Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 22, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo making a mutable t-square with Mercury in Gemini (6:28 AM) and Neptune in Pisces (8:40 AM). This overlays the meat of the morning. Sagittarius is the missing leg that would make this a mutable grand cross. So, in the event of confusion, reach for the truth and the broader perspective to clear things up a bit. Know, however, that brain fog could very well be a thing under this sky and focus could be elusive particularly in the early AM.

Underneath that fog, lightning is striking as Jupiter perfects in trine to Uranus at 9:46 AM. This aspect is about as tame as a wild pony. But, it isn't something that waxes in harshly. However, it does bring the potential for wildly intelligent high-brow humor, unexpected opportunity, a sudden change in luck, an impromptu vacation or travel and much more. Events connected with this trine can be higher mind blowing, bringing expansion to our more developed intelligences or incorporating spiritual beliefs into scientific methods or experimentation. As a matter of fact, experimenting (Uranus) with different belief systems (Jupiter) could also be a thing. In a big way, this energy encourages you to be honest with yourself and others and to step out of your “shell” just as you are, 100% real and true to yourself regardless of what that end product looks like saying, “This is me; this is who I am” without abandon.
By 6:24 PM the Moon in Virgo is trining Pluto bringing power to our emotional body. Emotional strength and bravery waxes into the equation...not to mention endurance. The fuel (Pluto) for our shiny new (Jupiter) robot (Uranus) has arrived---HA! Artificial intelligence integration complete. Sorry. I think I just went all super (Jupiter) nerd (Uranus). It happens.

Today is mostly weird, folks. That is entertaining for some and nerve taxing for others. I'm ok with weird and unusual. The morning looks a little confusing and foggy on the negative pole and brilliantly imaginative on the other. While Jupiter and Uranus can bring inspiration, hope and humor to the future they can also increase anxieties for those with Moon's prone to such to begin with. Under a Virgo Moon, we are tasked with bringing all this to practical use and that is entirely possible as that Moon is imbibed with super powers herself (x-ray vision to be precise) through her trine with Pluto. Perhaps an unusual candidate (Uranus) for the Presidency (Jupiter) in the US will throw their hat in the ring. Perhaps, we all could be heroes for the day. Or, at the very least, we may finally get that new trendy haircut we've been thinking about. Take a little risk. Put yourself out there. Bravely be you. Or Wonder Woman...or Superman, or Batman, or Spiderman...but not Aquaman. Nobody wants to be Aquaman.