Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 7, 2015

This morning we wake up to a beautiful Sun/Moon trine (4:59 AM) while the Moon is also waxing into opposition with Jupiter (7:07 AM). The Moon moves forward to make another breezy trine with Mars (8:32 AM) in Gemini while also sextiling Uranus (10:32 AM). From here, the Moon reaches Void status where she will remain until entering Pisces early in the morning (4:17 AM). If you get your motor running early, you could embark on quite a lovely journey today.

A long Void of Course Moon this evening offers us a chance to relax and make preparations for our week to come. At first glance of the incoming sky for the week, I'd recommend that you pack your rain boots and umbrella. The first of the week looks fairly soggy with Moon in Pisces, particularly Monday as she is waxes toward a conjunction with Neptune most of the day. There is some brightness of being, however, with a Sun/Jupiter sextile also perfecting tomorrow.

On Tuesday, Mars meets Uranus by sextile at about the same time the Moon finds Pluto Rx by the same. We also experience our Last Quarter Moon that pits tension between the signs of Gemini and Pisces. The gritty agitation between these two signs continues as the Moon squares off with Mars in Gemini just prior to a conjunction with Chiron that pushes the Moon into Void status. This day reminds me of how pearls are made. An irritant is discovered and subsequently encapsulated perhaps, in the end, creating something of beauty or value.

On Wednesday, we wake up under the fiery energy of Moon in Aries. The weather likely dries up in many areas here as Fire Trines shoot ambitiously across the sky. Mercury Rx (who is stationing to turn direct) also meets Venus in Leo by sextile. Meanwhile the Sun sextiles Uranus while still within orb of his sextile with Jupiter. This is likely to be quite an active day.
Thursday begins with the Moon still in Aries and in square to Pluto while also waxing into trine with Jupiter and conjunction with Uranus. The sense of “busyness” continues throughout this day. And, there are shifts aplenty coming our way on top of it. Mercury (may I have a drum roll, please) stations direct on Thursday evening---Oh, thank you sweet baby Jesus! Neptune turns RX overnight and I see a wave of clarity washing into our spheres in the coming days as a result. Mercury and Neptune will meet by square one final time. This time, they have switched conditions and that, my friends, is likely to be a good thing. I do, however, give much rulership over the weather to both Mercury and Neptune. So, with them switching directions within the same time period, I wouldn't be surprised if the conditions outside seem a little haywire (to put it mildly) for a bit. The strongest possibility for wonky weather occurs overnight and into Friday morning. So keep an eye out for that. This is a dynamic day for sure with lots of motion and shifts in the planets plus, Mars is also square Chiron in Pisces as the Moon sextiles Mars around the same time---ouch.

Friday we wake up to the Moon entering Taurus just after a sesquisquare between Venus and Chiron perfects. Our ambitions settle down a little as we become more inclined to enjoy the fruits of our labor at this time. Chiron remains active in our Friday with a square forming between him and the Sun while the Moon makes minor aspect to both. It looks uncomfortable to me and I'm sure our Taurus Moon isn't going to enjoy that much especially since she is also at odds (square) with her current ruler, Venus in Leo to boot. It looks squirmy to continually switching positions in an effort to get comfortable but comfort never really comes.

Saturday is aspect packed with our Taurus Moon bouncing off nearly everything else in the sky. Her work is done by early evening as she reaches Void Status. There is sort of a dull period here at the end of the day on Saturday. But, it doesn't last long. On Sunday the Moon enters Gemini while holding on to the truth with an opposition to Saturn just after the Sun in Gemini conjuncts Mars. All I know to say about that comes the Twins. All the knowledge we've acquired, the new points of view, the push to be flexible and the recognition of duality comes strongly to the fore ready for us to assess in preparation for our New Moon in Gemini on the 16th. From Sunday until the New Moon much will be reviewed and rectified. The picture will become more clear for many as information takes form and congeals. We have all day Sunday and Monday to think things over and get the facts straight before setting our vows in regard to what we have learned next Tuesday. There are likely to be a few final switchbacks in perspective before things really start making solid sense. Information is pouring in at this point to a degree that it might make your head feel swimmy at times.
Viewed from a long range perspective, the week reminds me a lot like a visit to an amusement park. We spend Monday and Tuesday on the water rides. Wednesday and Thursday has us holding onto our hats and holding tight to the “oh shit” bar as we bravely jump on the fastest and most harrowing roller coasters. Then, as we enter our weekend we are trying to rectify the fact that we ate waaaay too many Churros and fried candy bars. There are certain washouts on hand as well as adrenaline pumping twists and turns, not to mention the hall of mirrors and disguised wandering fortune tellers we meet on our way from ride to ride—pay attention to what the seemingly deranged bag lady says to you as you pass her by. Truly we do sometimes entertain angels unaware and they often come wrapped in weird disguises and say things that don't make sense to us until days later. Uh huh. It's a lot like that. Good news is I think a lot of misinformation will right itself throughout this week. The truth will likely seep out for us to deal with. While this may be unsettling at times for some, at least you know the truth and can move forward from here. The truth can also bring a sense of relief because stuff has been confused and uncertain for so long. It is what it is, again, at least now you know.