Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 6, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius. She is leaving an opposition with Venus (2:03 AM) and sextile with Saturn (2:05 AM). Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn perfected in trine at 2:05 AM and will linger in that trine all day. The Moon, however, is finished socializing with the two and busy working on touching base with the rest of the sky. At 5:34 AM she formed a sesquisquare with Mars in Gemini. At 10:30 she trines Mercury Rx. Throughout tomorrow she meets with the Sun and Mars by trine, Jupiter by opposition and her ruler, Uranus by sextile. She touches Pluto and Chiron by minor aspect within this mix too. Our socially conscious Moon gathers data from the entire Universe during her trip through Aquarius. Today, though, is mostly colored with the energy from the trine with Venus and Saturn and the Moon's trine with Mercury Rx.

Now that the Moon is reactivated, we will likely feel the shift of Venus into Leo and respond to the sextile from Mars to Jupiter. It looks as if it could be quite an active day out there both physically and socially. I know as I was trying to get home from work yesterday, I was detoured twice due to street festivals. I'm sure there is plenty of that going on this week as communities (Aquarius) celebrate (Mars/Jupiter) the beginning of summer. Support within strong relationships and in our pocket books is solid with the Venus/Saturn trine. We are encouraged to lean upon that which is tried, trusted and true while, perhaps, reminiscing about old times and “remember when” with the Moon's involvement with Mercury.

I recently read another Astrologer's write up about the brief romances of early summer (during Gemini season). When I read that, it really rang a bell reminding me of something from way back in my childhood when my family used to take vacations at the beach. I did form brief friendships during those vacations and, when I got older, budding romances and YES that feeds into the light airy energy of Gemini season. I had never really looked at it like that before; but, yeah, that fits. Thing is, relationships formed under Venus/Saturn in harmony are not likely to be brief. They've got “sticking” power. As a matter of fact, today and, potentially, tomorrow would be good for sealing a long-term relationship through marriage. I like the looks of that under this sky.

I also like the “feel” of people coming together harmoniously for a change. This is good weather for that and I'm betting community action organizations are hitting their stride in the midst of “busy” season as far as assistance with home repairs for those in need---there's plenty to clean up. In that, though is an odd mixture of joy and grief. Again, the Yod is still in force. Tomorrow, the Moon shoots through it with an opposition to Jupiter. There has been some serious weather across the face of the Earth recently that has killed people and wiped out the security of those who survived. So, this energy could mark clean up efforts there which does bring a sense of joy and relief to those who survived while not totally assuaging their grief over what has occurred in the first place. Still yet, this is extraordinary energy for efforts aimed at rebuilding.

Either way you look at it, folks are like bees buzzing about out there. About the only thing I would caution you about is Mercury Rx. He will be stationing direct soon. As he stations direct, his “wonkiness” will be more strongly felt. It will even out after he gets turned around and moving forward again. But, until then, be patient in the light of computer and internet flare ups, car trouble, forgetfulness, electricity trouble (screwy power tools), misunderstandings and the potential to become overly stimulated by electronics, etc. Be aware when traveling. Go through the check list and make sure your car is good to go. Double check the map. Pay heed to timing and take a deeeep breath. I know, I'm SO DONE with Mercury Rx too. But, at least we are getting closer.

Overall, though, it's a good day for buzzing about. If weather permits in your world and you need to get out and knock some dust off, go for it.