was necessary collateral damage? Or is there a social outpouring with cries of injustice?

Uh huh. This is the feel of the day. Selfish acts and whining of “what about me” are met with an icy Aquarian glare that slides right down the pointy nose on their face. Flailing is ignored and frowned upon. When you compose yourself, then you may rejoin the group and not before. So, go clean up your act and come back when you do. Your high emotions are not making sense and are a bit too self-centered to serve anyone. Believe it or not, it's not all about you and your opinion. There's a bigger picture here and that's the point that this Moon drives home. The needs of the MANY not just the needs of “You.”

Saturday, August 1, 2015
Welcome to a new page on the calendar! This morning, we wake up under a sparkling sextile from the now waning Aquarius Moon to her current ruler, Uranus in Aries (3:12 AM). The “come together” vibe continues. However, there are a few veils cast across the morning by an inconjunct from Moon to Mars at 10:52 AM and an inconjunct from the Sun in Leo to Neptune in Pisces at 2:24 PM. There could be a bit of ambiguity in regard to which activity we would like to embark on. On top of that, we could be a little lazy and subdued due that sneaky Sun/Neptune aspect. However, a lunar opposition to Jupiter in Leo at 3:16 PM beckons us to venture into open terrain. Unfortunately, that venturing is met with a heavy Lunar/Saturn square at 3:50 PM. Adventuring may hold no joy as we are burdened with responsibility and emotional sobriety. So, today is a catch 22. Darned if you do. Darned if you don't. In my opinion, that just equates to “might as well give it a shot.” Trying and failing is better than never knowing.

It's a great day for piddling or tinkering with no set agenda. Instead, follow how you feel and heed those messages. Feel like you need to get out? Then, get out. Feel like you want to bury yourself in isolation? Then, bury yourself in isolation. Heed the emotional call you are receiving without guilt. But, know there is more ambiguity and demotivation coming to our atmosphere early tonight through an opposition from the Moon to Venus at 6:03 PM. From here, the Moon is Void until diving into Pisces at 6:37 PM. Plus, Saturn is quivering in station, due to turn direct and start moving back out of Scorpio at midnight tonight. Sober and subdued. Potentially depressed. Emotions are a thing.

Responsibility weighs heavily across the sky. And, then, it all dissolves or gets washed away under the incoming Pisces Moon. Catch and release. Let the waves wash in and take what they may while searching the beach for the treasures they leave behind.