Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 17, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer waxing into trine with Neptune in Pisces (12:41 PM). This is rather mushy. When I think of this aspect occurring from Cancer to Pisces I see a big sea sponge. And, that is likely how this plays out. We are absorbent. Sensitive. Moisture surrounds us but it also keeps us alive. Drink more water. You knew I was going to say that, right? Neptune is newly retrograde. However, even when he is running backward, many of the same guidelines for dealing with his transits apply. When we are under the gun of Neptune, our emotional sensitivity does increase. Due this fact, I typically recommend cutting down on the amount of chemicals and stimulants you take into your body because their effects can be felt more acutely under a sensitive Neptune transit. However, staying well hydrated helps to calm things down a bit. It makes sense if you think about it. Don't dump pollutants into your inner ocean. At the same time, Neptune transits can increase sleepiness, grogginess and drowsiness. So, these are the days when we reach for that extra cup of coffee (or five) or some other type of stimulant (soda, energy drinks, sugary foods) to jolt ourselves into a more awakened state. In the end, this “quick fix” depletes us and makes us feel worse. Whereas working to build a foundation of true energy through increasing water intake and leaning toward eating energy supportive foods helps us feel more stable.

After the Moon wanes from her trine with Neptune, she begins waxing into opposition with Pluto (9:43 PM). The night is dark, dark, dark and we may find ourselves retreating to our shells in an effort to avoid the wolf at the door. This set up of Neptune/Moon followed by Pluto/Moon looks a lot like a set up for paranoia. Be wary of that. It also, at it's most negative pole, can indicate a feeling of emotional hollowness (Neptune) followed by a desperate reaching out in an effort to control (Pluto). Actually, that “reaching out” looks a lot more like clawing at the ground in an attempt to keep from being washed away or lost. The more positive pole has us releasing our grip and floating with the tides while fostering the bravery and endurance to trust in the process. We realize we don't have to stranglehold something in order to love it. We can let it go, grieve if necessary, but keep on loving it while subsequently gifting it with freedom.

Dealing with the emptiness in your gut can be difficult. Especially if that emptiness (Neptune) is followed by an intense craving and accompanied with fear and paranoia (Pluto). There may be a bit of emotional eating today as many try to fill that insatiable ache. Some may revert to emotional manipulation in an effort to bring assurance and control to their fears and paranoia. Again, this is all occurs on the negative pole---which is found on the path of least resistance. In other words, it sneaks up on you when you are not deliberately employing the energy. And, when it does, it chooses the easiest route for itself...which for us humans, is not always the most favorable one. So, to employ this energy deliberately, proactively address your emotions...which we will get more practice with when Mars enters Cancer (June 24). Defend your soft underbelly and surrender to the building flow of the tides. Don't try to swim against the current. Flow with it instead. Surround yourself with the positive influence of Neptune, music, poetry, art, dreaming...NAPS!

Let go of any desire to control the folks and circumstances around you while being acutely aware (like you will have a choice) of any manipulative attempts to control you. Dig deep into your emotional body and find the toxins. Then, purge them. Let Pluto draw them to the surface and subsequently surrender them to the waters. Find a quiet space and address your emotional wounds. Or, if you find yourself well positioned and pumped full of love, allow that cup to gently overflow into the potentially dry cups of others. That's a “sickness” worth spreading. However, know today will likely prompt you to want to retreat a bit. If you have to be out in the world, pack a few reminders of home with you. At our last Cancer Moon, I brought a plant from home to sit next to my desk at my office, as an example. You can also pack your lunch from home or bring some pictures of your loved ones/family to carry with you or to place near you while at work. If you are embarking on travel, pack your favorite pillow and blanket or other favorite creature comforts. National take your favorite stuffed animal to work day? Why not? Ok, that may be a bit out there for some; but, I think you catch my drift.