Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, June 20, 2015

On the surface of today, things look wonderful! It's a great day for adventuring or getting out to try something new. Weather-wise, things do look quite heated...meaning, it's likely to be a very bright, sunny and hot day in many areas. Mercury and Neptune have settled down in their new directions by now. However, they are still waxing into square. So, yeah, there could be a few rainclouds to contend with due that. But, I'm not looking for many of them. This day is mostly geared to get us off the couch and out and about particularly in our early evening hours.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo. She passes by Pluto by inconjunct early this morning (6:39 AM). The rest of the day, she spends waxing into a conjunction with Jupiter in Leo (4:38 PM) and trine with Uranus in Aries (5:08 PM). This lovely fire trine is great for outdoor games and cookouts. It's baseball season for many of our youth meaning lots of parents will be parked at the ball field being spectators and sideline coaches. Outside of official sporting events, though, there is plenty of room to become active in whatever you should choose. Just don't forget to seek out some shade from time to time and remain hydrated so you don't become overheated. If you are planning an event for Father's Day, I think today looks much more amicable for such than tomorrow. Today is light, friendly and active; whereas, tomorrow is colored mostly by a heavier more stoic Moon/Saturn square.

It's a great night to camp out under the stars or simply arrange a small gathering of friends for a taste of fun and socialization. Traveling can also be on the agenda. Just be mindful of the waxing square between Mercury and Neptune (which is nothing compared to the Mercury/Neptune mess we have been contending with in the recent past). Double check your travel plans and take a real map in the event that your GPS decides to go all screwy. Stay alert on the road. Otherwise, get out, move around, see, do and connect with others. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, give yourself permission to take a break from “adult world” worries and engage in something fun and playful. The world won't stop spinning if you lay your work down for one day of play, I promise. Besides, you deserve it.