Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 12 through July 18, 2015

Neptune and Uranus are factors as we begin another week. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini. She passes by both the Sun and Uranus by minor aspect early this morning. Meanwhile, the Sun is perfecting in square to Uranus in Aries by 10:53 PM. The Moon, however, lingers in square to Neptune through midday (1:19 PM). That's quite an odd mix to have, folks. We are fogged up this morning and lightning struck by tonight.

First thing I saw with this was a slow gas leak that begins seeping out in the morning. Then, unsuspecting home owners come home and flip on a light switch... KABOOM! Scary. Yet, the scenario fits with the Astrology. On a less extreme note, we are hazy, foggy, perhaps still a little sleepy or distracted for the biggest part of the day. Neptuned, basically, numbed, emotionally wrung out, drifty. Then, we start to get poked from that slumber through the perfection of Sun/Uranus in one way or another. Feelings of nervousness and anxiety can be prompted here...there's a prickly feel to the air as it becomes more static kind of like it does right before an electrical storm. But, the blessing here is that Sun square Uranus can catalyze us right out of the dullness and fog of Neptune. We are prompted to step out of wallowing. Our give a damn may break a little over the whole thing. We may react impulsively or erratically. Or, we may just decide to do something different. We could very well have one hellacious thunderstorm due this set up in which many lose electric sevice. In your drifting of the morning, expect the unexpected tonight. Have a back up plan and be ready to be on your toes in the event you have to react quickly.

Mercury is steadily moving toward a trine with Neptune which perfects tomorrow (July 13). So, know that information could be confused, skewed, misunderstood. It may, at times, feel a bit like a Mercury retrograde as this energy builds. Be wary of losing your keys, dropping your cell phone in water, veiled truths and listen to what is NOT being heed to what your gut is telling you about the information that comes in as that is going to be the more accurate barometer of the message here. Upticks in sinus problems, food allergies and vertigo are possible. Of course, Neptune is Rx so there could be some veils dropping as a result, as well. Do not drive impaired or distracted and be defensive in your navigation as others could very well fall in those two categories for various reason. Tomorrow carries a lot of the same energy while incorporating some of the expansiveness of Jupiter. As a matter of fact, it looks pretty busy so, if you can, get well rested in preparation for that.

Monday, July 13, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Moon still active in Gemini. Her first aspect is a WIDE AWAKE sextile to Uranus in Aries at 8:50 AM. This energy says RISE AND SHINE! Only problem with that is the Moon's ruler is due to perfect in trine to Neptune Rx in our early evening hours (3:14 PM). So, emotionally we are loaded for bear but mentally we are less linear and more subdued. We are not thinking clearly, really. Our logical body is drenched in ethereal waters. This gives us the ability to really tap in intuitively but it makes working with linear concepts and methods of straight logic difficult. What this means is if you are a person who typically works with linear and straight logic (math concepts, computers, hard scientific stuff, etc) you may struggle today getting the dots to connect. But, MAN if you are in a more creative profession could you EVER come up with some brilliant ideas under this sky. Imagination and the ability to create or dream up new things is greatly highlighted here.

Today is Bohemian. Gypsy. Out of the box and dreamy. It is not corporate or business oriented. Information runs in circles. The path from Point A to Point B gets skewed and we are called to color outside the lines. In that, some folks will LOVE this day. But, those who are not comfortable with disarray and potential disorder and prefer to have all their little ducks lined up neatly in a row will find it overly frustrating; because, the ducks are all wild colors and running around like they got into your best case of wine. I think that sounds fun. But, to some, it will be just enough chaos to cause them to want to pull their hair out.

As Mercury perfects in trine to Neptune, the Moon links up with Jupiter by sextile either exacerbating the confusion or giving us a good opportunity to laugh at ourselves. There is a big call through the duration of this week not to take yourself too seriously. So, I'd recommend the latter.
Late tonight (10:53 PM) the Sun waxes into trine with Chiron in Pisces. A half hour later, she finds Venus by sextile. You are not perfect. You have private pains that stick like thorns in your psyche. But, you are loveable. You realize we all have these hurts and heartaches. As we retreat home to lick our wounds, we realize that our hurts are just as much a part of us as anything else. We can use them to foster empathy toward our fellow Earthmates or react like wounded animals who lash out eventually spreading their pain to others. It's a conscious choice to convert these primordial hurts into something useful instead of continuing to allow them to debilitate us. Tonight, we discover we are worthy of this conversion. Suffering is optional.
After her sextile with Venus, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 2:14 AM.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
This morning, the Moon has returned home to Cancer. And, what an emotional roller coaster ride it has been since she left here! As soon as the Sun entered Cancer, our ego systems began to respond to every little movement of the Moon. We had the opportunity to traverse an entire spectrum of emotions. To a degree, it made me really glad that I am not a Cancer Sun Native. I'm sure most of these folks pay not a bit of attention to the fact that they are so lunar because life has always been like that for them. They grow to incorporate emotion into their daily life for better or worse. The well adept are not afraid of emotion. They are not ashamed to feel what they feel. It's just part of life. But, for those who aren't born in those waters and have a more Airy, Fiery or Earthy composition (Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra, Aries, Aquarius...particularly) might have found Cancer season to be awash with TOO MANY FEELS! The big discovery? It takes strength, true from the heart strength, to swim through Cancer Season and deal effectively with your emotions.

Regardless of where your natal energy falls, we have all been honorary Cancers for awhile. So, how did you do? How did you fair with handling all the flux of the Moon and swimming in the sea of emotion? Did you learn anything about yourself in the process? I'm asking because, as of today, Cancer season starts to culminate and wane. But, before it does, we will be given the opportunity to set vows in regard to what we learned under the New Moon in Cancer on Thursday night. Oh. We've got a few more waves to endure before we get there. Don't take your life preserver off just yet. But, at this point, emotions have come full circle. Did you learn to deal with life in light of them? Or did they completely sweep you off your feet and drag you under? Are you still a victim of your emotional body or have you learned that you can choose which one you feel? What brought you joy? Sorrow? Pain? Remorse? Love?

Under today's Moon, the banjo strings on our hearts get pulled tight. Venus in Leo perfects in square to Saturn Rx in Scorpio. Ouch. This can bring tightening around finances and could even bring about loneliness and self-loathing. At the same time, though, if we've been responsible and mature in regard to matters of Venus (money, relationships, love, intimacy) then we feel the solidity of that. If we've not been, we could certainly feel the strain here. Our inner child stares into the future and sees the legacy of the adult she is to become. Does she like what she sees? Or is it a scary haggard image? I can't answer that for you. If you need to re-assess and change you will be given the opportunity to do so through the Venus retrograde. Venus' square to Saturn will show you exactly where you need to shore things up. It's not likely to be a kind and gentle message either. Though it may feel like you are being punished, you are not. You are being directed and given boundaries and limits. Be easy with yourself through this. Venus holds in orb of this square with Saturn all the way up through her station point on July 25 and returns to square Saturn again on August 5. At that time, Saturine energy will be very prevalent as he stations direct on August 2 while also in square to Jupiter (perfects Aug 3). Venus Rx meets Jupiter by conjunction a second time on August 4th just prior to officially hitting the wall of Saturn again. So, it isn't like the harshness of Venus/Saturn waxes over us only for today. The energy has hang time, for sure. It will be felt harshly by many. So, work hard to be responsible in regard to matters of Venus. This scenario will take time to fully play out. When Venus is direct again, she will square Saturn a third time. She will also trine Uranus two more times, conjunct Jupiter a third time and snuggle up with Mercury, the Sun and eventually, Mars.

Let's look at the dates of all that, shall we? I'm looking at August thinking, “MAN what a FIREBALL OF A MONTH! Seriously!”

Venus square Saturn

July 14 (Venus is Direct and Saturn is Retrograde)
August 4th (Venus is Retrograde and Saturn is Direct)
October 11th (Venus and Saturn are both direct and in Virgo/Sagittarius respectively)

Venus trine Uranus
June 29 (both planets direct)
August 19th (same degree but both planets are now RX)
September 22nd (Venus is direct and Uranus still RX meeting at the previous degree of the first two trines)

Sabian for 21 Leo (Venus first two trines)
Intoxicated domestic birds fly around in dizzy attempts. Unsteady first realization of spiritual being. Forced inspiration which the ego cannot sustain. False self-intoxication.

Sabian for 21 Aries (Uranus first two trines)
A pugilist, flushed with strength, enters the ring. Complete immolation of self in things purely physical. Intense self-assertiveness, physical and psychological.

Sabian for 20 Leo (Venus, last trine)
American Indians perform a majestic ritual to the Sun. Man's instinctive or traditional call upon basic life-energies for sustainment. Sense of fitness in behavior. Worship.

Sabian for 20 Aries (Uranus last trine)
A young girl feeding swans in a ark on a wintery day. Participation of self in life larger than any conception of selfhood. Protection, or the need for it.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

July 1 (21 Leo 38) this was under the Full Moon in Capricorn, remember?
August 4 (28 Leo 36) while both Jupiter/Venus hold in square to Saturn who just turned direct on August 2
October 25 (15 Virgo 39) By this time, we have a brand new ball game, folks. Venus is out of her shadow and in a new sign. She is not only joins Jupiter, but Mars is conjunct in that mix as well. Plus, Pluto is feeding this configuration by trine. The work you do NOW in regard to matters of Venus...growing her up, getting to know her, letting her beautifully mature, pays off right here. Right. Here. It's not an easy or particularly enjoyable undertaking. Though, there will be elation that passes through from time to time. But it is worth the work. This work (Saturn) has tremendous value (Venus/Jupiter) but we've got quite a stretch to go before we get there. Don't forget we traverse eclipse season before we get to this

Venus conjunct Sun
August 15 (22 Leo 39/Venus is RX)

Venus conjunct Mercury
August 6th (27 Leo 51) while Venus Rx, Jupiter and Mercury are all within orb of Saturn now moving direct in Scorpio

I look at this sky and immediately ask, why? What is the point of the focus upon Venus right now? She's been a front running rogue planet for a big part of this year. But, now she takes center stage through her retrograde. My answer to that question was answered fairly quickly when I looked at the position of our “destiny” marker through all of this. We are wrapping up our North Node in Libra session and preparing to shift into Virgoan territory in that regard. The Universe wants to know what you have learned about stretching toward the call of Libra thus far. So, it's going to test that a little before we move on. Pull out all the lessons you acquired during Saturn in Libra. Pull out anything you know about Venus in aspect to Saturn or Saturn through your 7th house. Prepare to review those lessons and get ready to employ all this Venetian knowledge as Mars, Jupiter and Venus converge in Virgo. Our nodal axis wobbles back and forth on the early degrees of Libra for what seems like FOREVER. The axis finally moves from Libra/Aries to Virgo/Pisces, officially, at the end of October/beginning of November depending on whether you calculate the mean or true node. Either way, it happens AFTER all this Venus stuff is tried and tested. Coincidence? Yeah..not so much. We wrap it all up IN Libra season. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 24, the day before the convergence of Venus/Jupiter/Mars in Virgo while all are within orb of a trine to Pluto...told ya, whole new ballgame by then.

Ok, adjust your spectacles and let's pull back in from gazing outward into the future and focus back on where we are now. Today, all the “feels” come home to roost and some may find their hearts broken or access to comfort and companionship limited or restricted. Ironically, it is a day of Venus but Venus finds herself under duress. We are still under a waning Moon being pulled to let go, let go, release, relinquish, though at times this act of letting go could seem like it was forced upon us instead of something we would have chosen for ourselves. That's hard to deal with on a personal level. We want to hang on to things we hold dear and when they are forcefully ripped away from us it causes all kinds of yucky feelings. Still...let go. Then, subsequently deal with your feelings about that effectively. Grow it up. Expect growing pains to be a part of that. It's going to level out. The work we do today and our ability to hold ourselves steady in regard to matters of Venus will eventually pay off. But, it's going to take A LOT to get there. We travel several Moon events including eclipses before this becomes more solid and rectified. Easy does it in the process. You are not alone even though it may surely feel like it from time to time. We are all essentially traversing these challenges the same time...but in different ways through varied circumstance. Today, the pressure of that is acutely felt. And, I'm nearly a 1,000 words deep into this day already and haven't it made it past 2:49 AM. LOL...geez

At 7:49 PM the Moon in Cancer is trine to Neptune. The tides rise along with our emotionality and we could very well be decently worn out from the stress and tightness of the day. As fog creeps in though and we lay our heads down to rest, the Moon meets up with Mercury by conjunction which may make it hard for us to settle our heads and relax our brains. The waxing conjunction of Moon to Mars could really kick this into high gear too. These two (Moon/Mars) meet up at 3:50 AM on the 15th. Darkness looms in our morning sky on Wednesday. The Moon links up the waxing oppositions between Mercury/Mars to Pluto and perfects in her own opposition with him at 4:10 AM. Deep. Gunky. Emotional. Dark. Very, very dark. There is no light from the Moon to guide us through this very, very dark, introspective, choppy and potentially stormy night. Protect your flame. Lock your doors. If it wants to leave, let it go.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
The morning light will come as a relief to some. To others, it is a stark reminder that their opportunity to rest has passed by unfulfilled. Another day has come but the deep dark echoes of the night remain. Before we make it to the promise of the New Moon, we have some shocks to endure through a Moon/Uranus square at 4:11 PM; wounds to tend to through a lunar trine with Chiron at 5:52 PM and all this occurs as the opposition between Mercury in Cancer and Pluto Rx in Capricorn tightens perfecting merely two hours (7:38 PM) prior to the New Moon (9:25 PM).

Can you pull yourself out of this dark night of the soul? Sincerely, some will not make it. Those who do are given the opportunity to vow to survive. Many will feel what the Earth is like at rock bottom. Two songs come to mind in that regard. The first one says, “When you hit rock bottom there's only two ways to go..straight up...or sideways.” The second says, “If you going through Hell, keep on moving. Don't look back; if you're scared, keep going. You might get out before the Devil even knows you're there.” Keep all that in mind. Keep going. Don't let paranoia and fear get the better of you. 

The New Moon occurs at 23 Cancer 14 with the following Sabian: Woman and two men castaways on a south seas island. The three “souls” in man---actional, emotional, mental---exiled in the body. Potential fulfillment. Sense of being lost in life. Alone with ourselves, our demons, our regrets, our joys, our everything. Are you comfortable there in your empty space all by yourself? Or, does the energy of just you make you feel hollow? Lonely? Scared? Are you lost? Take some time to pull your faculties together. This feeling will not sustain. We build from here. But, we have to survive “from here” first. Have faith in yourself to pull through and set your vow to do

At midnight, Mercury meets up with Mars bringing us a bit of OOOMPH...a bit of brightness...a bit of motivation. From this overall day of instability, the Moon finds traction through a trine with Saturn early tomorrow before she reaches void status at 7:25 AM. Things level out and our emotions get a short break, in time. Hang in there.

Thursday and Friday, July 16 and 17, 2015
This morning, we wake up packing our ability to endure and survive in tow. Things are a bit more sturdy under a Moon/Saturn trine that envelops us as the Moon reaches Void status. There is a feeling of resolve here. The Moon remains Void from 7:25 AM until entering fiery Leo at 10:16 AM. But, “fiery Leo” is currently on a leash of restraint due the Saturn squares still affecting Venus and Jupiter.
We do start to feel a little better though. The Moon waxes into trine with Uranus all day tomorrow which could work to bust up some of those feelings of restriction for better or worse. Plus, the Moon is is also waxing into a conjunction with Jupiter which perfects at 10:51 AM on Saturday. Just don't get too full of yourself. Maintain your sense of humility. Because immediately after our ego balloon starts to refill our emotional body stares into Saturn's abyss through a lunar square to Saturn at the end of our day on Saturday.

So, today and tomorrow, get your feet back under you but be gentle and generous. Being selfish, aggrandized and following a subservient agenda will get you smacked in the face tomorrow. The consequences of shooting up too fast and too self-assuredly are harsh. Gently rise. Gracefully rise...and if you can, drag some folks up with you instead of stepping on them to get ahead.
Friday is colored by a Yod that stretches over the entirety of the morning connecting the Moon by inconjunct to Pluto at 4:31 AM and to Neptune at 1:14 PM. The Moon sits on the apex of this Yod drawing very acute attention to how it is we feel about ourselves. That “feel” is supported by the deeply churning waters of Pluto mixed with Neptune. No light matter. The night is still fairly dark and quiet. Our emotional bodies respond to that and how we handle it makes all the difference.

Saturday, July 18, 2015
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo waxing into conjunction with Jupiter (10:51 AM) and then, subsequently hitting the Saturn in Scorpio wall at (5:42 PM). Venus is quivering at this point. She slowly enters Virgo at 6:39 PM preparing to turn backward on July 25th. She hang at 0 degrees Virgo until crossing back into Leo following the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 31. Her quivering, slowed down motion brings attention to the first degree of Virgo in quite a punctuated way. The Sabian for 1 Virgo is: In a portrait, the best of a man's trait are idealized. The shaping power of idea or ideal over outer form and behavior. Completeness of realization. Pure aggrandizement. Intent.

But matters of Venus are not solidified here. They won't be until she passes out of her shadow and officially crosses 1 degree Virgo. So, here, it's just an inkling that shows us where we've over glorified ourselves, where we need to bring reality to ground, where we need to make love real and where we can offer out talents up in service. What's important? Not WHAT you are doing but why bears significance here. What is it you are trying to achieve? Why? How? Because if it's only with your own benefit in mind it may not play out so well. However, if your intent is “best for all” truly...really truly, truly...then, things may go a bit easier. Selfish intent, not so good. A sincere wish to be part of the solution will put you right in the position to be so...eventually. This is a long stretch of love. A sincere one. Make sure your heart is in the right place.

After the square with Saturn (5:42 PM) the Moon is blessedly Void for nearly 3 hours. But, at that time, she joins hands with Venus and they both cross over into Virgo. Meanwhile, our minds are firing on absolutely ALL cylinders as Mercury squares off with Uranus at 9:08 PM. OCD symptoms as well as feelings of budding anxiety could be a thing. But, the ability to assess, triage and prioritize are in place. Use them wisely and generously without putting your cart in front of the horses. Slow. Easy. Practical. Systematically. Which is going to be a hard pace to maintain under the catalytic efforts of Mercury/Uranus. Yet, it can be done. Be realistic. Work to bring brilliance to ground. Watch for verbal blurting and lashing out. Shocking news could also come. Take it in stride as best you can. Expect shocks to your system to occur and be practical in your dealings with them. The shocks will pass but the consequences of your actions in light of them will remain.

Overall, this is a pivotal week. Doors close. Some SLAM shut. But, don't linger on that. Look at the door that is opening and let what wants to leave go. Contemplate what you will fill that space with rather than linger on the fact that it is empty right now. Deal with the emotions in a forthright manner as they come. REACH and STRETCH toward generosity and benevolence even if you are in a dark place. Don't let the darkness win. Keep fueling your light and grace yourself with gratitude for the things that have remained through all this. Don't gobble up all the resources in a panic. Take what you need and share the rest. Make friends with Saturn and don't expect any of this to be easy. But know it will be worthwhile. It's just really hard to see that from where we are sitting right now.

**Sabian Symbols and descriptions (in italics) are quoted from Dane Rudyar's book, The Wheel of Significance which is available on Amazon.