Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, June 4, 2015

This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Capricorn. The industriousness of this Moon's placement is softened by a sextile to Neptune at 2:04 PM. The day is largely subdued under this sky. Some folks may be sleepy, dazed or distracted at work. With Mercury Rx still lingering within orb of Neptune, which is certainly an aspect during this retrograde that has hang time and importance, music could really help with productivity and motivation, if you need it to. Turn on some upbeat tunes to help keep you awake and productive. And, of course, don't forget to drink plenty of water. As a matter of fact, anything connected to the element of Water could be greatly beneficial to the other factor we have lighting up the sky.

Later tonight, the Moon passes through the waning Yod between the Sun, Mars, Pluto and Jupiter. She flickers the inconjunct with the Sun (14 Gemini) at 9:35 PM just prior to meeting Pluto (15 degrees Capricorn) by conjunction at 11:08 PM. Her inconjuncts with Mars (16 Gemini) and Jupiter (17 Leo) occur at 2:21 AM and 3:02 AM respectively. This Yod between these FIVE (yes, FIVE!!) bodies remains active for the duration of our evening and overnight hours holding the Moon and Pluto upon the Apex. It sounds like a lot of active soul searching to me. Even though the Moon doesn't enter this mix until overnight, most of this energy is active all day. The Sun officially finds Pluto by inconjunct tomorrow while Mars also sextiles Jupiter. Not only will this Yod remain active for a few days, it has BEEN active since the Full Moon. As the Moon passes through, though, we are affected emotionally by it. Both of our very personal luminaries are involved making this quite an individuated dynamic...meaning, it brings personal stuff to the surface for many. Unfortunately, it's hard to wrap our brains around what it all means due to Mercury's current afflictions. We have to feel our way through which is HIGHLY doable due to the position of the Moon which leads us through this Finger of God tonight.

That being said, dreams could pull information deep from within our core and to the surface of our psyche at least momentarily. Moreover, Sun/Mars in Gemini is an active thinker. We think; therefore, we are. I also feel that Mars in an air sign does more thinking and talking about doing than actually engaging. I have an air Mars, I know how that goes. There is a lot of “I'm going to” and, at times, very little follow through. Thinking is not doing. However, creating is doing and this Yod (with Sun/Mars sextile Jupiter at the base) is wonderful for creative efforts or even revamping some of the games and activities we enjoyed in our youth. Play? Under a Capricorn Moon? Yes, but in this regard, our play has a hidden therapeutic agenda. I'm thinking role playing here or other active/creative therapeutic measures that work on a psychological and, potentially, physical level such as rehabilitation. As a matter of fact, this Yod could be named the “Therapeutic Rehabilitation Yod” applying to both emotional and psychological rehab as well as physical (particularly that which occurs post surgery/injury). Rehab in any regard is NOT easy. But, it doesn't have to be regimented like boot camp either. It CAN be fun and involve small groups of folks that are supportive of each individual's efforts toward healing. The trick is to remember you are working to empower yourself. We are not so much working in an effort to overpower others. We are just grappling to get back to baseline operation so that we can grow and flourish from there. Within the process of rehab, though, we do often meet with physical or emotional pain and are challenged with safely pushing through those barriers to stretch ourselves toward higher functionality. In other words, it's a progressive process that calls for our active engagement, focus, determination and bravery while being mindful of what is too much pain and knowing when to stop versus when to push through. The point is to heal the injured part (physical or emotional) not re-injure it. In that, we may need to call upon outside guidance and support or seek out the assistance of a professional. We incorporate the element of Water with therapeutic music (meditative instrumentals and such), visualization, medications that reduce muscle pain and swelling etc, or by even incorporating it into our physical rehab through water intake or such as with physical therapy IN water which is often used for those with arthritic problems.
If you work in multi-media, wow, could you ever create something powerful under this Yod. Of course, again, Mercury is a factor. So, in work such as this I'm thinking more along the lines of tangible creations rather than ones that require electronic assistance. Delineating future plans on vision boards, collages, chalk and dry erase boards etc appeases this energy while allowing us to use Mercury effectively too. By the way, this energy is also ripe for prayer vigils or memorials held to nurture and support the grieving.

So, yes, today is subdued but deeply personal with the purpose of helping us to prepare for the future by repairing what has been broken or by learning to deal with the things that cannot be repaired while enhancing the functionality that remains. You know what is broken. You can feel it. The Universe supports your healing efforts at this time. It's time to dig deep and become proactive about addressing whatever it is that needs to be addressed while maintaining faith in yourself that you can do it. At the very least, we are well positioned to see exactly what it is we are each made of for better or worse.