Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 9, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon still swimming in Pisces and in sextile to Pluto (5:37 AM) as Mars sextiles Uranus (3:33 AM). We have a bit of ongoing Mars/Uranus flavor with Uranus in Aries. This just puts a little icing on the cake. I personally love to hate the aspect myself. I have Mars/Uranus conjunct in my natal chart. Growing up, I heard a lot of “You are too independent” which, to this day makes no sense to me. How can someone be too independent? I'm also ridiculously defiant and rebellious. They medicate people for that, you know? Or they try to. Here's the overall thing with that placement, though, I do NOT like to be told what to do. Most folks with this placement or other aspects between Mars/Uranus are the same. You can call this defiance and obstinance if you want; because, sometimes that is exactly what it is...but I call it “I'll decide what the appropriate action is for me and what it is I need to do all by myself...thank you very much.” So, note one for today, don't try to be bossing people around. They will be resistant if not pissed off about it. It's best to keep your nose in your own business and decide what it is you are going to do rather than decide what it is everyone should do. Then, you can lead by example. Trying to lead by force could get really ugly.

With Mars sextile Uranus and the Moon lingering in sextile to Pluto, there is a sense of stern resolve behind a push for independence and freedom of action. This is aside from the fact that the Sun is still within orb of a sextile to Jupiter which has pumped a few folks into being quite full of themselves lately. So we have confidence, resolve and potential defiance all wrapped up in a pretty little bow—under a Pisces Moon which means the feeling could very well be contagious or infectious all around. But, it can also mean that our actions answer directly to our emotional body and our ability to feel compassion and empathy while also prodding the questions, “Is this something I need to let go of? Do I need to surrender? Or, do I need to unleash the flying monkeys?”

Potential conflict enters our sphere as the Sun and Moon square off at midday forming our Last Quarter Moon (LQM). Typically, Last Quarters are not harsh but they can be fairly gritty. This LQM pits the Moon in Pisces against the Sun in Gemini with Jupiter involved by inconjunct and sextile respectively. With Jupiter involved, things may seem a bit bigger than under a typical LQM. Jupiter has a tendency to imbibe situations with drama and with Venus in Leo, there is a certain adoration of performance happening in our atmosphere. Many will metaphorically “take the stage” for their solo performance or an impromptu soliloquy. If the audience is not as receptive as the actor thinks they should be, then there could be plays put in place in an effort to poke around and get the attention the performer is craving. In some situations, it doesn't matter whether the attention a person is receiving is positive or negative, as long as it is attention. Your best bet? Don't get wrapped up and swept away in it which is really easy to do under a Pisces Moon. So, note number two, boundaries up and refuse to get sucked into someone else's drama.

What we end up with under this LQM are two Yods. The first one is the one that has been ongoing since the Full Moon in Sagittarius between Jupiter and Pluto. Mercury has passed through here. Mars is still lingering very nearby while in aspect to Uranus and the Sun is sitting right on the base leg in sextile to Jupiter. The other Yod involves the Moon, Pluto and holds Jupiter at the apex. These two Yods criss-cross one another and are conjoined with common planets. The Yod with the Moon will fade throughout the day. But, the Yod with Sun, Jupiter and Pluto will hold for just a few more. This brings pivotal circumstance to the fore and tasks us with really digging deep to bring out our true character and put it into action for better or worse. This is all wonderfully unique and dynamic with no “One size fits all” answer. We've really got to figure out what is best for us on our own without attempting to copy off of someone else's paper; because, what works for someone else may not be a great answer on a personal level. Consciously build your own consequence. You might as well. You are the one that is going to sleep with those consequences when they transpire. You know?
Just for kicks, let's look at the Sabians for this LQM. For the Moon at 19 Pisces (from Dane Rudyar's book, The Wheel of Significance): Master and pupil commune in strength in a long walk. Body-strengthening function of the soul. Release from race karma. Transmutation of everyday facts into intelligence. Well, that's pretty interesting to me on a personal level since I woke up this morning thinking about one of my “Masters” who seriously helped me get a handle on my Mars...not by ordering me to do something, but by showing me—by the way.

The Sabian for the Sun at 19 Gemini says: Large archaic volume on display in a museum's archives. Reserve of collective knowledge and wisdom beyond true individual self-expression. Deference to past experience. So, the student and teacher are walking along, perhaps pontificating potential solutions to current problems while assessing what has worked in the past versus what hasn't. Past knowledge may contain directive in regard to what to do...or it may not. Know that these two Sabians point staunchly to the ability to be your own wise counsel and guide. Yes, study, listen, learn. But, in the end, remember the decision falls on your shoulders and directly affects your future trajectory. It's all highly personal and driven from a person's core. Plus, whatever action we do take or, conversely, do not take bears an emotional impact...the Moon squares off with Mars in Gemini at 2:09 PM. From here, the Moon moves forward to conjunct Chiron at 4:45 PM while also opposing BML in Virgo and squaring Pallas in Sagittarius. Mars in Gemini at nearly 20 degrees is a player in this (Pallas, Chiron and BML are at 21 mutable) HELLO you pain in the ass mutable cross! I've only got one thing to say about that whole mess...focus your rage. Don't let it explode all over the place even if it seems like that would feel really good at the time. Don't react like a wounded animal, even if you may feel like one. Take conscious control here and contemplate a strategy (Pallas in Sagittarius) that feeds and supports your long-term future even if that forward moving plan seems “outrageous or out of character” (BML) to others. Re-coil. Don't let “them” push your buttons until you end up doing something that hurts you in the long run. Nu-uh. “They” don't get that permission today because we are calling our own shots here for better or worse, right? In case you didn't know, Lilith didn't take kindly to being told what it is she was or was not or what it was she was allowed to do or not. So, there's another hit to keep your spoon in your own pudding. Know, though, there will be instances where folks try to stir your alert to this potential and deflect those attempts. Chances are the only motivation behind such stirrings is to deflect attention from the instigator to begin with. You can always flip that spotlight around and shine light on their attempts. But, in truth, the best action here is just to ignore it and refuse to give the pot-stirrer the attention or deflection they are trying manifest.

After her conjunction with Chiron, the Moon is Void until entering Aries in the morning. And, to be honest, tomorrow looks like a great day for metaphorically kicking ass and taking names. The gift of this Void Moon is that we can rest a bit in preparation for this incoming day of fire trines and air/fire sextiles. We are going to need to be well rested in order to wrangle that effectively. There is such a push to step out of a role of conformity overlaying the sky right now. Again, today, re-coil, retreat, recalculate. For tomorrow, we attack.