Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 15, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Gemini Moon creating a sextile with Venus (5:39 AM) and working toward a square with Neptune in Pisces (6:59 AM). Doesn't sound like a very ambitious Monday morning to me, thus far, anyway. This morning we could spend a little extra time preening, or we may linger in our dens a little longer than typical. We could get a taste of the boldness brought forth from Venus in Leo as well.

Later tonight, the Moon sextiles Jupiter (11:05 PM) and Uranus (00:43 AM) linking them in a mini-trine. The energy waxes in most of the day giving us a fresh airy feeling. In some places “fresh” and “airy” could very well equate to hot and dry. Either way, the day seems to start out slow but picks up in pace a bit in our evening hours. The mini-trine with Jupiter and Uranus is supportive but wild. It leans toward adventure and unexpected opportunity. Plus, it can also prompt us to take a few risks. There could be a brief flurry of activity as we escort this lunar cycle out and await a new one to begin tomorrow.