Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 19 through July 25, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo. Her current ruler, Mercury in Cancer, is in trine to Chiron. When I first saw this aspect, I thought of the word “fluid.” Makes sense, given that it is a water trine. But, the sense I received was a bit more than that. It was fluid in movement, fluid in speech, fluid in release. Take that as you will. To me it is a hint toward the majority of the day. Time flows and the general aim is toward rest, recuperation and efforts toward healing. As I woke up this morning, though, I didn't want to speak. Silence was a blessing. This is how this trine could play out for some...quiet, healing and contemplation.

The flow continues as the Moon opposes Neptune at 3:45 PM. This looks like the perfect set up for a Sunday afternoon nap. At the very least, it's good for a bit of lazy self-indulgence. There is not much ambition found under this sky. Tears could flow.
By midnight, we are working our way to being restored to full power under a sturdy Moon/Pluto trine. Sleep is deep but psychologically probing. Watch for symbolism to appear.

Monday July 20, 2015
This morning we are awake and active as the Moon in Virgo meets Mars in Cancer by sextile at 7:31 AM. This provides enough Water and Earth to make our movements gentle and, yet, solid. Coordination is precise; we feel alert.
By 3:36 PM, though, the Moon is in a prickly opposition to Chiron which could cause hurt feelings or regret. We've got time to sort out the details and put everything into order of priority through a lunar sextile with Mercury in Cancer at 11:04 PM. With Venus in Virgo, many are behaving themselves. The roar of Leo has subsided a bit and we become more introspective in matters of Venus. More practical. We simplify and may be prompted to clean up our act a bit under this sky. At the same time, our tastes may become very particular. If we ordered a sandwich with cheese then a sandwich without cheese is not going to cut it. Our tastes have specificity and refinement. We don't just want any cup of coffee. We want the perfect cup of coffee, for example. Aim for such if you choose. However, this aim toward perfection will be examined and re-examined, picked apart and put back together again when Jupiter enters Virgo. Perfection is an unattainable IDEALIZED goal. However, when the planets align just right, the perfect cup of coffee is possible. Just know your idea of the perfect cup is likely different than someone else's.

Clean up your act. But, don't think that pouring bleach on your head will do the trick. Venus in Virgo always reminds me of those Orbit Gum commercials.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
This morning the support fostered from Cancer to Virgo continues in our morning hours with a nice sextile between the Sun and Moon (6:02 AM) as we begin our day. Support is also drawn to each of these bodies from Saturn. The Moon meets Saturn Rx in Scorpio by sextile at 6:08 AM. The Sun perfects in trine to Saturn at 7:08 AM. Oh. My. Gosh. I love the look of this set up!
Please understand my tastes are not usually something that other folks enjoy across the board. So, if you are the type that likes a wild day of uninhibited abandon, well, this isn't the day for you. But, if you are ready for a practical “ho hum, nothing exciting really went down today, it was blessedly business as usual.” then it is.

After her sextile to Saturn, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 9:24 AM. Our Libra Moon answers to a quivering Venus in Virgo. We don't put lipstick on the pig. We give it a bath. No frilly bows or decorations. A clean pig is good enough. Let me give you an example. While Venus was in Leo, I bought all these lovely colors for my hair. Turquoise. Lavender. Deep Sea Blue. I waited until I really had time to sit down an focus on getting the colorful look I was going for. This luxury of time and focus didn't come until after Venus entered Virgo. I'm halfway through my coloring procedure and I've decided...meh...I don't like this anymore. I love the wild colors. But, somehow it all seems really high-maintenance to me. After Venus flips backward into Leo and comes out into Virgo again in the fall, I know I'll be done with the high color game for awhile. I've got something else in mind. Something a little more practical. You too may notice a bit of a shift in your tastes at this time. Venus in Virgo is fine with cleanly naked and natural. That's the “look” I see coming to our sphere this fall. Subdued colors. Earth tones. Natural and without a bunch of frills, lace and sequins to cause a fuss. “I'll take it,” says this Libra stellium that answer to a natal Venus in Virgo. Simplify. Clean it up. Play up your natural beauty.

Aside from my pontifications on fashion and hairstyles, today is blessedly solid. Traction is accessible and we have the ability to make some sturdy forward headway. Emotionality is not high. We are not washed away by Neptune. It's steady, reliable and pleasant, though, we still may be leaning toward the particular side. That being said, about the only thing that may hinder your progress is too much focus on perfection and not enough focus on production. I'm telling you, let your attachment to perfect and pristine loose a little. You'll save yourself a few headaches and a TON of frustration.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Today is the day of this week that starts to shake things up a little bit. We wake up to a Libra Moon waxing toward a square with Pluto. We've been down this road before. Lunar squares to Pluto happen twice a month. Power struggles, emotional manipulation and shadow dancing are par for the course under a sky like this. So is paranoia, obsession and fear.
Our mental bodies are well grounded and deeply realistic through a trine from Mercury in Cancer to Saturn in Scorpio (1:51 PM). Intuition is kicking and finds practical use under the focused ability to interpret such language gifted by Saturn in Scorpio. Realize your words, whether spoken or written (or just your thoughts), carry weight today. Wield each responsibly. Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Leave any “fluffling” or attempts to pretty up a pile of poo with glitter for another day. It ain't gonna fly today. Our Libra Moon is answering to Venus in Virgo which means sweeping the dust under the rug isn't going to cut it either. As a matter of fact, it may be time to clean the rug too.
Sometimes, I run across locations in my house that I'm afraid to clean. (yes, there is a reason why I'm admitting this) My laundry room is a very small and place. There are plenty of dark corners that tend to gather dust and cobwebs quickly. I avoid cleaning this space like the plague. It requires me to squish into tight places where there could be (gasp!!) a spider lurking. In case you don't know, I'm claustrophobic and arachnophobic. Stuff like this is a living nightmare to me. My freaking chest is tightening up just thinking about it. Thing about that is I'm also brave. Eventually I take a deep breath, put my cleaning gloves on and pull out the washer and dryer to clean that space. When I'm done, I feel sooo much better. But, BOY do I ever procrastinate about doing this because of my fears.
Today, roll up your sleeves and clean out those dark corners whether they be in your home, outside or merely in your head. Or not. Leave that spider in that dark corner alone. She won't mind. And, when you finally do get to her she'll have 100 or more babies on her back. Uh huh...that's what I thought.

The kicker to this day is due the fact that the Sun lingers on the 29th degree of Cancer ALL day until he jumps into Leo at 11:31 PM. Mercury is right behind the Sun lingering near this degree too. He leapfrogs into Leo tomorrow morning. This brings particular attention to the final Sabian of Cancer which is, “A lady of aristocratic descent proudly addresses a club.” Rudyar further explains this with the following, “The will and ability to maintain a social supremacy based on thoroughly established tradition. Inner or outer aristocracy.” Sounds stuffy, stoic and anally retentive to me. Get over yourself. We all put or pants on one leg at a time and even royals have to leave their plush throne for a porcelain one eventually. True royalty realizes their call to service and is humbled by their blessings and status. Ya ain't gotta be born of a pristine bloodline in order to wear that crown. The words “social supremacy” make my blood boil. Though, the days set up does make me wonder about what Kate Middleton has on her agenda. She's a breath of fresh air aristocrat that I'd like to hear more from. Not less. Otherwise, folks who walk around with their pointy noses in the air just prompt me to wish for rain.

Thursday, July 23, 2015
The tension that began on humpday persists on this day of Thor. This morning the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Libra which is typically a very nice mix. However, our Libra Moon is stressed. She meets with Mars in Cancer by square at midnight (just after the Sun crosses into Leo) and then squares off with Uranus at 3:03 AM. It's likely to be a tossing, turning, restless kind of night leading into today. Coming out of something like that sucks; because, today is geared to be busy and mentally active. What's going to happen, that I see, is folks are going to be dragging themselves out of non-restful slumber and pumping in the caffeine in an effort to engage in the rat race and...well, have you ever been over-stimulated and over-tired to the point you are kind of slap happy? Yeah. It's a lot like that. Plenty of room for error in that mix.
Mercury shifts into Leo at 8:15 AM. The Moon meets Jupiter by sextile at 2:14 PM. Then, Mercury meets the Sun by conjunction at 3:24 PM. After the sextile with Jupiter the Moon is void until entering Scorpio at 10:09 PM which is actually a good thing. But, man, things are moving FAST and we could find ourselves struggling in an effort to keep up. Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. Be wary of over-stimulation, nervousness, anxiety and headaches. However, if by some blessed miracle, you managed to get a good night's sleep last night you could wake up motivated, inspired and flushed with inspiration and joie de vivre. If you find yourself in that position realize that you are of a lucky few. Most will be seriously taxed and strained under this sky.

After the Moon crosses into Scorpio (10:09 PM) she meets with Venus in Virgo by sextile at 11:38 PM. Before you go picking yourself apart for all the stupid mistakes you made today, remember what I said about perfection being illusive. All that matters is that you did the best you could with what you had to work with. The hard part is going to be fostering the ability to be alright with that.
Overnight, our First Quarter Moon perfects between Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio. The Moon is going to square off with Mercury too at 1:07 AM. Yuck. The battle between the Lion and the Scorpion is one of the toughest battles in the sky in my opinion. Be easy with yourself. Ripping yourself to shreds over stuff you cannot change or undo serves no one. All you can do is vow to do better tomorrow and then follow through. However, this is the second night in a row in which insomnia could be a commonality. Tired brains are not effective brains. Give yours a break while knowing JUST DOING THAT may be a challenge.

Friday, July 24, 2015
We've been busy the last two days. Some have lost sleep and wrenched their guts completely inside out. Today, we dissolve into emotional waters with a lunar trine to Neptune at the end of our work day (4:42 PM). Stick a fork in it. We are done. Instead of trying to continually keep all the balls in the air, our arms drop flaccidly to our sides as we dispassionately let the balls hit the floor.
For some, the only true ambition found in this day will be focused on finding a place to take a nap. We are sensitive, sleepy and subdued to a degree. Give in and surrender to that. Naps are a blessing not a sin.

Overnight, as the potential for a good night's sleep FINALLY finds us, there is also the potential to be emotionally and physically restored through a nice sextile from the Moon in Scorpio to her current ruler Pluto in Capricorn. Earmark tonight for personal restoration. Chances are many will need it.

Saturday, July 25, 2015
This morning, Venus stops quivering and officially turns retrograde in Virgo at 5:27 AM. She'll stay in Virgo for a few days prompting us to re-assess our particularities. Then, on July 31 she falls back into Leo giving us a chance to re-assess our own worth and what it is we personally value. I'll talk more about that when the time comes. Believe it or not, Venus officially turning retrograde is not what is going to make waves today. It's Uranus who is the main irritant of the day. Oh, Venus isn't comfortable at all. But, the fact that Uranus is also stationing and in square to Mars first friggin thing this morning (5:43 AM)...yeah, that's what is going to make the news of the day.
Folks often have a hard time dealing with Uranus transits. Why? Because, they call for patience. Uranus catalyzes us to DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! But, unless we are in an emergent situation, impulsiveness is usually not a good idea. Plus, the Moon is in Scorpio. So we have these electric cattle prods being thrown from the sky and our emotional bodies are acutely feeling their impact.
If you can hold yourself at bay in the morning, there is a chance that things could smooth out a bit in our early evening hours through a flowing trine between the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer. FLOWING I said. Not the herky-jerky itchy impulsiveness that is catalyzed by Mars square Uranus. Paaaaaaaaaatience. Precision. Don't cut down the whole damn tree if you really only need to trim a few branches.

The element of water persists with a trine from the Moon to Chiron at 3:34 PM and a second trine to Chiron from Mars at 4:06 AM. Mashed in between this Grand Water trine is a lunar square to Jupiter in Leo at 1:56 AM. Uranus officially turns retrograde at 4:10 AM on the 26th.
What happens when you mix electricity with water? Yeah, it's not really a safe or stable mix is it? That is essentially what is going on in our emotional and physical bodies today. The Moon doesn't meet up with our grounding element of Saturn until early in the morning on Sunday. So, you may have to foster your own sense of grounding and insulation in the meantime. I highly recommend you do so. Otherwise, promptings from the outside world (those cattle prods I was talking about) could seriously shake things up for you. Boundaries. Grounding. And that word that EVERYONE loves so much...PATIENCE. Absorb and convert the potential shocks never ONCE forgetting YOU DO NOT HAVE CONTROL OVER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU BUT YOU DO MAINTAIN CONTROL IN REGARD TO HOW YOU REACT/RESPOND TO IT. Breathe. Take time to think about it before you do it. Then, breathe, some more. Expect that keeping yourself on center is probably going to be the biggest thing on your task list today. If you manage to do that, you can mark this day up as a success.