Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 21, 2015

This morning we wake up to a nice and potentially busy Leo Moon in sextile to Mars in Gemini (8:54 AM). The thing is, though, if we take off running out of of the gate this morning, there is a chance we could end up hitting a wall about midday. At around Noon we meet with drag created by a lunar square to Saturn in Scorpio. This is heavy and potentially depressive. To use it deliberately, you are going to want to aim for grounding, responsibility and fortitude. Know that the word “forbearance” certainly applies to our emotions at midday. We need to be responsible wardens of the same. Saturn is back in Scorpio now. So this energy pits the Lion against the Scorpion. I find that energy much heavier than a mutable square from Luna to Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Scorpio is very heavy.
Remember this beast? The Scorpiolion? He's back.
Something I would like to also point out about the energy we have today. Several planets are in their shadow. Venus enters her shadow today. Mercury still lingers in his retrograde shadow even though his energy is leveling out. There is review still happening here. Things are resolving on a Mercurian level, but they are not completely unwound until Mercury exits his shadow next weekend. Saturn is retrograde, so, of course, also still in shadow and Neptune is following suit. There is nothing WILD or WRONG with any of that. But, it is a fact that is beneficial to remember because it can stir echoes bringing past events to the fore and, with Neptune, stripping away delusions or veils that were created around these past events along the way. Plus, with Venus direct and in her shadow some events that are occurring now may be revisited during her retrograde. Mercury in his shadow and within proximity to Neptune can assist that time-warpy feel in transpiring.

With Saturn Rx, he has passed over this ground once already. In that first passage, we learned. In the second pass, we re-experience and have a chance to consider what is we have learned. The experiences we have may not be carbon copies of the experiences we had that brought the initial lesson. But, they are of the same flavor and it can produce, at least, a mild inkling of PTSD-like symptoms. Then again, if you were not following the harsh lessons of Saturn in Scorpio when he was on his way out of the sign before, that fact may come back to haunt you now. As an extreme example, if you murdered someone as Saturn was leaving Scorpio, the body is likely to be found during his retrograde. When he is direct and moves over this point again, you are arrested and put on trial. Neptune Rx in Pisces is notorious for bringing floating bodies to the surface of the water. Just throwing that in there in case you tried to sink someone literally or metaphorically. Bear in mind, that, yes, this is an VERY extreme example. I'm not sure that many criminals or crooks even read astrology write ups. However, it is highly likely that crimes committed during Saturn's passage out of Scorpio will be discovered in his retrograde days and news of such does bear stark impact upon the collective. Lost or hidden bodies are discovered. Saturn is grimacing as this occurs saying, “And you thought you got away with it...didn't you?” That being said, mentally revisit the time in which Saturn was exiting Scorpio and prepare for echoes.

Gather your lessons from that time and get ready to employ them, or in the very least, test them out. Saturn was originally tracing the degrees he is retracing now between November and December of last year—around the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, to give you a point of reference. He entered Sagittarius on December 24, 2014. Mostly what I remember from that time period is not being interested in the holidays at all. It was the first year in my 42 years on this planet that I did not decorate a single Christmas Tree. I simply was not in the mood. It didn't feel like the holidays. That solstice came and went and I was seriously not even interested. Now, here we are, at another solstice and Saturn in Scorpio's heaviness is back to greet it too. Now my bah-humbug is falling around the celebrations due to occur on July 4th. The “feel” of celebration is just not there. The call to perform in the face of tradition, gone. You may find similar echoes in your sphere that point back to that place in time too.
After the square to Saturn at midday, the Moon is briefly Void for about 40 minutes until entering Virgo at 12:59 PM. As the Moon is Void, the Sun skirts over into Cancer at 12:38 PM. Um...shifty and interesting. This evening's feel is quite different than the morning's and that can be a bit disorienting. By, 1:01 PM, the Sun and Moon are in nice sextile. Meanwhile, Venus perfects in an inconjunct to Pluto. As she moves from 14 degrees Leo toward 20 degrees Leo (where Jupiter is sitting), she bridges this inconjunct with Pluto and recombines Jupiter's energy into it (who is otherwise pretty much out of orb by 6 degrees). Yet, Venus carries the torch that re-ignites that. We also should not forget that Jupiter is holding an inconjunct with Chiron in Pisces who is due to turn Rx on June 24 and subsequently tighten in orb within that inconjunct. Venus is trine to Uranus and conjunct Jupiter as the inconjunct between Jupiter and Chiron Rx re-perfects on June 30th. On that day, the Moon is in Sagittarius catalyzing the entire thing with fire trines right on the precipice of our Full Moon in Capricorn. What I'm trying to tell you here is that a small bubbling in matters of Venus is occurring right now. As we near the Full Moon, that pot may threaten to boil over and/or explode at the Full Moon. This week, things get shaky under the First Quarter Moon in preparation for that. The heat is turned up and we are being called to tend to and protect that which we hold at value consciously and deliberately.
On top of that, with the Sun entering Cancer, our solar bodies now answer to the movements of the Moon. Moodiness and heightened emotionality is about to become a “thing.” In that we are called to be our own parent...our own mother, working to redirect ourselves and nurture our emotional bodies appropriately. Tend to the tantrums of your inner child effectively.

Overall, this morning starts off with the promise of being busy and active. However, there is the heaviness of Moon/Saturn to contend with in all that. It's difficult to make progress but the progress we do make will be solid...remember the trudging? It's back. However, this evening the energy shifts a little giving us a chance to pull back, go home and recuperate. Yet, even within that slim point of ease, we can feel the darkness lingering under the inconjunct from Venus to Jupiter...honestly, this reminds me of heartburn which is definitely a possibility with Moon in Virgo. However, it manifests and however you feel about it, don't ignore it. Be a responsible self-caretaker and give yourself what you need. Our VOC Moons are brief for awhile. We aren't getting many breaks emotionally so we are going to have to take it upon ourselves to make room for one when it is needed. Tonight is an excellent time to carve out some space for that.