Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 8, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces squaring Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (5:03 AM) and at an inconjunct with Venus in Leo (9:00 AM). Waking up under Moon/Saturn can be a drag.,..a bit heavy when we realize it's time to check out of the weekend and back into the routine of weekday life. Actually, though, for me “routine” has been elusive. Things have been in such flux that a “regular old day” would be kind of nice. Perhaps you are in that place too. If so, “YAY! For draggy and boring!”
Typically, this is not an aspect that produces the best moods on Monday morning. It's kind of grumpy.
From here, the Moon moves forward to square Mercury Rx right around lunchtime. This is another scratchy aspect that could cause confusion or herald news or a conversation that affects us emotionally. Hell, under a Pisces Moon this could be as simple getting upset over a Hallmark commercial. We are just that sensitive. However, the Sun is also waxing into sextile with Jupiter (5:56 PM), so we may feel fairly decent even restored or replenished under this stormy sky.

By 9 PM, yawns are floating out of many mouths as some contemplate turning in early. Others are emotionally washed out. Meanwhile, Mars sextiles Uranus overnight restoring a bit of physical energy in preparation for tomorrow. This could work out as a tired body that still won't settle down for the night due to various anxieties or mind-racing thoughts. Sometimes it plays out like this when we've pumped ourselves full of caffeine all day in an effort to feel “awake” only to find ourselves overly wound by bedtime. Drink plenty of water. You'll thank yourself for it later.

Today, there isn't much escaping the drag. Many are distracted and not fully engaged due various reasons. Others, however, may be fully responding to Sun/Jupiter and Mars/Uranus and end up zipping around in the fog and mud. If you want to feel better, surround yourself with happy people. Their “feel goods” will likely be contagious. The drawback to that is someone else's sour mood could also be infectious or “soaked up” under this Moon. Music is basically a non-option. It helps us float through this day and helps us direct our mood. Overall, the day seems pretty shifty and moody with literal or metaphorical thunderclouds and rainstorms randomly passing through.