Morning Star: Astrology for the week of July 5 through July 11, 2015

This morning we wake up under the umbrella of Mercury in Gemini sextile Venus in Leo (4:19 AM). Pay attention to information that comes in from Mercury about Venus today. It is likely to be flip-flopped and reviewed when Venus turns retrograde. The Moon is also waxing into square with Saturn Rx in Scorpio. This is heavy, folks. It fills us with the weight of responsibility and, on top of that, could pack a depressive punch with it. Following this, however, the Moon is Void for 2 hours before diving into Pisces at 10:24 AM. Even though heavy, we may want to hang on to that feel of Saturn/Moon as we delve into the waters of Pisces. It makes for a good anchor so we don't drift away and it also makes a reliable raft to float upon as the waters continue to rise.

We are in a time of a waning Moon. During which, we are called to let go, release, wash away. There is no more perfect a Moon to do that under than this one. Pisces does allow us to relinquish our grip on some things if we choose. It also allows room for the flood gates to open allowing us to purge excessive emotionality in an effort to reach more solid ground. There is room for acceptance, forgiveness and surrender in the Piscean realm. Feel free to use it if you need to.
The rest of the day, the Moon waxes toward a conjunction with Neptune which perfects at 2:31 AM. Sleep comes in heavily tonight for most folks. We rest deeply and are ready to greet Monday even if we are a bit slow in responding to the sunrise. Be sure to set your alarm if you have to get up early.

Monday, July 6, 2015
This morning we wake up slowly under a Pisces Moon in waning conjunction to Neptune in Pisces. Our Luna energy is on her way to trine our Sun in Cancer at 10:06 AM. This is a “smooth sailing” aspect that may call for more indirect engagement in activity rather than direct. We adjust our tack according to the wind and condition of the seas. There is not much of a straight line found in that practice. So, if the direct doesn't work to get you where you need to go, try an indirect approach.
By 10:12 AM the Moon is in a fortifying sextile with Pluto just as the Sun passes by the same in opposition at 11:34 AM. Outstretch your antennae. Some folks will be up to no good. You are going to have to feel your way through most of this day and keep your radar sharp in an effort to feel the snakelike energy that may be attempting to exert itself. In other words, lean highly on your intuition. If it is telling you that something is up, exit the situation without having to have an excuse. Of course, watch for the tendency to be paranoid. But, still, if your gut or something else inside you is yelling “DANGER, DANGER!” I encourage you to heed that call the best you can.

At it's highest, this set of aspects can help a person get on board with tremendous personal change. We assess and feel our own power and exert it appropriately within our lives to essentially re-birth ourselves in a more positive way. At it's lowest, this energy can produce power plays, oppressive efforts, controlling tendencies, jealousy, clinginess, or even a feeling of self-loathing and hatred. Your best bet, under a Pisces Moon, swim away in the light of the lower energies in this sky playing out. In ego power struggles, let go of the rope while not standing around and waiting for the abuse to continue.
Disappear from the situation if need be; retreat to the safety of your shell.

Overall, today is watery and deep. There is potential for some really dank emotions to creep out. There is potential for paranoia and oppressive efforts. Be wary of all that. In the interim, worry less about what others are doing and focus more on what it is you are trying to do while sidestepping anything that falls in your path as an obstacle. Pay close, CLOSE attention to your internal guidance system and heed it's calls if it tells you something is “off” or “not safe.” Grieve if you need to. Address the emotional body's needs with meticulousness while realizing that sometimes under a Pisces Moon our emotional bodies ache with a sense of being unfulfilled. Sit with that ache if it occurs and assess what it is yearning for without grasping out desperately in an attempt to manipulate others into giving you what you need. That's your job. You've just got to sit with yourself for a time and figure out what that “need” may be. As we lay our heads down tonight, the Moon is conjunct Chiron and that ache is going to be prominent. Address the symptoms of that while digging deep to figure out what it is you feel you may be truly missing.
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
This morning we could feel a bit emotionally hung over. Our Pisces Moon had a very watery day yesterday and this morning we wake up with that Moon in square to Mercury (8:57 AM). Chatter could feel especially annoying this morning as we would rather simply continue our wallowing in quiet solitude. However, a nice trine from Saturn to our Moon brings forth a bit of traction to help us climb out of this swamp (10:37 AM).

From here, the Moon is Void for a few hours before entering Aries at 12:38 PM. The pace of the second half of the day is much more active than what we felt this morning. We are definitely awake now and ready to engage in whatever challenge presents itself. Some folks may be downright mad. Some may simply be feeling motivated. But, either way, there is a sense of ambiguity wrapped up under the “wake up” feel of this due to a waxing square between the Moon and her current ruler, Mars in Cancer (4:16 AM). We must stand up for ourselves. But, we must also protect the softer parts of us in the process and, again, a direct approach to any of that may not be the way to go.

Just as the Charioteer in the Tarot card the Chariot, directs her will in an effort to steer two horses who, in a different setting, could just as well be battling one another, give yourself conscious direction. Decide what it is you really want to accomplish and realize that isn't always accomplished by simply walking from point A to point B. Give your opposing energies a common goal and wrangle ambiguity into a common direction. Also realize a good warrior is well fed. So, you may need to practice a bit of self care before embarking upon any battle. Remember, Mars is also waxing into opposition with Pluto. Deeply, DEEPLY assess your motivations in an effort to find out what is truly stirring them while know that there may be others out there that are playing out sneaky plans to regain power and control. Again, even though we are well away from the Pisces Moon at this point, the intuitive body is still a factor with the Cancer energy we have in the sky. If the situation feels dangerous or ominous heed the warning signals of your intuition and exit the situation. Better safe than sorry. Batten down the hatches and secure the safety of the home front.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Today we wake up under a lusty and blood thirsty Aries Moon in square to Pluto in Capricorn (12:44 PM). The Moon temporarily linked up a waxing Cardinal T-square which involved herself, Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. Some shady stuff may have went on overnight. And, this morning, we wake up in anticipation of it. We can feel that something shady is going on and we are ready to take the thing out. It is definitely not the day to run around pushing buttons. Reactions to such could be extreme. Folks are dealing with some pretty deep stuff and some of those folks could be reacting poorly to such and have an itchy trigger finger. If you want to persevere, you best bet is to steer toward defensive efforts rather than offensive ones. Don't start no shit in other words...cuz some folks will be locked, loaded and merely coiled up waiting for an excuse to unload. It's kind of a dark and scary day to be honest with you.

At 2:52 PM we receive a shift in the realm of our mental body. Mercury enters Cancerian waters kicking up the sense of intuition even more. I'm telling right now, I don't care how empathic Pisces is, I don't care how easily Scorpio can dig out the root of a situation, Cancer energy is THE most intuitive sign in the entire zodiac. And, folks with a lot of this energy feel and respond to it so naturally that they don't really think much about it. Overtime, these folks learn how to read the language of their intuitive body and doing so becomes just a part of life. They incorporate this guidance system and use it much like folks use their other senses. Today that intuitive gateway opens to all of us. Learning to read and appropriately respond to the inklings of our intuitive body is quickly going to become a thing. In that, the effectively you care for your internal water system, the more effectively you will be able to meet this call.

Intuition can enter the body the same way in which anxiety does. It can cause us to feel nervous and anxious. But, that feeling alone doesn't give you the message. It just alerts you that something is up. You have to chill that anxiety out and feel more deeply in an effort to suss out what it is your intuitive system is trying to tell you. Exacerbating these feelings of anxieties with stimulants makes it worse. We are more shaky and more prone to respond irrationally. Our thinking becomes skewed and our ability to discern the true message is greatly hindered. So, work to keep your waters clean and know that your logic system is likely going to answer to your Mood for awhile. We are embedded deeply in Cancer season at this point. We are one week away from a New Moon in the sign and we are being given ample opportunity to experience the elements of the sign VERY deeply in an effort to learn how to wrangle the energy appropriately in preparation for that. Part of steering this energy appropriately deals with being master and commander of our emotional body since, as of right this second, that entity rules both our mental and physical bodies as well as the way in which we prompted to express ourselves through ego. So, you don't want to let your emotions run around unchecked. Get a leash on them and steer them where you need them to go while expecting the rest to follow in tow, because it will for better or worse.
By 4:24 PM, we are under the pressure of our Last Quarter Moon that pits our Lunar energy against our Solar energy in a battle of “Do we fight? Or do we retreat? Do we kill them? Or make them dinner?” It's definitely a conflict of interests that needs to be effectively balanced out. I, personally, do not understand “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but if YOU do then that may be an effective way to handle this. But, again, we want to steer more toward defensive measures, if and when necessary, rather than offensive ones a this time. Plus, “direct” is not something that fits under this sky. So, sidewinding may be best stepping out of the path of charging invaders in the process.
Our ambition toward engaging in fights is weakening, too. Mars meets Neptune by trine at 6:43 PM and some ambitions are due to be washed away or dissolved. At the same time, we could feel angry for no good reason at all. Or, we could simply feel as if the energy has been completely drained out of us. Our anger melts into tears and there could be a bit of remorse for past actions wrapped up in that too. This trine melts Mars in away that imbibes him with compassion and empathy which is probably a good thing since he is also still waxing into opposition with Pluto. This aspect can bring a sense of softness to that lusty, power hungry and potentially devouring aspect. Release the grip on your anger and let it dissolve. Treat the real pain that prompts it. Cry if you need to. But, get the poison out of your emotional body that prompts bitterness, a need for revenge, clinging controlling efforts and subservient control or emotional manipulation tactics. Just let it go. Let it all go. Open your hands in release.
This conscious release can produce feelings of extreme elation (eventually) and even a sense of stronger independence and freedom of self. The anger is not allowed to control us anymore. We can use it for motivation. The Moon meets with Uranus at 11:17 PM. Either way, whether we release our hold on our anger and hurt or grasp more tightly to it, our give-a-damn about the whole thing breaks for better or worse under this conjunction. Letting go produces the higher expression of Moon/Uranus while holding on could produce an impulsive explosion. So, where you end up is your choice. Be more free? Or be the victim of your own pain and anger? Your choice. Which you are free to make. You are also free to carry around the consequences.

Thursday, July 9, 2015
Shew, finally today is a bit lighter and more mobile than most of the previous week. This morning we wake up to the Aries Moon making a jubilant trine with Jupiter in Leo (4:02 AM). She waxes into trine with Venus in Leo at around close to the same time (9:47 AM). These two trines are felt in tandem and they have us regrouping and starting to feel a bit better about ourselves. It's not very ambitious though. We are more inclined toward self-indulgence than taking to the battle field or piling on extraordinary amounts of work. We are ready to call a halt to this washout of a week.

After the trine with Venus, the Moon is blessedly Void until entering Taurus at 3:50 PM. This gives us a chance to wrap up what we've started earlier in the week or to slack off and do not much at all. Nothing is going to come of it, right? So, why not have something a little rich and sweet for lunch. Treat yourself. Romance yourself a little. No one's watching and who gives a flip if they are. You are allowed to do this. It reminds me of a story someone told me about her Dad. He was a hard worker and one day he came home exhausted from work and sat himself down in his chair with a whole gallon of ice cream and a spoon. When her mother walked in to ask what he was doing eating ice cream before dinner he said, “I'm eating ice cream because I'm an adult and I can.” Yep. There ya go. You have that authority too. Why are you eating an ice cream sundae for lunch? Because, you earned the money to buy it and you can. That's why. So, indulge yourself a bit and share some while you are at it or simply encourage others to do the same. We all deserve it.

At 7:35 PM, the Moon brings a welcomed bit of Earth to our mental bodies via a sextile from the Moon to Mercury in Cancer. This is nicely solid and brings form to any intuitive inklings the mental body may be picking up on. It brings those inklings to ground and helps us make a solid decision in regard to them. It's a nice, grounded, realistic approach colored by the softness of Cancer. Rich. Fertile. Grounded. Not too stubborn. Not too malleable. Just right. We feel better. We are thinking more clearly. Today offers a welcomed break from an otherwise tumultuous week.

Friday, July 10, 2015
On this last day of our work week, we find the Moon in stable Taurus waxing into sextile with Neptune in Pisces (8:29 AM). We are slow and subdued coming out of the gate this morning. We plod awhile and nap awhile not getting too caught up in work or business but we have enough Earth to keep us centered within the day. This is a nice and easy feeling but, it could also be a bit lazy. I find no fault in that.

Energy does pick up a bit as the day moves forward and the Moon makes a nice sextile with Mars in Cancer. Again, this isn't overly motivating but it does give us the energy to do what needs to be done to finish out this week. Forward moving efforts are smooth and sturdy but not overly quick. Taurus doesn't move quickly. Cancer certainly doesn't move quickly. But, there is an ability to casually move some ground here if we need to. That ground moving is fortified by endurance as the Moon waxes into trine with Pluto at 4:24 PM. Enjoy. The. Hell. Out. Of. The. Practical. Grounding. Gifted. To. Us. Under. This. Sky. It is not going to last forever but it sure can be enjoyed today. Get your feet underneath you and don't forget to enjoy some of the tangible pleasures of life.
Today is wonderfully stable. You can do and accomplish just about anything you want...even if that anything is nothing.

Saturday, July 11, 2015
Remember when the Moon was in trine to Jupiter and Venus under our Aries Moon on Thursday? That set of aspects helped us to feel better and encouraged us to relax and indulge a little. Well the same planets are back in play today but engaged by square with our Moon in Taurus. We could actually indulge a little too much and become selfish in those efforts in the process. Instead of gobbling up all the goodies for yourself, share the blessings all around. Instead of steering toward selfish overindulgence, steer yourself toward generosity and benevolence. Some folks will be right down full of themselves today. Others will be completely devoid of ambition and ready to settle into some serious rest and relaxation. I'll take door number 2 says the Libra. Yeah I could get on board with some R&R after this week runs its course. I encourage you to do the same and NOT feel guilty about it.

Though, you may feel a little guilty if you've shirked all your responsibilities as the Moon moves into opposition with Saturn in Scorpio at 5:52 AM. This looming heavy energy can be thwarted if you indulge AFTER you've accomplished what needed to be accomplished. Or, it can bring in depression that potentially expresses itself in the form of a bit of narcissism...not to mention emotional over-eating. Don't get too caught up in your own drama. Alright? Try not to take yourself too seriously. There really is nothing wrong with taking a day off. Yet, you don't want to completely shirk your responsibilities either. So, make sure those i's are dotted and t's are crossed and then relax without shaming yourself about it. We are not machines. We do more than work..or at least we should.

After the Moon's opposition with Saturn, she is Void until entering Gemini at 8:16 PM. The first aspect from our Gemini Moon is a square to Neptune occurring at about midday tomorrow. So, Sunday doesn't look overly productive either. Plan to wind down and allow the tides to rise. Foster a sense of gratitude about where you currently are even if that place is not the place you dreamed up to be yet. We all have work ahead of us. But, stopping and checking out the scenery while feeling blessed for how far down the path you've come already is just good practice. Allow that gratitude to trickle over into the lives of others. Share your blessings and be open to the sharing efforts of others. Remain grounded and practical while giving yourself permission to call a time out if you need one.