Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 12, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Aries until 10:17 AM when the Moon crosses over into Taurus. The day is mostly sedate but it may be a bit hard to maintain a sense of comfort. The Moon spends most of the day waxing into square with her ruler, Venus, who is newly in Leo. This square occurs at 10:13 PM. We may question our wonderfulness. There is a high probability of dissatisfaction here.

Meanwhile, the Sun squares off with Chiron in Pisces at 2:54 PM. Mars is still within an orb of Chiron as well. On June 14th, the Sun and Mars will officially meet by conjunction in Gemini at 23 degrees. If you would like to review my warnings for Mars/Chiron, they can be found in yesterday's write up. As for Sun/Chiron, the warnings are about the same except they also include matters of the Ego...perhaps a wounded sense of pride or pain that shaped our identity becomes apparent. Chiron is a funny animal. Not funny “ha ha” but more like funny odd. Working through Chironic issues can lead to the ability to help others heal by putting to use what you have learned. But, you've got to effectively work through your own issues before you can ever get to that point. Above and beyond that, even though you deal with your Chironic issues, they never go away. The pain always exists but we become functional in spite of it while learning to deal with these issues more effectively. This is how the ability to help others is born. Or. We writhe in continual pain unaware of how we are allowing it to overflow into the rest of our lives. Under today's Sun/Chiron square, we may become acutely aware of some of these issues on a personal level allowing us to see how pain has shaped our ego. There is also a chance of illness and personal remain alert out there. Or, we may react to that primordial pain like wounded animals, learning little and running the risk of inflicting pain rather than acknowledging that our own needs to be addressed and nurtured. In the latter, our wounds spread and become festered and infectious. With acknowledgment and acceptance, though, we can then begin to be more like our true selves in light of our pain instead of continually allowing it to dictate who it is we are to become. It's a hollow ache no matter how you look at it. The end result is dependent upon how we decide to deal with it...or not.

Later tonight, the Moon waxes toward a softening sextile with Neptune in Pisces (3:04 AM). This can usher the day out under a night of solid rest or it can bring tears and an uptick in emotionality. It's secret call is to let go, release, forgive and accept. The Moon is growing increasingly dark begging us to go within and release. Effectively meet that call and open yourself to letting go.

Overall, today is quite subdued, a little squirmy and introverted. Watch out for the rendering of teeth by wounded animals and do your best not to become one. However, if you need to stand up for yourself and defend your wounds from being continually poked, then do so. In the meantime, disallow anyone to infect you with their pain. Commiserate and comfort; but, don't try to carry their baggage around or dismiss your own call toward healing. Listen to the message of your pain.