Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 10, 2015

This morning we wake up to a sturdy Aries Moon in trine to Saturn who is barely clinging to the early degrees of Sagittarius before falling back into Scorpio for a bit during his retrograde. This is grounded allowing us to leave solid steps behind us as we move forward. By late morning (8:52 AM) Mercury Rx is in sextile to Venus in Leo. This aspect is warm, light, buzzy and charming. It's also rich for re-connecting with old friends from our childhood or simply revisiting the things we enjoyed as children. I'm seeing high school reunions here with remembrances exchanged. The feel is a lot like that. The Moon passes in aspect to this sextile at 3:00 with a sextile of her own to Mercury and a trine to Venus at 3:30. Were you one of those kids that liked to spin around until they got really dizzy? If so, you are going to LOVE this budding mini-trine created here.

Meanwhile, the Sun perfects in sextile to Uranus at 5:31 PM. This is another aspect that catalyzes independence. It also imbibes us with an energy much like we find in Aquarius. We are able to foster that coolness of being or “frostiness” right in the heat of the day. The aspect is also socially minded and works well in groups with the same type of initiatives. In accompaniment with our initiating Moon in Aries (who will find the Sun by sextile and Uranus by conjunction tomorrow), pioneering new ground or coming together to collaborate over future solutions fit well into today.

We end our day with the Moon waxing toward a square with Pluto which does not perfect until our early morning hours tomorrow. However, late tonight we may feel this heaviness waxing in. We are still under a waning Moon which forever prompts us to clean off our plates, wipe the slate clean, let go, release, finish things up in preparation for a whole new ball game at the New Moon. Most of the day is busy, but light without too much chance of conflict.
Tomorrow, our Aries Moon operates under tension but is still supported by Jupiter, the Sun in Gemini, and Mars. Plus, Mercury turns direct as Neptune stations retrograde. The THUD you may hear at that time is the sound of a veil dropping. There are instances where the truth will be so solid and apparent that you might trip over it if you aren't careful. That is due to occur over the course of the next few days at least. As Neptune backs up, he pulls delusion with him. His station points can indicate instances of wonky weather...and so can Mercury's. Station points for both planets also indicate a brief uptick in that planets power. So, weirdness in our atmosphere may be a factor for a few days as well, particularly as the orb of the square between these planets diminishes. Mercury will square Neptune one final time from Gemini on June 23 while we are under the Moon in Virgo.

Under today's sky, those who aren't afraid to walk their own unique path and are who willing to allow others to do the same will fair the best. Trying something new is highly supported and the most creative and inventive people seriously can find their groove. Honesty remains the best policy as untruths run the risk of being revealed. The day is smart, playful and well grounded. Yet, there is still a caution flag around everything Mercury as he increases in power at his station point. The mutable cross between Sun/Mars in Gemini, Pallas in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces and BML in Virgo is still strongly in force calling us to focus our rage into something that helps heal us instead of wounds us further. The inconjunct between Jupiter and Pluto is fading as well as the Yod involved with the same. Jupiter is, however, gloriously building in trine to Uranus which is WONDERFUL energy to be had. About the only drag I see here is the one that hangs over those who refuse to let go of old ways of doing things and dig their heels in resisting any type of change. If you've not figured it out yet, change is here and we've been called to be ridiculously flexible since Gemini season commenced. So, the stoic and dusty will suffer while the movers and shakers (those that see and become inspired by the current changes in the world) will have plenty of room to move and shake.