Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 24, 2015

This morning we wake up under an umbrella of tension created by our First Quarter Moon which pits a Libra Moon against a Cancer Sun by square at 2 degrees 38 minutes Cardinal (7:04 AM). This occurs about a half an hour after Chiron stations retrograde at 21 Pisces 33. Our wounded healer's energy is strong these days as he has been preparing to switch direction. Now, he will wobble backward for awhile.

Then, at 9:34 AM, Mars shifts into Cancer bringing a new vibe to duty and motivation. Mars in Cancer is motivated to act according to the emotional body. Meaning, motivation and ambition can change with your mood. This placement can also bring anger and conflictual emotions to the home front. However, Mars in Cancer can also be used in defense of the home. It took me a while to figure that one out. My husband and I have composite Mars in Cancer involved in a massive Cardinal Cross that includes our composite Sun/Venus in Libra, Chiron/Moon in Aries and Jupiter/NN in Capricorn. In the beginning of our relationship, we fought quite a bit. After looking at our composite and after trying to wrangle this Cross for some time, I discovered that not only could Mars in Cancer cause attacks or fights on the home front. But, it could also be used to defend and support the home and the relationship from attack even if that home needed to be protected from ourselves from time to time. That realization changed the dynamic significantly. It became the responsibility of each of us to learn how to deal with our anger and frustration appropriately in order to defend this third entity (our relationship/home) that we had created together. It was our choice. We could fight over what we individually felt was important (Mars/Venus) and continually wound the relationship (Chiron/Moon) and one another, or we could strive to do the right thing (Mars/Jupiter) and defend our shelter (Mars in Cancer) even if it meant dealing with ourselves (Sun) on an individual level first and subsequently foster healing (Moon/Chiron). A mutual agreement to swing the dynamic of the energy created between the two of us (along with the mutual motivation to save the relationship instead of sink it) is probably what saved our marriage. The message was THAT clear. The change it caused in perspective worked like flipping a switch in regard to how this energy manifested.

That being said, Mars is involved in this First Quarter Moon by square to the Moon itself. There could be arguments and disagreements that brew internally...between family members and within relationships. While it's easy to direct our anger at the other, if the relationship with these folks is important, then we should deal with our anger appropriately and instead of shooting Mars energy into the relationship, direct it outward in defense. Even if those defensive efforts are used to hold ourselves at bay until we can appropriately address whatever the situation may be. You can circle the wagons, but if there is fighting within the ranks, your defensive measures are weakened and the “boundary” of your relationship becomes weakened and open to attack not only from the inside but also from the outside.
Assessment of power within the dynamic of relationships (be they work relationships, those within family units or those between 2 or more people) is about to become a growing “thing”. Our Full Moon on July 1 falls conspicuously close to Pluto Rx. The Sun perfects in opposition to Pluto officially on July 5. Then, Mars repeats this opposition to Pluto Rx on July 15 while the Moon is in Cancer also opposing Pluto. Mercury ALSO opposes Pluto on the same day---which, by the way, is also the day of our New Moon in Cancer. So as this energy ingresses into Cancer, it begins to boil under the heat of Pluto and Mars. It says, “It's time to stop pointing fingers of blame and, instead, be accountable for our role in whatever the problem is. Then, come together in an effort to solve said problem instead of fighting over its cause.” Or, blow the whole thing to smithereens. In some instances, it may be a good idea to blow the relationship to bits. But, if the relationship is worth saving, you may want to remind yourself of the defensive measures that Mars in Cancer is capable of.

At any rate, that's what is coming down the pike. The energy connected with the Full Moon in a week begins increasing in intensity from here. The heat is placed under our kettle today and it will be at a full rolling boil by the Full Moon. Then, we are given a chance to begin again under the New Moon in Cancer. How that new beginning is fostered and the circumstances that we find ourselves in at that time is largely dependent upon how we deal with ourselves on the way there.

Today, though, the energy is rather crunchy pitting elements of Cancer (home, family, emotions) against the elements of Libra (relationships, partnerships, the “other”). The assessment of worth within these elements begins and we are pushed to respond with either anger or defensive measures. In the process, folks may be on edge due the tension within the core relationships of their lives. So keep that in mind while interacting with folks with public. Meanwhile, assess your own relationships and decide what is worth saving versus what needs to change or be released. Is it time to stand your individual ground? Or is it time to lay down your self-defensive measures and come together in an effort to save the connection? That's entirely up to you.